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Moveltraxx View Back Catalogue

Paris-born and London-based, MOVELTRAXX is delivering the best Juke, Footwork, Ghetto House and forward thinking Club & Bass music from legends and rising talents since 2007.

Artikal Music UK View Back Catalogue

Artikal Music, founded by the esteemed J:Kenzo, is renowned for its diverse catalog that pushes the boundaries of bass music. With releases from luminaries like LX ONE, Ternion Sound, and Mystic State, Artikal Music is synonymous with deep, system-shaking dubstep that reverberates through the underground scene. Their commitment to quality and innovation has cemented their status as a pivotal force in the global dubstep community, continually shaping the sound of the genre with each groundbreaking release.

Dessert View Back Catalogue

Born out of Tom Peters’ long-standing residency at iconic Berlin club, ://about:blank, the DESSERT label continues the adventurous ethos of the events with a broad range of sounds and characters, as well as a dynamic approach that includes boundary-pushing livestreams and much more.

As the name suggests, DESSERT nights create a space for friends to meet, dance and network after dinner. In a different way, the label does the same. Peters curates it with organic relationships in mind, relishing the chance to give deserving artists—in particular those from minority backgrounds—a chance to shine.

The musical menu includes everything from melodic house to indie dance and darker club sounds, spanning the full spectrum you might hear at one of Peters’ club nights. With a sharp ear and open mind, his ten years of curating DESSERT has brought together some of electronic music’s brightest talents, and shows no signs of slowing down. Without further ado, DESSERT is served.

Gemini Wax View Back Catalogue

Ottawa, Canada - based, Gemini Wax Records is a vinyl & digital label that has been releasing deep house & garage house since 2019. Founded by Canadian deep house producer Jacssen. Gemini Wax Records has been focusing on providing a platform for artists from across the global, exhibiting their talent & passion for that underground house sound. Some releases include these artists: Dub Striker, Igor Gonya, Groove Riddim, Jacssen, Heat Alliance, Ufuk K and many more. House Habits is the sub-label.

HIFI/LOFI View Back Catalogue

Based in Berlin and created by franco-german DJ & Producer Franz Matthews, HIFI/LOFI is a label & publishing boutique focusing on developing artists close to the worlds of alternative electronic music, indie dance, cosmic & post-disco, spiced up with touches of spiritual psychedelia.

The 'sound' of HIFI/LOFI can be defined by only one thing : Every release coming through the label has been made according to the the 4th Toltec agreement : no matter what we do, no matter what we have, we always do our best at the moment we do it. In other words, HIFI/LOFI is all about eclecticism, openness, fun, and acting as an unifying light of every aspect of life & music. Because, we're sure of just one thing: Ain’t no HI’s without the LO’S, everything is connected.

Dirty Kitchen Rave View Back Catalogue

The brain behind Dirty Kitchen Rave is MACKIE, also known as Jason Bull, a devoted enthusiast of bass music. Hailing from the UK, Dirty Kitchen Rave is set to exhibit a diverse range of electronic music genres, all united by a profound affection for bass-heavy dance beats.

MACKIE played a pivotal role in nurturing numerous artists at the onset of their careers, including Gridlok, Camo & Krooked, Dub Elements, EXCISION, AUD!O, among others. Since the early 2000s, his music has seen global releases on prominent labels such as Moving Shadow, Renegade Hardware, RAM Records, Cheap Thrills, SKINT, Benga Beats, Breakbeat Kaos, Rocstar, TOGETHER, and Ministry of Sound, to name just a few.

Throughout the years, Mackie has operated under various aliases, including Resonant Evil, PIXEL FIST, Slang Banger, KSN, Squat Party, Afghan Headspin, and Mackie & Casa Pariah, exploring a wide spectrum of bass-driven genres like Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Breakbeat, Breaks, House, and Hardcore. His extensive experience speaks volumes about his deep-rooted involvement in the scene.

All the accumulated experience and musical legacy contribute to the essence of DKR, whether it's delving into RAVE, Breakbeat, Hardcore, Drum & Bass, UKG, Breaks, Dubstep, or Techno. DKR emanates from a place of rich heritage and expertise.

D19 View Back Catalogue

Douvelle19 has always operated between a myriad of sonic worlds. The Newport-based producer’s interest in the fluidity of genres and bridging disparate sounds stretches back to his childhood when he grew up on everything from 1930s jazz and blues to early electronic forerunners like New Order & Leftfield as well as Faithless, Madonna and Arabian pop artists Nancy Ajram and Sabah. His own pre-teenage taste was equally eclectic: obsessions veered between Missy Elliott & Timbaland to Limp Bizkit & Sum 41.

After joining a youth centre in Newport, Douvelle19 taught himself how to DJ (including on vinyl), started his own local radio show and created his own dubplates – all while studying at school. This birthed his journey into making grime instrumentals for him and his mates, and dubstep and drum & bass records for his radio show, which he uploaded online. Aged 15, he found his way into the industry: forming the group Astroid Boys, they signed with Sony Records and became a fundamental link between grime/metal and hip-hop. His first taste of releasing music as a solo artist came aged 17; debut EP, ‘Dreamer', released under his initial Dellux alias, was picked up by Chase & Status’ MTA Records. Fast forward to his early twenties and Astroid Boys played headline tours and festivals worldwide. However, this all ended when the band split in 2017 after releasing debut album 'Broke'.

Leaving the Dellux project behind, becoming Douvelle19 enabled a fresh start free of comparisons to his earlier work. His desire to keep experimenting and to blend music from the underground culture mixed with pop records took hold. Debut EP ‘D19’, a collection of vocal-led house and garage released in 2018, was followed by his infamous Edits series, where he sampled vocals from grime freestyles and reimagined them by writing new instrumentals.

Now, he’s gearing up to independently release his second EP, ‘When I Dream’, which sonically fuses pop, R&B, garage, grime and electronic. Written in lockdown and pieced together whilst travelling to see friends and family across Madrid, Japan and London, it’s contextually about human connection (or the lack of) and the intersection between isolation and love. Integral to the EP is its collaborators: R&B vocalist Harve (seductive harmony-filled groover ‘Green Light’), Catching Cairo (flirtatious dancefloor number ‘U Could Be Mine’), Manga Saint Hilare (bass-heavy drum-led ‘Shook’) and Kaisha (soulful and club-ready ‘Skin to Skin’).

“Amalgamating your flavours is key,” Douvelle19 says of the EP and his own artistic ethos. “It’s like cooking, but with sounds”. Also crucial to him is remaining authentic; while the lyrical content is personal, his message is universal: “there’s always a route in – no matter where you come from”.

Moonshine Recordings View Back Catalogue

Based out of Kingston, Jamaica, Moonshine Recordings sit as one of the most forward thinking dubwise imprints out there, constantly pushing the boundaries of that unique space between newschool dubstep and nostalgic reggae flavour. Having seen their first full release hit the shelves back in July 2009, the label has amassed a fantastic combination of podcasted content and high quality original releases, making their catalogue an extremely enjoyable journey through the old and new. The roster of artists they have pulled together also remains extremely impressive, with the production styles of 6Blocc, Radikal Guru, Babylon System, Vibration Lab, Numa Crew, Bukkha and more all making regular contributions to their fantastic back catalogue. The label also houses some of the best in the business when it comes to digital reggae vocalists, with the likes of Mr Williamz, Parly B, Junior Dread, Solo Banton, YT, Earl 16 and a tonne more all making regular contributions over the years. With new projects releasing every month, they show no signs of slowing down any time soon!

Warp View Back Catalogue

For over 30 years Warp has been a synonym for adventures in sound and vision, consistently furthering their position as one of the most creative independent labels in the world. With a rich legacy and consistently groundbreaking vision of the future, Warp and its artists traverse mediums to explore new spaces.

Robotmachine View Back Catalogue

Robotmachine Records founded in 2010 by Dynamik Bass System. Dynamik Bass System is known as a electro funk band with numerous releases on top labels. Robotmachine Records looks toward reaching new talents within the electro and techno bass music scene.

The label finds the perfect balance between retro and future.

Robotmachine Records endures their slogan: “quality instead of quantity”, thus gaining them stronger support from the electronic underground scene with each release.

Looney Moon View Back Catalogue

Looney Moon Records was founded in 2008 by Phobos And Fog. The label style has based on a very sophisticated approach towards the production quality, Looney Moon stands for highly energetic, kicking bass sounds and catchy synthesizer riffs, escalating to twisted sound structures and uplifting breaks and finally joining all the musical forces again in an intelligent, harmonic and melodic groove.

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