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Chameleon Audio Volume 1
17 Dec 16
Hollow - "Target" - (3:04) 155 BPM
from $1.49
Review: Chameleon Audio had a big year in 2016, instilling their name on our charts as regular go-getters ad quality scouts of new talents in the bass game. This is one of those leviathan compilations where even the most critical of DJs will find something to jump up about, as there is so much damn gear on this badboy! Tunes by the likes of Jacotanu, KXVU, and Policy deliver some much-needed grime lashings, while others like Strap C and Imtek's "Bubble, or even "Shakeup" by Particle, break out the London half-step riddims for the heads. From dub to house, the influences in these things are vast and unmatched. Dig through it.
Walsall Sound
CAWS 015
30 Sep 17
SK Production - "Chameleon" - (3:40) 158 BPM
from $1.49
Review: BOOM! Rocking, nu-school d&b sounds from the Chameleon Audio massive, and it's high time we'd heard some fast-moving breaks amid all the half steps and grime-leaning house. It's a family affair on this new comp, Walsall Sound, landing on our charts like a steamroller on speed. Don't get us wrong, there's plenty of darkcore bass in here, too, such as Chemist RNS' cheeky, wobble-friendly "Green Crack", or the supremely smoky haze emanating from the bass of "Duality" by S3 Dubs. Sour F4ace's "Ello" is a sneaky dubstep bullet that would have been received with copious rewinds in the FWD days, and other favourites include "Sandwell St" from MoJoe, a murky swarm of percussive fury, and Zobol's subtly electro-leaning, drum-machine charge called "Lektrojuke". Don't sleep on this lot!
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