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She Called
ER 021
29 Sep 16
Minimal/Tech House
from $1.90
Played by: Pablo del Monte, Caramen
Review: London based producer Caramen is on to good things after his debut earlier this year on Fracture and appears for the next instalment of the Brick Lane Radio affiliated East Recordings run by Pablo Del Monte. Starting out with the dark tech house joinery "She Called" which features some pretty advanced sound design accompanying a seething groove, this is perfect for setting the tone early in the evening. Second offering "A Land Less Known" is much more energetic and rolling on this highly engineered dancefloor bomb that will appeal to fans of the SCI + TEC or Octopus futuristic sound.
ER 024
11 Nov 16
Deep House
from $1.90
Review: Hailing from Cape Town, 23-year old producer D Know has steadily risen through the ranks of the South African scene and is now breaking through into the international one. His initial inspiration came from the early sounds of IDM, jungle and trance, but here on the Bottleneck EP it's very much all about house and techno. The title track features a rumbling low end with a dubby lilt and escalating housey samples and percussion. Meanwhile DJ Vox adds thrusting arpeggios and a certain heaviness in his remix. Lastly "Progress" ends with a deep, throbbing excursion of techy progginess.
ER 015
22 Apr 16
Minimal/Tech House
from $1.90
Played by: Pablo del Monte
Review: dj-Vox is none other than Bo Johnson (East Recordings, Audiophile Deep) from Austin, Texas who is next up on East London imprint East Recordings. He shows his respect to the British capital with first track "Heathrow" with its sick, hands in the air, wonky melody and tough rolling tech house groove which is reminiscent of Carlo Lio or Ambivalent, big drop too! Secondly is the smooth and slinky tech house of "Instant Reaction", there's a razor sharp bassline on this one and druggy atmosphere that'll appeal to progressive house jocks too.
Nightmare EP
ER 009
27 Nov 15
Minimal/Tech House
from $1.90
Played by: Pablo del Monte
Review: On the look-out for some steam engine tech house? Look no further than "Chemical Reaction", a robust chugger of a track that's washed with waves of pads, detailed breathy elements and wisps of melody twisting and seeping through the groove. "Nightmare" sees the Texan lay down a darker groove with bulbous bass tones adding a bounce to the groove while twisted vocal elements are processed within inches of their lives to create unique rhythmic momentum. Sitting somewhere between Dubfire and Justin Martin, both tracks deliver in a major way. Looking for more acid action? Look no further than Daniel Allen's remix.
Throw Your Love
ER 022
21 Oct 16
Minimal/Tech House
from $1.90
Played by: Caramen
Review: Pablo del Monte is the East Recordings head honcho, based out of East London of course! On the Throw Your Love EP we soon discover that the name is actually a combination of the release's two titles, so allow us to explain. First track "Throw Your Hands Up" is the kind of massive rave anthem that's made for blowing up superclubs with its dirty 'wump' bassline and rap rhyming drenched in reverb, supported by a tough rhythm section; Hugo Massien eat your heart out. Second offering "Love Is A Fool" is more suited to Ibiza open air parties; this tough rolling peak time groove is reminiscent of the sounds on Gruuv or Saved. There's a killer remix coming up next by fellow Londoner Sagia, who takes the track down deep and hypnotic progressive house territory; a fine remix indeed!
ER 016
16 May 16
Minimal/Tech House
from $1.90
Played by: Pablo del Monte
Review: Pablo del Monte is a house music DJ/producer from London, label boss of East Recordings and head of internet radio station Brick Lane Radio. On the Marcha EP, the title track is a tough yet sleek tech house cut with its razor sharp synth lead given that extra bit of oomph by some wicked sidechaining. Also "B-train" (which features the super energetic diva vocals of Sindu Athemai) is a dark progressive house cut that will take you all the way back to NYC circa 2001. Finally "Joy" is another vocal led cut with layers of dark and epic strings taking care of the dancefloor drama like a Kevin Saunderson style of track; this one's nice!
Calling Your Name
ER 018
15 Jul 16
Deep House
from $1.90
Played by: Pablo del Monte
Review: The Ibiza/Rome/Berlin connection that is Thallulah, William Medagli & Jose Maria Ramon team up again for the deep dark and dirty progressive house anthem "Calling Your Name" featuring emotive elements, acidic synth leads and angelic vocals. Rodrigo Ferrari's reduced and minimal remix takes it to its bare bones but still packs a wicked groove. Second original track "Misano" goes for more of an eighties synthpop crossing into hi-NRG kind of vibe while "Gianicolense" finishes things off with a dark journey track complete with a wonky synth lead which will fit in the with current status quo just nicely.
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