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Deep Dark & Dangerous

Deep Dark & Dangerous

Despite having its roots firmly planted in Croydon, England, dubstep is now a global movement, with Deep, Dark & Dangerous being one of the leading global imprints representing the sound. Headed up by dubstep heavyweights and internationally acclaimed production trio: Truth, DD&D has rapidly risen to the top of the steppers tree, providing the scene with a near un-matched stream of original releases and live events. Truth’s sound represents the darker side of the dubstep spectrum, which is mirrored within the label’s now extensive catalogue, which constantly shifts between hard hitting solo EPs and groundbreaking compilation drops. The roster is always expanding, previously welcoming heavyweights such as Biome, Pushloop, Sepia, Taiko, Dalek One, Youngsta, The Widdler and many many more. They represent such a consistently top quality approach to releasing 140 music with their bespoke artwork designs also adding to the label’s majesty. With dubstep back on the up, it’s very exciting looking into the future of the Deep, Dark & Dangerous sound.
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Akuma EP
Banshee - (4:17) 140 BPM
Mare - (4:06) 140 BPM
Swarm - (3:53) 140 BPM
Akuma - (5:05) 140 BPM
Doomed - (3:20) 140 BPM
DDD 113
06 Oct 23
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Heavenly Bodies
Prophetic Silence - (4:11) 140 BPM
Ephemeral - (3:59) 140 BPM
Rapture - (3:44) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Satellite (Bones & Ice) - (3:43) 140 BPM
Review: The incredible run that both The Deep Dark & Dangerous crew and Khiva as a standalone artist have been on of late is worthy of serious applause, with this new four track collection once again showing the domination of both entities within the dubstep space. First up, the bone chilling vocal delays and warm bass pressure of 'Prophetic Silence' leads the way with a truly other-worldly feel, followed by the more eerie melodic backdrops of 'Ephemeral'. We then take in 'Rapture', another mechanical stomper, packed with crunchy synths and lethal drum punches, with 'Satellite' then providing one final subby swamp, clouded with more catchy vocal riffs to see out the EP in style.
DDD 112
01 Sep 23
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
The Grouch EP
The Grouch - (4:36) 140 BPM
Basura & SEEK - "Lose Ur Mind" - (4:48) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Basura & Wolf'd - "Hide" - (4:40) 140 BPM
Parks N Rec - (5:44) 140 BPM
Review: We are always excited to see a new adventure arrive from the Deep Dark & Dangerous crew, with this latest collection of sub-sweltering heaters coming to us from the one and only Basura. We open up with the breaks infused twists and sizzling low ended manoeuvres of 'The Grouch', which also packs a synthy punch across the midrange, before SEEK joins the party for a reese-heavy sweep through 'Lose Ur Mind', another raucous original. Next, Wolf'd touches down for another spicy collaboration, this time seeing 'Hide' provide us with a steadily chattering tapdance through uniquely arranged percussive rhythms, bringing us to a deadly closer in 'Parks N Rec', a wobbly monster that closes off the project in style!
DDD 111
18 Aug 23
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Niagara EP
Blueberry - (3:13) 140 BPM
Bold - (4:17) 140 BPM
Biters - (5:11) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Niagara - (5:04) 140 BPM
Review: Distinct Motive meeting the crew at Deep Dark & Dangerous is many a dubstep fanatic's dream, with this exuberant four track slam being another crazy combination of futuristic steppers energy. First up, the warbling subs and minimal drum structures of 'Blueberry' kick us off in style, linking together squelching synth bites and steadily oscillating subs for a very unique arrangement. Next, 'Bold' takes a gritter approach with more gnarly sound design taking the lead role, followed by the siren-like chord progressions and scatty bass sweeps of 'Biters'. Finally, the title track 'Niagara' slows the pace right down and dives into a much more dungeon-sentric sound, utilising eerie chords and steadily shuffling drums for a face-melting finale.
DDD 106
28 Jul 23
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
from $1.89
Anatomy Of A Twinkle Toad
New Earth (Kwizma remix) - (5:40) 140 BPM
Scarecrow (Taiko remix) - (5:54) 140 BPM
Hypno (Leo Cap remix) - (3:49) 140 BPM
At Peace (Chef Boyarbeatz remix) - (3:12) 140 BPM
Strange Dreams (Biome remix) - (4:41) 140 BPM
Mind Prison (Dubzta remix) - (5:36) 140 BPM
Side Eye (MYTHM remix) - (3:16) 140 BPM
Liquorice Tea (Coltcuts remix) - (4:06) 140 BPM
Hypno (Ashez remix) - (3:51) 140 BPM
Bullfrog (DMVU remix) - (2:59) 140 BPM
Twinkle Toad (ENiGMA Dubz remix) - (4:39) 140 BPM
Lost In Time (Paige Julia remix) - (4:30) 140 BPM
Strange Dreams (Woven Thorns remix) - (3:18) 140 BPM
So Sad (Argo remix) - (4:03) 140 BPM
Afterlife (Kodama remix) - (4:39) 140 BPM
Afterlife (Mystic State remix) - (5:48) 140 BPM
New Earth (Mesck remix) - (4:18) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Bullfrog (Substance remix) - (4:20) 141 BPM
Scarecrow (Oxossi remix) - (4:36) 140 BPM
Liquorice Tea (Cartridge remix) - (4:13) 140 BPM
Hypno (Abstrakt Sonance remix) - (3:15) 140 BPM
Scarecrow (Wraz. remix) - (4:13) 140 BPM
Twinkle Toad (Brassic's Toad Vivisection) - (3:36) 142 BPM
Shire Dub (Yoko remix) - (6:03) 140 BPM
Strange Dreams (Boylan remix) - (5:32) 140 BPM
At Peace (Widow remix) - (4:06) 140 BPM
Strange Dreams (Khiva remix) - (4:14) 140 BPM
Shire Dub (Sukh Knight remix) - (4:39) 140 BPM
Hypno (Sling Wave remix) - (3:29) 140 BPM
Twinkle Toad (Hypho X Amadeo remix) - (3:39) 140 BPM
Shire Dub (Teffa remix) - (4:42) 140 BPM
Lost In Time (Lampa remix) - (4:00) 138 BPM
Review: Truth are a dubstep-driven phenomenon, there's no getting away from it, both from within their work as Deep Dark & Dangerous, but also from a production point of view. That is why the great and good of the genre have joined together in celebrating the explosive group with a heavy-hitting remix collection, allowing a blissful collection to be assembled. When we say heavy hitting, we really mean it, with the likes of Cartridge, ENiGMA Dubz, Abstract Sonance, Kodama, Taiko, Biome and more all stepping forward, with a total of 32 remixes being included at the final count. Now, if you have 139 minutes, we would of course suggest taking in this masterpiece in its full majesty, but for a quick preview of the brilliance it includes, we would recommend quick peaks at Sukh Knight's explosive 'Shire Dub' rethink, both the sub-busting sweeps of Wraz.'s and the subtle beauty of Oxossi's 'Scarecrow' overhauls, and of course Boylan's gut puncher of a remix of 'Strange Dreams'. Exceptional work!
14 Jul 23
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
No No No
No No No (original mix) - (4:00) 140 BPM
DDD 110
23 Jun 23
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
The Last Lotus EP
The Last Lotus - (4:39) 140 BPM
Strike - (5:37) 140 BPM
Blessings - (4:52) 140 BPM
Maud's Theme - (4:41) 140 BPM
Mystic State & Jack Flynn-Oakley - "Dream Theory" - (5:10) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
DDD 104
02 Jun 23
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Shadow Work EP
Widow & Rider Shafique - "Shadow Work" - (4:39) 140 BPM
Flow State - (4:06) 140 BPM
Dangerous - (4:34) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Alien Life Form - (4:06) 105 BPM
Frequencies - (4:06) 140 BPM
Widow & Mac - "Devil Dancing" - (4:34) 140 BPM
Child Of Darkness - (4:12) 140 BPM
Review: Whenever Deep Dark and Dangerous unravel the LP red carpet, they don't seem to miss, this time welcoming the enigmatic Widow inside for seven sumptuous delights. We open up with Rider Shafique's cameo, giving us a dreamy vocal display atop 'Shadow Work', a sub-slamming sweep through distant strings and hard hitting bass action, followed by the reversed, eastern-inspired melodics of 'Flow State' and cluttered percussive crescendos of 'Dangerous'. A heavy pot of syncopation then appears as 'Alien Life Form' sends us into a trippy steppers daze, with the subtle jungle rhythms of 'Frequencies' and emotive melodic grooves of 'Devil Dancing' alongside Mac in close pursuit. Finally, 'Child Of Darkness' gives us a final thump of sub-driven goodness, closing out a miraculous arrangement with some real finesse.
DDD 109
12 May 23
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Pull Me In EP
Broken Pieces - (3:20) 140 BPM
Sacred - (4:08) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Between Shadows - (3:30) 140 BPM
Silent Wounds - (3:14) 140 BPM
Pull Me In - (3:39) 140 BPM
DDD 108
21 Apr 23
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Shadow Bonnie Lullaby (Widow Remix)
Shadow Bonnie Lullaby (Widow remix) - (3:32) 140 BPM
17 Mar 23
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Dungeon EP
Belphegor - (4:15) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Severed - (4:11) 140 BPM
ENiGMA Dubz & NotL? - "Pressurising" - (4:13) 140 BPM
Surfacing - (5:03) 140 BPM
Review: It's always an exciting thing to see a new Deep Dark & Dangerous project hit our shelves, especially when they are headed up by ENiGMA Dubz, one of the UK's most consistent sonic masterminds, especially within the field of 140. This project kicks off with the incredibly swampy synth textures and crunchy drum crashes of 'Belphegor', a real monster of a riddim to kick off proceedings. From here, 'Severed' then rears its subby head, doused in gnarly LFO splutters and sharp snare slaps, with 'Pressuring' then delivering a system-ready punch of low ended lava alongside NotL?, upping the energy levels significantly. Finally, the creeping melodies and subtle synthy pads of 'Surfacing' close out this project, which is sure to cause a ruckus or three when it lands in a dancefloor setting!
DDD 107
10 Mar 23
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Labyrinth (original mix) - (3:18) 140 BPM
14 Feb 23
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Quasar EP
Quasar - (4:25) 140 BPM
Wrath - (5:01) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Mindsculpt - (4:10) 140 BPM
Vivi - (4:01) 82 BPM
DDD 105
10 Feb 23
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Dingle Bat EP
Access Denied (original mix) - (3:14) 140 BPM
That Vibration (feat Rakjay - original mix) - (4:23) 140 BPM
Voodoo Ish (feat Donnie Danko - original mix) - (3:17) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Dingle Bat (original mix) - (4:16) 140 BPM
Wrong Turn (original mix) - (3:14) 140 BPM
The End (feat Megumi - original mix) - (2:46) 158 BPM
Review: To start the year off with a bang the Deep Dark & Dangerous crew have pulled out all the stops with this latest drop, welcoming the enigmatic production mastery of Hypho inside for a sizzling six track showdown. The Manchester veteran firstly launches 'Access Denied', a crunchy steppers delight, unleashing tidy drum processing and hard hitting bass action, before Rakjay arrives with a typically tidy vocal addition of 'That Vibration', a swampy slap that will turn any dance to a ruckus. Next, Donnie Danko jumps aboard for the haunted backdrops and lethal low-ends of 'Voodoo Ish', with the bubbling melodic jolts and subtle subby warbles of 'Dingle Bat' following in close pursuit. To round off, two more heavyweight hitters, with the wonky marches and dubby delays of 'Wrong Turn' leading the way before Megumi arrives on 'The End' for a sumptuous soundscape display, giving us a look into Hypho's more emotional side for a signature send off.
DDD 102
20 Jan 23
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Hypno EP
Hypno - (3:53) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Bullfrog - (4:23) 141 BPM
Liquorice Tea - (4:24) 93 BPM
Where I Come From - (3:33) 140 BPM
DDD 101
16 Dec 22
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Truth, Youngsta & N-Type - "Connected Illusions" (original mix) - (4:21) 105 BPM
Ternion Sound, PAV4N & Strategy - "Relentless" (feat Hypho - original mix) - (2:58) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Khiva & JLEON - "Jupiter" (original mix) - (4:41) 140 BPM
Leo Cap & Chef Boyarbeatz - "Real Murder" (original mix) - (3:54) 140 BPM
Abstrakt Sonance, ColtCuts & Rider Shafique - "From Birth" (feat Confusious - original mix) - (3:46) 140 BPM
Lampa & Widow - "Follow Me" (original mix) - (4:13) 140 BPM
MYTHM & ENiGMA Dubz - "Reality" (original mix) - (4:06) 140 BPM
Wraz. & ColtCuts - "Scars" (original mix) - (3:42) 105 BPM
Mesck & Woven Thorns - "Known Enemy" (original mix) - (4:13) 140 BPM
Cartridge & Lampa - "Blabba Mouth" (original mix) - (6:17) 140 BPM
Basura & Slaine - "Marches On" (original mix) - (5:24) 140 BPM
Oxossi & Hypho - "Lana" (original mix) - (3:51) 108 BPM
ColtCuts & Cartridge - "FxCK" (original mix) - (4:08) 140 BPM
Dayzero & Karnage - "Heavenward" (original mix) - (3:54) 142 BPM
Internal Frequency & Outsider - "Before The Fall" (original mix) - (3:42) 140 BPM
The Widdler & ColtCuts - "Mecha" (original mix) - (4:06) 140 BPM
Distinct Motive & Wraz. - "SSN-21" (original mix) - (4:55) 140 BPM
Truth, Pushloop & Kwizma - "Cataclysm" (original mix) - (3:39) 140 BPM
REZ & Senncoria - "Green Ladder" (original mix) - (4:20) 140 BPM
NotL? & Chef Boyarbeatz - "Swamp Salute" (original mix) - (3:41) 140 BPM
Roklem & Sebalo - "Inner Turmoil" (original mix) - (4:34) 140 BPM
Enochi & Bisweed - "Shinobi" (original mix) - (3:12) 140 BPM
CITY1 & Substance - "Bad Cave" (original mix) - (4:10) 140 BPM
Leon Switch & Widow - "Fallen Angels" (original mix) - (5:32) 140 BPM
Review: As always with a brand new Deep Dark & Dangerous compilation drop, the team are on absolute fire as they summon the great and good of the dubstep scene together for a frankly outstanding original collection. Celebrating their 100th official release, they impressed with the team sheet from the jump, inviting the likes of Truth, Youngsta, NType, Hypho, Cartridge, Oxossi and a bag of more heavyweight headliners to match. The whole project is stacked, featuring 24 rave-inspired sizzlers, giving us the grittiest and gnarliest of what dubstep has to offer in 2022. For us, despite the overall quality level of this collection being so high, we would point out a few absolute monsters as our highlights, with the horn-driven clunks and warbling LFO switches of 'Mecha' from The Widdler & ColtCuts immediately jumping out, next to the dungeon-ready percussion of Roklem & Sebalo's 'Inner Turmoil' and the eerie melodic mastery of Leon Switch & Widow's 'Fallen Angels'.
11 Nov 22
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Known Enemy
Known Enemy (original mix) - (4:13) 140 BPM
DDD100S 4
04 Nov 22
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Relentless (original mix) - (2:58) 140 BPM
DDD100S 3
28 Oct 22
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
From Birth
DDD100S 2
21 Oct 22
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Connected Illusions
Connected Illusions (original mix) - (4:21) 105 BPM
DDD100S 1
14 Oct 22
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Data Stream - (4:48) 140 BPM
Force Quit - (4:41) 140 BPM
Steprechaun - (5:06) 140 BPM
Chronos - (4:38) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
DDD 099
07 Oct 22
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Clutch EP
Clutch - (5:29) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Tralfamadore - (5:24) 139 BPM
Let Me Out - (3:18) 140 BPM
Scrambled - (4:22) 140 BPM
Review: The Deep Dark & Dangerous team have always shown a lot of respect for the Ternion Sound boys, who once again return in blistering form with this super crunchy collection. First up, 'Clutch' takes the title role, formulating metal-infused guitar synths and aerated backdrops, before the unorthodox sound design of 'Tralfamadore' sends us down an entirely different side-street of syncopated madness. From here, the tap dancing melodic dips of 'Let Me Out' are unleashed across a seriously eerie backdrop, before we trip and slide into another ditch of delightful unorthodox synthesiser design, as high pitched LFO's are left to run wild a top a mean sub line and delicate drum textures. Excellent work!
DDD 098
23 Sep 22
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Spooky Stories EP
War (feat Logan - original mix) - (4:34) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Deadman Tales (original mix) - (4:37) 140 BPM
Rabbit Hole (original mix) - (3:08) 140 BPM
Sleep Paralysis (original mix) - (6:55) 140 BPM
09 Sep 22
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Genetic Code EP
Genetic Code (original mix) - (4:38) 140 BPM
Hard Work (original mix) - (3:15) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Placebo (original mix) - (4:13) 140 BPM
Double Murder (feat Trigga - original mix) - (2:49) 140 BPM
Review: Whenever we see that Deep Dark & Dangerous have returned we find ourselves filled with happiness, as they this time welcome the combined abilities of Coltcuts & Abstrakt Sonance inside for a glittering four-track display. We open up with the wooden percussive plucks and choppy drum falls of 'Genetic Code', which gives us a unique introductory arrangement before the more wobbly LFO action of 'Hard Work' sends us into a vat of acidic enjoyment. Next the pulsating bass smashes of 'Placebo' give us a truly unique creation, dripping in syncopated swampy rhythms, with Trigga's wicked vocal addition of 'Double Murder' giving us a haunted outro track, again laced with brass-driven musicality and an overall eerie feel. Excellent!
DDD 093
19 Aug 22
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
The Power Of Sound EP
The Power Of Sound - (3:50) 140 BPM
Cruise Control - (4:06) 140 BPM
Steady Slurkin' - (4:45) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Signal Dub - (4:31) 140 BPM
Review: After a very brief break, The Deep Dark & Dangerous team are back in action once again, welcoming Chef Boyarbeatz inside for a four track display of dubstep dominance. We open up with the super sharp snare slams and dizzying bass distortions of 'The Power Of Sound', which keeps the listener guessing from start to finish. From here, 'Cruise Control' then let's fly a rave-busting selection of subs and reesey twitches, again keeping the unpredictability of the project on an all time high, with the more high ended synthesiser drifts of 'Steady Slurkin'' then upping the intensity once again with a breaks-intertwined drum set. Finally, the tripletted rhythms and warbling sub pressures of 'Signal Dub' give us one final slice of dubwise goodness before the EP comes to a halt. Awesome work!
DDD 096
29 Jul 22
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Afterlife EP
Afterlife - (4:44) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Scarecrow - (5:29) 140 BPM
Shire Dub - (6:05) 140 BPM
Lost In Time - (5:42) 140 BPM
Review: As one of the longest standing active outfits in dubstep music, it's always exciting to see new music landing from Truth, who have here delivered a stunning four track display. Focussing immediately on the title track 'Afterlife', we find ourselves washed in stunning soundscaping, subtle vocal processing and digital backdrops for a truly joyous introduction. Next, more blissful arrangements as 'Scarecrow' unleashes an eerie combination of chiming melody and fluttering percussion, next to the gnarly bass drives and slightly satanic vocal harmonies of 'Shire Dub', which again ups the energy levels. Finally, 'Lost In Time' gives us a serious ripper, focussing on minimal drum strikes and emphatic synth swipes, rounding off this project with a real dash of finesse.
DDD 095
15 Jul 22
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Afterlife (original mix) - (4:44) 140 BPM
01 Jul 22
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Dala EP
Lurker - (5:11) 140 BPM
Steppers - (4:00) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Swarm - (4:09) 140 BPM
Rubber - (3:20) 140 BPM
Paskkaramell - (4:37) 140 BPM
DDD 094
24 Jun 22
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Sweetheart EP
Abandon - (5:11) 140 BPM
Valentine's Thing - (5:20) 140 BPM
Sweetheart - (5:08) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Voyage - (5:48) 146 BPM
DDD 092
10 Jun 22
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Pressure EP
Pressure - (3:15) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Something Else - (2:48) 140 BPM
Can't Ride With Us - (4:36) 140 BPM
Goon Squad - (4:36) 140 BPM
The Unveil - (3:15) 140 BPM
27 May 22
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Shh (feat Hypho - original mix) - (3:34) 105 BPM
Red Moon (feat Angelic Root - original mix) - (4:42) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Soulsearch (feat Cartridge - original mix) - (5:11) 155 BPM
DUM (feat Katch - original mix) - (2:50) 140 BPM
Review: Now this is a collection we can tell has been in the making for a hot minute, as Vandull, one of Nottingham's finest mic controllers, steps up on Deep Dark & Dangerous for four original dubstep vocals. We begin with the super-stuttered percussive chops and eastern-inspired woodwind of 'Shh' alongside Hypho, which does the job of kicking the EP off with a high energy level. From here, Angelic Root arrives to provide the super unorthodox instrumental backdrop of 'Red Moon', within which we hear Vandull's vocals sent through a serious amount of processing with some wicked results, before Cartridge ups the pace on the half-time drives of 'Soulsearch', allowing Vandull to explore a different range of performance styles. Finally, Katch steps up on production duty for 'DUM', a haunted combination of dissonant synthetics and warbling LFO splutters, giving us a very fun outro track to this wicked collection.
DDD 090
13 May 22
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Push (original mix) - (5:02) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Bust Duster (original mix) - (3:21) 140 BPM
Push (Bukez Finezt remix) - (4:35) 140 BPM
DDD 089
29 Apr 22
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
The Rake It Up Riddim Remixes
The Rake It Up Riddim (Gangus & Kin remix) - (3:13) 140 BPM
The Rake It Up Riddim (Khiva remix) - (2:51) 140 BPM
The Rake It Up Riddim (Deadcrow remix) - (3:07) 145 BPM
The Rake It Up Riddim (KOROstyle remix) - (2:48) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
The Rake It Up Riddim (Sukh Knight remix) - (5:15) 140 BPM
The Rake It Up Riddim (VIP mix) - (2:34) 140 BPM
15 Apr 22
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Roadsbeaf & MC Jumanji - "Say My Name" - (4:43) 140 BPM
Pippi In Dubland - (6:26) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Wangster - (3:00) 145 BPM
Roadsbeaf & Vandull - "Sick & Ill" - (4:12) 140 BPM
Ryu In The Dark - (4:35) 140 BPM
Monstar - (3:46) 140 BPM
Review: The Deep Dark & Dangerous team have a real ear for explosive 140 creations, with this latest drop being the most recent in a long line of destructive collections. They welcome Roadsbeef inside to explore six system-ready sub-busters, with 'Say My Name' alongside MC Jumanji being a potent introduction indeed, doused in intense lyricism and some seriously grizzly LFO action. Next, 'Pippi In Dubland' sees us explore a much more dubwise design, focussing on minimal subs and sweeping synths, before 'Wangster' unleashes a robotic sounding dinner party of crunchy synthetic shapes. Next up, the easily recognizable vocals of Vandull are let loose for a blistering display of rave-ready bars on 'Sick & Ill', followed by another return to the minimal on 'Ryu In The Dark', giving us a sub-busting showdown on original dubstep flavour. Finally, the jittering bass glitches and spacey arrangements of 'Monstar' give us a cool outro track, rounding off another top notch collection from the DD&D team.
DDD 087
01 Apr 22
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Things That Aren't Hats EP
Things That Aren't Hats - (4:43) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Watchtower - (4:20) 140 BPM
Please Don't Tell - (4:44) 140 BPM
0161 Skyline - (4:50) 140 BPM
The Ritual - (3:46) 140 BPM
DDD 086
25 Mar 22
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Twinkle Toad
Strange Dreams - (4:39) 140 BPM
Side Eye - (4:16) 140 BPM
Twinkle Toad - (4:13) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Mind Prison - (5:37) 140 BPM
DDD 088
11 Mar 22
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Enlil - (4:11) 140 BPM
Ereshkigal - (4:14) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Relics - (1:38) 149 BPM
Tiamat - (3:28) 140 BPM
Nergal - (4:42) 140 BPM
Utu - (3:46) 140 BPM
DDD 085
25 Feb 22
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Grime Beats, Vol 2
Holy Death - (2:44) 140 BPM
Learn Spanish - (2:20) 144 BPM
Eat You - (2:20) 140 BPM
The Rake It Up Riddim - (3:18) 140 BPM
ONHELL & Fracture - "Vandals" - (2:20) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Imploded Candle - (2:20) 140 BPM
Tepito Mercado - (2:00) 140 BPM
Piano Worship - (1:12) 140 BPM
Outcast - (1:56) 140 BPM
Devotion - (2:26) 144 BPM
Review: It's always a good thing to see a new drop from the Deep Dark & Dangerous team, who continue to push the dubstep sound further forward at every turn. Today however, we see them jump sideways into the arena of grime with this titanic display of 140 flavour from Onhell, showcasing some serious heat. From the intense bass pulses of 'Holy Death' to the dissonant piano swipes of 'Piano Worship' and metallic synth grinds of 'The Rake It Up Riddim', we see a full spectrum of 140 music explored with this vibrant album drop. There are a lot of high points, with our personal favourites including the intense acidic melodies of 'Tepito Mercado', the super choppy rhythmic switch ups of 'Eat You' and the pulsating collaborative synergy of 'Vandals' alongside Fracture.
11 Feb 22
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
from $1.89
Terror Management EP
Terror Management - (4:21) 140 BPM
Lithium Vision - (4:46) 140 BPM
Void Mechanics - (5:10) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Canto IX - (4:25) 140 BPM
Review: Following on from an incredibly successful 2021, the Deep Dark & Dangerous crew have started this year with a real no holds barred attitude, unleashing firstly this monstrous display of dubstep power from Mesck. We begin with 'Terror Management', a swampy tredge through gnarly reese textures and haunting bell-driven melodies, exactly what the doctor ordered. From here, we find ourselves face to face with a swarm of sizzling bass pulses, set to knock any block off on 'Lithium Vision', before delivers a slightly more tame display of organic drum impacts and distorted reesey sweeps, again topped with eerie, dissonant harmonics for an extra wow factor. Finally, 'Canto IX' arrives for a final gutpunch, driving forward with one of the gnarliest lead basslines we have heard in a hot minute, rounding off this EP with a serious dash of flare.
DDD 082
21 Jan 22
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Deep, Dark & Dangerous Remixes, Vol 4
Hypho & Megumi Hope - "Sufferin'" (Truth remix) - (5:28) 105 BPM
Slaine - "Flute Ting" (Konka remix) - (4:37) 93 BPM
Isded - "No Gimmick" (REZ remix) - (4:13) 140 BPM
Truth & T-Man - "Soldier" (Hypho remix) - (5:15) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Isded - "Milk" (NotLo remix) - (4:35) 140 BPM
Truth & Lelijveld - "Crushed" (Widow remix) - (3:57) 141 BPM
Widow - "Close Your Eyes" (Leo Cap remix) - (3:53) 140 BPM
Dayzero - "Looming Shadow" (Drumterror remix) - (4:40) 140 BPM
Biome - "Never Listen" (Truth remix) - (4:38) 140 BPM
Leo Cap - "Let Me Tell You Something" (Ramsez remix) - (5:06) 140 BPM
Truth - "Shrouds" (Wraz. remix) - (4:41) 140 BPM
NotLo - "Outer Realms" (Teffa remix) - (4:18) 140 BPM
Leo Cap - "Stick Inside" (ColtCuts remix) - (6:00) 140 BPM
Konka - "War With The Devil" (Outsider remix) - (4:44) 140 BPM
Substance - "How Many" (Roklem & Sebalo remix) - (3:50) 140 BPM
Hypho, Xakra & Finnoh - "Stellar Transit" (Lampa remix) - (4:36) 140 BPM
Konka - "Plane Shifter" (Slaine remix) - (5:28) 140 BPM
Truth & Lelijveld - "Psychological" (Substance remix) - (4:13) 140 BPM
22 Dec 21
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Flavour (original mix) - (5:54) 140 BPM
Stick Inside (original mix) - (5:56) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Lemon & Cognac (original mix) - (5:07) 140 BPM
Los Angeles (original mix) - (5:32) 140 BPM
Our Best Trip (feat Julia Marks - original mix) - (6:02) 140 BPM
Review: As always with the Deep Dark & Dangerous faithful, we are in for a treat as Leo Cap unveils a spicy five track display of original dubstep delight. First up, 'Lemon & Cognac' unleashes a grizzly combination of gnarly synth swipes and eerie vocal samples to kick us off in style, before 'Los Angeles' takes the sound back to the essence with a jumpy, percussive-lead roller, packed with tasty distortion and shimmering shakers. Next, the wicked vocal lines of Julia Marks join the party for a hypnotic dive into sweeping synthesizer textures on 'Our Best Trip', followed by a lo-fi coated cave dweller in 'Flavour', a serious title track. Finally 'Stick Inside' allows the weirdness to run wild, giving us a gut-busting finale that we can really enjoy. Excellent work!
DDD 084
12 Nov 21
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Shegry - (2:51) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Greengate Adhesive - (3:43) 140 BPM
Nuff Noise - (4:38) 140 BPM
Heritage - (4:13) 142 BPM
Review: Over the years we have seen the vocal mastery of Strategy rise right to the top around the deeper side of electronic dance music. Therefore, when you pair him with producers with as much firepower as Regents & Cartridge, you know you are in for a treat. We begin with 'Shegry', a ferocious fusion of subtle reesey bass textures and scattered percussive rhythms, followed by the intense drum rolls of 'Greengate Adhesive', within which we hear the very best of Strategy's more classic-sounding verse structuring. Next, another roller with 'Nuff Noise', which unleashes more of those outlandish bass designs, morphing into an electronic pulser, before the super catchy melodic jitters of 'Heritage' round off a fantastic EP with a touch of new school finesse.
DDD 083
15 Oct 21
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Greengate Adhesive
Greengate Adhesive (original mix) - (3:43) 140 BPM
28 Sep 21
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Nostalgia EP
Tears - (6:28) 105 BPM
Nostalgia - (6:23) 105 BPM
Flute Ting - (4:38) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Riddles - (5:06) 140 BPM
Cheyne Stoking - (4:59) 140 BPM
DDD 081
24 Sep 21
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Pages (original mix) - (4:17) 70 BPM
Acceptance (original mix) - (4:44) 70 BPM
Something Missing (original mix) - (1:28) 57 BPM
Sacred (original mix) - (4:16) 70 BPM
Little Sadness (original mix) - (5:10) 70 BPM
All The Loose Ends (original mix) - (1:50) 74 BPM
Unlearn (original mix) - (4:24) 70 BPM
Transition (feat Lelijveld - original mix) - (4:12) 70 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Sleepwalk (original mix) - (1:42) 75 BPM
You'll See (original mix) - (3:50) 70 BPM
Love (original mix) - (5:11) 70 BPM
Alethia (original mix) - (2:09) 70 BPM
Deja Vu (original mix) - (0:45) 64 BPM
Review: As one of the architectural groups behind the modern wave of dubstep music, seeing Truth return to their home imprint of Deep Dark & Dangerous for a full length album project is always going to be exciting! The project is simply outstanding, to put it plainly, covering the full breadth of the modern dubstep sound from the aquatic synthy sweeps of 'Pages' and subtle keys of 'Unlearn', to system busting sub-eese combinations of 'You'll See' and haunted structures of 'Transition' with the magnificent vocals of Lelijveld. It's a work of mastery and pure precision, with some additional highlights including the gorgeous, string-lead soundscapes of 'Something Missing', the constantly evolving growls of 'Love' and lip-curling melodies of 'Alethia'. Spectacular work!
06 Aug 21
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
War With The Devil
Annix - (4:54) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Plane Shifter - (4:58) 140 BPM
War With The Devil - (4:40) 140 BPM
Konka & Atomic - "Scavenger" - (3:34) 140 BPM
This Sound - (3:18) 140 BPM
Review: It's rare that we find ourselves disappointed with a Deep Dark & Dangerous release, who appear to be able to do no wrong at the moment, a feeling amplified by this magnificent display from Konka. We begin with the dungeon-ready bass growls and warbling low-ended displays of 'Annix', which sets the tone for the EP pretty quickly. Next, the bass-bin-bending synthesizer blows of 'Plane Shifter' unleash a monstrous display of sonic power, before the alien-like reese tones of the title track 'War With The Devil' continue the dungeon-ready theme. From here, the sharpened drum processing of 'Scavenger' gives us a refreshing switch up, without losing any of that sub-bass potency, before 'This Sound' delivers a rib cage-rattling finale, rounding off a seriously impressive display.
DDD 080
23 Jul 21
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Acceptance (original mix) - (4:44) 140 BPM
02 Jul 21
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Pages (Original Mix)
11 Jun 21
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
The Cosmos
Area 51 - (4:39) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Into The Ground - (5:46) 90 BPM
The Cosmos - (4:38) 141 BPM
No Sleep - (5:06) 142 BPM
Tunnel Vision - (4:50) 93 BPM
Review: As soon as we saw that Enigma Dubz had again teamed up with the Deep Dark & Dangerous family, we knew we were in for a treat. This tidy new five track display sees the veteran producer perform at his dubstep optimum, kicking off with the gnarly synth growls and haunted percussive delays of 'Area 51'. Next, the vibrant soundscaping, stunning vocal chops and sweeping synthetic flavours of 'Into The Ground' give us something a lot more emotive before 'The Cosmos' gifts us glittering pads and power sub-pulses below. Finally we finish up with two more heaters, with 'No Sleep' giving us a trippy dive into the edge of a more wave-influenced sound, before the crunchy percussion and heavily syncopated synth melodies of 'Tunnel Vision' put the cherry on the cake.
DDD 079
28 May 21
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
Little Creep EP
Little Creep - (4:43) 140 BPM
Pink Crystals - (5:06) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
She Dirty - (4:08) 140 BPM
Lightheaded - (4:10) 140 BPM
DDD 078
14 May 21
Deep Dubstep
from $1.89
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