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24hr Garage Girls

24hr Garage Girls

Introducing the 24hr Garage Girls, the number 1 hotspot for UKG!
This power collective are shutting down clubs and festivals across the UK earning their stripes and giving it that Garage flava each n’ every time! A formidable team led by creator and KISS FM DJ SHOSH, chart-topping singer/songwriter Kelsey, and world-class dancers Millie and Jasmine; these 24hr party girls are unstoppable. In the last year alone the girls have made outstanding performances at Boomtown Fair, Ibiza Rocks, Glastonbury Festival, Parklife, Forbidden Forest and many more high profile events, as well as supporting superstars such as Becky Hill, Nathan Dawe, Wes Nelson and Craig David. With a unique performance strategy, incredible live energy, a sold out 10-year UK tour, and original UK Garage music releases with CR2 and New State Records, the 24hr Garage Girls have definitely made their mark on the industry.

2024 sees the girls re-launch the Label devision of 24hr Garage Girls, with a series of powerful, club ready Singles Releases with the likes of SHOSH, Efan, PVC, Scrufizzer etc. Armed with a powerful release campaign supported by KISS FM and Deeprot and a 'summer warm up' tour before the festivals kick off, the 24hr Garage Girls are moving into 2024 with an exciting future ahead of them.
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Jump Off
Jump Off (original mix) - (3:08) 134 BPM
 from $1.89
24GG 019
12 Apr 24
UK Garage
Trouble (original mix) - (2:54) 135 BPM
 from $1.89
24GG 018
08 Mar 24
UK Garage
No Contest
No Contest (original mix) - (3:13) 140 BPM
 from $1.89
24GG 017
02 Feb 24
UK Garage
Say Yeh
Say Yeh (Seen'N'Heard remix) - (2:50) 127 BPM
 from $1.89
24GG 016R
07 Jul 23
Funky/Club House
Say Yeh
Say Yeh (original mix) - (2:43) 133 BPM
 from $1.89
24GG 016
28 Apr 23
UK Garage
Cry No More
Cry No More (original mix) - (2:32) 130 BPM
 from $1.89
24GG 015
27 Jan 23
UK Garage
UKG Compilation 2022
SHOSH & Leanne Louise - "Just Words" (original mix) - (2:38) 132 BPM
Smokey Bubblin' B & Zefer - "Unless It's Sweet" (original mix) - (4:03) 132 BPM
Fabian Dubz - "Hits To The Bass" (original mix) - (4:58) 132 BPM
Smasher - "Break Da Beat" (original mix) - (3:40) 135 BPM
Project Zeus - "Darkest Day" (feat Tiffany Jade - original mix) - (3:04) 132 BPM
Soulecta - "Got This" (original mix) - (4:12) 134 BPM
Blakk Habit - "New Life" (original mix) - (3:52) 135 BPM
K9 - "Next Level" (original mix) - (2:47) 126 BPM
Sub Templa & Joe Burger - "Air Max" (original mix) - (4:01) 132 BPM
SOULSTATE - "How Long" (original mix) - (3:36) 130 BPM
Laura Alice - "Don't Know" (original mix) - (3:58) 132 BPM
Howden - "Echoes" (original mix) - (5:45) 134 BPM Hot
Review: It's been a very exciting run for the 24hr Garage Girls, with head honcho Shosh pushing the brand further forward with a run of very exciting live shows now on the way. This compilation is a perfect way for them to launch into 2022, exploring some of the finest talents currently active within the UKG world. They have assembled a mighty roster, featuring the likes of Smasher, Soulecta, Fabian Dubz, K9, SOULSTATE, Sub Templa, Joe Burger & more. The quality level has never been higher, however, there are a few clear standouts we have to mention. Shosh's own submission alongside the wonderful Leanne Louise takes the title 'Just Words' and lands as an immediate floor-filling anthem, alongside Smokey Bubblin' B & Zefer's party starting original: 'Unless It's Sweet' and Laura Alice's crunchy roller 'Don't Know'.
 from $1.89
24GG 013
28 Jan 22
UK Garage
DJ Luck & MC Neat - "Little Bit Of Luck (2021)" (SHOSH remix) - (2:34) 134 BPM
Want It (original mix) - (2:16) 134 BPM
Hype Dub (original mix) - (2:39) 134 BPM Hot
Review: It's been a little while since she has returned home, but it's always great to see SHOSH land back on the 24hr Garage Girls imprint, this time donning three powerful garage creations, combining the old school with the now in fantastic fashion. We open with a monumental remix as SHOSH digs out the original vocals for DJ Luck & MC Neat's classic 'Little Bit Of Luck' for an official remix, giving the whole original a dizzying rework, jam-packed with electronic intricacies and explosive bass action. Next, another familiar vocal sample comes into play on the singalong sounds of 'Want It', before 'Hype Dub' explores just how exciting SHOSH's sound has become with a phenomenal display of instrumental finesse. Very tidy stuff indeed!
 from $1.89
24GG 012
26 Nov 21
UK Garage
24hr Garage Girls UKG Compilation 2021
Champion - "Jheeze N Bizkits" - (4:51) 132 BPM
SHOSH - "Stick Up" - (2:47) 132 BPM
MPH - "Arena" - (4:21) 132 BPM Hot
Tuff Culture - "Real Vibes" - (4:36) 132 BPM
Oppidan/Zefer - "Every Second" - (3:56) 138 BPM
Hans Glader - "Got Work" - (4:18) 130 BPM
Vital Techniques - "Don't Let Me Down" - (4:31) 129 BPM
Breaksmiths - "Guard The Barrier" - (4:42) 133 BPM
BWKProject - "Heartache" - (3:30) 132 BPM
Review: It's always exciting to catch up with the 24hr Garage Girls imprint to see what they have been up to, with this latest drop proving to be a certified gem from the second it landed in our new releases box. They unveil a powerful new collection for their first compilation drop of 2021, including music from heavyweight garage faces such as Champion, MPH, Tuff Culture, Vital Techniques and more, whilst also introducing some of the most exciting new faces in Hans Glader, Oppidan & Zefer. The nine-track selection is seriously impressive, with Shosh's own 'Stick It Up' original proving to be one of the initial highlights, alongside the super colourful melodic slides and scatty drum work of 'Guard The Barrier' from Breaksmiths. Incredible stuff from an incredible team.
 from $1.89
24GG 011
22 Jan 21
UK Garage
Champion's League
Champion's League (original mix) - (3:09) 135 BPM
Played by: Mr Brainz, BURNIE
 from $1.89
24GG 010
10 Jul 20
UK Garage
Bring The Bass
Bring The Bass (original mix) - (4:23) 135 BPM
Played by: NAZA
 from $1.89
24GG 009
05 Jun 20
UK Garage
Get Down
Get Down (original mix) - (4:51) 135 BPM
 from $1.89
24GG 008
24 Apr 20
UK Garage
UKG Compilation 2020
Matt Jam Lamont & Echelon - "Deee Vybe" (original mix) - (5:26) 132 BPM Hot
Zed Bias - "Spare Ribz 2020" (original mix) - (6:00) 135 BPM
Majestic & Guy Katsav - "LDN Town" (feat So Show) - (3:58) 128 BPM
FooR - "Take It Higher" (FooR UKG remix) - (4:00) 132 BPM
Rico Tubbs - "Bright Lights" (original mix) - (3:39) 134 BPM
SHOSH - "Show Me" (original mix) - (3:45) 130 BPM
Soulecta - "Love Game" (feat Ruby) - (3:12) 133 BPM
Proper Tings - "No More Tears" (original mix) - (3:53) 126 BPM
BLK JCK - "All I Need" (original mix) - (5:00) 134 BPM
Aki - "Baby" (original mix) - (4:14) 133 BPM
 from $1.89
24 GG 007
24 Jan 20
UK Garage
My Life
My Life (original mix) - (3:21) 136 BPM
Played by: Mandidextrous
 from $1.89
24 GG 005
04 Oct 19
UK Garage
Lush (SHOSH remix) - (3:45) 136 BPM
Played by: BURNIE
 from $1.89
24 GG004
18 Jun 19
UK Garage
Take On You
Take On You - (5:20) 138 BPM Hot
Nine 2 Five - (4:13) 138 BPM
Shotta - (3:48) 138 BPM
Light It Up (feat Onyx Stone - VIP mix) - (4:04) 140 BPM
Review: As a brand, the 24hr Garage Girls movement has taken the UK by storm this year, popping up at both club events and festivals nationwide, often turning themselves into the highlight of the evening regardless of the rest of the line up. This EP see's Shosh join the wave, as we kick off with the smooth, UKG inspired sounds of 'Take On You'. We traverse down a more speed garage avenue next with 'Nine 2 Five', before rolling into the straight bassline flames of 'Shotta'. Finally we finish up this impressive body of work alongside Onyx Stone in the official VIP mix of 'Light It Up', rounding things off nicely.
 from $1.89
24GG 002
14 Dec 18
UK Garage
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