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As both a genre and musical concept, the Juke / Footwerk movement has been gaining some serious steam in the UK as of late, with a multitude of producers starting to delve head first into the Newfoundland of electronic production. This new Majik-Pak compilation Dee's a collection of some of the most exciting producers within the Juke bracket come together for a fantastically creative tracklisting. Our favourites have to include the 8bit inspired sounds of Dubskint with his fantastic arrangement of 'Repetivity', the 80's synth-pop inspired composition of 'What' from Cherriep and of course the pulse-like lead synths of DJ Tabledance's Asylum. Overall this Is a great composition put together in the middle of a very exciting time for the rapidly developing sound of footwerk.

DJ Ends stops by alongside the Good Street imprint for a solid seven track project entitled 'PTS'. Overall this project takes an interesting look at the rapidly developing juke movement, but with a much more melodically pleasing approach than your average producer. Through well crafted synthesisers and crispy drum patterns, DJ Ends lays down an overall super solid body of work. Without a doubt our highlights of the EP are the spaced out 'L2' which takes you on a synthesised musical journey, and the fantastically unpredictable 'Hope Is Where The Arp Is' which focuses on rolling filtration and catchy breakbeat patterns.
DJ ENDS - PTS (Good Street) - exclusive 19-12-2017
DJ CBIT - Ain't No Love (Ghetto House Bangaz)
VARIOUS - Majik-Pak Vol 1 (Philthtrax) - exclusive 26-12-2017
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