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Counterpoint EP 8
KOKO 038
13 Jan 18
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
from $1.95
Review: The Tokyo based imprint Crosspoint has set course for a fantastic 2018, already bringing multiple releases to the table. With this one we see the sounds of J.A.K.A.M return for EP #8, which features two highly enjoyable original creations. To start with we have 'Light' which plays around with deep percussive melodies and plucked strings exploring the depths of eastern scales. On the flip side we have the slower sounds of 'Stars' which takes more of an interest in spacious atmospherics and vibrant sub bass patterns, insinuating mystery and a more in depth musical journey. Two great compositions here!
Counterpoint Remixes
KOKO 045
15 Jan 18
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
from $1.95
Review: The Counterpoint collective return with another fantastic compilation, this time providing us with a carefully devised selection of official JAKAM remixes. Known for their colourful Asian musical influences and fantastically vibrant percussive arrangements, the JAKAM sound must be a dream for producers to redesign, quite often into even more magnificent arrangements. Some of our favourites from this selection include Chida's fantastic tribal rework of 'Shadow', the high intensity remix of 'Earthdrum' from Saidrum and Ground's sweeping reimagining of 'Light' which features awesome vocal work. Overall, if you are looking for groundbreaking atmospherics and moving Asian themed melodies, look no further!
Re:Momentos (Kuniyuki remix)
KOKO 017
27 Jan 12
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
from $1.95
Review: A revisit of Japanese nu-jazzer Moochy's "Momentos", brought back into the spotlight for 2012 by techno producer Kuniyuki on this double-stranded remix release from Crosspoint. On Kuniyuki's "Beatz" mix, he conjures up the sound of a dubby, loose Afrobeat jam with live bass stabs, mystical guitar leads and a handful of jazzy percussion sounds keeping the raga-ish vibe going. The "Rhythm" version is slower, and even more sparse, creating a soundscape as wide and expansive as the Mojave desert. Two seriously rootsy and fascinating mixes that are well worth checking out.
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