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From slow-mo jams to deep, thick,beats, Canadian label Editorial is all about those disco-infused, soulful and funky flavours. Formed in 2009 by Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee, Editorial has delivered releases from names including: Rayko, The Funk District, Art Of Tones, Yse Saint Laur’ant, The Owl and an abundance of tracks from the Wizard himself. Editorial’s sub-label is Clandestine Boogie.
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Deep In The Church
The Rabbit - (5:57) 123 BPM
Thankful - (5:03) 115 BPM
New Rising - (5:56) 122 BPM
New Rising (Art Of Tones remix) - (5:58) 122 BPM Hot
Review: Some killer collaborative action here, as sometime Saint Wax and Masterworks Music man Gledd (real name Edoardo Barbi) joins forces with prolific producer The Funk District (AKA Mexican scene stalwart Fernando Mendoza) for the very first time. The pair serve up three top-notch cuts that combine extensive samples from gospel soul and gospel disco outings with their own chunky drums and instrumental flourishes: excitable, occasionally loopy disco-house slammer 'The Rabbit', the more lolloping, piano-heavy bounce of 'Thankful' and the hard bass, percussive hustle, insatiable riffs and righteous, preacher-man vocals of 'New Rising'. Art of Tones remixes the latter cut, turning it into a classy-sounding slab of disco-house/gospel house fusion that arguably makes greater use of both the sampled lead vocal and the pair's funky instrumentation.
 from $2.10
18 Oct 22
Keep On Dancin'
Well, Well, Well - (6:24) 108 BPM
Pleasing U - (5:39) 116 BPM
Hold On - (6:18) 115 BPM
So Damn Fine - (6:08) 116 BPM Hot
Review: Legendary disco producer Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee, return with a four-tracker on their very own Editorial label. 'Well, Well, Well' gets the ball rolling in typically slo-mo fashion, lifting a chunk of the vocal from Lightning Rod's proto-rap classic 'Hustler's Convention' and underpinning it with some seriously phat funk bass. 'Pleasing U' then pairs a Stevie Wonder-esque vocal with a familiar haunting sax line, before 'Hold On' brings more lower-tempo funk goodness and 'So Damn Fine' plays us out on a chunkier, more discofied tip. Get your groove on.
 from $1.89
ED 93
01 Mar 22
Be Free
Be Free - (5:24) 116 BPM
Be Free (Nebraska remix) - (6:40) 120 BPM Hot
Mista Groove - (5:44) 116 BPM
Ol School - (4:00) 115 BPM
Western - (3:37) 90 BPM
Review: Ed Wizard and Disco Double Dee come with more contemporary disco vibes on their own Editorial label. 'Be Free' comes on like a long-lost Sister Sledge dub - check those fluttering guitars - before being given a more Euro-flavoured rerub courtesy of Nebraska. Elsewhere, 'Mista Groove' is redolent of early 80s NYC disco from the likes of Raw Silk and Loose Joints, 'Ol School' is a bass-y, mid-paced cut topped with an "interview" vocal - it sounds like Roger Sanchez talking, but don't quote me on that - before the aptly titled 'Western' plays us out on a more downtempo, cinematic note. Good stuff all round.
 from $1.89
28 Aug 21
Body Music
Slo-Fusion - (5:36) 100 BPM
Aruban Nites - (5:29) 112 BPM
Summer Love - (7:36) 109 BPM Hot
Spirit Power (Cody Currie Remix) - (5:16) 123 BPM
Played by: VIGI, Juno Download
Review: Editorial are here once again to serve up some of that sweet disco goodness with their 4 track release, Body Music. 'Slo Fusion' combines jazz-funk and boogie influences, then tops the lot with a Stingily-esque falsetto vocal, 'Aruban Nights' is a laidback n' lounge-y sunshine groove, 'Summer Love' is a sultry, sexy female-vocalled affair with more of a late 70s feel, while completing the package is 'Spirit Power', which is more uptempo and nudges closer to nu-jazz/bruk beat territory.
 from $1.89
30 Mar 21
Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - "Shades Of Blue" (Thatmanmonkz remix) - (5:48) 119 BPM
Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - "Cantina" - (6:15) 50 BPM
Hotmood - "Chico Shake" - (6:08) 120 BPM Hot
Hotmood - "El Artista" - (7:00) 119 BPM
Review: Mexican funk and disco producer Hot Mood (AKA Guillermo Gonzalez) comes to Canada's Editorial Records on this split EP with label bosses Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee, with a little remix justice from Thatmanmonkz thrown in. The latter's rub of 'Shades Of Blue', with its Gil Scott-Heron 'H20gate' vocal, would sit just as happily in our deep house section, EW&DDD's 'Cantina' is a fat-assed slab of slo-mo, flute-sprinkled funk (and the pick of the EP for this reviewer), while there's - unsurprisingly - a Latin funk feel to Hotmood's two contributions. Contemporary funk/disco at its least cheesy, and hence most satisfying!
 from $1.89
30 Dec 20
Discosmic - (6:21) 118 BPM Hot
High People - (6:44) 118 BPM
That Sunny Breeze (feat Azul Fourcade) - (6:10) 113 BPM
Review: Something a little different from Editorial here, as NGC, Key Sokur and Alexny join forces to deliver three heady slabs of Discosmic goodness. They begin in fine fashion with 'Discosmic', where French spoken word vocals, tight organ licks and flanged guitars ride a hazy disco-house groove, before joining the dots between immersive deep house and sparkling nu-disco on the swirling, sunset-ready treat that is 'High People'. Best of all though is accurately titled closing cut 'Summer Breeze', a collaboration with Azul Fourcade that adds sweet, jazz-style vocals to a colourful, mid-tempo backing track rich in glistening piano motifs, elongated organ chords and swooping synth-strings.
 from $1.89
ED 91
14 Dec 20
Bigger Dreaming
Bigger Dreaming (original) - (5:19) 122 BPM
Bigger Dreaming (Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee remix) - (6:16) 116 BPM Hot
Bigger Dreaming (The Funk District remix) - (5:50) 121 BPM
Review: If you've not come across Palafico Honey before, there's a good reason: it's a brand-new project from Eleanor Beale, a little-known - but clearly talented - audio-visual artist based in London. 'Bigger Dreaming' is really rather good, with Beale adding classy, jazz-inflected lead vocals to a warming jazz-funk-meets-disco backing track rich in jaunty electric piano chords, jazz guitar flourishes and rubbery, boogie style bass. Ed Wizard and Disco Double Dee re-imagine the cut as a more low-slung slab of P-funk flavoured disco-funk, before Funk District successfully turns it into a bouncy chunk of disco-house cheeriness. As debut singles go, it's a bit of a doozy.
 from $1.89
ED 92
24 Nov 20
Raw Funk
Cody Currie - "Aquarian Girl" - (5:15) 121 BPM
The Funk District - "An Evening With El Diablo" - (6:32) 106 BPM Hot
Matt Hughes - "Get Down" - (5:45) 117 BPM
The Owl - "Funky Feelin'" - (4:08) 116 BPM
Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - "Slippin'" - (4:22) 94 BPM
Review: We've become accustomed to the Editorial label offering up expansive EPs packed to the rafters with tasty edits and reworks, but even by the imprint's high standards Raw Funk is rather special. It begins with a bumpin' chunk of hazy and excitable sample house courtesy of Cody Currie (the brilliant 'Aquarian Girl') and ends with some slow-motion, downtempo disco sweetness from Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee ('Slippin'); in between, you'll find a fine rearrangement of an organ-laden chunk of sweaty dancefloor soul (the Funk District's 'An Evening With El Diablo'), some slap-bass-sporting disco-funk (Matt Hughes' 'Get Down'), and a righteous trip into driving disco territory (the Owl's low-slung 'Funky Feelin').
 from $1.89
07 Oct 20
Funk With Me
Layover Blues - (6:21) 109 BPM
Layover Blues (Nebraska remix) - (5:56) 126 BPM
The Need Inside - (6:14) 114 BPM
Dat Funk - (4:55) 104 BPM Hot
Lemonade - (3:51) 88 BPM
Review: If you're in need of some musical positivity in your life, we'd heartily recommend this rushing collection of feel-good gems from Editorial regulars Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee. Naturally, there's tons to get you up and dancing in your living room. Opener "Layover Blues" brilliantly peppers a sludgy, Italo-disco style groove with horn-heavy samples from a disco-funk gem, samples which Nebraska then uses to offer up a thrillingly low-slung disco-house remix. Ed and Dee go in that direction themselves on the deep house/disco warmth of "The Need Inside", while "Dat Funk" is a fine revision of a lolloping funk-soul shuffler rich in punchy sax lines and groovy bass. They simmer things down successfully on closing cut "Lemonade", a bass and break-driven chunk of slo-mo goodness.
 from $1.89
20 Apr 20
Soul Shakers
Do The Thang - (5:18) 94 BPM Hot
Make Some Love - (5:25) 112 BPM
Spaced Drumz - (5:27) 117 BPM
Pumped - (4:25) 98 BPM
Review: There are plenty of re-editors and rework merchants with larger discographies than Editorial regulars Ed Wizard and Disco Double Dee, though few who deliver quite as consistently. Further proof arrives via their first outing of 2020, "Soul Shakers", a four-track collection of reworks based around breathing new life into dusty soul jams. The sweatiest and more obviously peak-time focused cut is undoubtedly the dense and energy-packed percussion workout "Spaced Drumz" (and yes, it lives up to the title), though celebratory disco-soul rework "Make Some Love" will also get hearts pounding out on the dancefloor. Of the EP's two slower and chuggier moments, it's the wonderfully hazy opener "Do The Thang" that's our pick.
 from $1.89
ED 90
03 Mar 20
Disco Scrolls
Bica - "Endless Rhodes" - (7:01) 120 BPM
Old Chap - "Because I'm Black" - (5:00) 117 BPM Hot
Hotmood - "Only Your Mom Calls Me Daddy" - (5:44) 120 BPM
The Owl - "Shake" - (5:39) 113 BPM
Frank Virgilio - "Out Here" - (5:01) 105 BPM
Labour Of Love - "Good Feelin'" - (9:52) 123 BPM
NFC & Key Sokur - "City Affair" - (5:52) 106 BPM
Woodhead - "Pleasure Departure" - (6:30) 104 BPM
Review: Gather round: Editorial is revealing the contents of the mythical "Disco Scrolls", a sacred document for all those who kneel at the altar of the Church of Nu-Disco. It contains eight audio commandments, all of which should be listened to intently. Salvation comes first via the fluid nu-disco positivity of Bica's "Endless Rhodes" and the disco-house grooves of the soulful and musically expansive "Because I'm Black" by Old Chap. Elsewhere, you'll find righteous testimony from Hotmood (via the deep disco-funk of "Only Your Mom Calls Me Daddy"), The Owl (the boisterous horns and filter tricks of "Shake"), Frank Virgilio (the lolloping party disco-funk of "Out Here"), Labour Of Love (the bassline-driven percussion-fest that is "Good Feelin") and NFC and Key Sokur (the rubbery and down-low disco fun of "City Affair").
 from $1.89
ED 89
05 Dec 19
Crawling Souls
Left Behind - (6:44) 116 BPM Hot
The Line - (6:27) 118 BPM
Eye Of Love - (4:56) 120 BPM
Time - (6:49) 106 BPM
Review: Since first tickling our fancy with a killer EP on Better Listen, Chevals has gone on to release similarly impressive outings on Whiskey Disco, Kolour Ltd and Masterworks Music. Here the fast-rising French producer makes his Editorial bow with another fine four-track salvo of beefed-up, house style re-edits. He hits the ground running with "Left Behind", a glassy-eyed loop jam that layers slightly sped-up soul/R&B vocals onto a mid-tempo '80s soul groove. Elsewhere, he delivers a house style revision of a summery jazz-funk number on "I Of Love", while EP closer "Time" is sumptuous, bass-heavy, heady and loved-up in the best possible way.
 from $1.89
27 Aug 19
Disco Tropico
Cosmic Love - (7:00) 115 BPM
Liquid Disco - (5:44) 118 BPM Hot
Desire - (6:10) 110 BPM
Il Rumore - (6:18) 120 BPM
Starvue - (5:36) 115 BPM
Review: Grab the Malaria pills and sun cream: sometime Moiss Musdic man Levantine is taking us on a tropical disco excursion. As you'd expect, it's a humid and sweaty affair. He breaks us in gently via the jaunty synth bass and rainbow synths of "Cosmic Love", before urging is to whip off our shirts to dance to the walking bassline, restless cowbells, sharp strings and hard-wired guitar riffs of "Liquid Disco". "Desire" sees the experienced re-editor craftily reworking a piano-heavy chunk of sleazy, leftfield disco, while "Il Rumore" is a fuzzy but rolling revision of a relatively recent revivalist Afro-disco cut. A happy finish is providing via the filter-heavy disco-house pump of swirling closing cut "Starvue".
 from $1.89
ED 88
09 Jul 19
Arctic Boogie - (6:00) 110 BPM
Orbit - (5:08) 112 BPM
About Da Music - (7:31) 112 BPM
Neptune Rising - (3:35) 94 BPM Hot
Review: As the powerhouse pair behind many of Editorial and Chopshop's greatest hits, Ed Wizard and Disco Double Dee needs little introduction. They begin their latest must-check re-edit release with "Arctic Boogie", a cheery chunk of mid-tempo electrofunk blessed with rubbery synth bass and filtered horn lines, before joining the dots between baggy deep house dreaminess and low-slung disco goodness on "Orbit"and the even slicker "About The Music". EP highlight "Heatwave" is a snappy rearrangement of a solo-sporting chunk of sun-kissed boogie positivity, while closing cut "Neptune Rising" expertly joins the dots between oven-hot jazz-funk, head-nodding hip-hop beats and groovy pitched down disco.
 from $1.89
ED 87
11 Jun 19
Give Me Love
Give Me Love - (7:07) 100 BPM Hot
Feel It - (6:56) 90 BPM
On Your Loving - (6:31) 101 BPM
House Revenge - (6:30) 120 BPM
Review: Label-hopping producer and re-editor Massimo Vanoni has enjoyed a relatively quiet year thus far, with a low-key outing on Atop his only release of note. This EP on Editorial should thrust him back into the spotlight though, as it really is rather good. Its' most headline-grabbing feature is the sedate, slo-mo tempos he's decided to operate at. Sure, there is one 120 BPM workout - the acid-speckled, jazz guitar-laden disco/deep house fusion of sun-kissed stunner "House Revenge" - but everything else hovers around the 100 BPM mark. On standout "Feel It", Vanoni works wonders with a chugging groove, dub delays and snippets from a seriously sweet cut, while "On Your Loving" is a superb sunset-ready groover rich in elastic slap bass, vintage electronics and dreamy chords.
 from $1.89
ED 86
27 May 19
Margarita Magic
Nik M. - "Beach Slumber" - (5:16) 100 BPM
Frank Virgilio - "Sun" - (5:49) 100 BPM
Labor of Love - "Like I Do" - (6:30) 114 BPM
The Funk District - "Baby Got It" - (6:48) 108 BPM Hot
I Gemin - "Oh Baby" - (5:47) 112 BPM
C. Da. Afro - "Do The Right Thing" - (5:27) 101 BPM
Bica - "Blue Dive" - (5:46) 113 BPM
Review: Hold tight for more boozy dancefloor excess from the Editorial crew, a collective of re-editors whose musical output is always worth a listen. The seven-track missive begins with a chunk of electric piano-laden samba/jazz-funk magic courtesy of Nik M, before sometime Hot Digits and Midnight Riot man Frank Virgillio offers a more piano and percussion-laden chunk of sun-kissed Brazilian magic. Labor of Love gets the disco juices flowing via the cowbell-heavy shuffle of disco funker "Like I Do", The Funk District reach for the Clavinets on hazy roller "Baby Got It" and I Gemin smothers a tasty groove in liquid synths and deep house flourishes on "Oh Baby". To round things off, C Da Afro rearranges a warm and groovy electrofunk jam and Rica lays down some colourful nu-disco deepness.
 from $1.89
ED 85
30 Apr 19
Le Depanneur
Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - "Spirit Power" - (6:09) 112 BPM Hot
Duff Disco - "Burning Hot" - (6:11) 102 BPM
Hotmood - "I Was Born In Mexico" - (6:15) 122 BPM
Alex Zuiev - "I Feel Funky" - (6:29) 115 BPM
Review: More multi-artist action from the effervescent Editorial label, a stable that has consistently delivered some of the strongest re-edits, remixes and reworks of the last few years. The imprint's most storied outfit, Ed Wizard and Disco Double Dee, kick things off with the lolloping, piano-heavy disco positivity of "Spirit Power" - where sampled female speech provides an interesting focal point - while slow disco stalwart Duff Disco delivers the head-nodding, toe-tapping warm-up warmth of "Burning Hot". Elsewhere, Hotmood ups the heat and tempo on the P-funk-fired stomp of "I Was Born in Mexico" and Alex Zuiev lightly beefs up a swirling peak-time disco jam on EP standout "I Feel Funky".
 from $1.89
14 Mar 19
Cruise Control
Looper Love - (6:26) 105 BPM Hot
Shufflin' - (6:24) 111 BPM
Slow Tape - (6:02) 106 BPM
Supermarket Music - (5:21) 114 BPM
Review: Matt Hughes is no stranger to Editorial, having previously contributed cuts to a number of the label's hugely popular multi-artist edit EPs. This, though, is his first solo salvo for the long-running rework imprint. He begins by turning a breezy, laidback and jazzy disco cut into a fine mid-tempo house head-nodder ("Looper Love"), before giving his interpretation of a slap-bass heavy party workout on the horn-sporting goodness of "Shufflin". You'll find more killer bass guitar and Nile Rodgers style riffs on the jazzy and groovy "Slow Tape", while "Supermarket Music" is a fizzing, P-funk-flecked revision of a jazz-funk/boogie cut that should get all the jazz dancers throwing shapes faster than you can say "Herbie Hancock ate my hamster".
 from $1.89
ED 84
13 Feb 19
Disco Directions
Aqua - (4:52) 107 BPM
Oh Baby - (4:21) 107 BPM
To Be Loved - (4:18) 105 BPM Hot
Joy - (4:34) 107 BPM
Izy - (5:26) 112 BPM
Review: Former Glenview Records scalpel fiend Buzz Compass has appeared on Editorial releases countless times over the last few years, though this is the first time the imprint has granted him the honour of a full solo EP. He subsequently delivers, slowly sashaying between the jazz-guitar-laden Balearic/deep house fusion of "Aqua", the picturesque, glassy-eyed flutter of "Oh Baby", the warm and enveloping, LTJ Style disco-house hypnotism of "To Be Loved", the electric piano-sporting deep house breeze of "Joy" and the chunky, bass-heavy flex of filter house workout "Izy" (seemingly a rework of a chant-along Brazilian jam). Excellent stuff, all told.
 from $1.89
ED 83
11 Dec 18
I Can Feel It
I Can Feel It - (5:25) 118 BPM Hot
Can I Do It - (5:16) 118 BPM
Afrocal - (7:16) 115 BPM
Askin' You - (5:29) 118 BPM
Review: Relative newcomers Difusion return with four more re-edits here. They've dug deep enough for the original source material to remain a mystery, but 'I Can Feel It' is a smooth, lounge-y soul cut with a male vocal, 'Can I Do It' is a rawer funk jam centred around the "Can I do it? Can y'all do it? All together now" vocal chant and 'Afrocal' is a mid-paced rolling groove with a female lead vocal, Afro-flavoured BVs and lavish orchestration, while finally 'Askin' You' is a dusty, scratchy, jazzy affair with a speeded-up "and I'm askin' you" female vocal and some fine work on the ivories.
 from $1.89
20 Nov 18
Party Favors
Stellar Dub - (5:11) 111 BPM Hot
Flip Da Beat (Greg Wilson edit) - (6:22) 108 BPM
Name Of Luv - (8:02) 115 BPM
Hustlin NYC - (6:38) 109 BPM
Review: Canadian twosome Ed Wizard and Disco Double Dee return to Editorial with some "Party Favors". The headline attraction is arguably another outing for Greg Wilson's forgotten 2011 revision of "Flip Da Beat", a delay-laden mid-tempo roller rich in filtered bass, echoing vocal samples, crispy disco drums and super-sweet disco and hip-hop samples. There's plenty to set the pulse racing elsewhere, too. "Stellar Dub" is a fine rework of a punchy Brazilian disco-funk jam that wisely focuses on the killer groove and ear-catching horn lines, while "Name of Luv" sees them straighten out and beef-up a grandiose disco number full of swirling strings, busy Clavinet lines and sugary soul vocals.
 from $1.89
ED 82
06 Nov 18
Dope Licks
Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - "Hidden Groove" - (6:40) 116 BPM Hot
Hotmood - "Worldwide" - (6:00) 122 BPM
Levantine - "Right On" - (5:55) 114 BPM
Melon bomb - "Sweet Jam" - (6:38) 116 BPM
Alex Zuiev - "Get Lifted" - (8:10) 118 BPM
Review: By now, we should all know what to expect from Editorial's multi-artist edit missives, namely refined party-starting fodder that puts the needs of dancefloors first and foremost. That's certainly what Ed Wizard and Disco Double Dee serve up on the bustling, bass-heavy Afro-funk style madness of the first of five "Dope Licks" on the long running label's latest EP. Hotmood's string-powered disco-funk bubbler "Worldwide" also hits the heights thanks to punchy horns and rolling, beefed-up beats, while Levantine's "Right On" is a rolling and relaxed exercise in filter-sporting disco-house grooves. Elsewhere, Melon Bomb's "Sweet Jam" makes merry with rubbery beats, jazzy bass guitar, dubbed-out vocal snippets and clipped funk guitars, while Alex Zuiev's "Get Lifted" offers the perfect balance between Idjuts style dub disco madness and toe-tipping disco-house chunkiness.
 from $1.89
ED 81
29 Aug 18
Working Class Anthems
Rains Over Occident - (6:30) 108 BPM
Walkin In The Sunshine - (7:17) 112 BPM Hot
Free To Give - (6:28) 109 BPM
Solitary Sex - (7:08) 117 BPM
Review: For what it's worth, we believe that Ethyene was one of the underground success stories of 2017. This EP of deep house-tinged disco reworks for Editorial - his first release of 2018 when it appeared on vinyl a month or two back - follows inspired outings on Kolour LTD and Moonrise Hill Material. Turn first to the lolloping, loved-up sweetness of "Rains Over Occident", where glistening jazz guitars and toasty chords recline over a laidback house groove, before strapping yourself in for the wild disco ride that is '80s soul-meets-jazz funk bubbler "Walkin' In The Sunshine". Elsewhere, "Free To Give" joins the dots between loved-up modern soul and jazzy deep house, while closer "Solitary Sex" is a Rhodes-heavy broken beat number.
 from $1.89
17 Jul 18
Hot To Trot
Don't Care - (7:04) 118 BPM Hot
Raw Data - (6:45) 112 BPM
I Can Be You - (6:46) 118 BPM
You Can't Play That - (6:20) 115 BPM
Review: Following a superb outing on Whiskey Disco earlier in the year, Guillermo "Hotmood" Gonzalez returns to Editorial with his first EP for the label in almost two years. First up you'll find "Don't Care", a rolling and summery chunk of string-laden disco warmth with added house chops, before Gonzalez brilliantly reworks a hazy (un-credited) disco-funk classic by putting extra emphasis on the track's mazy saxophone solos. More disco sweetness is provided in the form of the head-in-the-clouds dancefloor bliss of "I Can Be You", before the producer doffs a cap to Tiger and Woods on the loopy Latin disco/deep house fusion of closer "You Can't Play That".
 from $1.89
20 Jun 18
Top Chops
Summer Love - (7:48) 109 BPM Hot
Here We Go - (6:51) 115 BPM
Love Me Too - (5:25) 107 BPM
Talkin About - (5:34) 112 BPM
Let U Go - (6:19) 112 BPM
Boogie Flight - (5:21) 109 BPM
Dance Voyage - (5:56) 109 BPM
Feel Good Jam - (6:45) 107 BPM
People's Groove - (7:52) 118 BPM
Like U Do - (7:01) 115 BPM
Let's Go! - (6:39) 119 BPM
Sweet 2 Me - (6:10) 110 BPM
Shades Of Blue - (5:46) 106 BPM
Let The Sun Shine Down - (6:00) 101 BPM
Endless Love - (6:24) 95 BPM
Review: In our eyes, prolific re-editors and party-starting mash-up merchants Ed Wizard and Disco Double Dee have always been "top of the chops". The Editorial imprint thinks this, too, hence serving up this expansive collection of some of the duo's finest reworks. There are gems aplenty to be unearthed throughout, from the loved-up, delay-laden mid-tempo dreaminess of sultry opener "Summer Love" and the 80s soul-with-filters lusciousness of "Boogie Flight", to the gentle house drums and disco-boogie horns of funk-fuelled favourite "Feel Good Jam". There's more straight-up celebratory disco to be found elsewhere on the compilation, too, with the parping horns and soaring strings of "People's Groove" and the low-slung flex of "Like U Do" standing out.
 from $1.69
ED 80
05 Jun 18
Nite Magic
Levantine - "Walk" - (5:51) 110 BPM
HotMood - "Hey You" - (6:40) 120 BPM
Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - "Diesel Power" - (4:53) 113 BPM Hot
C. Da Afro - "Intimate Disco Stories" - (5:33) 105 BPM
Tonbe - "It's Not Over" - (6:35) 95 BPM
Difusion - "Lagos" - (5:47) 83 BPM
Review: The Editorial bandwagon keeps on rolling, pushing on through the night like a long distance trucker high on extra-strong coffee and legal stimulants. As usual, there's a veritable skip-load of peak-time goodness to be found on the label's latest collection of reworks and re-edits. We're particularly enjoying the mazy jazz-funk synths and elastic slap-bass action of HotMood's lolloping "Hey You" and the rolling, Blaxploitation fuelled disco-house business of Ed Wizard and Disco Double D's "Diesel Power", though the sleazy boogie swirl of C Da Afro's "Intimate Disco Stories" and the horn-heavy, slo-mo disco-funk bounce of Tonbe's "It's Not Over" also set our pulses racing.
 from $1.89
ED 79
01 May 18
175 To Puerto Angel
Double G's Turn - (6:24) 106 BPM Hot
Lone Wanderer - (6:44) 115 BPM
Burnin' (feat Voyager 909) - (5:49) 116 BPM
Burnin' (feat Voyager 909 - Hotmood remix) - (6:23) 117 BPM
 from $1.89
ED 78
05 Apr 18
Tweek N' Freak
Red Hot - (5:00) 112 BPM
We Gonna Shake - (4:46) 105 BPM
The Showdown - (4:11) 112 BPM
Diggin' The Scene - (6:38) 120 BPM Hot
Jazz Wave - (5:27) 118 BPM
Review: Sounds like a crew, actually a singular chap: Dave Allison's Ed Wizard & Disco Double D project returns with five more slippery soul shakers. "Red Hot" is all about the salubrious bassline wriggles while "We Gonna Shake" instructs on much more of a tight groove, heads-down level and "The Showdown" serves you with seriously slinky talkbox beef. Deeper again we find disco strings and hypnotising percussion on "Diggin' The Scene" before sparking up and dusting off the air piano for "Jazz Wave". Get your freak on.
 from $1.89
ED 77
12 Mar 18
Lemon Lime
Duff Disco - "Always On My Mind" - (6:44) 100 BPM
Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - "Moonlite" - (6:25) 115 BPM
Buzz Compass - "U Deserve It" - (5:59) 113 BPM
Get Down Edits - "Hey (What's Happening)" - (5:47) 113 BPM Hot
Review: On this latest must-have missive, the Editorial crew has assembled an all-star cast of re-editors and house-loving disco rework merchants. Thrillingly, it contains a now rare outing from slo-mo specialist Duff Disco, whose atmospheric, beatdown style chugger "Always on My Mind" is undoubtedly one of the best things he's released in years. Props, too, to Irish disco-house specialists Get Down Edits, who weigh in with the warm and summery grooves of "Hey (What's Happening)". Elsewhere, Buzz Compass subtly beefs up and filters out a sleazy disco favourite on the constantly rising "U Deserve It", while Ed Wizard and Disco Double Dee get the party started in their inimitable style via a touch of disco/hip-hop fusion ("Moonlite").
 from $1.89
27 Feb 18
Keep On Movin'
Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - "Daydreamz" - (5:18) 113 BPM
Alex Zuiev - "Groove Thing" - (6:56) 117 BPM
Difusion - "You Got Everything I Want" - (6:08) 125 BPM
Hotmood - "Say What" - (7:36) 119 BPM
The Funk District - "Do Yo Thang" - (6:38) 113 BPM Hot
C Da Afro - "The Secret Room" - (5:03) 107 BPM
Sunner Soul - "We Make Love" - (5:32) 124 BPM
Review: Keep on moving... A mantra for the dancefloor, a mantra for a life, a mantra for the professor-level choppers and dicers at Editorial. Switching up the slate from last month's Slo Mo Disco from label lynchpins Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee comes this uptempo collection of star-lit disco house. Lavish organic instrumentation, loose grooves and insatiable energy running throughout; highlights include the juicy slapbass of Difusion's "You Got Everything I Want" the classic sample flip of Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee's "Daydreamz", the powerful p-funk fusion on The Funk District's "Do Yo Thang" and the sultriness and high hip Chi-town struts of Sunner Soul's "We Make Love". Get on the move...
 from $1.89
ED 76
21 Nov 17
Slo Mo Disco
Sunshine - (4:05) 109 BPM
Bounce 2 It - (5:20) 107 BPM Hot
Sneaky Freak - (5:13) 105 BPM
Heatwave - (6:48) 114 BPM
Clap My Hand - (6:00) 107 BPM
Get On Ur Feet - (6:42) 115 BPM
Without You - (5:12) 111 BPM
Shades Of Blue - (5:46) 106 BPM
Keep On Lovin You - (7:21) 107 BPM
Review: Elusive duo Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee have been delighting dancefloors around the globe since 2009. With their signature brand of chunky disco dubs infused with hip-hop flavours and a slow mo house feel. They have had numerous releases on great labels around the globe like Whiskey Disco , Disco Deviance, Paper & more in addition to having their tracks played by the likes of Soul Clap and Derrick Carter. Not to mention being remixed by legend Greg Wilson, so these guys definitely have credentials. With no plans to slow down , they now drop the "Slo-Mo Disco" LP on the mighty Editorial Records this summer. A perfect way to light up any daytime disco pool party, BBQ or dancefloor!
 from $1.89
09 Nov 17
Shy Shy Hush Hush
Shy Shy Hush Hush - (8:44) 112 BPM
Please Come Back - (7:10) 110 BPM
Sapsan Train - (7:28) 118 BPM
Heave Ho - (7:00) 117 BPM Hot
Played by: Sunner Soul
Review: When it comes to crafting slinky but floor-friendly reworks, St Petersburg-based rework merchants Gradient Logic has a pretty impressive track record. Their latest EP, Shy Shy Hush Hush, marks their first appearance on Editorial, a re-edit imprint that boasts a far higher profile than some of the outlets they've released on. They begin with the chopped-up, loop-house treat that is the title track, before breathing new life into a synth-pop era electrofunk jam on the slick but sturdy "Please Come Back". Speaking of "Spasen Train", you'll struggle to find a more punchy, choppy and relentlessly sweaty remake of everyone's favourite subway-themed NYC boogie duo, while "Heave Ho" sees them brilliantly rearrange a bouncy, piano-laden 1980s gem in a Tiger and Woods style.

 from $1.89
ED 75
26 Sep 17
Come To The Jam
Come To The Jam - (8:40) 90 BPM
Jungle Beat - (8:04) 100 BPM
Love Groove - (7:43) 100 BPM Hot
Wait U What - (7:07) 110 BPM
Review: Leading re-edit imprint Editorial continues to deliver the goods, almost eight years to the day since the release of its debut release. Come To The Jam marks the first collaborative endeavour from Italian producers DJ Spranga and Massimo Vanoni. Opting for a warm, jazzy and groovy sound throughout - think jazz-funk brought up to date, with natural nods towards disco, soul and funk - the duo barely puts a foot wrong throughout. Highlights wise, we're really enjoying the clipped guitars, mazy electric piano solos and lolloping grooves of "What You What" and the revised disco-jazz of "Come to the Jam", though the break-driven disco-funk shuffle of "Jungle Beat" and Afro-cosmic throb of "Love Groove" are equally as impressive.
 from $1.89
ED 74
20 Jun 17
Great Outdoors
Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - "Love Cruise" - (6:06) 108 BPM Hot
Matt Hughes - "Tricity" - (5:50) 116 BPM
C Da Afro - "Disco Shake" - (7:16) 120 BPM
Old Chap - "Damn Your Eyes" - (4:10) 103 BPM
Botobo - "Do It!" - (6:26) 115 BPM
Review: When the sun's out, you can depend on Editorial to get their musical guns out. Now the weather's improved and guess what? Here come the Editorial crew with this sizzling collection of five sunkissed edits - all geared to hanging out and having fun in the Great Outdoors. Highlights include the plucky, guitar echoes, Fender Rhodes shimmers and rolling bass of "Tricity" by Matt Hughes, the poolside cocktail house vibes of "Disco Shake" by C Da Afro and the touchy-feely Balearic headnodder "Damn Your Eyes" by Old Chap.
 from $1.89
ED 73
22 May 17
The Way We Groove
Art Of Tones - "Bootyshaker" (Under the influence of Red Greg) - (6:31) 120 BPM Hot
Matt Hughes - "Walk The Chalk" - (4:57) 117 BPM
Barry Prophet - "Closer" - (6:56) 105 BPM
Special Q - "Lost In You" - (4:17) 113 BPM
Sellouts - "Ain't No Thang" - (4:24) 90 BPM
Review: There's a notable inclusion in the list of producers contributing to Editorial's latest red-hot collection of floor-friendly reworks. Vastly experienced house producer Art of Tones turns re-editor on "Bootyshaker", a sublime, loose-limbed interpretation of a Red Greg-championed disco-soul favourite that benefits greatly from just the right amount of low-end house pressure. Similar accolades could be placed on the gently bouncy disco-funk shuffle of Matt Hughes' electric piano and jazz guitar-laden "Walk The Chalk", or for that matter the deep, spacey and radiator-warm electrofunk bliss of Special Q's talkbox-sporting "Lost in You". Elsewhere, Sellouts goes all "boom-bap" on the freshly baked instrumental hip-hop head-nodder "Ain't No Thang", while Barry Closer gets tactile and glassy-eyed on the Balearic boogie of "Closer".
 from $1.89
03 May 17
Mojito Mambo
Matt Hughes - "Lonestar" - (5:21) 114 BPM
Hotmood - "Say What" - (7:34) 119 BPM
Massimo Vanoni - "Feel The Way" - (7:03) 110 BPM Hot
Sunner Soul - "Good Parts" - (6:32) 119 BPM
I Gemin - "Disco Fevah" - (5:29) 119 BPM
Andy Buchan - "Get On The Floor" - (6:16) 118 BPM
Review: The latest missive from the Editorial camp is something of a summery treat, with a sextet of producers taking it turns to lay down warm and inviting dancefloor treats, First up is Matt Hughes, whose "Lonestar" joins the dots between eyes-closed deep house and rich, bass-heavy Balearic disco. Hotmood lays down a chunk of horn-heavy, party-hearty disco house, while Massimo Vanoni marinades a sweet, sun-kissed disco cut in several gallons of tasty rum punch. Elsewhere, Sunner Soul works the filters hard on the low-slung disco house shuffler "Good Parts", I Gemin gets all sweaty and loopy on "Disco Fevah", and Andy Buchan does a great job reinventing an 80s synth-pop cut as a saucer-eyed slab of peak-time goodness.
 from $1.89
ED 72
29 Mar 17
Say Hello To My Mother
Bad Girl - (6:26) 105 BPM Hot
Asymmetric - (6:12) 105 BPM
Dice - (6:16) 107 BPM
Filtered Light - (4:55) 102 BPM
Review: Orbiting the Sun, just near Venus, is a little known planet called Closed Paradise. When not residing there, this disco-chic producer resides in the more earthly domain of France. Editorial have scored a real coup here by signing him up for this sizzling four-track outing that covers thick, syrupy disco-house ("Bad Girl"), majestic ecstasy-house ("Asymmetric"), thumping French Touch boogie ("Dice") and the utterly sublime synth-moods of "Filtered Light". C'est Bon!
 from $1.89
31 Jan 17
Cure For Gravity
Gossip Love - (5:35) 104 BPM
Morning Star - (7:22) 116 BPM Hot
All Over The World - (6:17) 105 BPM
What Happens When Im No Longer Here - (7:02) 95 BPM
 from $1.89
20 Dec 16
Rhodes Trip
Can You Dig It - (6:33) 116 BPM Hot
Magic Touch - (6:38) 118 BPM
Check This Out Yo! - (6:18) 117 BPM
Soul Energy - (6:42) 115 BPM
Review: We're not sure what Hotmood got up to on his recent Rhodes Trip, but whatever it was, it was good enough to result in his latest EP on the mighty Editorial. Boasting four tracks, the EP features the freshest sounds from nu-disco world capital Mexico. "Can You Dig It" opens with smooth, jazzy and Latin-tinged poolside boogie, "Magic Touch" follows up with some looped saxy -fizz, whilst "Check This Out Yo!" veers into funky/disco house territory and "Soul Energy" wraps things up with a heady Fender-Rhodes-lead groover. Slick stuff.
 from $1.89
ED 71
28 Nov 16
Beer Garden Boogie
Basement Jazz - (5:33) 96 BPM Hot
Disco Thang - (6:14) 109 BPM
Down With The Grooove - (5:13) 111 BPM
Come Back Baby - (4:44) 112 BPM
Get Down - (5:40) 113 BPM
Review: Editorial regulars Ed Wizard and Disco Double Dee join forces once more, this time to celebrate the joys of drunkenly dancing in a pub's backyard. There's a definite alfresco looseness to electric piano-laden jazz-funk opener "Basement Jazz", while the groovy and hypnotic "Disco Thang" - which boasts a sneaky nod or two to Yellow Magic Orchestra - may cause a few dancers to spill their pint. Elsewhere, a P-funk classic gets turned into a shuffling house number on "Down With The Groove", the duo drops some more low-slung, string-laden disco on "Come Back Baby", and "Get Down" is a riotous fusion of rubbery disco-boogie grooves, punchy horns, and funk-fuelled freestyle vocals.
 from $1.89
ED 70
08 Nov 16
Funk Ride
Matt Hughes - "Biodigital Jazz" - (4:53) 116 BPM Hot
Joseph Terruel - "Basics" - (6:01) 117 BPM
Woodhead - "Hopeless Situation" - (5:48) 102 BPM
Napoleon - "Little Sailor" - (5:43) 100 BPM
Oldchap - "I've Got The Groovy Touch" - (4:19) 113 BPM
Feza - "Discotizer" - (6:32) 120 BPM
Review: Editorial love slo-mo disco grooves and their latest comp, Funk Ride, is packed full them. Matt Hughes kicks off the Balearic party with elasticated basslines, bongos and poolside sunset vibes on "Biodigital Jazz", Joseph Terruel, ups the tempo a fraction for the dreamy boogie of "Basics" and Woodhead whips out the brass section and tight guitar licks for "Hopeless Situation". Elsewhere Napoleon drops the fuzzy funk loops on the hazy boogie jam "Little Sailor" whilst we drift away on the blue-sky chords of Old Chap's "I've Got The Groovy Touch" and Feza closes with the compressed live funk anthem "Discotizier".
 from $1.89
ED 68
05 Oct 16
Love & U
Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - "Like U Do" - (7:01) 115 BPM Hot
Pontchartrain - "Luv 2 U" - (6:23) 105 BPM
Dr Packer - "Love Is U" - (7:32) 118 BPM
Sould Out & The Funk District - "Love 2 Dub You" - (6:39) 103 BPM
 from $1.89
07 Sep 16
Phunk Da System
Jazz It Up - (6:58) 100 BPM
Enjoy Being With You - (6:52) 102 BPM
Feels So Good - (6:53) 104 BPM Hot
I Should've - (5:57) 118 BPM
 from $1.89
ED 67
24 Aug 16
Editorial Waxed:15
Tony Tee - "Can I Get Def" - (6:29) 114 BPM Hot
Woodhead - "Cinnamon" - (5:22) 116 BPM
Stereo 12 - "West Garda Lake" - (7:16) 110 BPM
Arequipa Ensemble - "You're A Dream" - (6:46) 110 BPM
Review: The Editorial label like their tunes slow and groovy, and here we have their 15th comp of such laconic boogie numbers. There are four varieties of disco flavours to try here beginning with Tony Tee's dubbed out disco-house jam, "Can I Get Def", before progressing on to Woodhead's shimmering poolside workout "Cinnamon" the fastest tune on here. From there it's back down to the raunchy slap-bass loops of "West Garda Lake" by Stereo 12 and winding up nicely with the warm Mediterranean breeze of "You're A Dream" by Arequipa Ensemble.
 from $1.89
27 Jul 16
Splice Of Life
Dance Voyage - (5:56) 109 BPM Hot
Bitter Sweet - (7:16) 110 BPM
Flute Cocktail - (6:01) 116 BPM
Dusted Groove - (4:06) 91 BPM
 from $1.89
ED 66
07 Jul 16
Disco Reposado
Special Q - "Midnight Pillow" - (3:51) 97 BPM
Tomas Malo - "Fill My Heart" - (5:39) 103 BPM Hot
Robjamweb - "Oh Brother" - (6:48) 105 BPM
Barry Prophet - "Here To Stay" - (6:29) 108 BPM
Gradient Logic - "Confused" - (8:38) 119 BPM
Tonbe - "So Tired" - (6:56) 118 BPM
 from $1.89
ED 65
15 Jun 16
Blues On A Groove
Blues On A Groove - (6:00) 105 BPM
Take My Hand - (5:30) 100 BPM
I Wanna Funk - (5:44) 103 BPM Hot
I Got The Love - (5:34) 100 BPM
 from $1.89
ED 64
27 May 16
Spring Thing
Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - "Gotta Give It Up" - (5:59) 93 BPM Hot
Serge Gamesbourg - "Good 4 Ya" - (6:49) 102 BPM
Jus Tadi - "Save It For Later" - (7:19) 110 BPM
Jay Airiness - "Closer & Closer" - (5:23) 107 BPM
I Gemin - "Funk E Music" - (6:09) 117 BPM
Joutro Mundo - "Fired Up" - (7:52) 116 BPM
Napoleon - "Overdose" - (6:38) 115 BPM
Dagfest - "Brighter" - (5:00) 116 BPM
Topic Of Conversation - "The Color Of Leaves" - (7:00) 114 BPM
Review: The best thing about spring is all the new stuff starts to arrive. Editorial have taken this idea quite literately and have rounded up a whole bunch of fresh new faces and tunes. There are nine fine jams contained on Spring Thing comp, some of the (many) highlights include the sweet and tender boogie-pop of "Good 4 You" by the artfully-punned Serge Gamesbourg, the throbbing bass loops of the sublime "Closer & Closer" and the mesmerising fusion of punk-funk bass and sunshine keyboard melodies on "Brighter" by Dagfest.
 from $1.89
ED 63
04 May 16
Spiral - (7:22) 114 BPM Hot
The Rubdown - (6:53) 112 BPM
Tornado - (6:44) 116 BPM
Messages - (6:44) 111 BPM
Review: Editorial's latest EP comes from Lemon Mint, a Mexico City-based nu-disco/deep house fusionist who has previously released material on Midnight Riot and Hotbox. The four tracks here offer a neat summary of his trademark sound. "Spiral" is a dreamy, head-in-the-clouds chugger with just a whisper of acid to push things forwards, while "The Rubdown" effortlessly joins the dots between the sweaty, loop-heavy style of Tiger & Woods, and Lemon Mint's own deep and hypnotic explorations. Elsewhere, "Tornado" makes merry with sun-bright nu-disco chords, rolling beats and superb electric guitar riffs, while "Messages" sees the Mexican deliver a distinctive rework of a 1960s soul gem.
 from $1.89
ED 62
31 Mar 16
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - "Peoples Groove" - (7:52) 118 BPM Hot
Matt Hughes - "Sunshine" - (6:09) 104 BPM
The Owl - "Pimp Talk" - (6:38) 116 BPM
Rahaan - "Fine Feelings" - (7:28) 115 BPM
Review: Whilst others are only just getting back to speed, re-edit chiefs Editorial have already been back delivering a packed schedule of choice jams since January. The heat doesn't let up yet either with this new multi-artist mini comp. Ed Wizard and Disco Double Dee start proceedings with the uplifting clavinet boogie of "Peoples Groove" and Matt Hughes' "Sunshine" takes what sounds like a subtle O'Jays sample and gives it a laid back disco sheen. Elsewhere The Owl's "Pimp Talk" provides perfect evening cocktails by the pool vibes and Rahaan closes the show with the chic electro-boogie of "Fine Feelings".
 from $1.89
08 Mar 16
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