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Activator & Francesco Zeta present Generation Kick & Bass Vol 2 (Sample Pack WAV/Sypkenth Presets)
Two masters of hardstyle present a sound library of 167 WAV loops plus a Sylenth1 soundbank
26 Jul 17
Activator Presents Raw As F**k Vol 1 (Sample Pack WAV/Sylenth Presets)
Hardstyle pioneer Activator presents a sound library of 100 WAV loops plus a Sylenth1 soundbank with 20 presets
26 Jul 17
Authentic Hardstyle Essentials Volume 1 (Sample Pack WAV/Sylenth Presets)
A sound library of 150 WAV samples plus 20 Sylenth1 presets specifically designed for producing banging hardstyle tracks
21 Jun 16
Generation Kick & Bass (Sample Pack WAV/Sylenth Presets)
Hardstyle sound library featuring fat leads, buzzy plucks and evil screeches
22 Aug 16
Raw Power (Sample Pack Serum Presets/MIDI)
A killer hardcore soundest for Serum from none other than Advanced Dealer
09 Dec 19
Hardstyle Producer (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF/REX2)
A collection of loops & samples at 148BPM, featuring 96 drum loops, 93 drum hits & synth sounds in a hard dance style. In wav, aiff & rex2 format.
BC 0106
29 Jan 11
Hard Styles & Core (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
998Mb of loops at 148 bpm composed of distorted basslines & combined kicks & basses, also with single kick loops & no kick & misc. loops
BC 0114
16 Sep 11
Distorted Reality (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF/REX)
220 hardcore loops, hits & sounds including bass lines, synths, drums & percussion recorded at 160BPM in wav, aiff & rex 2 format
BC 0129
30 Nov 11
Hardstyle Loops & Hardcore Samples (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
With more than 390 loops & samples containing claps, hats, percussions, rides, snares, hard kicks, bass loops, kick loops & percussion loops at 142BPM in wav or aiff format
BC 0147
20 Jan 12
Nu Hardstyle & Hardcore Kicks (Sample Pack WAV)
Created with synthesizers such as Alesis Andromeda, Waldorf Blofeld, Novation Ultranova. Nu Hardstyle & Hardcore Kicks features 128 separate files in wav format
BC 0159
07 Mar 12
Hardstyle Rituals (Sample Pack WAV)
2.23 GB of massive kick drums and ripping leads from Gancher & Ruin
14 Apr 14
Radical Hardstyle Construction Kits (Sample Pack WAV)
Another sizzling hardstyle sample pack from Gancher & Ruin featuring huge kick drums, slick sounds and ripping riffs
07 Apr 15
Russian Roulette Vol 2 (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/REX)
655 MB collection of hair-raising samples inspired by the fiercest sounds of DnB, hardcore, drumstep and industrial
01 Dec 14
Hardstyle Riot (Sample Pack WAV)
1 GB of sonic destruction for hardstyle producers looking for heavy-hitting drum sounds and synth leads
22 Mar 16
Drumshot Ammo (Sample Pack WAV)
The best drumshots compiled from all of Gancher & Ruin's sample packs for ISR
10 Aug 18
Hard & Raw Racks For Ableton Live (Sample Pack LIVE)
General Guyble is back with one of his best creations to date, a really intense pack of Live racks geared up for hard dance, rawstyle, industrial and hardstyle
23 Dec 19
Rawstyle Evolution (Sample Pack WAV/Sylenth Presets)
Are you ready to evolve your next hard dance production or remix?
09 Jun 18
Raw Intensity (Sample Pack WAV)
Aother essential collection of rawstyle audio & presets for the most demanding electronic music style around
23 Dec 17
Rawstyle Carbon (Sample Pack WAV/Carbon Presets)
General Guyble is back with a vengeance to extend his collection for the modern producer and remixer
28 Jun 19
500 Hard Core Loops (Sample Pack WAV/REX)
500 hardcore loops in wav & rex format at 160BPM totalling 187MB of content
GLP 045
04 Jan 12
100 Acid Loops (Sample Pack WAV)
TB303 loops for hard dance, hardstyle, hard techno & acid trance
GLP 049
07 Jan 12
Hardstyle Bangers (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/Serum Presets)
Feel the ground tremble as the bass breaks free, surrender to the rhythm and set your soul ablaze, embrace the power of hardstyle where beats collide and hearts unite
15 Sep 23
Hard Lead (Sample Pack Serum Presets)
Impulse Factory returns with a hard lead pack for Serum users, so turn on your Daw and get your Helmut ready.
03 Jul 20
Infected Virus TI (Sample Pack Virus TI/KONTAKT)
Another amazing Access Virus TI soundset from Impulse Factory, also includes an NI Kontakt version
31 Jul 20
Vital Hardcore - Custom Presets (Sample Pack Vital Presets/MIDI/LIVE)
04 Aug 23
Radium Frenchcore (Sample Pack WAV)
It is safe to say, if you're looking for a Frenchcore sample pack, there is no other...
24 Dec 20
Enduser Breakcore (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/LIVE/Massive Presets)
Expect to find Enduser's signature sounds ready for your next production or remix all in this one monster pack
04 Dec 20
Zaag Kicks (Sample Pack WAV)
Loads of kicks to give you a super charged pack for hard electronic dance styles
21 Sep 23
Hardstyle EDM: Production Toolkits (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI/Massive Presets/Sylenth1 Presets)
Five hardstyle EDM production kits each containin 24-bit WAV stems, NI Massive presets, Sylenth1 presets and MIDI files
17 Feb 14
Subground NI Massive (Sample Pack Massive Presets/MIDI)
A bank of powerful presets that puts the genre-bending subground style in your hands
10 Aug 15
Hard Hats (Sample Pack WAV)
2.88 GB of pure hi-hat goodness compiled from 35 ISR sample packs
23 Apr 21
Gancher & Ruin: Crossbreed (Sample Pack WAV)
Expect to find tight production audio to twist and mash, from hard crossbreed beats to sick reese bass sounds
11 Dec 20
Nuke & Madness: Hardcore (Sample Pack WAV)
Two serious underground artists step up and blast a modern collection of hardcore audio to devastate your next production or remix
20 Nov 20
Floxytek Kick Drum NI Massive (Sample Pack Massive Presets)
ISR and Floxy deliver a preset collection for NI Massive containing more than 60 kick drum presets
10 Apr 14
Drumcore (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
A pummelling audio sound set from the outstanding chops of Italian experimental electronic producer & DJ Grr
22 Jul 13
Raw Kicks (Sample Pack Raw Kick Presets)
Industrial Strength's second collection for Rob Papen's Raw Kick plug-in
24 Jan 19
Melodic Frenchcore (Sample Pack WAV)
A heavy hitting sample pack with everything needed to boost your creative juices while exploring this new style of Frenchcore
20 Mar 20
Raw Kick 6 (Sample Pack Rob Papen Presets)
Another uptempo industrial mash-up set for audio destruction featuring some of the craziest hardcore kick drums to date
03 Apr 20
Euphoric Frenchcore (Sample Pack WAV)
Another fierce hardcore collection from Industrial Strength Samples
17 Apr 20
404 Studio: Virus TI Lockdown (Sample Pack Virus Presets/MIDI/WAV)
Dom Sweden picks up the pace with another driving collection of essential hard dance presets for Virus T1
16 Oct 20
404 Studio - Hard Dance ANA 2 (Sample Pack ANA Presets/MIDI/WAV)
404 Studio's Hard Dance ANA 2 is set for multiple styles of hard dance from straight-up 4x4 hard dance to drum & bass mashed up with dubstep and nu-rave
23 Jul 21
404 Studio Hard Dance Kick 2 (Sample Pack Kick Presets/WAV)
13 Aug 21
Gancher & Ruin Snare (Sample Pack WAV)
Gancher & Ruin are back with another essential collection of snares for modern production covering multiple styles to use however you like
13 Aug 21
Raw Serum (Sample Pack Serum Presets/WAV)
Raw custom-made presets to twist into your next session or remix
25 Sep 20
Raw Kick (Sample Pack Raw Presets)
16 Nov 18
Euphoric Hardstyle (Sample Pack WAV)
Another euphoric collection filled with sonic goodness delivering an ultra modern take on this kicking genre of music
17 Dec 21
Raw Kick 7 (Sample Pack Rob Papen Presets)
The creator of ISR'd Raw Kick collection has outdone himself on this round of the heavy...
11 Jul 20
Hard Shots (Sample Pack WAV)
An extreme one shot pack featuring tons of digital & analog shots for hard styles of electronic music
16 Feb 16
Hard Style Vs Raw Style (Sample Pack WAV/MIDI)
The hottest new styles from Holland now bundled up in one studio power pack
26 Jul 16
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