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MIDI Focus: Soulful House Sounds (Sample Pack MIDI)
129 MIDI files spread across 25 construction kits featuring bass, leads, rhodes chords, piano chords, wah chords & toplines
31 May 11
House MIDI Phat Pack Vol 1 (Sample Pack MIDI)
All the music MIDI files from previous 5Pin Media house packs pulled together into one compilation
30 Mar 15
Classic House Piano (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Over 500MB of classic house piano loops in WAV & Rex2 formats plus MIDI loops, MIDI groove templates and soft sampler patches
18 Feb 10
MIDI Focus: Main Room House (Sample Pack MIDI)
This pack features 107 MIDI files of main room house material across 10 construction kits with separate elements comprising bass, pads & synths totalling 407MB of content featuring multi samples & Sylenth 1 patches.
15 Nov 11
Classic House Keys (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/APPLE)
House music keyboard hooks & riffs including 254 MIDI loops & 307 audio loops recorded in 24bit resolution totalling 1.4GB & featuring chords, basses, riffs, fx & vox with ready to play multi sample patches.
27 Aug 12
MIDI Focus: Intelligent House Beats (Sample Pack MIDI/MASCHINE)
Dan Larsson presents a new pack drawing influence from labels such as Get Physical, Noir Music, Defected, Rekids, Crosstown Rebels and Hot Creations
29 Jun 15
Ghetto House (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE)
Ghetto House features tight crisp drums, seismic bass, cutting synths and in the zone hip hop vocals
07 Jun 17
MIDI Focus: Modern House Beats (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
156 drum samples, 104 drum MIDI grooves 20 bonus music WAV loops from demo, 12 drum kits plus soft sampler patches
25 Feb 13
Nation Of House (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
The authentic sound of classic and old skool underground house
26 Jun 20
House Diva Hooks (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
5Pin Media proudly presents their debut vocal collection featuring the supremely talented Sulene Fleming
03 Sep 21
Signature House (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
An expertly-crafted selection of house samples featuring epic piano chords, warm analogue sub-basses with tribal-infused percussive to fire up the main room
04 Apr 16
FRESH - Lo-Fi Jazz Hip Hop (Sample Pack WAV)
A collection of some of the finest sax, key and drum loops to take your production next level
04 Mar 22
Acid House Ingredients (Sample Pack WAV)
Another squelching and slapping pack by producer Floating Anarchy, bringing you his twist on that classic rave culture sound
24 Jun 22
A Journey Into House (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
343 MB of four to the floor dance styles from classic house to tech, tribal, deep and beyond
06 Jan 14
House & Disco Vocals (Sample Pack WAV)
Powerful royalty-free vocals to bring a soulful flavour to your house and disco creations
26 Mar 21
Fresh Pressed Vinyl Drum Loops (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
Fat chunky vinyl house music drum loops ready to drop straight into your projects
02 Oct 17
Toy Drums (Sample Pack WAV)
Samples from toy keyboards from the 80s & early 90s suitable for electro, house, lo-fi & acid rhythm creation
02 Oct 17
Twisted Breaks House (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
A storming collection of breaks & house primed and ready with over 500 royalty free samples to drop into hybrid productions
08 Aug 16
From Disco To House (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
340 24-Bit WAV samples including 274 loops at 70-133bpm, 67 one-shot samples and 9 ready-to-play sampler patches for house, disco & broken beat producers
07 Feb 12
Africa Dance Samples Vol 1: Melodies & Percussion (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
Collection of loops & one shot samples of a variety of percussive & melodic sounds designed for modern african dance music
17 Oct 14
Simteks & StrangeFlow's Ultra Funky Neurostep (Sample Pack WAV)
Beats, bass loops and riffs, in the 100 BPM to 106 BPM range designed by Simteks & Neuro Bass Bombz From Outer Space
23 Oct 14
Variavision: Classic House (Sample Pack WAV)
BS 039
11 May 17
Jacking Tribal House (Sample Pack WAV)
Percussive tribal grooves, swinging sub basses, funky body-shaking synths, glitched vocal hooks & much more into this 280+ Mb Jackin' Tribal House
BS 002
02 Mar 16
Sebb Junior: Funky Garage House (Sample Pack WAV)
Over 450 MB of cutting-edge sounds designed for funky, deep and garage house productions
BS 041
05 Jul 17
Tech-Funk House By Earth N Days (Sample Pack WAV)
350+ MB of floor-shaking sounds and samples for tech, deep and funky house productions
BS 047
21 Feb 18
Classic Nu House By Variavision (Sample Pack WAV)
650 MB+ of classic, jazzy and funk-infused groovy house sounds to bring you back to the old raving days
BS 048
28 Feb 18
Cosmin Horatiu presents Funky Tech House (Sample Pack WAV/Rex2)
Cosmin Horatiu delivers 450 MB of groovy tech-funk infused sounds for tech and groovy house productions
11 Mar 21
Compact Series: Key Labeled Kicks (Sample Pack WAV)
95 key-labeled punchy, bass-woofer destroying kick drums built for prime time electronic dance music production
BSCS 002
12 Jan 18
Tech-Funk House 3 By Earth N Days (Sample Pack WAV)
Earth N Days deliver the third installment of Tech-Funk House packed with 900 MB of essential sounds and samples for funky and groovy house productions
14 Jul 20
This Is Jacking House By Jo Paciello (Sample Pack WAV/REX2)
Deep and funky basses, smashing drum fills, jacking beats, soulful keys, synth melodics and much more ? This is Jacking House by Jo Paciello delivers 650 Mb of pristine quality sounds for jacking and funky house productions
30 Sep 20
Jonk & Spook Presents Funky House Essentials (Sample Pack WAV/Rex2)
Jonk & Spook deliver 650 MB of sounds and samples for the purest funky house productions
24 Jul 20
Power House Sessions (Sample Pack WAV/Rex2)
Shuffling beats, lazer-sharp synths, deep bass loops, cutting-edge vocal chops and FX
19 Nov 20
Variavision Presents Classic House 2 (Sample Pack WAV)
Deep bass loops, solid drum beats, lush atmospheric and pad loops, warm keys, poly synths, groovin' percussion & top loops, FX and so much more
13 Oct 20
84Bit Presents House Sessions (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/REX)
650 MB of grooving sounds and samples for funky and groovy house productions
20 Apr 21
Connection - Modular Arps (Sample Pack WAV)
A collection of 100 soaring arpeggiated synth loops, all created within the confines of a single modular synth patch
18 Mar 22
Transistor - Acid Basslines (Sample Pack WAV)
A collection of 100 squelchy sequenced bass loops, all created with a classic plastic bass box
20 May 22
Club Lovers (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
Electro & progressive sounds feature in this sample set that includes bass, electro & drum hits with percussion & drum loops completing 669MB of content
BC 0107
01 Jul 11
Percussive Loops (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
197 hot percussive drum loops & drum hits in wav & aiff format for tribal, progressive & deep house productions
BC 0117
05 Oct 11
Afro Tribal Drum Loops (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
Tribal drum loops with an African bent presenting ethnic percussion loops at 136BPM for use in multiple house music sub genres
BC 0125
21 Nov 11
Simply House (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/REASON)
A banging set of fist-pumping rave sonics designed by rising star Cassimm to bring house music producers a resilient and punchy sound palette for immediate sound system readiness
31 May 19
Shades Of House (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
370 deep and funky drum, bass and instrumental sounds to drop into house productions
28 Apr 14
99 Patches: Power Of Nu Disco (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/Sylenth Presets)
504 MB pack inspired by the music of Daft Punk, The Weekend, Calvin Harris, Bruno Mars, A Trak, Purple Disco Machine, Teslaboy, Colombo, Robin Schulz, Justice, Cassius, Madeon, Basement Jaxx and others
31 Mar 20
Back To Ibiza (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
A brand new collection of Ibiza season inspired samples
04 Jan 19
Groove House Weapons (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
610 MB collection of house loops and one-shot sounds aimed directly at the dancefloor
07 Apr 15
Classic Garage & US House (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
Over 530 MB of samples which effortlessly run the line between bumpin' US house, soulful club dubs and classic mid-nineties underground garage
10 Aug 15
Chords, Pads & Awesome Stabs (Sample Pack WAV)
An outstanding oneshot collection comprising keys, synths, bass and melodics intended for use in house, garage, techno, r&B, hip hop and downtempo productions
08 Jun 17
Defected House (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
Defected Records proudly presents its first ever official sample pack from Sam Holt & Gavin Face Mills
20 Apr 15
Underground House (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
Over 800 MB of 24bit samples featuring raw house drum loops, huge bass loops, chord loops, acid loops, single drum hits, pads and FX
09 Mar 15
Carl Cox Collective - My Life In Music (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/Refill/Apple)
Incredible collection of original Loops and One Shot Samples written and recorded by Carl Cox and the talented production duo samplify aka Davide Carbone and Josh Abrahams
19 May 15


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