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Deadspace: Sci-Fi Ambiences, Drones & Soundscapes (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE)
815MB of dark cinematic production elements, evolving drones, a vast selection of deep soundscapes & atmospheres, desolate drones, epic transition textures & pads and twisted sound FXs
28 Jul 13
Sky Observer - Cinematic Samples 01 (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
Exciting cinematic/trailer sound library featuring over 1.3GB of modern sounds for soundtrack and electronic music producers
BC 0218
03 Mar 16
Skynet Prototype - Military Robot Sound Effects (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
New sound effect library providing editors and sound designers with new and innovative ideas for their challenging and creative projects
01 May 15
Exosuit - Hybrid Exoskeleton Sound Effects (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
250+ samples for cinematic & video game productions meticulously sampled sources & twisted using complex synthesis techniques
06 Mar 15
Autobots - Transformers Sound Effects (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
Sound library featuring 288 altered mechanical, hydraulic and electric sound effects for video game sound designers, music production and multimedia projects
BC 0178
01 Jun 13
Lost Locator - Sci Fi Communication Sound Effects (Sample Pack WAV)
Sound effects for a total of 985 MB of radio communication SFX, twisted military radio sounds, walkie-talkie and white noises, analyzed and more
BC 0179
02 Jun 13
Cinematic Session - Industrial Samples & Impacts (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
157 sound effects in industry-standard 24-bit waves offering professional metal sounds such as booms, heavy impacts, industrial clangs, cracks, drops, ambient hits and cinematic iron sounds
BC 0182
05 Jun 13
Altered Zone - Dark Ambient Samples (Sample Pack WAV/AIFF)
Selection of new and original loops for composers of film and TV scores, ambient and game music producers seeking unique experimental drum loops and synth samples
BC 0183
06 Jun 13
Dark Electronic Textures (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
A gristly brooding selection of electronic sounds to infiltrate the airwaves and blow up the sound system
08 Sep 17
Drone N Noise (Sample Pack WAV)
Another dark collection of sounds from the sonic vaults of JQR
01 Feb 16
Underground City FX (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/LIVE/REASON)
A sonic time capsule containing 903 MB of organic atmospheres & cinematic city soundscapes
27 Mar 14
Industrial Techno Sounds Vol 2 (Sample Pack WAV)
In this second volume you can find some great sounds to improve your prodcutions
10 Feb 17
Skullstep Vol 2 (Sample Pack WAV/APPLE/REX)
Second onslaught of fresh fire and brimstone from The Panacea and Limewax
16 Dec 14
Industrial Toolbox (Sample Pack Multiple Formats)
Multi-format & multi-genre pack with 30 drumkits, 25 multi-sampled, dark analogue synth, lead, bass and distorted synth programs and more
01 Nov 13
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