Architecture/Architecture Recordings or ARX as it's known was started in 1996 by INK. The label was created to give INK a platform to showcase his very experimental sound and help new artists find exposure. Some of the artists that have appeared on the label over the years include The Architex, Gremlinz, Loxy & Resound, Kemal & Rod Data, DBR UK, J. Robinson, Overlook, Sinistarr, Stranjah, BTK and INK himself to name a few. The focus of the label has always been about the fearless exploration of dub and dnb sound. INK has a wide spectrum of interests in music and this is reflected throughout the labels diverse and rich catalogue of sound ranging from jazz to dancehall, classical, heavy rock n roll and hip hop influences. Never following popular trends and patterns in dance music over the last two decades, INK and ARCHITECTURE RECORDINGS continue to push the envelope of experimental sound into the future.

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Top 10 Tracks From Architecture Recordings

Guest Mix - INK