We started Purveyor Underground as a place that would be seen as a place that anchored its value solely on artists freedom of expression to get to the great quality music for release on vinyl and digital.

Our logo underscores this ethos as it was one of many symbols used to assist slaves in obtaining their freedom through the Underground Railroad network.

We parallel this concept of freedom to get away from the music industry being all about big PR budgets and self-serving relationships that put the artist and music last.

Although the label is 4 years young, we have attracted great talents from the likes of Mark Farina, DJ Sneak, Phil Weeks, Carlo Lio, and Kenny Dope to name a few. This is in addition to new and exciting artists who are making an impactful contribution to the raw Tech And Jacking House aesthetics we gravitate towards.

Top 10 Tracks On Purveyor Underground