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Pumping disco funk from decorated digger Nick The Record. "Lifeforce Theme" pays homage to the Japanese party collective he's been with since the early 90s (and played at Japan's first ever outdoor rave with, no less) Loose and rugged but primed with a lavish sense of piano luxury, there's a deep drive and firm uplift that instantly grabs attention. "Recordnition" is a much more heads-down in its nature and focus as we're pulled in by the hypnotic percussion, worming wah wahs and sharp blasts of flutes. As always with Nick, the floor is the foremost focus.
Last time we heard from label-hopping producer Books, he was delivering a deliciously dubbed-out, Afro-funk-meets-Afro-disco remix of Dele Sosimi for Wah Wah 45s. This time round, he's on an edits tip, delivering club-ready revisions that stretch the meaning of the term. Certainly, given that it contains some brilliantly dense new percussion and the loopy bounce of house, we'd argue that "In The Groove" - a killer revision of a disco track previously bitten by 6th Borough Project some years ago - is more of a remix than a re-edit. Regardless, it's something of a peak-time belter. "Passage of Time", meanwhile, is a wonderfully woozy deep house number full of sampled jazz trumpet, enveloping pads and swirling hip-hop vocal samples.
New Jersey's RDM Band are perhaps not the most productive of bands to come out of the US' 60s soul sound but, looking back fast things, they certainly had a powerful impact on the scene. Proudly and masterfully, as always, the mighty Tramp imprint have gone and found the band's recordings from 1969, spear-headed by Milton Campbell's iconic voice. Both "Give Up" and "How Can I Get In Touch With You" are utterly timeless examples of what American soul has to teach the world even 40 years after its inception, and you might wanna act fast given just how in-demand the original version of this 7" has become!
After a series of exceptional singles, SOL Discos fire up the album engine for the very first time with this fantastic exploration of modern soul from the late 70s to early 80s. Curated by label founder Waxist, Message In Our Music features numerous exclusive reissues and unreleased cuts; David Nathan's swooning take on "Ain't Nothing Like The Love", The Harden Brothers' silky smooth "Deep Inside Of You" and the vital up-tempo positivity of Don Scott's "Love With Me" are just a handful of essentials on this immaculate collection. Complete with detailed notes, pictures and quotes from the original artists, SOL Discos have created something genuinely special here.
Congratulations to the Katakana Edits crew, who have now reached a half century of releases. Their 53rd EP comes from the mysterious Ben Morlack from Paris. He's had other releases recently on Funk Blasters, Breakbeat Paradise, Relative Dimensions, Homebreakin, Tru Funk and Boogie Boutique: so you know where this guys coming from! "Train" is a well funky joint with some super powerful vocals retained from the original of this fine track - that sounds quite familiar. Next up you get served to some serious soul power on the wicked "There It Is".
NICK THE RECORD - Lifeforce Theme/Recordnition (GAMM) - exclusive 31-12-2017
MORLACK - Katakan Edits Vol 53 (Katakana Edits) - exclusive 31-12-2017
VARIOUS - The Allergies Dig Jalapeno (Jalapeno)
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