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Bass & Leads (Sample Pack Massive Presets/MIDI)
Dom Sweeten returns with a mental collection of rolling leads and bass sounds for modern hard dance producers
31 Aug 16
Dark Voices (Sample Pack WAV)
Over 175 one-shot vocal samples suited to dark techno, electro, drum & bass, minimal house, trance and more
GLP 015
29 Dec 10
Dark Techno Elements (Sample Pack WAV)
Akkya presents a deep and twisted pack showcasing the true sounds of underground UK techno
22 Mar 16
Dark Tekno (Sample Pack WAV)
Akkya presents another set of hard hitting drum loops, industrial sounds and effects for techno music production
28 Jul 17
Banging Techno (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/REASON)
400+MB of killer stabs, boiling leads & grinding drums showcasing Jamie's claustrophobic, driving techno
17 Jun 10
Glitched Techno Tribal House (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
120+ precision programmed drum loops, percussion loops & mixed loops
BC 0174
07 Nov 12
Dark Techno & Acid Synth (Sample Pack WAV)
A collection of one shot synth samples featuring techno & acid sounds with bass hits, atmospheres, fx, acid hits, drum, lead & hard synth hits in wav format
BC 0120
05 Nov 11
Hard Techno Sensation (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
Drum library containing 68 loops as well as 27 individual drum hits particularly suited to techno & hard techno, trance & hard trance, hardstyle & hardcore
BC 0136
12 Dec 11
Hard Techno Loops & Schranz Samples (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
440Mb of samples at 142bpm including drum loops, no kick loops, percussion loops, music loops, sound fx, drum hits & one-shots
BC 0146
18 Jan 12
Hard Techno Core (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
232MB of hard techno content at 142BPM with drum, top & percussion loops in wav or aiff format
BC 0152
06 Feb 12
Hardcore Tekno (Sample Pack WAV)
David Flores aka Broken Rules presents 840MB of distorted sounds
15 Oct 09
Acid Machines (Sample Pack WAV)
More London acid techno sounds from none other than Chicago Loop
10 Dec 19
Underground Techno (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/Massive/Sylenth)
The pack contains a huge 791MB material and is packed with dark and sinister bass hits and deep rolling bass loops, we have deep chord hits and our essential collection of drum hits includes Sample Tools by Cr2?s trademark key labelled kicks
05 May 16
Darker Sounds Sample Pack Vol 8 (Sample Pack WAV)
Eighth installment from the Darker Sounds series featuring over 1 GIG of deep dark effects, loops & vocals created by label-head Hefty
11 Jan 16
Darker Sounds Sample Pack Vol 2 (Sample Pack WAV)
Second installment with effects and loops that evoke a post-apocalyptic landscape of deserted cities and decaying metal
13 Jun 15
Darker Sounds Sample Pack Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV)
First in the series from Darker Sounds with deep, powerful drums & haunting effects
12 Jun 15
Darker Sounds Sample Pack Vol 3 (Sample Pack WAV)
Thrid installment with hostile machines & corrupted computer systems effects
14 Jun 15
Darker Sounds Sample Pack Vol 4 (Sample Pack WAV)
Fourth installment with 51 dark soundscapes, atmospherics & background noises and more
15 Jun 15
Darker Sounds Sample Pack Vol 5 (Sample Pack WAV)
Fifth volume of this striking series from Darker Sounds with richly menacing FX, disturbing shadowy vocals & more
16 Jun 15
Darker Sounds Sample Pack Vol 6 (Sample Pack WAV)
Sixth volume of this striking series from Darker Sounds with 126 FX (industrial, psychedelic, drones, uppers, downers, impacts etc) and more
17 Jun 15
Darker Sounds Sample Pack Vol 7 (sample Pack WAV)
Latest installment of the Darker Sounds series featuring a massive collection of expertly textured effects, loops & vocals curated by label-head Hefty
17 Jun 15
Drumshots Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV)
159MB of pristine drum loops from the legendary Lenny Dee
07 Nov 11
Extreme Hard Schranz Techno Loops Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV)
277 hard techno loops perfect for producing schranz, industrial hard techno tracks produced by Adam Derry
21 Oct 13
Korg Volca Parallel Destruction (Sample Pack WAV)
Adam Freethinker presents mental epileptic and dirty acid lines along with unique parallel mixed drums
14 Feb 18
X-Breed (Sample Pack WAV)
This insane collection gives you e-Dub's essential kick drum sounds, plus crazy break loops and off the hook samples to elevate your production in no time flat
13 Dec 19
Drumshot Ammo (Sample Pack WAV)
The best drumshots compiled from all of Gancher & Ruin's sample packs for ISR
10 Aug 18
Eclipse Techno Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV)
Gene Karz presents 170 techno samples in WAV format at 126 BPM
30 May 16
100 Acid Loops (Sample Pack WAV)
TB303 loops for hard dance, hardstyle, hard techno & acid trance
GLP 049
07 Jan 12
500 Hard Techno Loops (Sample Pack WAV/REX)
500 hard techno loops recorded at cd quality, at 120bpm in wav & rex2 files totaling 431Mb
GLP 028
29 Jul 11
124 Hardtekk Kick Drum Loops 173 BPM (Sample Pack WAV)
A new set of powerful and juicy hardtekk drum loops from the Lunar Panda
17 Apr 20
Hardtekk! Gabber! Hardcore! 100 Stereo Kick Loops 170 Bpm (Sample Pack WAV)
18 Oct 19
Hypnotic Techno (Sample Pack WAV)
1 GB of materials filled with inspiration to build sweat inducing tracks...
20 Aug 21
Computer Core: Sylenth (Sample Pack Sylenth1 Presets)
Wild lead sounds, super slick effects and bad boy kick drum sounds for hard techno, DnB, industrial and breakcore productions
03 Feb 14
Tekno Tool Box (Sample Pack WAV/REX/LIVE)
DAVE The Drummer presents over 1100 loops, 696 drum hits and 353 FX sounds
04 Mar 14
Extreme Massive (Sample Pack Massive Presets)
Dark collection of NI Massive presets for producers looking to add raw, hard techno sounds for music film or game soundtracks
03 Dec 12
Darkmospheric Techno (Sample Pack WAV/Massive Presets)
A twisted pack leaning toward the industrial side of techno while offering up some amazing sounds for any style of techno
27 Mar 20
Hard Shots (Sample Pack WAV)
An extreme one shot pack featuring tons of digital & analog shots for hard styles of electronic music
16 Feb 16
Subground NI Massive (Sample Pack Massive Presets/MIDI)
A bank of powerful presets that puts the genre-bending subground style in your hands
10 Aug 15
404 Studio Hard Dance Production Bundle (Sample Pack WAV)
Pioneering producer Dom Sweeten and the 404 Studio collective deliver a complete production bundle for any modern electronic producer
24 Aug 15
Drop Kick (Sample Pack WAV/Presets)
A large set of bass kick drums created from the ground up for hardcore, industrial rawstyle and hard techno
23 Nov 17
Power Tek (Sample Pack WAV)
Another industrial techno collection featuring over 1 GB infamous loop kits
30 Nov 17
Dark Industrial Techno (Sample Pack WAV)
A set of serious audio tools to inspire dark techno floorfillers
29 Sep 17
Hard Tech (Sample Pack WAV)
A fused mash of dark sounding techno drum loop kits for studio production, remixing and DJ sets
16 Dec 16
Percussive Techno Loops (Sample Pack WAV)
Pack jammed with loads of percussive top loops geared for techno, house, hard techno, progressive, tech house, electro and just about any style you want
13 Nov 20
Perc Tech (Sample Pack WAV)
59 percussive loops kits which dive into forward thinking banging techno
12 May 17
Industrial Techno (Sample Pack WAV/LIVE/Massive Presets)
An essential pack for producers of hard techno, dark techno down tempo and of course industrial
07 Apr 17
Rawstyle Synths (Sample Pack Massive/Sylenth/Spire Presets)
08 Aug 16
Techno Loops (Sample Pack WAV)
A huge collection of elements for techno producers in need of inspiring grooves and samples
13 Jun 16
Pharmaceutical Movie Clips (Sample Pack WAV)
The best drug propaganda films know to man and then some, geared up for drum n bass, acid techno, breaks, hard techno, hip hop, rock and hardcore
24 Apr 20
Mechanized Techno (Sample Pack WAV)
A slick industrial style techno pack to add to your ever growing studio needs
28 Nov 18


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