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Two Weeks

Alex Burkat, Wild & Free - "Magic Gardens" - (5:29) 122 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Wild & Free - "New Direction" - (6:41) 122 BPM
Review: Summer's here and Permanent Vacation is in the mood for some sun-kissed, positive-sounding club cuts. The Magic Gardens EP certainly ticks that box, with confirmed label-hopper Alex Burkat (100% Silk, Third Ear Recordings, The Night Owl Diner) successfully joining forces with Los Angeles duo Wild & Free on the excellent title track - a drowsy chunk of warming, loved-up loop house that gets progressively more acidic and intense as it progresses. Wild & Free strike out on their own on 'New Direction', a sparkling slab of dreamy nu-disco/synth-pop fusion that's as bright and breezy as a mountainside dawn on a hot summer's day.
11 Jun 21
from $1.49
Candido - "Jingo" (Alan Dixon remix) - (8:25) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
First Choice - "Let No Man Put Asunder" (Alan Dixon remix) - (7:38) 122 BPM
First Choice - "Love Thang" (Alan Dixon remix) - (9:24) 111 BPM
Instant Funk - "I Got My Mind Made Up" (Alan Dixon remix) - (8:42) 115 BPM
First Choice - "Let No Man Put Asunder" (Alan Dixon DJ Tool) - (5:16) 122 BPM
Review: Glitterbox regular Alan Dixon brings us his take on five Salsoul classics, but rest assured these are no shoddy "whack a 4/4 kick under it" bootlegs - Dixon was given full access to the original multi-tracks for this project. Even so, it's a brave man or woman indeed who looks at the Salsoul catalogue and thinks "I could improve on that," so he's wisely avoided doing anything too radical or adding any extraneous elements of his own, instead simply teasing out the tracks' most familiar hooks and giving them a structural make-over, rendering them easier to programme in contemporary house and disco sets. Classy stuff.
405053 8679861
11 Jun 21
from $1.89
The Double Triangle 22 - (4:35) 114 BPM
That's Not True - (7:09) 117 BPM
Honey Melts - (4:38) 100 BPM
Review: So far in his career, St Petersburg-based Nikita Kropachev AKA Diskette has done his thing almost entirely for Russian stable SOVIETT. Now though, following recent excursions on Rare Wiri and Silhouette Music, he comes to Manchester's Sprechen with a three-tracker from the dreamy, Balearic side. The title track is a hazy, synth-y affair built for slow groovin' in the afternoon sun, the slightly more upbeat 'That's Not True' throws together Italo synths, muted piano chords, a looped, reverb-heavy "love me, love me" female vocal and more, while 'Honey Melts' drops the tempo right down and is one for the morning after...
SM 047
14 Jun 21
from $1.49
New Paths - (6:32) 119 BPM
New Paths (feat Silvano Stauffer - remix 21) - (5:50) 121 BPM
Luciano Nunes & DJ Color C2 - "Magali Chegou Na Praia" - (5:21) 125 BPM
Freak Day - (6:10) 122 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
High Tight - (7:36) 119 BPM
Flight To Light - (6:10) 115 BPM
Review: Having previously contributed a number of killer cuts to Timewarp Music compilations, DJ Color C2 has been awarded the chance to showcase his productions via debut EP on the Greek label's Kraak Records offshoot. There's much to enjoy across the deliciously sunny and summery selection, from the glistening guitars and heady Mediterranean beats of 'New Paths' (which is also available in the sax-laden, slightly more house style 'Remix 21' form), to the flanged disco-funk excitement of 'Freak Day', the Italo disco/80s synth-pop influenced cheeriness of 'High Tight' and the bubbly Balearic electronica of 'Flight To Light'. Also worth a listen is the producer's collaboration with Luciano Nunes, a deep broken beat affair rich in heavenly keys, distant seagull calls and hard-wired Clavinet lines.
KRK 136
04 Jun 21
from $1.49
Can't Fake The Feeling (Carl Cox remix) - (3:40) 123 BPM
Can't Fake The Feeling - (5:16) 117 BPM
Can't Fake The Feeling (Carl Cox rework) - (6:03) 130 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: Disco singer Geraldine Hunt hails from St. Louis, Missouri. In the first part of the 70's she released some singles on Roulette Records which were anthems of the northern soul scene. In the second part of the decade, she worked in Canada with producer Tony Green.
She is certainly best known for the disco classic "Can't Fake The Feeling" from 1980 which has had its fair share of remixes and this new one by techno legend Carl Cox is without a doubt another worthy addition to the list.
SPEC 1858
04 Jun 21
from $1.49
Tribal - (8:57) 122 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
The Gallery - (8:45) 126 BPM
Tech Da House - (11:40) 126 BPM
Review: Sicky Piano is a new alias for Austrian producer Manolo Brigante, AKA We Mean Disco!! AKA Philly Vanilli, and this latest guise - as the EP title subtly hints! - finds him moving away from his usual disco and boogie vibes into housier territory. 'Tribal' is a serviceable drum- and organ-led workout, 'The Gallery' comes on like a tuffer take on Hed Kandi-style disco-house, while 'Tech Da House' fuses disco elements (is that a snatch of 'Let The Music Play' we heard?) and tech-house, with all three tracks adopting Brigante's trademark kitchen-sink, 'more is more' approach to production and instrumentation.
WMD 2021EP0601
07 Jun 21
from $1.49
Calm - "Space Is My Place" - (9:26) 90 BPM
Juan Moretti - "Moroboshi" (Bjorn Torske edit) - (7:57) 98 BPM
Quiroga - "Chiaia Sunset" - (6:26) 110 BPM
Max Essa - "Rain Bird's Alfalfa Jam" - (7:42) 110 BPM
Crimea X - "10 PM" - (6:35) 110 BPM
Max Essa - "The Great Adventure" - (6:37) 110 BPM
Verdo - "Big Fish" (Lauer remix) - (6:31) 121 BPM
Verdo - "Big Fish" - (6:29) 121 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Alexander Robotnick - "Undicidisco" (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) - (7:24) 121 BPM
Luminodisco - "Oh Mary" - (9:45) 120 BPM
Luminodisco - "Oh Mary" (Bjorn Torske's Lange Kleggsommer dub) - (11:56) 120 BPM
Tempelhof & Gigi Masin - "Vampeta" - (3:19) 111 BPM
Morenas - "Cuando Brilla La Luna" (Enzo Elia Polyglot edit) - (5:42) 120 BPM
Psycho Team - "Psycho" (Enzo Elia That Morning edit) - (6:16) 115 BPM
Mr Marvin - "Hammond Groove" (Enzo Elia Too Many Thomas edit) - (6:31) 121 BPM
Calm - "You Can See The Sunrise Again" (Cantoma remix) - (5:41) 115 BPM
Bjorn Torske - "Hell Yeah Mixtape" (continuous DJ mix) - (1:30:02) 114 BPM
Review: Stuck at home with nothing to do for days, starved of culture and community? Now you know how Bjorn Torske felt in the Tromso of the late 80s, writes Hell Yeah. Bjorn Torske, a legend to come out of the enigmatic Norwegian disco scene, and now Hell Yeah Recordings main selector, has been called upon to captain a flight through Hell Yeah Recordings impressive discography. With cassettes of the mixtape already sold out, this digital version - with stand alone tracks - brings together sounds of label mates like Alexander Robotnic, Max Essa, Luminodisco and the much loved Gigi Masin & Templehof collaboration. Gliding from Calm's celestial "Space Is My Place" to Crimea X's piano-driven "10PM", housier Lauer remixes or Prins Thomas Diskomiks, Torske makes himself known by threading some his own own edits (and kleggsommer dubs) to complete a fantastic voyage through the Italian label. Hell Yeah!
04 Jun 21
from $1.17


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