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Party Tracks For Horse Girls
DJ Weddings & Receptions - (4:35) 140 BPM
Contact - (5:51) 136 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Habitual Stepper - (5:33) 130 BPM
Fleshlights (Bang Right?) - (5:02) 135 BPM
Review: It's always a pleasure to see Gutterfunk back in business, with this new four tracker from Protect Ryan being a welcome addition to their innovative catalogue of underground dance music. We are introduced to the project with 'DJ Weddings & Receptions', a glorious mix and match of nostalgic chord pumps, scattered rhythms and moogy bass pulses, injecting an overdose of energy right from the jump. Next, the sweeping pads and again lively breaks designs on 'Contact' give us a much more typical breakbeat roller, before 'Habitual Stepper' showcases some of the tightest drum processing we have heard in a hot minute, as we hear rhythmic mastery on display. Finally, a much more uncouth addition as 'Fleshlights (Bang Right?)' unleashes a furious display of choppy breaks and acidic synthesis, giving the EP a final touch of unorthodox flavour to round it off with a bang.
GF 043
18 Mar 22
from $1.49
GutterFunk: Works
Addison Groove - "Brand New Drop" (Nuff Pedals remix) - (4:53) 53 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
DJ Die, Skuff & Prime Cuts - "Right About Now" (original mix) - (2:58) 128 BPM
Yung.Raj - "Fighting You" (original mix) - (3:01) 113 BPM
Protect Ryan - "SE4" (original mix) - (5:04) 130 BPM
Review: The beauty about every Gutterfunk drop is that we genuinely never know what to expect, but boy are we over the moon with this brand new 'Works Gutterfunk' V/A selection. We begin with the 80's inspired synthetic drives of Nuff Pedals, who revamps 'Brand New Drop' from Addison Groove into a sunshine-ready roller, before DJ Die, Skuff & Prime Cuts join forces for a moody, organic display of modern rap mastery entitled 'Right About Now', laced with a damage-inducing bassline. The future-bass inspired synthetic structures and pulsating drum crunches of Yung.Raj's 'Fighting You' then switch the direction entirely, before Project Ryan takes it old school with a combination of hardcore and breaksy influences across 'SE4'. It's another successful outing for the Gutterfunk team.
GF 042
24 Feb 22
from $1.49
Clear Skyz (1996 VIP)
Clear Skyz (1996 VIP) - (5:43) 175 BPM
GF 040
04 Feb 22
Drum & Bass / Jungle
from $1.49
The Unalive EP
Oofie - (3:02) 130 BPM
Stormy Monday - (2:50) 118 BPM
Unalive - (3:17) 135 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Reality Sandwich - (2:54) 107 BPM
Can't U C - (3:09) 110 BPM
Review: Breaking through on to DJ Die's Gutterfunk label are the hyper-fresh sounds of Yung.Raj, a beatboxing synth chemist to emerge from the sub rosa of India's beat scene. Based out of Hyderabad, Yung.Raj's music had made it onto a few hyped mixtapes (including DJ Die) which now lends itself to a full release on the Bristol label (following Addison Groove and Nuff Pedals). Arriving at five-tracks large, Yung.Raj pays homage to the woozy, lo-fi and crackley sounds that his home city might share with the neighbourhoods of LA. Sultry rhodes and summery vibes shine through in "Stormy Monday" and the title track, with more euphoric, beat centric and experimental funk gettin' down in "Reality Sandwich" and "Cant U C". With an additional downtempo jamsto boot in "Oofie", Yung.Raj's soundworld ain't dead but kickin'.
GF 041
04 Jun 21
from $1.49
New Rage/Seeing Red
New Rage (feat Rosie Lee) - (3:45) 70 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Seeing Red - (2:32) 130 BPM
GF 39
21 May 21
Hip Hop/R&B
from $1.49
Fred Neutron (Remixes)
Brand New Drop (Pinch remix) - (5:20) 133 BPM
Brand New Drop (Thys remix) - (6:12) 160 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Brand New Drop (Nikki Nair remix) - (6:45) 143 BPM
Bass Trips (Or:la remix) - (5:25) 60 BPM
GF 037
02 Oct 20
from $1.49
I Am Nuff Pedals
Only Forwards - (5:23) 92 BPM
Abstract - (3:59) 67 BPM
Where You Are (feat Segilola) - (4:55) 87 BPM
Pastel Movements - (5:09) 57 BPM
Heavily Invested - (4:00) 116 BPM
Unidentified (feat DJ Die) - (4:38) 127 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Notice Me Not (feat Breezy Lee) - (3:30) 96 BPM
Remorse Terrain (feat Maddslinky) - (4:47) 61 BPM
Calling Out - (5:39) 125 BPM
Last Curse (feat Breezy Lee) - (5:07) 130 BPM
GF 036
22 May 20
from $1.49
Fred Neutron
Burning Spear - (2:15) 156 BPM
Brand New Drop - (5:21) 133 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Bass Trips - (4:08) 137 BPM
TeknoJuke - (3:29) 150 BPM
Dreamscape 12 - (5:14) 78 BPM
Laguna - (2:52) 80 BPM
N(y)o?otr?n - (3:38) 135 BPM
Rele Dawomey (feat Chouk Bwa) - (4:29) 64 BPM
Out Of Nowhere - (2:39) 80 BPM
Cider Was Stronger Than The Weed - (4:16) 133 BPM
Review: With Addison Groove being one of the most renowned names in UK dance music, his unique, clicky approach to rhythmic bliss is constantly yielding fantastic new originals. We see him land his latest album project on Gutterfunk and what a project it is. The album as a whole boasts a magnificent soundscape, from the experimental funky melodies of 'Rele Dawomey' alongside the wonderful Chouk Bwa, to the junglist switch ups of 'Dreamscape 12' and system basslines of 'Burning Spear'. There is also a touch of classic Addison throughout, through the clicky percussive blueprints of 'Bass Trips' and jukey switch ups of 'Out Of Nowhere'. We also can't get enough of the bubbly grooves of 'Brand New Drop', an inspired funky roller, personifying the organic energy of the project perfectly.
GF 034
10 Apr 20
from $1.49
TeknoJuke (original mix) - (3:29) 150 BPM
GF 035
03 Apr 20
from $1.49
Stop Lights
GF 033
20 Mar 20
from $1.49
Gutterfunk: All Subject To Vibes
DieMantle, DJ Die & Dismantle - "Spirit World" (original mix) - (2:24) 76 BPM
Sure Thing - "Special Love" (Nuff Pedals remix) - (4:46) 130 BPM
Monkey Wrench - "Lakossa" (original mix) - (6:24) 120 BPM
Addison Groove - "Tokyo Beat" (original mix) - (3:44) 80 BPM
Fox & DieMantle - "More" (original mix) - (4:00) 55 BPM
DJ Die & Pinch - "Jungle Reflection" (original mix) - (4:19) 128 BPM
Dismantle - "Bodied" (original mix) - (3:06) 90 BPM
Dead Mans Chest & Josimar - "Out There" (original mix) - (5:44) 157 BPM
Fixate - "One For The Floor" (original mix) - (6:26) 87 BPM
Watch The Ride - "Skeematics" (feat DJ Randall, DJ Die, Dismantle & DieMantle - original mix) - (4:24) 85 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Sure Thing - "Atoms" (original mix) - (7:34) 99 BPM
GF 031
13 Dec 19
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
from $1.49
4 No Reason
4 No Reason (feat DJ Die, Dismantle, DieMantle & DJ Randall) - (3:27) 170 BPM
GF 030
18 Oct 19
Drum & Bass / Jungle
from $1.49
Original Format
Original Format (feat DJ Die, Dismantle, DieMantle & DJ Randall) - (3:23) 172 BPM
Played by: Roast Beatz, Monty
Review: Wow, what a combination of artists this is. The grime tones of D Double E and the production credentials of Watch The Ride, featuring the additional production skills of - take a deep breath - DJ Die, Dismantle and DJ Randall. The latter of these is news in itself, as Randall rarely jumps on the production train anymore. What a tune they've all made as well, as D Double E sits perfectly above a rattling, rolling 170bpm percussive line, a funky double bass provides thee energy and the whole package ticks along very nicely. It's wicked to see Diemantle making rollers as well, yet another rarity in this unique single. Pick it up.
GF 029
30 Aug 19
Drum & Bass / Jungle
from $1.49
GF 028
07 Jun 19
Deep House
from $1.49
The Juice (Part 2)
The Papers - (4:38) 167 BPM
Harder They Come (feat Redders) - (4:14) 57 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
One Day - (7:11) 178 BPM
Review: Things are going to get hot! Saucepots Die and Dismantle return to the taps and let "The Juice" flow once again... As with everything they've blessed us with in the past, each cut is a fizzy melting pot of everything that pops and bumps in system culture. "The Papers" is a turbo dancehall piece driven by a militant steppy drive and precision samples. "Harder They Come" sees them reconnecting with Redders for a vicious necksnap funk up while "One Day" strips things back for a slinky finale bubbler than rolls with a nice acid house style bassline charm.
GF 027
05 Apr 19
Drum & Bass / Jungle
from $1.49
The Third EP
Swollen Minds - (3:18) 88 BPM
Upon Trees - (4:02) 120 BPM
Drive By - (5:20) 90 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Blue Soul - (3:41) 84 BPM
Review: Gutterfunk boss DJ Die has steadfastly refused to name the "already established artist from within the electronic music realm" behind the ongoing Nuff Pedals project. Whoever it clearly knows what they're doing, because this third EP of fusion-focused club cuts is every bit as essential as its predecessors. Our man or woman of mystery begins with the bass-heavy, Kaidi Tatham style broken beat shuffle of "Swollen Minds", before reaching for the evocative synth strings and luscious Fender Rhodes chords of clap-happy bruk head-nodder "Upon Trees". Jauntier dancefloor vibes are provided via the jazz-swung drums and monstrous wobble bass of "Drive By", while "Blue Soul" adds a little UKG flavour to the producer's broken beats and sumptuous electric piano motifs with predictably impressive results.
GF 026
01 Feb 19
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
from $1.49
The Archives 1995-2000
Clear Skyz - (7:14) 170 BPM
Reincarnations - (6:06) 57 BPM
Reincarnated - (7:18) 57 BPM
Play It For Me - (6:27) 57 BPM
Reminisce - (6:22) 57 BPM
Slide Away - (7:21) 170 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Drop Bear - (5:52) 170 BPM
Jitta Bug - (6:37) 175 BPM
Special Treat - (6:10) 170 BPM
Foot Steps - (7:32) 58 BPM
Achilles Heel - (7:53) 175 BPM
Autumn - (8:00) 170 BPM
Review: As one of the Gutterfunk forerunners, DJ Die has given himself a legendary placing within the experimental side of the drum & bass rankings, consistently putting together stunning original creations. This new project goes by the name of 'The Archives 1995-2000' and looks through some of Die's more old school material, circulating through vibrant jungle flavours and early roller realities. There's some absolute corkers involved, but for us the standouts have to include the Asian inspired percussive additions and melodic infusions of 'Achilles Heel', along with the original junglist power of both 'Play It For Me' and 'Reincarnations'.
GF 024
23 Nov 18
Drum & Bass / Jungle
from $1.49
Real Ryder
Real Ryder - (3:32) 87 BPM
Played by: Doctor Nick
GF 25
05 Oct 18
from $1.49
The Second EP
In Your Eyes (feat DRS) - (5:34) 140 BPM
Hang Glide - (4:04) 128 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Lost In The Mist - (2:17) 140 BPM
No Boundaries (feat Maddslinky) - (4:01) 129 BPM
Review: Bristol's musical pioneer DJ Die presents his new imprint GutterFunk. Bristol has always been a melting pot full of musical styles, and the label stays true to the rich sonic heritage of the city. This multi genre label is an outlet for genre defying productions, collaborations, as well as a platform to push new talent. With past releases by Addison Groove and Dismantle, their newest addition is mysterious yet already established producer Nuff Pedals. They serve up some nu-jazz/broken beat experiments in the vein of 4hero and Bugz In The Attic on The Second EP: from the fierce and bombastic beat attack of "Hang Glide" or the sleek urban soul of "No Boundaries" feat Maddslinky.
GF 023
03 Aug 18
from $1.49
The Juice
Science Lab (feat Inja) - (4:19) 170 BPM
Bellz (feat Truthos Mufasa/Redders/Buggsy) - (3:45) 155 BPM
Badbadbad (feat Scrufizzer) - (3:37) 170 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
GF 22
09 Feb 18
Drum & Bass / Jungle
from $1.49
Meet In The Middle (Fracture remix)
Meet In The Middle - (4:00) 160 BPM
Review: Rewind! It's 2015 and Die's Gutterfunk have dropped a super-sweet summer disco showdown courtesy of Gus Pirelli. Fast forward! It's late 2017 and Fracture's just turned it into a D&B blinder. Retaining all the sweet soul of the original but with added slaps, chops, waspy reese basses, booty-busting 808 shots and evocative use of the vocal, it's a perfect example of how disco is done with a turbo jungle twist. Essential.
GF 21
01 Dec 17
Drum & Bass / Jungle
from $1.49
Special Love
Special Love - (3:39) 116 BPM
Played by: YAM WHO?
GF 20
26 May 17
from $1.49
Huntsman/Any Key
Huntsman - (5:03) 127 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Any Key - (5:00) 128 BPM
Review: With releases by the likes of Toolroom under his belt, Brighton's Dismantle is fully established now. Whatever traces of dubstep there were in his early tunes, its all about the big room house now, and with his ability to craft epics in that style, who can blame him? Here we get a quick two-track reminder that he's still here and coming for those summer seasons. "Huntsman" is a monster that you'll be hearing everywhere soon: all punishing bass hums, Latin percussion and one huge build up. "Any Key" meanwhile, is a crazy military drum meltdown, guaranteed to make 'em dizzy.
GF 019
17 Feb 17
UK Garage
from $1.49
Way I Feel
Way I Feel - (5:55) 130 BPM
GF 018
16 Dec 16
Deep Dubstep
from $1.49
The First EP
33Tenz - (4:26) 131 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Entity - (4:34) 141 BPM
Splinters - (5:57) 70 BPM
Transparent Codes - (4:36) 140 BPM
Played by: Murder He Wrote
GF 017
04 Nov 16
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
from $1.49
Legion Of Boom EP
Standard Affair - (4:46) 90 BPM
Legion Of Boom - (3:51) 83 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Dr Know - (4:53) 83 BPM
Review: Wow, well who would have expected a collaboration by two heavyweights in the bass game from different eras? This new Gutterfunk EP has brought together the talents of post-dubstep pioneer Addison Groove and jungle/d&b legend DJ Die; you can already imagine what these three blasters will sound like and, yes, you're probably close. "Standard Affair" is a footwork bomb that's given the extra dose of hypnotics, the former coming from AG and the latter from Die; "Legion Of Boom" is even more clearly a half-way house between the two artist's specialities thanks to some subtle jungle breaks, and "Dr Know" injects a layer of 303 magic to a deep and intricate juke pattern. Militant!
GF 016D
08 Jul 16
from $1.49
O Lord
O Lord - (3:15) 108 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
O Lord (instrumental) - (3:05) 73 BPM
GF 015
22 Jan 16
Hip Hop/R&B
from $1.49
Way I Feel/Damagement
Way I Feel - (5:29) 130 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Damagement - (3:44) 155 BPM
GF 014
20 Nov 15
Drum & Bass / Jungle
from $1.49
Children Of The Sun
Children Of The Sun - (3:36) 65 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Children Of The Sun (version) - (3:35) 65 BPM
GF 011
24 Jul 15
from $1.49
Good Feeling
Good Feeling - (5:48) 121 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Meet In The Middle - (5:06) 116 BPM
GF 010
14 Jun 15
from $1.49
40 Hurts
40 Hurts (main mix) - (4:28) 87 BPM
40 Hurts (Sam Binga Bludgeoned In The Basement remix) - (4:29) 109 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
40 Hurts (Skitz & The Sea Super Power remix) - (3:42) 87 BPM
40 Hurts (dub mix) - (4:30) 87 BPM
40 Hurts (radio edit) - (2:47) 87 BPM
Review: Two of Bristol's most respected breakbeat scientists Die and Break team up with Mad Hed City (who you may recognise from The Prototype's massive "Pop It Off") for "40 Hurts". A stripped back stepper that tips a cheeky nod to both juke and jungle, its humming subs and eerie bleeps are the ideal bed for MHC's rapid dancehall chatter. Remix-wise Sam Binga slaps us down with a militant drum attack while Skitz gets his digidub on. Just in time for soundsystem season - or the summer as it's more conventionally known.
GF 009
03 May 15
from $1.49
Future Primitives
Future Primitives - (4:39)
Warrior Groove - (4:25) Biggest-selling track on this release
GF 008
30 Mar 14
from $1.49
Bare Wine/Vodou Riddim
Bare Wine (feat Swappi) - (3:04) 128 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Vodou Riddim - (3:26) 90 BPM
GF 007
26 Sep 13
from $1.49
1000 Soul Songs
1000 Soul Songs (extended dub mix) - (5:15) 173 BPM
1000 Soul Songs (radio edit) - (2:53) 173 BPM
1000 Soul Songs (Addison Groove remix) - (5:38) 174 BPM
1000 Soul Songs (Jus Now remix) - (5:18) 180 BPM
1000 Soul Songs (Break remix) - (5:06) 174 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
GF 006
18 Jul 13
Drum & Bass / Jungle
from $1.49
Keyhole - (4:45) 90 BPM
Hydropump - (4:41) 87 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
GF 005
13 May 13
from $1.49
One Time EP
Tun Up (feat Bunji Garlin) - (3:18) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Jouvay (feat Neval Chatelal) - (4:32) 127 BPM
One Time - (3:44) 158 BPM
Cut Meh Loose (feat MX Prime) - (3:58) 146 BPM
GF 004
25 Mar 13
UK Garage
from $1.49
Holding You Tight
Holding You Tight - (5:13) 114 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Holding You Tight (instrumental) - (5:13) 114 BPM
GF 003
08 Oct 12
from $1.49
Hardwork/Firing Line
Minus - "Hardwork" - (5:22) 160 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Die - "Firing Line" - (3:37) 87 BPM
GF 002
12 May 12
from $1.49
The Resistance/Bombaclat
Mensah - "The Resistance" (feat Claes Rosen) - (5:40) 135 BPM
Pulsar - "Bombaclat" - (5:40) 140 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
GF 001
14 Dec 11
from $1.49


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