We are happy to announce that Juno Download is now available as an auto-scan store on our music marketing platform, Feature.fm. When you create your next pre-save or smart link, Feature.fm will auto-match your release on Juno Download to display on your landing page.

How to set up Juno Download as a store on Feature.fm (Master Account Settings)

Make Juno Download a default store on your master account settings

To make Juno Download a store which will show up on any landing page you create in your account, you will need to add it as a Default Store in your master account settings. This will ensure the Juno Download store will automatically appear on all the landing pages created within your Feature.fm account.

To set Juno Download as a default store underneath your master account settings, follow these steps:

1. Click on the account profile icon in the upper right-hand corner and select Default Link Settings.

Feature.fm Figure 1

2. Then once on the Default Link Settings, scroll down to the Default Stores and search for Juno Download. Once you select it, click Add and the Juno Download store will now appear on any landing pages you create within your Feature.fm account.

Feature.fm Figure 2

You can repeat this same process within the Artist Folder settings as well if you choose to do so to add Juno Download as a Default Store on the Artist level.

How to set up Juno Download as a store on your landing page

You can add the Juno Download store on the landing page level by navigating to the landing page and editing the settings.

1. Navigate to your Smart Links/Pre-Saves tab from your Feature.fm homepage and click on the Edit icon for the landing page you want to add the Juno Download store to.

Feature.fm Figure 3

2. On the Link Creation section of the landing page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and search for the Juno Download store. Once you’ve selected the store, click Add Store and the Juno Download store will appear in the list of DSPs.

Feature.fm Figure 4

3. Select the Next button and then click Save. This will save the changes you’ve made to the landing page and ensure Juno Download will now appear on the landing page. This means when the release is available it will autoscan on your Pre-Save landing page.

For more information, you can head over to Feature.fm.

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