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Hardcore Tekno (Sample Pack WAV)
David Flores aka Broken Rules presents 840MB of distorted sounds
15 Oct 09
Ultimate Frenchcore (Sample Pack WAV/LIVE/MASCHINE/BATTERY)
539 MB of Frenchcore production tools from D-Tox aka Subversion
13 Jan 14
Drumshots Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV)
159MB of pristine drum loops from the legendary Lenny Dee
07 Nov 11
Industrial Hardcore (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
Dep Affect presents 820 MB of the deepest of kick drums, frenetic hardtek-style beats and stuttering synth sounds
11 Nov 13
Shades Of Hardcore (Sample Pack WAV)
Another essential collection from Mutante covering multiple genres of hardcore in a big way
11 Sep 20
Hardtekk! Gabber! Hardcore! 100 Stereo Kick Loops 170 Bpm (Sample Pack WAV)
18 Oct 19
Gabba 909 (Sample Pack WAV)
909 drum loops at 170, 180 and 200 bpm for UK hardcore, happy hardcore and gabba productions
28 Nov 11
Gabba Riff (Sample Pack Apple Loops)
Hardcore Riffs all set across one octave, formatted in apple loops at 170, 180 & 200bpm featuring 500 mb of fast riffs and chunky bass lines that are great for U.K. Hardcore, Happy Hardcore & up tempo Gabba music
13 Dec 11
Zaag Kicks (Sample Pack WAV)
Loads of kicks to give you a super charged pack for hard electronic dance styles
21 Sep 23
Nuke & Madness: Hardcore (Sample Pack WAV)
Two serious underground artists step up and blast a modern collection of hardcore audio to devastate your next production or remix
20 Nov 20
Uptempo Synths (Sample Pack WAV)
Another hard as nails production pack for uptempo hardcore
08 Oct 18
Uptempo Kick Drums (Sample Pack WAV)
Ear-shattering pack loaded with essential bass drums for different styles of hard electronic music
09 Mar 18
Hardcore Kicks (Sample Pack WAV)
Heavy handed bass drums and percussion like never before...
25 Oct 20
Killer Frenchcore (Sample Pack KONTAKT/WAV)
In another ear-shattering collection of heavy audio, DJ Mutante comes correct with an oversized package of killer Frenchcore
20 Oct 17
Gabba Rave (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/Serum Presets)
A real deal 90s-sounding collection of gabba mixed with rave riffs...
15 Apr 22
Ruthless Uptempo (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/REX)
Rough and aggressive sounds inspired by Barber, Deadly Guns, Never Surrender, Partyraiser, Furyan and Dimitri K
06 Jan 23
Hardcore Ultra Pack (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
Huge pack inspired by artists such as Angerfist, Tha Playah, Nosferatu, Digital Punk, Radical Redemption, AniMe, Miss K8, E-Force, Paul Elstak and Neophyte
16 Apr 21
Diabolic Hardcore (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
Pack inspired by the latest bangers by artists such as Angerfist, Digital Punk, Radical Redemption, Tha Playah, Act Of Rage, AniMe, Miss K8, Paul Elstak and Neophyte
01 May 20
Uptempo Hardcore (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
1.7 GB of insane sounds inspired by Deadly Guns, Irradiate, Imperial, Barber, Soulblast, Partyraiser and mainstream side artists like N-Vitral, Neophyte, Angerfist and, of course, our favorite girls AniMe & Miss K8
24 Sep 21
Hardcore Ultra Pack 2 (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
Another huge sound arsenal inspired by Deadly Guns, Nosferatu, Tha Playah, Angerfist, AniMe, N-Vitral, Killshot, Never Surrender and DJ Mad Dog
21 Oct 22
Hardcore Retribution (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/Serum Presets)
Behold - the retribution is on its way and will inflict severe damage with a heavyweight collection of hardcore samples
16 Nov 23
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