D-Funk - "All Good" - (4:52)
D-Funk & Philly Blunt - "Time To Move" - (4:39) Biggest-selling track on this release
D-Funk - "Big Kids" - (4:52)
Review: From breaks-heavy mash-up label Grits 'N' Gravy, this trio of new tunes from D-Funk and Philly Blunt are guaranteed to please. "All Good" sees the De La Soul acapella of the same name layered over a new, bassed-up electro beat, while "Time To Move" is a nu-funk beauty which welds together live drums, bass and brass with classy studio tricks. "Big Kids" goes back to the bass though, creating a new, squelchy breaks/dubstep beat for Big Daddy Kane's "Set It Off" acapella. Heavy, head-nodding stuff.
GNG 002
08 Apr 11
from $1.49
D-Funk - "The Boss" - (5:20) Biggest-selling track on this release
Philly Blunt - "The Jam" - (4:45)
GNG 001
03 Nov 10
from $1.49
D-Funk/Philly Blunt - "Let It Ride" - (4:18)
D-Funk - "Turn That Upside Down" - (3:54)
D-Funk - "Don't Ever Stop" - (5:10) 120 BPM
Philly Blunt - "Funky Music" (free track) - (3:20) 152 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: Following on from their previous collaboration, "Time To Move", Aussie breaks mangler D-Funk and Grits N Gravy label boss Philly Blunt reunite for "Let It Ride", a low-slung '80s funk-meets-soulful rap hybrid that smashes in hard with a slinky electro bassline and a swirling set of disco strings. Two new solo D-Funk beats also see the light of day - the equally head-nodding thrills of "Turn That Upside Down" and the Clash-sampling "Don't Ever Stop" - while Philly Blunt's excellent blues 'n' breaks-fest "Funky Music" also gets a well-earned release.
GNG 004
22 Aug 11
from $0.00


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