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Modern Electronica (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE)
Pacj rich in melody and sonic texture taking inspiration from artists such as Bicep, Maribou State, Fourtet, Sasha, UNKLE, and The Cinematic Orchestra
29 Jan 21
Adventures In Electronica (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE)
Dazzling collection of sounds drawing inspiration from artists such as Fourtet, Bicep, Maribou State, Boards of Canada, Catching Flies, Bearcubs, The Orb, Mount Kimbie and Com Truise
29 Mar 19
Cinematic Trap & Ambient Electronica (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
Adam Shaw presents a kaleidoscope of tripped out melodies, epic strings, off the grid percussion, deep shifting bass, stepped beats, soulful vocal treatments and haunting ambiences
15 Apr 16
Contemporary Electronica (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
A magical sonic journey inspired by artists such as Apparat, Jamie xx, Moderat, Trentemoller, Atoms For Peace and M83
03 Feb 17
Eclectic Electronica (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE)
A captivating and beguiling collection of eclectic electronica also suitable for downtempo and lo-fi hip hop productions
18 Sep 20
Cosmic Atmo Sounds & Vocals Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV)
A mesmerising sample pack that is bound to transport you to the cutting edge realms of cinematic, sci-fi, ambient and beyond
09 Jun 23
Cosmic Atmo Sounds & Vocals Vol 2 (Sample Pack WAV)
Cinematic, sci-fi and atmospheric vocals to develop your very own deep soundscapes and lush vocal arrangements
07 Jul 23
OUTLINES 002 (Sample Pack WAV)
Built from dusty records, old games, computer errors and technical synthesis, the second installation of Outlines by Aleph gives the producers the foundation for crafting a richly textured world of sound
03 Sep 19
An experimental collection of other worldly recordings and abstract sounds to raise the tension in your production
11 Dec 17
Zenith - Sci-Fi FX (Sample Pack WAV)
Drones, pulse synths, booms, foley clocks, alarms, braams and so much more
18 Mar 22
Transcendence (Sample Pack WAV)
A collection of ambient audio anomalies is designed for creating uniquely futuristic tones in your compositions
11 Jan 21
Desire: Cinematic Ambience (Sample Pack WAV)
Beautiful and mysterious sounds that will fill your electronica compositions with a new sense of life
18 Apr 21
Ambient House & Electronica (Sample Pack WAV)
Pack focusing on organic, melodic sounds woven delicately into soul warming loops and sequences
29 May 17
Deep Melodic Trap & Electronica (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Pack bridging the gap between the dream world of melodic trap music and the intricacies of electronica
03 Apr 18
Sentience - Dark Ambient (Sample Pack WAV)
Collection packed with futuristic electronica tools perfect for crafting sci-fi soundscapes and moody cinematic expressions
12 Nov 21
Laboratory Beats (Sample Pack WAV)
A sophisticated collection of experimental leaning but dancefloor adjacent loops, hits and patches that promise to take your productions in exciting new directions
26 Sep 22
Experimental 170 (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
ASC delves deep into his archives to present lush atmospherics, reverbed chords, deep basslines & heavily syncopated beats for minimal drum & bass and ambient producers
16 Aug 12
Dubstep Colours (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
2.2 GB collection of deep ambient dubstep & electronica by Author aka Jack Sparrow and Ruckspin
06 Jan 16
Late Night Electronic (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
A soul-soothing collection of atmospheric brilliance laden with drums, bass, melody loops and enough sample fodder to build epic electronica
30 May 18
Sci FX Collection (Sample Pack WAV)
Sinister drones, mysterious soundscapes, wicked impacts, extra-terrestrial mechanical sounds, lush pads and exceptional SFX, as well as otherworldly ambiences and organic synth FX
06 Feb 23
Event Horizon 2 (Sample Pack Solaris Presets)
More crystal clear bells, warm evolving pads, creamy deep bass sounds and spaced out leads
29 Jun 22
Bit Crushed Foley by AK (Sample Pack WAV)
A pack made for experimental dreamers riding along on a soundscape that care the utmost about textures and unique percussive elements in their productions
12 Sep 22
ARTFX Cinematic Creations (Sample Pack Serum Presets)
A preset pack for Xfer Serum filled with lush pads and evolving soundscapes that would fit in a blockbuster movie soundtrack or in any dark and heavy electronic genre
16 Aug 22
Electropolis For Xfer Serum (Sample Pack Serum Presets)
29 Aug 22
Organic Elements (Sample Pack WAV)
Organic elements is a pack that celebrates the living and breathing world of sound around us, and shines light on the possibilities of what those sound can become when combined modern electronic processing techniques
27 Jul 22
Iapyx - IDM & Glitch (Sample Pack WAV)
A collection of one shots and loops that are perfect for the experimental producer looking to dive deeper into the world of unconventional electronica
04 Feb 22
Synthetic Cinema: Electronic Score (Sample Pack WAV)
A representation of experiments in auditory deception: musical phrases created using various synthesis and sampling techniques to mimic the qualities of real world instruments
09 Dec 19
Setvector - Abrasive Cinema (Sample Pack WAV)
Uncover a wide palette of intriguing soundscapes, noisy textural insanity and blissful synthetic overtones that are perfect for bringing an industrial/experimental twist to your latest productions
10 Jun 22
Corrupted Glitch Beats (Sample Pack WAV)
A percussive collection of loops and one-shot samples designed to bring mayhem to your drum tracks
28 Apr 23
Lethologica - Tech IDM (Sample Pack WAV)
Intricately programmed beats weave between chilled out analogue synths - an experimental box of audio sonics waiting to be fused with your beats
02 Nov 23
Object Obscura - Organic Rhythms (Sample Psack WAV)
From the clacking of your mechanical keyboard to the dripping of water in your kitchen sink, these sounds can be repurposed and layered into your beats to create interesting organic textures within your music
01 Feb 24
Altered Zone - Dark Ambient (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
120+ precision programmed electronic ambient loops, pads and samples.
BC 0177
15 Nov 12
Robotic Assault: Textured SFX (Sample Pack WAV)
A sound fx library featuring 400+ samples including aircraft noise, weapons, robotic sounds & more for use in any number of sound design, cinematic or dance music projects with files in wav format
BC 0170
24 Jul 12
Autobots - Transformers Sound Effects (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
Sound library featuring 288 altered mechanical, hydraulic and electric sound effects for video game sound designers, music production and multimedia projects
BC 0178
01 Jun 13
Lost Locator - Sci Fi Communication Sound Effects (Sample Pack WAV)
Sound effects for a total of 985 MB of radio communication SFX, twisted military radio sounds, walkie-talkie and white noises, analyzed and more
BC 0179
02 Jun 13
Exoplanet - Alien Soundscapes & Sound Effects (Sample Pack WAV)
Cinematic/ambient sound library including ature sounds, forest ambiences, textured animal gurgle and growl sound effects and reworked hardware synthesizer pad sounds
BC 0180
03 Jun 13
Mixed Ethnic and Cinematic Percussion Loops (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
cinematic sound library perfect for film and TV soundtrack artists including over 116 samples
BC 0181
04 Jun 13
Eerie Ambiences & Sound Effects (Sample Pack WAV)
1.4Gb of soundscapes & sound fx featuring explosions, risers, metallic reverse effects, sweeps, unnerving impacts & turbulent climbs
BC 0168
14 May 12
Synthetic Organic Textures (Sample Pack WAV)
158 twisted fx such as fresh submarine ambiences, splashes, bubbly underwater sounds & ripple effects totalling 560MB of content
BC 0172
18 Sep 12
Abandoned Labs - Dark Cinematic Samples (Sample Pack WAV)
Vast collection of atmospheres & soundscapes, dark textures & deep ambiences, metal textures, cinematic hits & eerie sound effects
10 Jul 15
FMJ - Dramatic Soundscapes and Textures (Sample Pack WAV)
Broad range of audio samples, including atmospheric sounds, metal impacts, ethnic textures and one-shot sound effects recorded in 24 Bit WAV format by AV-Production
29 Jul 13
Dark Atmospheres & SFX 02 (Sample Pack WAV)
The second in this series of cinematic sounds presents 312MB of pads, layers, drum hits & atmospheres in wav format for multiple genres including dub step, progressive, grime & drum n bass
BC 0134
09 Dec 11
Dark Atmospheres & SFX 01 (Sample Pack WAV)
First in this series of dark sound fx featuring 342MB of pads, layers, soundscapes & atmospheres with orchestral drum hits in wav format
BC 0133
07 Dec 11
Ambient Injection: Evolving Energy (Sample Pack WAV)
With over 400 MB of sounds for genres such as breaks, dubstep, ambient, hardstyle, idm, drum & bass, tv, film & soundtrack.
BC 0153
13 Feb 12
Robotic Division: Sci Fi Sound Effects (Sample Pack WAV)
247 robotica & sci fi sound fx in wav format suitable for breaks, dub step, ambient, trance, techno, electronica, tv, film & game designers
BC 0154
20 Feb 12
Orbital Transmission: Sci Fi Sound Effects & Soundscapes (Sample Pack WAV)
A comprehensive set of sic fi sound fx suitable for ambient, dub step, drum n bass, breaks, IDM & experimental music in wav format
BC 0156
29 Feb 12
Ambient Injection: Evolving Space (Sample Pack WAV)
398Mb of material including 117 treated samples (some of them over a minute long), suitable for use in genre's such as breakbeat, dubstep, ambient, hardstyle, idm, drum & bass, tv, film & soundtracks.
BC 0158
01 Mar 12
Experimental Ambient Samples (Sample Pack WAV)
Ambient experimental sounds abound in this sound set that features 225 grooves, synth loops, fx & drums clocked at 100BPM in wav format
BC 0162
17 Mar 12
Lightning Blue (Sample Pack WAV)
A collection totalling 395MB of ambient textures, fx & soundscapes for use in chill out, drum & bass, dubstep & ambient productions.
BC 0160
10 Mar 12
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