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Although most readily associated with Hypercolour, Unknown To The Uknown and his own Bodytrax imprint, Chris "Bodyjack" Finke is a regular contributor to the Dext Recordings' growing catalogue. In fact, this is his third release for the imprint since 2016. Head first to "Nataraja", a polyrhythmic onslaught that pits twisted electronics, raw stabs and ricocheting drum machine cowbells against a rumbling bassline and heavy, broken techno style drums. Finke flips the script entirely with "Tandava", delivering a gut-punching electro workout that flits between sparkling, melodic sections and periods of foreboding heaviness straight out of Drexciya's post-apocalyptic playbook.
For this experimental project via the Battery Park Studio, Nexus 23 steps forward for a colossal 10 track expedition, exploring the weird and wonderful pockets of tech. From the more conventional arpeggiated adventures of 'Spooks' to the drastically distorted drama of 'Cortex', the project covers a lot of ground very quickly. We found a few tracks really stood out however, with the explosive acidity of 'Mystic Flow' catching immediate eyebrows and the hardcore breakbeat rhythmics of 'Autopilot' running riot also. As a project 'Synth Knobs and Boomsticks' is a real dip into the unknown, and one that certainly deserves some appreciation.
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