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Bacon Dubs

The Sin
Active - (5:59) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
The Sin - (5:11) 140 BPM
Acylon - (5:14) 94 BPM
Active (Zeiph remix) - (4:40) 140 BPM
Played by: FatKidOnFire, GAZE ILL
Review: Is it us or are Bacon getting tastier and tastier with every release? The same can be said for emerging Croatian producer 207, too; with previous on Badmood and Indigo, here we find him stepping up to Sparxy's porky imprint with a series of unrelentingly heavy slabs of contemporary dubstep. The title track is total naked menace as snake-like kickdrums rattle and his under a series of deep breath textures. Elsewhere "Acylon" flips to a steppy and ghostly 90BPM vibe, "Active" goes straight for the jugular with crisp punctuated kick militancy and Ohmtrix takes his Zeiph status to new levels with total remix subversion. Sinfully good.
PORK 015
18 Aug 14
Deep Dubstep
from $1.49
Frostbite - (5:31) 140 BPM
Light From A Darkened Place (feat Flipz MC) - (5:40) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Modulus - (5:39)
Modulus (D Operation Drop remix) - (5:18) 140 BPM
Turn West (feat DW5) - (4:50) 140 BPM
Played by: FatKidOnFire, Alert
Review: The name says it all... "Frostbite" is an immaculate adventure into the iciest, most unforgiving pastures of dubstep and contemporary bass music. We range from the unrelenting, almost techno-like bass/kick relationship on the full-force pumper "Modulus" to the arresting vocal-led lighter-raiser "Turn West" and we do so via the industrial strength MC-led mechanical groover "A Darkened Place". Complete with an uncompromising 4/4 remix mission from D Operation Drop, this package just keeps on giving.
PORK 014
09 Jun 14
Deep Dubstep
from $1.49
Inside My Head
No Tears - (4:15) 140 BPM
Inside My Head - (4:14) 140 BPM
Mammoth - (4:31)
Mammoth (Mesck remix) - (5:15) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Played by: Sparxy, FatKidOnFire, DyAD
Review: Released just weeks after his debut album on SectionZ, Ohmtrix continues his rich vein of form with a trio of absolute killer grooves on the ever-tasty Bacon Dubs. "No Tears" flips and twists around a dark vocal that sounds like it was taken from Metal Gear Solid. Gnarly, gritty and blessed with an understated breakbeat buried deep in the background, it's both deep and demonic in equal measure. Elsewhere we get jaunty and harmonic with the head-turning "Mammoth" while "Inside My Head" goes straight for the jugular with its slamming half-step and punishing bass plunges. For added value Mesck jumps on board for a sharp and savage take on "Mammoth". All bass bases covered - and more.
PORK 013
02 Dec 13
Deep Dubstep
from $1.49
Razorblade - (5:36) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Draft - (5:43) 140 BPM
Defection (VIP) - (5:07) 140 BPM
Played by: Kial, Konsida
Review: Bacon Dubs continue to live up to their tasty reputation with this trio of treats from Italy's D Operation Drop crew. "Razorblade" wafts with jazzed out minor key washes before dropping into a well-oiled mechanical groove that purrs with precision engineering. "Draft", meanwhile, is more techno than it is dubstep thanks to a pounding 4/4 and driving, nagging percussive elements. "Defection VIP" closes the show. Originally surfacing around spring 2013, its minimal mischief has been chubbed up with additional counter basslines and more robust drum arrangement. Crispy.
PORK 012
30 Sep 13
Deep Dubstep
from $1.49
Prototype - (4:11) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Mohair - (5:33) 140 BPM
Mankind - (5:32) 140 BPM
Ambush - (5:32) 140 BPM
Review: Genetix has been lurking in the darker, deeper vaults of the dubstep variety for quite some time now, having released on labels like Z Audio and Enter Dubstep to name a few. His latest EP comes courtesy of Bacon Dubs and quickly gets its point across thanks to four serious head-bangers - the type of stuff you nod back and forth with grit! "Prototype" is a squelching leviathan packed with enough juice to get an army swaggerin', whilst "Mohair" is arguably even nastier and filthier than its predecessor, taking those low-ends as far as they can go! "Mankind" is more beat-driven and stumbling, whereas "Ambush", as the name suggests, will sneak up on you and grind your nervous system down into oblivion. LARGE.
505572 1807822
27 May 13
Deep Dubstep
from $1.49
Alteration (feat Kinetical) - (6:01) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Mercy (feat The Paranox) - (7:18) 140 BPM
Last Flute - (5:36)
Africa Calling (Sparxy remix) - (5:34) 140 BPM
PORK 010
25 Mar 13
Deep Dubstep
from $1.49
Gravitation EP
Gravitation - (6:03) 140 BPM
The Guardian (feat Mannix) - (5:08)
Leviathan (with Fused Forces) - (5:07) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Mr Robot (Area Zero remix) - (5:12)
Played by: Sparxy, Alert, Mesck
PORK 009
03 Dec 12
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
from $1.49
My Fate EP
My Fate - (5:56) 140 BPM
Deafblind - "What Everyone Sees" - (5:58) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Format - "Battalion" - (6:08) 140 BPM
My Fate (Reamz remix) - (5:08) 140 BPM
Played by: Sparxy, Mesck
PORK 008
05 Nov 12
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
from $1.49
We Are Monkeys EP
We Are Monkeys - (4:38) 140 BPM
Africa Calling - (6:24) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Hanuman Langures - (5:33) 140 BPM
Pandora's Sorrows - (6:30) 140 BPM
PORK 007
30 Jul 12
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
from $1.49
Mr Robot EP
Mr Robot - (6:01) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Tazer - (5:14) 140 BPM
Shallow Grave - (6:58) 140 BPM
Played by: Sparxy
PORK 006
14 May 12
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
from $1.49


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