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FTR Sounds

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Party People EP
Exist - (3:44) 175 BPM Hot
Party People - (3:40) 175 BPM
U & Me - (4:28) 175 BPM
Kenji & Tesen - "Living 4 Something" - (3:42) 175 BPM
Review: Kenji calls out to all revellers, ravers and sesh heads alike with 'Party People', an EP packed with festival-ready tear-ups. 'Exist' eases us into the vibe with its quirky hardcore/jump-up fusion that could be a big look this festival season thanks to its pitched up vocals with a nagging stabby riff. The title track is pure grit with some tongue-in-cheek samples while 'U & Me' takes a similar rhythm and frogs it so hard it could make Simula blush. Last but not least we see Tesen join the fray for the warped and woozy space trip 'Living 4 Something'. Party on!
 from $1.89
FTR 005
10 May 24
Drum & Bass / Jungle
You're Dead EP
Rojah - (3:39) 175 BPM
Are We Dreaming - (3:40) 175 BPM
Hostage - (3:39) 175 BPM
You're Dead - (3:39) 175 BPM Hot
Review: We hate to break the news to you but, as doctors R!PT!DE and Ghee-K have officially confirmed: 'You're Dead'. Putting this 'ahhhhhhhhhh' into RIP, mourning will be rolled out in a series of super freaky, ultra sleazy, mega leftfield sound designs and textures. From the regimentalist solider orders of 'Rojah' to trippy, broken-spring finale fire of the title track 'You're Dead', this is one exceptional collection. Time to put your affairs in order.
 from $1.89
FTR 004
15 Apr 24
Drum & Bass / Jungle
You Are / Inhale
You Are - (3:42) 175 BPM
Inhale - (3:44) 175 BPM Hot
 from $1.89
FTR 003
16 Feb 24
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Illusions EP
Ghost Town - (4:26) 175 BPM Hot
Illusions - (4:25) 175 BPM
Tip Toe - (4:05) 175 BPM
Trigga Fingers - (4:24) 175 BPM
Review: Following their launch with the man-of-the-moment Cuvurs, FTR now let rip Stateside style with these four jugular cutters from Sub Killaz. 'Ghost Town' sets the scene with its high voltage textures and classic cockney vocal sample before things get a lot more pranged out with the subverted rave twist-out 'Illusions'. Looking for something harsher and more unforgiving? 'Tip Toe' is the savage stepper for you while 'Trigga Fingers' takes a classic sample and drags it through the murkiest low end swamps imaginable. Deliciously toxic.
 from $1.89
FTR 002
15 Dec 23
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Think About Me/Filter
Think About Me - (3:42) 175 BPM
Filter - (3:44) 175 BPM Hot
Review: Brand new UK label FTR Sounds make themselves known with these two happy slappers from Belgium way. Cue Curvurs, a young talent with a vast range of ideas. Previous releases have landed on the likes of Octave, Exert and Gradient now time for these two wide-ranging badboys' "Think About Me" is all about that subversive, almost jazzy finger-clicking funk while "Filter" flips for a more upfront jump-up flavour, all twisted and grotty. Just how we like it. Hopefully we'll see plenty more from FTR Sounds very soon!
 from $1.89
FTR 001
27 Oct 23
Drum & Bass / Jungle
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