Launched by Tom Lea in 2010, Local Action is a London-based independent label that specialises in high-energy, high-emotion electronic music - but with a scope that goes way beyond that, having some of its greatest successes with leftfield international artists like Dawn Richard and Lena Raine.

A decade into operation, it's built an enviable catalogue of classic records, from T. Williams' 'Heartbeat' and DJ Q's 'Brandy & Coke' to recent hits like Finn's 'Sometimes The Going Gets a Little Tough' and India Jordan's 'For You' - and also launched its club-focused sister label 2 B REAL, operated out of Manchester by Finn.

Their Label of the Month mix for Juno Download rounds up a selection of recent and forthcoming releases from the Local Action and 2 B REAL family, featuring unreleased music from DJ Q, Sharda, Clemency, 96 Back, Baltra, Finn and India Jordan.

Top 10 Tracks On Local Action

Guest Mix - Tom Lea (Local Action)