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Assanssan - (5:42) 122 BPM
Assiove - (6:04) 123 BPM
Assanssan (Bosq remix) - (6:23) 123 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: Alafia emerged as a studio endeavor during the mid-1980s in Paris. Conceived and composed by the visionary musician Philip Nikwe, it united musicians hailing from Benin, Cameroon, and the French Antilles. The reissued title track now includes a remix by Bosq, an Afro/Latin specialist from Boston, adding a new flavor to the composition. Additionally, 'Assiove' possesses a charming appeal, thanks to its electrofunk bassline and energetic scratching. Fans of Afro-funk are sure to embrace this offering.
CNPY 005
07 Jul 23
from $1.89
Bella Bello
Bella Bello (Bosq remix) - (5:28) 125 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Bella Bello (Sam Redmore remix) - (5:31) 124 BPM
Bella Bello - (3:47) 122 BPM
Review: Tomede Ehue and Tp Orchestre Poly-rythmo are giants of the global afro scene and to have them together on one EP is a masterstroke. This third is offering from Canopy some electrifying cosmic voodoo disco grooves, heavy bass pulsing, blistering horns and spooky organ riffs set the tone on this transcendental piece over which floats the beautifully mesmerising harmonies of vocalist Tomede Ehue. It features the title track from a hard to find Afro 7" that was initially only put out via private press in a Benin label in 1980. Little his known about Tomede Ehue but she is an undeniable talent, and in cahoots with Beninois powerhouse TP Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou they are unstoppable. Bosq and Sam Redmore provide remixes to this superb package.
CNPY 003
21 Oct 22
from $1.89
Song For Ehi
Song For Ehi - (7:03) 120 BPM
Song For Ehi (Disco dub) - (6:59) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: You'd expect a collaboration between Columbia-based fusionist Bosq, Ibibio Sound System's horn section and vocalist Kaleta to be pretty darn good, and 'Song For Ehi' most certainly is. Inspired by a combination of classic Edo-funk, Afro-disco and reggae disco, it starts with the original version delivering a near perfect mix of timbales-sporting dub disco grooves, reverb-laden lead vocals, Afro-funk guitar licks, Afrobeat-esque organ licks and punchy horns. The track's inherent dubbiness is further explored on the revision, which adds extra layers of percussion and the kind of breathless dancefloor weight that marks out the greatest dub disco workouts. In a word: essential!
CNPY 002
25 Jul 22
from $1.89
Africa (My No. 1)
Africa (My No. 1) - (5:29) 123 BPM
Africa (My No. 1) (feat The Ibibio Horns - Captain Planet remix) - (6:29) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Africa (My No. 1) (Captain Planet Marimba Vibes remix) - (6:03) 118 BPM
Review: Label newcomer Canopy Records, compiled and conceptualised by label head Sumosui, sends out some super Afro transmission for this first release. 'Africa No 1' is a single that features a superb tune from Benin City in Edo State, Nigeria, which was first put out locally in 1987. It is by the late great Nigerian reggae artist Ehi Duncan and his The Africa Army Express band and next to the uplifting original are two new mixes from Captain Planet. He brings the tune into the modern day with some tight key, horn and synth sounds for the first mix, and the second is a slower, more mid-tempo bit of afro disco. Lovely vibes.
CNPY 001
08 Apr 22
from $1.89
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