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Malou Morkeberg has been seriously impressing us with his recent batch of releases, allowing us to have a fresh and innovative view on both bass music and what can be done with percussion. After a slew of debut releases, he's (unsurprisingly) been snapped up by Modern Ruin, rolling through with five powerful dancefloor bruisers, and a whole load of low frequencies to blow through your chest. Although the construction of these jue pieces is similar to UK two-step in aesthetic, M?rkeberg's sound feels more akin to the US dynasty, such as on "Ladyboy" and "Make It", the latter being a classic, tooled-up, codeine-laden footwork killer. Similarly, "Hyggeling" morphs its intricate drums over tuned-down vocal samples, while "Go Back" goes for a darker, dubbier approach, and BSN Posse's remix of "Ladyboy" injects a further layer of deep-minded ambience to the already spaced-out original.
The Teklife collective feel as if they've been around for donkey's years but, in reality, this is only the label's seventh outing to date, and they've truly come a long way since their debut. In case you hadn't clocked on, this is pure footwork magic at its purest level, stepping and twisting all sorts of sample chops, building and deploying all sorts of nutty riddims. With 16 cold-ass killers to choose from, you certainly won't be stuck for choice, and there is so much vibe to fill your sets with - just leave it playing from start to finish; we're pretty sure you won't be lacking an audience. Dutty, Chicago-inspired business
Badman DJ Manny returns to Moveltraxx with four beastly footwork tools that'll have you lit and lifted in no time whatsoever! The brawny dance producer kicks off the cascading beats and bass of "Can't Get Enough", which is followed by the duttier, more gnarly vocal shots of Party People" - a track reminiscent of some of RP BOO's output. "Love Dancing (remix)" is more on the straight and narrow, dropping a fast-paced, jazz-filtered dance groove complete with Loose Joints' infamous vocals, leaving "Feeling Is Fine" to end on a euphoric rave high that is simply needed for these summer vibes..! HOT!
PHILIP D KICK - Pathways (Astrophonica)
TEKLIFE - On Life Vol 2 (Teklife)
MALOU MORKEBERG - Ladyboy EP (Modern Ruin)
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