It's Too Late - (6:20) 123 BPM
You Just Love You - (5:50) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Backtrack - (6:31) 124 BPM
Review: Man like Recloose returns to Delusions of Grandeur, having debuted on the label in fine style with last year's Don't Get Me Wrong EP, and it's a welcome one as It's Too Late is the New Zealand dwelling producer's first EP of 2013! Despite this prolonged absence, Recloose has clearly lost none of the energy that drove his DoG debut, with all three tracks here demonstrating a real vibrancy that will immediately provide a lift for any dancefloor experiencing an element of lag. The title cut bounces along with the sort of finesse you'd expect from a producer of Recloose's calibre, whilst the heavy slab of filter disco "You Just Love You" highlights his arrangement skills. Fans of Cardiology era Recloose should head right to "Backtrack" and bask in its brilliance.
29 Nov 13
Deep House
from $1.49
Dark Sienna - (5:21) 111 BPM
Zoinks - (5:44) 117 BPM
Push Comes To Shove - (5:50) 120 BPM
Alpine Glow - (3:25) 109 BPM
The Haunted House - (6:31) 122 BPM
Cow Palace - (5:46) 118 BPM
Bison - (3:57) 103 BPM
Spellbound (exclusive bonus track) - (3:37) 111 BPM
Good Intentions (LP mix) - (4:29) 119 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Light Scent Of Decay - (9:41) 116 BPM
FINE (feat Grand Agent) - (3:01) 110 BPM
Flying Visit - (4:01) 106 BPM
Review: Having already treated us to a trio of samplers, the German deep house duo Session Victim finally deliver their debut full-length for Delusions of Grandeur. Given their impressive credentials, it's no surprise to find that The Haunted House Of House is a bit good. Almost overflowing with ideas, it serves up 11 slabs of deep house that do their best to sidestep the genre's many pitfalls. Sure, there's plenty of comfy, melodic goodness (see "Push Comes To Shove" and "Zoinks"), but also forays into disco-flecked jazz-funk-house ("Alpine Glow"), slick disco-house ("The Haunted House"), groovy slo-mo electronica ("Bilson"), dewy-eyed Balearica ("The Light Scent of Decay") and even Clyde-ish broken hip-hop ("Fine"). Impeccable, and this ultra special Juno edition includes an exclusive bonus track in the shape of "Spellbound"!
08 Jun 12
Deep House
from $1.49


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