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"MICRODOSING" is a debut album, coming directly from a Poznan native - Lux Familiar. His music could be heard on releases from labels such as Polish Juke and Alkopoligamia. A rare ability of easily finding the way across a variety of musical genres, has enabled the artist to showcase his vast production skills - something the album's title relates to. On "MICRODOSING" we will then find an eclectic mix of modern hip-hop, R&B, footwork and jungle, which have a few things in common. Namely, heavy basslines, hard pounding drum machines and catchy melodies. Although it sounds busy, the disc had space for more soothing, ambient compositions.
Sun People is the project of Simon/off from Graz in Austria, making his debut for London based Modern Ruin. He's had well-received releases on the likes of Through These Eyes, Alphacut and Goodstreet Records. Kicking things off on the Serenity EP is the mad stepper "Live It Up" which is liquid drum 'n' bass reminiscent of early legends like Calibre or Carlito & Addiction. There's some 160bpm deep dubstep styles of the most contorted kind on the paranoid "Cry", while the sensual and evocative half-time antics of the title track call to mind the grey area experiments of Instra:mental - circa 2010 when Autonomic was all the rage. Fantastic.
SUN PEOPLE - Serenity EP (Modern Ruin)
DJ ENDS - PTS (Good Street) - exclusive 19-12-2017
LUX FAMILIAR - Microdosing Sequal One)
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