Born In Bristol in 2017, Western Lore was initially created as a vessel for producer & visual artist Alex Eveson, AKA, Dead Man’s Chest to continue his earlier experiments in leftfield junglism (released on Ingredients Records between 2014 & 2017), drawing influence from the dusty textural soundscapes and frenetic, looser arrangements of early 90s rave tapes, with a firm nod to the future.

Opening up the roster to the wider and ever growing future jungle scene with 2018’s Blunted Breaks Vol.1 compilation, Western Lore fast became a platform for both new and established artists alike looking to traverse style and push beyond convention. From the epic jungle/techno fusions of Response & Pliskin, the footwork tinged hybrid soundscapes of Sonic, to Thugwidow's skeletal IDM laced electronica & Eusebeia’s outer dimensional soundbwoy journeys, Western Lore has become synonymous with exploring the outer realms of jungle music and continuing to push its evolution into the modern era.

Top 10 Tracks On Western Lore

Guest Mix - Dead Man's Chest