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Two Weeks

Analog Soul 4EXCLUSIVE
Agente 007 - (3:02) 95 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Metrofunk - (2:28) 99 BPM
Film Funk - (2:48) 115 BPM
Solhl - (2:30) 93 BPM
Soullight - (1:58) 154 BPM
Played by: AFRO DUB, Juno Download
Review: Italy's Sound Exhibitions bring us five convincing contemporary funk/jazz-funk cuts courtesy of publicity-shy label regular Funk Windows. 'Agente 007' is a hazy, laidback affair with Hammonds, brass and funk guitar, 'Metrofunk' is a piano-led cut built for staring out of rain-streaked diner windows and, well, 'Film Funk', 'Solhl' and 'Soullight' continue in much the same vein! All five cuts share a cinematic, soundtrack-y feel (somewhere between Blaxploitation and 'Hill Street Blues') that means they're perhaps a little polite for rug-cutting purposes and so better suited to afternoon/bar play, but there's no doubting the craftsmanship involved.
SE 746
23 Nov 20
from $1.49
Paoli Mejias - "Revelation" - (5:16) 140 BPM
Leslie Lewis & Gerard Hagen Trio - "Keeper Of The Flame" - (5:24) 126 BPM
Curtis Lundy - "Never Gonna Let You Go" - (4:21) 89 BPM
8VB - "Gengis" - (6:37) 129 BPM
Marita Alben Juerez Quartet - "Upa Neguinho" - (4:37) 128 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
JD Walter - "Golden Lady" - (5:51) 150 BPM
Steven Kroon - "Tombo 7/4" - (5:52) 128 BPM
Hajime Yoshizawa & Navasha Daya - "Celebration" - (5:14) 125 BPM
Raffaela Renzulli Ensemble - "Brasilia" - (6:31) 122 BPM
Carmen Lundy - "So This Is Love" - (3:36) 120 BPM
Tino Gonzales - "Latin Gypsy" - (7:23) 138 BPM
Grady Tate - "Little Black Samba" - (9:14) 118 BPM
Jam Session Goes Latino - "Manteca" - (6:39) 134 BPM
Review: Deep inside the annals of Bill Brewster's book Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (essential reading), Colin Curtis is not only credited as being one of the first to introduce mixing to British nightclubs but moreover his influence in bringing African-American and Latin music to the point of spawning a split in the Northern soul movement and modern soul sub genres. Admired and adored worldwide, the legendary selector has been commissioned for a second volume of Jazz Dance Fusion by Dave Lee's Z Records, with this various artist edition delivering a select showcase of unreleased material from Curtis's private vaults that highlights his love for dancefloor jazz, vocal numbers and percussive influences Colin Curtis style. All that jazz.
27 Nov 20
from $1.49


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