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Beat Machine

Radioactive Punk - (3:04) 108 BPM
Shaping My Head - (5:09) 70 BPM
Eux - (2:59) 55 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
BMR 002
06 Aug 12
from $1.49
IS - (5:01) 78 BPM
IS (Pessimist remix) - (5:03) 103 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
IS (Katatonic Silentio remix) - (4:14) 88 BPM
BMRS 005
06 Dec 19
from $1.49
Pornography - (4:22) 119 BPM
Midi - (4:56) 121 BPM
Time For Sex - (4:49) 120 BPM
Fashion Salamandra - (3:52) 121 BPM
Pornography (Pittsburgh Track Authority remix) - (5:24) 119 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Fashion Salamandra (Josip Klobucar remix) - (3:02)
BMR 005
18 Jul 13
Funky/Club House
from $1.49
Untitled (Prequel) - (3:15) 140 BPM
Untitled (More Than Love) - (3:51) 87 BPM
Untitled (Arcane Mosaics) - (5:12) 135 BPM
Untitled (Tensegrity) - (3:44) 130 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Untitled (Kick Ballad) - (3:46) 140 BPM
Untitled (Blood) - (3:29) 93 BPM
Untitled (Blood) (Walton remix) - (4:22) 135 BPM
Review: After making an impression on us with a series of debut releases over the last few years, Milan's Big Hands appears on Beat Machine with a daring mini LP. This is the sort of blow-your-mind gear that spans just about every genre it possibly can, and does so with utter grace and elegance. Tagged as 'bass' on our charts, Arcane Mosaics is much more than your typical UKG side-stepping; there a re elements of noise, ambient and electronica in here, all mashed up and blended into a fiery cocktail for those audacious 2017 tastes. Is it techno? Is it dubstep? Could it be house? Well, that's for you to decide, but Big Hands sure leaves plenty of clues scattered here and there, amid the incessant beat science that swallows the entirety of these seven dance experiments. Recommended!
BMR 016
11 Dec 17
from $1.49
Wild Obsession - (3:21) 166 BPM
Wild Obsession (DJ Madd remix) - (4:20) 165 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
01 Apr 16
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
Lost - (4:07) 150 BPM
Retro - (4:22) 83 BPM
Gyal Dem - (4:27) 107 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Tell Me - (4:06) 107 BPM
Watcha - (4:29) 107 BPM
Lost (DJ Spinn remix) - (3:26) 107 BPM
Review: Introducing French duo BNDT72, a pair doing their part in pushing and developing France's footwork scene with an eclectic and infectious sound since 2016. This Lost EP arrives as their most accomplished work yet, drawing in with it a remix from OG Chicago head DJ Spinn on the title-track. Spin opts for a more soulful and less frenetic approach to the sounds of BNDT72 that turn up best on rave tracks like "Watcha", with deeper house vibes gracing the synth, and percussive change ups in "Tell Me" to the dubstep funk of "Retro". Find 70s dub reggae motifs and jungle breaks in "Gyal Dem", with the title-track going large on its instrumentation. Get lost.
BMR 024
03 Jul 20
from $1.49
Damn Hot - (4:29) 80 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Damn Hot (Danny Scrilla remix) - (4:54) 107 BPM
23 Jul 18
from $1.49
My Abstract Monkey - (3:23) 99 BPM
BMRS 007
07 Aug 20
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
from $1.49
Denham Audio - "Lift Off" - (4:38) 129 BPM
Denham Audio - "Who Started Jungle" - (4:00) 132 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Denham Audio - "Who Started Jungle" (Coco Bryce remix) - (6:05) 159 BPM
Mani Festo - "Ruffneck" - (4:34) 128 BPM
Mani Festo - "All Potential Badboy" - (5:39) 138 BPM
Mani Festo - "All Potential Badboy" (TMSV remix) - (4:50) 138 BPM
BMR 018
03 Dec 18
from $1.49
Tribal Dancer - (4:37) 107 BPM
Tribal Dancer (DJ Earl remix) - (3:17) 107 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
28 May 18
from $1.49
Strange Attractor - (4:20) 55 BPM
Strange Attractor (Sully remix) - (4:45) 55 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: ITOA's endless stream of quality bass music ranges from the footwork school of thought to the utterly dubbed-out stepperz style. He's up on Beat Machine this time, and it looks like he's decided to stop somewhere in the middle, offering "Strange Attractor" as the lead tune, a fast-moving, jungle-fuelled frenzy that really turns the whole hardcore continuum on its head. There's a remix from Sully, and this one is a jungle pure-breed, shooting off all of its percussive fury into a dark, break-heavy groove that'll get the heads nodding.
30 Jan 17
from $1.49
Orlov's Casket - (7:36) 155 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Acid Genie - (4:21) 91 BPM
Nxt1 - (4:54) 134 BPM
Voyager-2 - (5:22) 88 BPM
Contact - (5:18) 91 BPM
Nxt1 (Gantz remix) - (3:53) 134 BPM
Review: We find these days it is a rare occurrence for us to not be impressed with a new J-Shadow drop and this latest six track adventure follows that same pattern, kicking off with the super unpredictable drum switches and eastern string lines of 'Orlov's Casket'. Next, we dive into the luscious soundscapes of 'Acid Genie' before the grimey drum pulses and vocal slices of 'NXT1' and unpredictable reversed string arrangements of 'Voyager-2' are unleashed. Finally, the twisted bass textures and monstrous bass designs of 'Contact' are let loose', followed by an incredibly well thought out remix of 'NXT1' from Gantz to see us out with a bang.
BMR 023
30 Mar 20
from $1.49
Root Of All E.v.i.L (Paper) - (5:16) 107 BPM
Root Of All E.v.i.L (Taso remix - Paper) - (2:50) 80 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Played by: A.Fruit
Review: As far as genres go, there appears to be none of a more rapid rise than juke, which seems to be picking up more and more momentum as the year moves on. We here see two very hard hitting creations, the first of which comes from J(AY).A.D, who kicks off proceedings with the stacked drum designs and constantly shifting landscapes of 'Root Of All E.v.i.L (Paper)', which draws influence from all around the globe. This is then followed up immediately with a more direct trap-style rethink from Taso, adding some punchy sub pressure to proceedings.
29 Apr 19
from $1.49
Upya - (2:38) 81 BPM
BMRS 006
31 Jul 20
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
from $1.49
I've Never Known You - (6:23)
Eternal (feat Nefer) - (5:56) Biggest-selling track on this release
Arms Up - (5:09) 152 BPM
Enchained - (7:39) 152 BPM
My Last Breath - (6:10)
Feel Me Now - (5:10)
Hidden Light (feat Imperial Sand) - (6:17) 151 BPM
Feel Me Now (Go Dugong remix) - (4:36)
Eternal (Sertone remix) - (5:43)
BMR 006
14 May 14
from $1.49
Discarga - (3:39) 127 BPM
Peshi - (3:07) 95 BPM
Fluvial God Decompose Our Bodies - (2:12) 100 BPM
Serpent - (5:56) 148 BPM
Yonder - (3:26) 122 BPM
Discarga (Ipman remix) - (5:10) 127 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: Beat Machine are simply unstoppable these days, dropping bombs left, right and centre - and these guys really can refer to their output as being explosive! This time they come through with the dread bass of Kuthi Jijani, a debutant who's clearly understood the entire bass process from the get-go, and these five tunes are everything you'd want form your typical Saturday night bass bullets. Fire and fury are unleashed via the rolling punch of drums that drives "Peshi" forwards, while "Fluvial God Decompose Our Bodies" centres its efforts around the all-out cacophonous thanks to an unexpected wave of noise. "Serpent" is a new strain of highly abrasive d&b, the sort Noisia would be proud of, while "Yonder" steps back into more traditional 'step' territories; Ipman's remix of "Discarga" is a hypnotic, sinister ride down the impenetrable wormhole of bass. TIP!
BMR 015
23 Oct 17
from $1.49
Corals - (5:26) 148 BPM
U Ain Fish - (3:42) 144 BPM
Lure Style - (4:02) 142 BPM
Corals (FFF remix) - (6:58) 160 BPM
BMR 020
21 Nov 19
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
Watch It - (4:04) 80 BPM
Fyah Burnin' - (4:25) 106 BPM
What's Going On - (4:52) 80 BPM
Fyah Burnin' (Fixate remix) - (5:06) 113 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: Beat Machine here return to continue their footwork inspired rampages, doing so with the employing of Pablo Dread, who comes up with this highly experimental 'Burnin' EP. We begin with the junglistic drum rolls and powerful sub pressure of 'Watch It', before we then lean into 'Fyah Burnin', throughout which the jungle themes continue to roll. To follow, we dive into the intense drum clicks and ascending bass tones of 'What's Going On', which rounds up the originals nicely. We are then treated to Fixate's heavyweight D&B rework of 'Fyah Burnin', completely revamping the track into a stripped back roller.
BMR 019
11 Feb 19
from $1.49
Dead Fingaz - (3:55) 166 BPM
When The Night Is Over - (4:52) 160 BPM
Manual (feat Liza Shiza) - (3:27) 160 BPM
Lookin Good - (2:37) 150 BPM
Zou - (4:15) 145 BPM
Lyar - (3:32) 60 BPM
Manual (feat Liza Shiza - Ticklish remix) - (5:07) 155 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
BMR 010
21 May 15
Drum And Bass
from $1.49
55555 - (5:28) 83 BPM
55555 (Philip D Kick remix) - (4:45) 83 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
25 Jun 18
from $1.49
Bifle - (6:02) 136 BPM
Bifle (feat Lamont - Lamont remix) - (5:18) 64 BPM
Hosting Pico - (4:20) 90 BPM
Hey Bro - (4:23) 135 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Tai - (4:18) 135 BPM
BMR 017
26 Feb 18
from $1.49
Wrinkles (feat Parallax) - (4:12) 87 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Watchme - (5:38) 129 BPM
Wrinkles (feat Parallax - Basic Rhythm remix) - (3:42) 130 BPM
Watchme (Benton remix) - (4:49) 136 BPM
Review: As the year comes to a close, we can safely say that it has been an incredible 12 months for the more experimental sounds within electronic music. We have noticed a real surge in individualism, with this latest drop from the Beat Machine team providing a perfect example. For this one, Soreab is joined by Parallax's sharp vocal prowess on a system-ready title track named 'Wrinkles', built around tripletted rhythms and rolling kick drum patterns. We continue to take in the taste of originality as the acidic bass tones and super choppy drum rhythms on 'Watchme' take us for a real ride into the unknown. On remix duty for this one, we see Basic Rhythm give a tidy re-lick to 'Wrinkles', with the ever-ready Benton on hand to dish out a vibrant dose of breaksy goodness on his overhaul of 'Watchme'.
BMR 022
03 Jan 20
from $1.49
Flowers - (6:01) 80 BPM
Flowers (Moresounds remix) - (5:52) 80 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: Simon/Off, better known as Sun People is based in Graz, Austria and runs a radio show on disko404 radio / Sub.fm. There's some smooth and chilled out bass therapy in the form of "Flowers", which is well indebted to UK and US influences alike. Parisian Moresounds gets on board for even more low-end intensive experience with his remix of the said track. This guy's one to watch!
15 Jan 16
from $1.49
Kambo - (4:36) 158 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Anikula - (4:09) 125 BPM
Batuda - (3:37) 113 BPM
Kambo (Lechuga Zafiro remix) - (4:40) 109 BPM
BMR 014
14 Sep 17
from $1.49
Lost - (4:43) 80 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Lost (Addison Groove remix) - (5:34) 127 BPM
Review: Footwork junkie Ticklish hits up Beat Machine with a solid floor masher that is veritably hybridisable in its gene-pool and stylistic approach. "Lost" contains elements of just about every noticeable genre of UK dance music, and with a break-driven rhythm, Ticklish lays down an absolute belter of a tune back by a powerful morph-bass. Bass pioneer Addison Groove is up for remix duties, and the man transforms "Lost" into a chillier, more minimal once tool with a neat 808 approach and some bouncy bass tones for hypnotic effect. Sick.
30 May 16
from $1.49
Santa Monica And Overcast - (3:09) 55 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Do You (Ovrdos - feat Tessa Evans) - (5:15) 61 BPM
Above The Clouds (feat Elise 5000) - (3:46) 59 BPM
Windows - (3:55) 105 BPM
9:47 PST - (3:12) 126 BPM
Do You (Ovrdos) (Populous remix - feat Tessa Evans) - (4:25) 123 BPM
BMR 008
26 Jan 15
from $1.49


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