See-Saw is disco music in all its manifestations.

The reason I launched the label was simple: because I adore the music! The main idea was to swing the crowd with disco vibes. Many of my good friends are in the label’s catalog: everyone feels the flow and absolutely knows how to make heat on the dance floor. I think we do a joint thang, like a mission with the goal to refresh old disco and make it into a new sound again: it’s like a rebirth. We all try to give new life to these old but gold tunes, although let’s be clear, the music has no expiration date and that’s a fact.

At the moment See-Saw’s humble catalog showcases a collection of great sounding producers including Hotmood, Reece Johnson, Innocent Soul, Monsieur Van Pratt, Alexny, Tomy Piscitelli and Probably Shouldn’t. They are all vinyloholics as much as myself, and day to day they’re digging for rare gems to sample: something they all do very well! This is part of what makes See-Saw’s style so unique. It’s a heady mixture of different cultures, musical tastes and production styles, all glued together by a passion for disco, sampling, and the desire to see people swinging to a solid groove on the dance floor!

In our forthcoming releases, we’ll continue our journey through the waves of rainbow disco. In the near future, See-Saw will feature artists such as Castle Queenside, Mannix, Frikardo, Ladies On Mars, Ferdinand Debeaufort, Sauco and myself for sure! I’m proud to have a debut vinyl release on See-Saw with Gledd, Saint Paul, Monsieur Van Pratt and Castle Queenside, and I wanna say a huge thank you to Juno crew for pressing and distribution. We plan to press our 2nd vinyl soon, so stay tuned!

Top 10 Tracks from See-Saw

Guest Mix - Igor Gonya