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Fool's Paradise

Fool's Paradise

Fool's Paradise is the exciting new label from Toolroom Records’ Mark Knight that comes straight from the heart. The label is natural progression from Mark’s hugely acclaimed 2021 album release, ‘Untold Business’, which saw him go back to his roots, paying homage to the more funky, soulful, and vocal House from the 1990s from where he came. With a focus on real instrumentation and production, coupled with great song writing, this new Toolroom sub label will be a platform for high quality House music that’s designed to stand the test of time.
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Oh Phunk!
Oh Phunk! (extended mix) - (6:29) 124 BPM
FP 014/01Z
03 May 24
Funky/Club House
My Lovin'
My Lovin' (extended mix) - (6:03) 123 BPM
My Lovin' (Elektrik Disko extended mix) - (5:13) 124 BPM Hot
Review: A couple of giants of the Aussie disco/disco-house scene collide as Glitterbox fave Dr Packer and Elektrik Disco join forces on an irresistible slice of Saturday peaktime disco-house action. Screamalong diva vocal? Check. Pyow-pyow-pyow stabs? Check. Handclaps? Check. Hands-in-the-air pianos? Check. Fat, squelchy funk bassline? Check! That's the Extended Mix, anyway... you also get the Elektrik Disko Extended Mix, which has a similar overall MO but rocks a different, walking bassline and is a bit less sonically busy, making this latter rub perhaps the pick for more underground/less commercial floors. File under 'infectious'.
 from $1.89
FP 013/01Z
05 Apr 24
Give Me Your Love EP
Give Me Your Love - (5:25) 124 BPM Hot
Work It Out - (6:08) 126 BPM
Review: The Italian production duo Mattei & Omich, alongside their Re-Tide project partner Andrea Prezioso, lands on Fool's Paradise Records with the infectious "Give Me Your Love" EP. This two-track offering is a shot of pure dance-floor energy, infused with the soulful vocals of Liverpool's rising star, Katy Alex. The title track, "Give Me Your Love," is a captivating fusion of funk and disco. Katy Alex's irresistibly alluring voice takes center stage, weaving through a bed of pulsating basslines, shimmering keys, and vibrant synth stabs. The infectious groove pays homage to the golden era of 80s dance music, guaranteed to get bodies moving on any dance floor. "Work It Out," takes things up a notch, transforming into a peak-time disco house anthem. A driving bassline and vibrant string arrangements lay the foundation for Katy Alex's sweet vocals, further amping up the energy. This is a surefire floor-filler, perfect for those late-night dance sessions.
 from $1.89
FP 01201Z
15 Mar 24
Funky/Club House
Do It To The Music (Michael Gray Remix)
Do It To The Music (Michael Gray extended mix) - (7:15) 121 BPM Hot
Do It To The Music (Michael Gray extended dub mix) - (6:11) 121 BPM
Review: In the vibrant world of disco revival, Fool's Paradise stands as a beacon, resurrecting the electrifying spirit of New York's dance floors with a modern twist. Their latest offering, "Do It To The Music" by Raw Silk, reimagined by UK producer Michael Gray, is a perfect example of this ethos. Here, Michael Gray understands the magic of the 1982 original. He doesn't attempt to erase its essence, but rather polishes it with his signature production magic. The iconic vocals remain, floating effortlessly over a foundation of soulful grooves and shimmering synths. The tempo gets a respectful nudge, propelling the energy without losing the original's laid-back charm. His rework serves as a genuine tribute to the original, infused with his distinctive style characterized by flair and a groove-laden, funk-inspired resonance. Whether you're looking for a nostalgic throwback or a fresh take on a classic, "Do It To The Music" (Michael Gray Remix) delivers.
 from $1.89
FP 011/01Z
16 Feb 24
You Ain't Breakin' My Heart
You Ain't Breakin' My Heart (extended mix) - (4:15) 124 BPM
You Ain't Breakin' My Heart (Emmaculate extended mix) - (6:45) 124 BPM
You Ain't Breakin' My Heart (Husky's VIP extended club mix) - (6:07) 126 BPM Hot
 from $1.89
FP 01001Z
02 Feb 24
Funky/Club House
Feel The Beat
Feel The Beat (extended mix) - (6:00) 124 BPM
 from $1.89
FP 00901Z
05 Jan 24
Funky/Club House
Me & You
Me & You (extended mix) - (4:10) 110 BPM
Me & You (Dr. Packer extended mix) - (7:08) 118 BPM Hot
 from $1.89
FP 00801Z
01 Dec 23
Over You
Over You (extended mix) - (4:48) 122 BPM
Over You (Richard Earnshaw extended Revision) - (5:42) 122 BPM Hot
 from $1.89
FP 00701Z
03 Nov 23
Deep House
Musical Freedom
Musical Freedom (extended mix) - (6:37) 122 BPM
 from $1.89
FP 00601Z
20 Oct 23
Funky/Club House
Your Woman
Your Woman (extended mix) - (5:19) 121 BPM
 from $1.89
FP 005/01Z
06 Oct 23
Funky/Club House
Colors (extended mix) - (6:03) 123 BPM
 from $1.89
FP 00401Z
22 Sep 23
Funky/Club House
Fire (extended mix) - (6:03) 123 BPM
 from $1.89
FP 00301Z
08 Sep 23
Funky/Club House
Make It Happen
Make It Happen (extended mix) - (5:42) 125 BPM
 from $1.89
FP 002/01Z
11 Aug 23
Deep House
I Wanna Be Your Lover
I Wanna Be Your Lover (extended mix) - (5:42) 122 BPM
 from $1.89
28 Jul 23
Funky/Club House
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