We are happy to announce Juno Download is now part of the automated service integrations on Linkfire. Next time you create a release link, Linkfire’s scanner will automatically search across Juno Download’s catalogue to give you a match.

What you need to do:

Make Juno Download a service default in your board settings.

To make Juno Download a specific service permanent across all links created on your board, you will need to add it directly to your "Board settings" under the “Services” section.

This is the guarantee Juno Download will automatically appear on all links created within that board.

Linkfire Figure 1

We strongly encourage you to drag Juno Download on top of the service and then press “Update”.

Linkfire Figure 2

Or at Link level:

You can also add Juno Download to a particular link.

Here's how:

1. Go to the “SETUP” section of your link and select “Service destinations.”

2. Select “+ Add Service” at the top right of the screen then type Juno Download

Linkfire Figure 3

3. As Juno Download is now an automated integration service, Linkfire will automatically find a match on Juno Download once you perform a rescan. To rescan, click on the name of the service and then select “Schedule Rescan”.

Linkfire Figure 4

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