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Goodgroove Disco
Rollin' - (5:09) 116 BPM Hot
My House - (6:30) 105 BPM
Salsoul Lover - (4:15) 121 BPM
Blue Skies - (4:55) 102 BPM
Review: It's that devilish X-Ray Ted, back again on the unstoppable Goodgroove. At the moment, the Bristol crew seems to be holding it down for the UK, with the majority of new artists on our disco/funky charts coming from the West of the country. It's natural, it's in the city's DNA, and even these four new burners from X Ray Ted pack enough rave sensibility to please three to four different generations of British head-nodders. "Rollin'" and "My House" are simple tunes, but they do what they do with utter class - the finest of house rolling that we've come across. "Salsoul Lover" is, of course, a disco inspiration taken from the legendary label's outlandish back catalogue, and "Blue Skies" rocks to a slower, more broken boogie vibe that has everything from the bass to the synths, in the right places. Mighty fine!
 from $1.89
GGD 18
28 Dec 17
Goodgroove Disco Series
My Love - (5:48) 113 BPM
Dance, Dance, Dance - (5:36) 120 BPM Hot
Ridin' High - (4:38) 112 BPM
In My Soul - (4:55) 117 BPM
Review: Just over a year ago, Glaswegian party-starters Shaka Loves You joined forces with festival-friendly funk breaks imprint Goodgroove to launch the Disco Series. This belated follow-up is as on-point as its predecessor and contains four-more chunks of fun-time, disco influenced workouts smothered in live instrumentation. We're particularly enjoying the hard-wired funk guitars, rising horns and insatiable vocals of "Dance, Dance, Dance", though throaty edit-not-edit "Ridin' High" - all hard-wired synth bass, shuffling house beats and P-funk flourishes - is also superb. The bouncy, dance-until-you-drop craziness of "In My Soul" (a largely instrumental edit of a well loved early '80s disco smasher) and jaunty opener "My Love" complete a fine package.
 from $1.89
GGD 17
30 Mar 17
Goodgroove Disco Series
Wild Mild West - (3:47) 116 BPM
Too Strong - (4:28) 118 BPM Hot
EveryMoney - (5:51) 108 BPM
Hold Tight - (4:44) 120 BPM
Review: Bristol's X-Ray Ted is about the light and fun party jams, no cool digger's obscurities welcome here. Here he serves four guaranteed floor fillers starting with "Mild Mild West", a loose-limbed disco rendition of the Good The Bad and The Ugly theme, next "Too Good" sees Aretha Franklin get a house-shaped whoosh under her backside, "EveryMoney" meanwhile sees some vintage soul fused with classic Kelis and ODB and finally "Hold Tight" sees the show close with some sizzling neon-flecked arpeggiated disco..
 from $1.89
GGD 16
29 Apr 16
Goodgroove Disco Series
Make It Last - (5:26) 122 BPM
If You Give (feat Dave Towers) - (5:24) 112 BPM
Turn It Loose - (4:02) 110 BPM Hot
Shake It - (5:48) 107 BPM
Review: Having spent much of their nine-year existence blazing a trail for good-time party breaks and ghetto funk, the crew behind Goodgroove Records has decided to turn their attention to disco. The first Disco Series release comes from Glaswegian party-starters Shaka Loves You, whose punchy, horn-heavy take on nu-disco owes much to their funk breaks background. There's much fun to be had throughout, from the electric piano heavy, organic disco-house bump of opener "Make It Last", to the toe-tapping, 107 BPM disco-funk-meets-ragga goodness of closer "Shake". In between, they stroll further towards summery funk territory on "Turn It Loose", and layer snaking saxophone lines over a rolling groove on the tasty "If You Give".
 from $1.89
GGD 15
14 Feb 16
Artist Series
SixxThreeAight - (3:05) 106 BPM Hot
Piece Of Mine - (3:47) 108 BPM
Supernatural Babe - (3:49) 107 BPM
Still Together - (3:11) 53 BPM
Review: Nuremberg's Jurgen Ludwig, aka Jayl Funk, knows his soul music inside and out and here he delivers four fresh new jams via Goodgroove. They're all pretty high quality scalpel jobs, as per usual. "SixxThree Aight" is all heavy breaks and tight licks, "Piece Of Mine" is some classy disco funk, "Supernatural Babe" is some excellent low down boogie and "Still Together" is a hands-in-the-air 70s soul gem.
 from $1.89
GGD 14
05 Nov 15
Party Rocker EP
Jungle Strut - (3:26) 110 BPM Hot
Party Rocker - (2:52) 110 BPM
Start Movin' - (3:52) 104 BPM
Kinda Groovy - (4:39) 110 BPM
Review: Pater party starter Father Funk shows us who's the daddy with four more slinky, sample-soaked nu-funk jams. Ranging from the ballsy swing of "Jungle Strut" to the more salubrious, well-oiled slinks and winks of "Start Movin'", once again FF's EP lives up to its title in every way... Climaxing with a smoky-eyed shake up of Dusty Springfield's "Spooky". Sexy.
 from $1.89
GGD 13
29 Apr 15
Fresh Beats
Don't Stop - (3:53) 55 BPM
Keep It Real - (4:13) 55 BPM Hot
The Anthem - (4:13) 55 BPM
Give It Up - (4:13) 55 BPM
Soul City - (4:08) 110 BPM
Review: Booty Fruit badman Funk Ferret steps up to man the Goodgroove machine with a low-end lurking five piece. "Don't Stop" is a classic turntablist joint, loaded with cool samples and a burpy bassline. "Keep It Real" is a wholesome disco flexer complete with some very polished slinky bass while "The Anthem" is an understated funk frenzy with slap bass, 8-bit trills and great use of samples. "Give It Up" is one for the bass-hungry as the low-end takes centre stage with all sorts of cool production touches and reverse twists, very much like a Featurecast joint. Finally we hit "Soul City", a horn-heaving strut-out layered with dense bass textures and loads of cool attention to detail on every twist. Genuinely fresh.
 from $1.89
GGD 12
17 Mar 15
Styles Unlimited EP
Stylez Unlimited - (4:41) 105 BPM
Sabrosa Salsa - (4:50) 110 BPM Hot
Fur Eel - (3:16) 138 BPM
Tromba - (4:29) 56 BPM
Review: Sabrosa Soul is the brand new beat-child of Tom Drummond and Charlie Bucket. Oozing timeless funk from every element, each of these four tracks will thaw out the iciest of floors. Highlights include Cuban heel-clicking Latin jiver "Sabrosa Salsa" and the hypnotic slinked-out groove and slo-mo 4/4 of "Tromba". The type of music that will have you instantly reaching for a mojito - even at 10 in the morning - we're expecting plenty more exciting material from Sabrosa Soul.
 from $1.89
GGD 11
15 Dec 14
Remastered & Reissued
Sho'nuff - (6:19) 121 BPM Hot
On The Hook - (2:49) 115 BPM
The Broomstick (original mix) - (4:54) 120 BPM
Bodyshine (original mix) - (5:15) 125 BPM
Turn You On (original mix) - (4:32) 122 BPM
Sam's Tune (original mix - free track) - (1:20) 95 BPM
Umbo & Pips - "Groove On" (remix) - (4:33) 125 BPM
Get Down Town (original mix) - (5:08) 115 BPM
All Night Disco - (3:32) 120 BPM
Review: This is a collection of all the best sizzlers from San Francisco disco re-edit duo The Sly Players (aka Slim and Tal). Newly buffed and scrubbed, there's nine gems here all with at least one and a half eyes on the dancefloor. From the impossible-to-not-dance-on-the-nearest-tabletop Frantique rework "Sho Nuff" to the butt shakin' rolling funk of "Turn You On" via the 4/4 electro-disco romp "Get Down Town". Quality party joy.
 from $1.89
GGD 10
24 Sep 14
Artist Series
Artist SeriesEXCLUSIVE
Can't Help It - (4:00) 113 BPM Hot
High N' Mighty (feat Clair Witcher) - (3:30) 110 BPM
Ginger & Lime - (3:41) 101 BPM
B-Boy Sound - (4:37) 110 BPM
Find Someone - (3:41) 110 BPM
You Are Soul - (3:41) 96 BPM
Ginger & Lime (dub mix) - (3:42) 50 BPM
High N' Mighty (dub mix) - (3:30) 55 BPM
Review: Having recently proved his eclectic credentials with a full-length on major label offshoot Pedigree cuts, Brighton-based beatmaker Ewan Hoozami returns to his first love, namely party-hearty blends of breakbeat and ghetto funk for the effervescent Goodgroove imprint. There's much ammunition for funk-minded DJs throughout the eight tracks on display, from the bold pianos and Fatboy Slim-ish samples of "Can't Help It" and hustling straight-up funk of "High 'N' Mighty", to the parping horns and dense sc ratching of "B-Boy Sound" and sweet, summery, electro-swing inspired "You Are Soul". Hoozami also warms up his tonsils on "Ginger & Lime", which is also available in Dub form if you're not down with his cracked vocal delivery.
 from $1.89
GGD 08
16 Jun 14
Calling The Shots EP
Special People - (3:45) 114 BPM Hot
React (feat Figure Of Speech & The KPS Horns) - (3:48) 102 BPM
As We Do Our Thing - (4:04) 130 BPM
Feel Alright (feat Skunkadelic & John Fairhurst) - (3:33) 100 BPM
React (feat Figure Of Speech & The KPS Horns - radio edit) - (3:48) 102 BPM
Feel Alright (feat Skunkadelic & John Fairhurst - radio edit) - (3:32) 100 BPM
Review: For their latest statement of intent, Bristol's nu-funk troubadours The Allergies have found a new home at Goodgroove. They've consummated the relationship in fine style too, going a whopping four times in the process. "Special People" is a roaring breaky funker that could easily be mid-70s O'Jays. Elsewhere we get daisy age hip hop jam "React", vintage Stax-style stomper "As We Do Our Thing" and guitar-led rap "Feel Alright". We're glad they're back!
 from $1.89
GGD 07
20 Feb 14
Digital Bombs
Digital BombsEXCLUSIVE
Eek Boy - (5:57)
Hit & Miss (Funk mix) - (4:46) Hot
Hit & Miss (D&B mix) - (5:28) 131 BPM
Ranking Nation - (5:52)
Skylarking (D&B mix) - (5:33) 131 BPM
Skylarking (Funk mix) - (4:36)
Review: Barry Ashworth dons his booty backpack for another selection of razor-sharp reversions. "Eek Boy" takes Eek-A-Mouse to the forefront of 170BPM science with a skank-packed shock-out while Odetta's "Hit Or Miss" gets both the funk and D&B treatments with insanely funky results. "Ranking Nation" smashes down the dancehall while Horace Andy's classic "Skylarking" enjoys two tempo-flexing interpretations. The term 'bombs' doesn't even begin to describe how on-point these bootlegs are. Serious party bizzle - they don't call him the General for nothing!
 from $1.89
GGD 06
18 Dec 13
Remastered & Reissued
H2H - (4:27)
The Sly Players - "On The Hook" (The Captain remix) - (4:06) Hot
Shake It - (3:57)
You're No Groove - (5:25) 140 BPM
Tom Showtime - "Passing Me Jazz" (The Captain remix) - (3:59)
Alright Bossa - (5:10) 143 BPM
Another One Dusty Bossa (Breakbeat mix) - (2:55)
H2H (Bass mix) - (2:55)
Review: Italian funk fiddler The Captain knows his way around a dusty old seven inch, and more importantly, how to one make into contemporary dancefloor dynamite. This long player is a compilation of some of his finest work, featuring eight cuts of serious party breaks. Highlights include the tough rolling swagger of Patti Drew's version of Otis Redding's "Hard To Handle", the breaky, electro-swing of "Shake It", the intense clap-along of "Alright Bossa" and the smile inducing Freddie Mercury goes breaky hip-house joys of "Another One Dusty Bossa".
 from $1.89
GGD 05
19 Oct 13
Oh Bumba Clott
Oh Bumba Clott - (5:55) 131 BPM Hot
Dreadlock Holiday - (5:36) 133 BPM
Review: Two bubbling D&B booties from Dub Pistol founder Barry Ashworth under his General Narco guise. We won't give too many secrets away, but the titles should give the remix identities away. For a peaktime rewind-heavy slapdown head for the bubbling "Oh Bumba Clott" and for a five minute montage of pure floor unity head for "Dreadlock Holiday". Both absolutely kill it, as always from the Pistols camp.
 from $1.89
GGD 04
12 Aug 13
Artist Series
Artist SeriesEXCLUSIVE
Bodyrock - (4:34) 149 BPM
Love To Funk - (4:33) 149 BPM
A Dancehall Thing - (4:17) Hot
My Beat - (4:00)
Good To Me - (4:21)
Day One - (4:54)
Review: Newcomer Bondi Stereo lands on Goodgroove for the label's third visceral installment of breakbeats and mutant basslines - we've been waiting for this! Six bouncy and veritably joyous sample flexes, Bondi Stereo merge hip-hop vocals together with popped-out chants and even Marvin Gaye's sultry voice. Check "Love To Funk" if you're ready to rock!
 from $1.89
GGD 03
02 Aug 13
Classic Tracks (Remastered & Reissued)
Gotta Shine - (6:16) 125 BPM
Boogie Call - (5:26) 120 BPM
Let's Dance - (7:49) 129 BPM
Whatcha Doin - (6:14)
Slynk & Tom Drummond - "Wild Style" - (5:55)
Just Rock Don't Stop (Previously Unreleased) - (3:21) Hot
Lady Pepper Groove (Previously Unreleased) - (4:04)
Review: Another step back to the late noughties, Goodgroove plunder the past, putting A&R into party music. Here we find Aussie funkateer throwing down some timeless nu-funk rollers that range of lush 80s synth boogie ("Gotta Shine") to rip-tempo JB-style breaks with squeaky clean horns and harmonies ("Let's Dance") Complete with two unreleased tracks - the beefy swinger "Just Rock Don't Stop" and the P-funk powered "Lady Pepper Groove" - not only does it look back, but forward into a funky future, too...
 from $1.89
GGD 02
17 Jun 13
Remastered & Reissued
Avenue Rock - (5:27)
Chuck Berry - (5:26) 120 BPM
Make You Happy - (4:01)
Funky White Brother - (6:02) Hot
Take A Ride - (4:56)
Top Billin - (6:37)
Woah! - (4:34)
Wow! (previously unreleased) - (3:32)
Get It On The floor - (3:16)
Rock Ya Body - (5:04)
Get Up (Lets Get Down) - (5:14)
Bump - (4:21) 120 BPM
Review: Welcome to the mid-2000s. A few years before Jalapeno took him on and developed him into the nu-funk guru he is today, but after he'd scored international kudos by syncing to an Apple advert "Channel Surfing", Featurecast was one of the biggest bootleg barons on the scene. 21st century big-beat and turbo-hip-hop, Goodgroove released some of the cheekiest sample-heavy tunes of his early career. And here they are in all their remastered glory. Highlights include the Wild Cherry sampling bootie shaker "Funky White Brother" and the Vandross-DMX love-in "Get It On The Floor". If you weren't around the first time, now's your chance to catch up.
 from $1.89
GGD 01
14 Mar 13
The Remix Series
Thats Right (original mix) - (5:47) 127 BPM
Thats Right (Qdup Foundation remix) - (4:42) 124 BPM Hot
Thats Right (The Breakbeat Junkie remix) - (5:03) 125 BPM
Thats Right (DJ Prosper & Hi Population remix) - (4:43) 127 BPM
 from $1.89
GG 15D
09 Oct 09
Goodgroove Allstars EP
Sampology - "Back On The Drums" - (6:05) 125 BPM
Featurecast - "Top Billing" - (6:38) Hot
Parker vs P Zilla - "Golden Sounds" (feat Conrad Watts) - (3:20) 149 BPM
Played by: Goodgroove Records
 from $1.89
GG 12D
08 Dec 08
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