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Time for a Chinese hug by way of Marseilles as Chinese Man unleashes his 2017 album to a whole troupe of French talent (and beyond) for an almighty 17 track remix opus spanning every style from wave to D&B. Highlights ping across the spectrum; Chapelier Fou brings a dreamy IDM subtlety to "Wolf", Matteo lays down a Bonobo style cinematic stampede on "Modern Slave", Sly adds a little cosmic ballad touch to "Stone Cold", Poirer whips up a mystic storm on "Malad"... And that's just the start of the hug. Dig deep.
Now over 20 years into their career, Latin-funk-big beat fusionists Skeewiff return with an album that touches on multiple music bases. The album opens with 'Starsky & June', an energetic slice of car chase funk that owes a considerable debt of inspiration to Isaac Hayes' classic 'Theme From Shaft'. Elsewhere, rapper Baby Bam guests on three tracks that will keep the hip-hop lovers happy, while jazzier flavas can be found on another trio of cuts featuring acid jazz survivors Brand New Heavies. One of these latter three, 'Cosmic Space Jam', is a particular standout, as is the rambunctious, 1920s-inspired 'Cheeky Charlie'.
Although famed for making spiritual, soulful, musically rich deep house rich in African style polyrhythms, Osunlade has always been capable of making similarly minded music that cares not one jot for the demands of the dancefloor. It's this side of his output that comes to the fore on "The Quieter You Become, The More You Hear", the U.S producer's first full-length in four years. While there are one or two more up-tempo, floor-friendly moments - not least the jaunty, life-affirming bounce of Flamenco guitar-laden workout "Syrundipetty" - the vast majority of the LP operates at a more sedate pace, with Osunlade successfully turning his hand to sweet modern soul, dusty downtempo grooves, sticky tropical soundscapes and sumptuous, World Music-inspired jazz-funk.
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