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Hot Digits Music

Hot Digits Music

Brighton-based Hot Digits Music has been delivering the spiciest finger-licking disco, funk and house since 2014. Inspired by the good times, the label was founded by British DJ and producer Fingerman. Hot Digits has seen releases from artists including: Dr Packer, Frank Virgilio, Rayko, Chewy Rubs, Kiu D, Deelicious and more. Wax Digits is Hot Digits’ sister label.
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Hot Digits: Year Nine
Shalvoy - "Voodoo In The Back" - (5:51) 100 BPM
Even Funkier - "Feel So Good Inside" - (6:17) 98 BPM
Ben Jamin - "Handle" - (5:42) 103 BPM
Raw-Artes - "Where's Waldo?" - (7:23) 105 BPM
Pete Ellison - "Pounds & Pences" - (5:07) 106 BPM
Mannix - "Disco Stomper" - (6:04) 110 BPM
Andy Buchan - "Dumb Disco" - (6:38) 114 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
P-Sol - "Gates Avenue" - (6:09) 115 BPM
Oldchap - "Are You Lonely" - (5:24) 115 BPM
DJ Laurel - "Party Party" - (5:01) 117 BPM
Fray Bentos - "Danced To Death" - (8:23) 116 BPM
Prisma Deer - "Never Be Over" - (4:28) 116 BPM
Down Under Disco - "On My Mind" - (7:10) 117 BPM
Ian Upfold - "Sparks Of Sun" - (6:54) 119 BPM
Ben Banjo-Field - "A Magic Land" - (6:19) 119 BPM
Solazz - "Just Think About" - (5:34) 119 BPM
Groovemasta - "Rock It!" - (6:36) 120 BPM
Fingerman & Chewy Rubs - "Block Party Bad Boy" - (6:28) 120 BPM
GMGN - "Krystal Times" - (5:32) 120 BPM
Pete Le Freq - "Dub Erection" - (6:28) 120 BPM
Lup Ino - "Winners Dance" - (6:25) 120 BPM
Sauco - "Feeed My Soul" - (6:58) 120 BPM
Stephen Richards - "The Supper Club" - (7:09) 120 BPM
JisCo DaZz - "I Need You" - (6:37) 122 BPM
Juan Moreno - "Time For Love" - (6:57) 122 BPM
Dexter Jones - "Dawn Wolfe" - (5:52) 123 BPM
JB Dizzy - "Strange World" - (5:38) 124 BPM
Barney Osborn - "Last Orders" - (6:53) 126 BPM
C. Da Afro - "Shake & Bake" - (5:37) 127 BPM
Barry Isaacs, Deemas J & The RITS Riddim Force vs Jet Boot Jack - "Revolution De Yah" - (5:50) 128 BPM
19 Jun 23
from $1.89
Love Is The Reason EP
Be Yourself - (7:18)
Come On, Dance - (5:39) Biggest-selling track on this release
Love Is The Reason - (8:22)
Review: Bulgarian producer Groovemasta has chalked up releases on the likes of Sundries Digital, Midnight Riot, Spa In Disco and Discoholics Anonymous, and now he drops his first full release for Fingerman's Hot Digits Music. The lively, string-swept 'Be Yourself' opens the EP in classic disco mode, and as such will delight the mirrorball purists. 'Come On, Dance' (the pick for yours truly) then maintains the authentically 70s-sounding feel, complete with soul diva vox, handclaps, brass fanfares and pyow! pyow! pyow! stabs, before finally we come to the more pop-oriented title track, which has something of a Moloko/Crazy P-like vibe.
17 Apr 23
from $1.89
Down To D Town
Feel - (6:08) 105 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Down To D Town - (5:27) 118 BPM
Jan Jam - (5:56) 109 BPM
I Want You Back - (5:01) 122 BPM
Review: Ireland's Dexter Jones serves up a four-tracker on Fingerman's Hot Digits Music. Whether these are re-edits or just heavily sample-based productions isn't entirely clear, but opener 'Feel' is a female-vocalled funk/boogie jam that could pass for Janet Jackson in a dim light, while on the title track Jones drops down into out-and-out funk mode, foregrounding a sinuous bassline and melancholic horns. 'Jan Jam' then sits somewhere between early 80s boogie and shimmering Nang-esque nu-disco, before the EP winds up in full-on boogie territory with 'I Want You Back', which bites the vocal The Jones Girls' 'On Target' from 1983.
14 Jun 21
from $1.89
Hot Digits: Year Seven
Stephen Richards & Ian Upfold - "Sunday Best" - (7:39) 105 BPM
Uptown Funk - "Whip Out Cha' Thing!" - (6:44) 105 BPM
Double F.O.G. - "Auto Cruise" - (7:22) 106 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Ross Fitz - "I Miss Your Love" ('85 mix) - (7:34) 108 BPM
Andy Buchan - "Baller" - (6:04) 112 BPM
Fingerman & Henri Le Blanc - "Leave Your Cares Behind" - (7:20) 114 BPM
The Velvet Stripes - "Oigalo Bien" - (4:57) 115 BPM
The Magic Track - "Turn On, Warm Up, Make Out" - (5:00) 116 BPM
Akeem Raphael - "Disco Responsibility" - (5:07) 116 BPM
Picklejam - "Endorphin Simulation" - (7:13) 116 BPM
Frank Virgilio - "Dreaming" - (6:05) 118 BPM
I Gemin - "Love Lesson" - (5:23) 118 BPM
Good2Groove - "Horny Moment" - (6:16) 118 BPM
Shalvoy - "Boss Lady" - (5:34) 116 BPM
Even Funkier - "Shake Your You Know What" - (5:04) 119 BPM
Chewy Rubs - "Get Busy" - (6:27) 120 BPM
Lasso D'amore - "How We Go It" - (7:08) 120 BPM
C. Da Afro - "The Disco Rhythm" - (5:50) 120 BPM
Lup Ino - "Cassan Over" - (5:56) 120 BPM
Pete Le Freq - "You're My Life" - (5:25) 120 BPM
Jet Boot Jack - "Get Up & Live It" - (6:43) 120 BPM
Downunder Disco - "The Feeling" - (6:57) 122 BPM
Noil Rago - "Feel" - (6:13) 121 BPM
Andy Kidd - "Southside Dub" - (6:19) 123 BPM
Get Down Edits - "Give A Little More" (Daz Old Skool Vibes mix) - (6:07) 122 BPM
Ezirk - "Our Love Story" - (5:48) 122 BPM
Twin Sun - "Night Dancer" - (6:16) 123 BPM
Hotmood - "Too Hot To Stop" - (6:04) 124 BPM
Reece Johnson - "Dance Dance" - (5:13) 129 BPM
Robert Ouimet, Dave Godin & Tony Johns - "Business Boogie" - (6:16) 125 BPM
Review: Unlike many of its rivals, Fingerman's Hot Digits label doesn't fill its' obligatory annual compilation with back catalogue cuts. Instead, we're offered a vast number of previously unheard re-edits, remixes and original productions. It's a successful blueprint and one religiously adhered to on Hot Digits: Year Seven, the popular imprint's latest must-check collection. There's not enough room to single out every sonic highlight, but our current favourites include the breezy boogie squelch of Ross Fitz's 'I Miss Your Love ('85 Mix)', the driving deep house haziness of Fingerman and Henri Le Blanc's 'Leave Your Cares Tonight', the neo-trance cheeriness of Picklejam's 'Endorphin Situation' and the stab-happy, peak-time house retro-futurism of 'The Feeling' by Downunder Disco.
31 May 21
from $1.89
Keep It Moving EP
Groove Thing - (5:11) 125 BPM
Keep It Moving - (6:05) 122 BPM
Led By Angels - (5:40) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
They Know What It Takes - (5:44) 124 BPM
Review: See that corner of the dancefloor over there, where Disco is grooving away and keeps fluttering her eyelashes at Jazz-Funk? That's where you'll find San Fran veteran Henry Navarro tonight: his output over the past 30 years has spanned many shades of house, disco and techno, but on this four-tracker for Hot Digits he's all about the jazz piano licks, rolling disco basslines and west coast guitar squalls. From aptly-titled opener 'Groove Thing' to the mellower, more contemplative 'Led By Angels' and the furiously stomping 'They Know What It Makes', this EP is an understated triumph - don't sleep!
17 May 21
from $1.89
Showdown EP
Matusalem Robot - (6:44) 119 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Showdown - (6:34) 117 BPM
We Celebrate - (5:36) 117 BPM
Latin Ton Funk - (5:10) 115 BPM
Matusalem Robot (Fingerman & Chewy Rubs remix) - (8:01) 120 BPM
Review: Four tracks in a total of five mixes make up this latest offering from Spanish disco don James Rod, which is brought to you by Brighton-based Hot Digits Music. 'Matusalem Robot' is a bass-heavy, guitar-flecked chugger topped with squeeling, squalling synths, before getting a housed-up remix from Chewy Rubs and label boss Fingeman. Elsewhere, 'Showdown' is an early 80s-style funker with a rhythmic vocal loop and much use of sci-fi FX, 'We Celebrate' ploughs a more soul-inspired mid-70s groove but via a dubby, Levan-esque filter, while 'Latin Ton Funk' shouldn't really need a lot of explaining...
26 Apr 21
from $1.89
Mifer EP
Disco Dreams - (6:17) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Leke Disco - (5:08) 118 BPM
Leke Love - (6:20) 118 BPM
Review: If this writer's Juno inbox is anything to go by then, as of early 2021 there's a lot of very 80s-inspired disco around right now: boogie, Italo, cosmic and EBM/New Beat-inspired tracks are ten-a-penny, while authentically 70s-sounding homages/pastiches are a tad thinner on the ground. If your tastes do lean a little more towards the 'traditional', though, then check out this three-tracker from Mexico's Disco Feelings: 'Disco Dreams' recalls late 70s Roxy Music while the lightly Afro-tinged 'Leke Disco' comes on like a lost Loft classic, leaving only 'Leke Love' to nod to the boogie era.
29 Mar 21
from $1.89
The Fly EP
Fly Away - (6:36) 100 BPM
Black Fantasy - (7:24) 100 BPM
The Bag - (5:42) 105 BPM
Electro Therapy (part 1) - (5:49) 112 BPM
Black Fantasy (Fingerman's Acid Chug rework) - (7:23) 100 BPM
The Bag (Jay Ru & Fingerman's Baggy remix) - (6:44) 58 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: If you like your disco on the more leftfield/experimental side (as opposed to faithful pastiches of 70s and 80s sounds) then this four-track/six-mix EP from Italy's Frank Virgilio, coming on Brighton label Hot Digits Music, should be right up your alley. 'Fly Away' rocks an Italo-like bassline and quirky, end-of-pier organs, 'Black Fantasy' takes us into cosmic territory, 'The Bag' has a 60s spy theme feel and 'Electro Therapy' is fairly self-explanatory, while label boss Fingerman turns in a blissy, ALFOS-style rerub of 'Black Fantasy' before joining forces with Jay Ru to house 'The Bag' up a notch or two.
08 Mar 21
from $1.89
Awayo EP
Awayo - (6:37) 119 BPM
Disco Down - (6:25) 121 BPM
Swing That Thing - (6:04) 122 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Dream Walking - (7:02) 109 BPM
Disco Down (Get Down Edits remix) - (7:17) 119 BPM
Review: Five very solid contemporary funk/disco jams make up this EP from Andy Buchan a native of Leeds. The vaguely Afro-tinged 'Awayo' itself marries fluttering funk guitars to synth strings, female wails and some hefty bottom-end squelch, while 'Disco Down' ain't nothin' but 6m40s of rolling groove. The lively, jazzy 'Swing That Thing' takes us into housier, more uptempo territory; then we drop back down into 'Dream Walking' (think the Bee Gees with added funk sleaze) before 'Disco Down' gets reworked for house floors, with a vocal chant added, on the Get Down Edits Remix.
15 Feb 21
from $1.89
Delicious EP
Whatcha Like - (6:23) 121 BPM
Jealous - (6:28) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Delicious - (7:09) 90 BPM
Calling You - (6:51) 108 BPM
Review: Four phat slices of nu-disco/funk here from Sauco, who's based in Gran Canaria, Spain. Instrumental workout 'Whatcha Like' has synthesized brass stabs by way of a lead line, with a fat n' squelchy electronic bassline below; 'Jealous' is a deeper, more stripped-back affair with a dreamy "don't be jealous" vocal snip (but not the Black Magic sample), while 'Calling You' has a rawer funk sound with the brass firmly front and centre. All three are eminently playable, but the standout here is 'Delicious' itself, an aptly-titled sultry, slo-mo chugger that could've come straight off a 'Too Slow To Disco' compilation - outstanding stuff.
18 Jan 21
from $1.89
Dancefloor Stories
Dancefloor Stories - (6:00) 120 BPM
Paperclip Jam - (5:40) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Solaris - (5:29) 124 BPM
Dancefloor Stories (Frank Virgilio ReThink) - (5:59) 120 BPM
Review: Athens-based funk n' disco producer Christos Antoniou returns to Hot Digits Music with three original tracks here, while fellow label regular Frank Virgilio supplies the obligatory remix. The instrumental 'Dancefloor Stories' itself has something of an 80s, Miami Vice-ish kinda feel, thanks largely to the nagging synth riff that forms its backbone. Elsewhere, 'Papercllp Jam' is a squelchy funker with Zapp/Cameo leanings, 'Solaris' marries fluttering Chic-y guitars to authentically 70s-sounding brass, while finally Naples native Virgilio takes the title track down a darker path, toning down the original's spangly 80s sheen and adding layers of tribal percussion.
23 Nov 20
from $1.89
Moving Parts EP
Lifted (feat Kathy Diamond - original mix) - (7:53) 115 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Lifted (feat Kathy Diamond - dub) - (7:53) 115 BPM
Smashed Atoms & Backdoor Man - "All The Time" (original mix) - (7:58) 110 BPM
Smashed Atoms & Backdoor Man - "All The Time" (Andy Buchan remix) - (6:50) 110 BPM
Review: Moving Parts offers a welcome return to action from Steve Gladdis AKA Smashed Atoms, whose previous solo singles were all released way back in 2017. We can confirm that he's in fine form, too, with opener "Lifted" - a collaboration with long-serving chanteuse Kathy Diamond - offering a near perfect blend of colourful nu-disco elements (think sparkling synths, handclap-heavy beats, toasty bass, colourful electronics and effects-laden guitars). We'd recommend the vocal version, but the more stripped-back, delay-laden Dub is also rather good. Gladdis joins forces with Backdoor Man on 'All The Time', a more deep house-influenced chunk of flash-fried nu-disco funk that comes accompanied by a rather good Andy Buchan remix.
02 Nov 20
from $1.89
Making Music 2
Acid Thing - (6:50) 113 BPM
People Get Up (original version) - (7:14) 121 BPM
Beautiful Sisters (Be Strong) - (6:25) 115 BPM
People Get Up (Da House Getting Down remix) - (6:47) 119 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Beautiful Sisters (Be Strong) (Fingerman's Call 4 Unity rework) - (7:32) 119 BPM
Review: Two years ago, Irish pals Get Down Edits and Stephen Richards released a joint EP in which they remixed each other. Here they've gone one step further and offered up a set of genuinely collaborative productions. There's much to admire, from the cheery nu-disco/acid house fusion of vocal-sporting opener "Acid Thing", and the electric piano-laden revivalist disco-boogie bounce of "People Get Up", to the revivalist piano house sunniness of "Beautiful Sisters (Be Strong)". The EP also boasts a couple of tidy remixes: a chunkier, turn-of-the-90s US house take on "People Get Up", and a bustling, all-action nu-disco revision of "Beautiful Sisters" by label boss Fingerman.
10 Aug 20
from $1.89
Such A Long Long Time
Such A Long Long Time - (6:42) 96 BPM
Flippin' The Bird - (5:54) 120 BPM
Movin On - (7:27) 112 BPM
Sweet Hum (feat Fingerman) - (6:44) 120 BPM
Movin On (Paul B Retrix) - (5:37) 114 BPM
Flippin The Bird (Fingerman & Chewy Rubs Re-Flip) - (7:11) 118 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Sweet Hum (Stephen Richards remix) - (7:15) 120 BPM
Review: Having previously featured on some pretty hot labels over the last few years, most notably Midnight Riot, sometime Get Down Edits "family member" Jay Ru pops up on Hot Digits with his most expansive release to date. It begins a quartet of varied, sample-heavy productions, with highlights including the head-nodding, Beatdown style dancefloor soul bliss of opener "Such A Long Time", the bubbly, horn-heavy tropical nu-disco bounce of "Flippin' The Bird", and the multi-coloured, club-ready goodness of Fingerman hook-up "Sweet Hum". The equally as impressive remixes that follow include a superb bumping house meats nu-disco revision of "Movin' On" by Paul B, and a rolling, peak-time tweak of "Flippin' The Bird" by Fingerman and Chewy Rubs.
20 Jul 20
from $1.89
Neon Nights
Bow Wow - (6:27) 121 BPM
Circle - (6:06) 120 BPM
Neon Nights - (6:05) 121 BPM
Time Is Running Out - (6:10) 120 BPM
Neon Nights (Fingerman's Acid Trip) - (6:59) 121 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: It's been another action-packed year for Tonbe, who appears to have spent much of the pandemic lockdown period preparing more hot-to-trot re-edits, reworks and original productions. Here he makes the switch from his Disco Fruit and Cherry Cola labels to make a first appearance on Hot Digits - an imprint he first graced in 2014 - in some time. There's much to admire throughout, from the throbbing, synth-laden Italo-disco chug of pulsating opener "Bow Wow" and the kaleidoscopic, P-funk-goes-house bustle of "Circle", to the low-slung, Talkbox-sporting "Time Is Running Out", and the squelchy, all-action nu-disco-meets-deep house colour of title track "Neon Nights". Label head honcho FIngerman remixes the latter track, smartly turning it into a breakbeat-powered chunk of breakbeat house/Balearic acid fusion.
06 Jul 20
from $1.89
Backyard Jungle
Backyard Jungle (original mix) - (8:15) 110 BPM
Falling Into You - (7:30) 116 BPM
The Way We Used To Do It - (5:47) 114 BPM
Backyard Jungle (Fingerman's Tribal Funk remix) - (7:32) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Backyard Jungle (Ian Upfold remix) - (6:29) 110 BPM
Review: Last year Lasso D'Amore popped up on Hot Digits' fifth anniversary compilation, so it's little surprise to see the Dublin-based producer returning to the label with a full EP. The standout cut is undoubtedly "Backyard Jungle", a toe-tapping shuffle through tropical disco pastures rich in delay-laden guitar licks, undulating bass and Azymth style electric piano riffs. Fingerman's "Tribal Funk" remix is a sweaty, grunting and energy-packed affair, while the Ian Upfold revision is a blissful and glassy-eyed chunk of synth-laden nu-disco goodness. Elsewhere, 'Falling Into You" is a rush-inducing slab of Balearic nu-disco cheeriness and "The Way We Used To Do It" is tactile, wavy and dreamy in the best possible way.
09 Mar 20
from $1.89
Be Real EP
Be Real - (6:41) 115 BPM
Distant Lover - (6:36) 118 BPM
Let Your Body Shake - (6:56) 120 BPM
Loving You - (5:49) 118 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: This is a suitably solid start to the year from re-editor, remixer and producer Monsieur Von Pratt, an artist that rose to prominence within the disco scene in 2019. There's something particularly pleasing about opener "Be Real", which sees him successfully rework an obscure disco-boogie number rich in wavy group vocals, colourful synthesizer lines, cut-glass strings and toasty bass. There's plenty to enjoy elsewhere on the EP though, from the hot-to-trot early '80s disco bustle of "Distant Lover", to the percussion-laden instrumental disco headiness of "Let Your Body Shake" and the celebratory rush of fine closing cut "Loving You".
27 Jan 20
from $1.89
Donde Estas?
Your Whisper - (5:31) 100 BPM
Get Now! - (6:27) 117 BPM
Donde Estas? - (5:59) 107 BPM
Beautiful Sister - (6:46) 119 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: Fresh from fine outings on Editorial, Spa In Disco and Midnight Riot, Frank Virgilio pops up on Hot Digits with a quartet of warm and seductive workouts. He kicks things off via the sun down beauty and woozy grooves of "Your Whisper", before joining the dots between beatdown, Italo-disco and dancefloor Balearica on the bubbly and hypnotic "Get Now!" Title track "Donde Estas" is an impressively warm and groovy shuffle through pitched-down samba disco territory, while closing cut "Beautiful Sister" is a slightly bolder (but no less deep) mixture of drifting melodies, head-nodding house beats, groovy bass, select vocal snippets and enveloping chords.
06 Jan 20
from $1.89
Don't Leave, Yeah? - (6:26) 113 BPM
Brass Monkeys - (7:12) 116 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
High Priorities - (7:46) 110 BPM
The Feel Good Factor - (7:30) 120 BPM
Review: According to our records, "Back2ThaBeatdown" marks Hot Digits boss Fingerman's first solo single for almost three years. As the title suggests, the music on the EP was inspired in part by Detroit Beatdown, a mid-tempo style more associated with deep house than the disco cuts the British producer has used as his source material. Our pick of a strong quartet of cuts is "High Priorities", a rolling disco instrumental re-imagined as a toe-tapping slice of mid set dancefloor dreaminess. That said, other listeners will rightly gravitate towards the excitable, string-laden disco-funk of "Brass Monkeys", the even heavier and hazier "Don't Leave Me, Yeah?" and the rubbery disco-house grooves of "The Feel Good Factor".
16 Dec 19
from $1.89
Sonny Jim EP
Turn Away - (6:39) 116 BPM
Sonny Jim - (7:48) 123 BPM
Get Down - (7:24) 117 BPM
Everybody Lose Control - (5:34) 121 BPM
Turn Away (Picklejam's Party Line) - (6:08) 116 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: After first impressing on Hot Digits with 2018's "Gettin' Loose EP", Steve Cooper once more dons the Down Under Disco alias with a rock solid sequel. He begins in confident fashion via "Turn Away", a warm and groovy cut that sits somewhere between deep house and loopy disco-house, before offering up the bold and bass-heavy "Sonny Jim", where woozy organ chords and glistening disco guitar licks rise above a pleasingly saucer-eyed groove. "Get Down" is an energetic, trippy and low-slung chunk of peak-time disco-house headiness, "Everybody Lose Control" cleverly combines stargazing synth lines with UK funky style bass and bouncy house beats, and PickleJam's "Party Line" remix of "Turn Away" is a sparkling fusion of bouncy electro beats and slick nu-disco musicality.
11 Nov 19
from $1.89
Not Quite House Cutz
Parissior & Jandro Sanchez - "Don't Worry About It" - (5:53) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Acid Shake - (6:39) 121 BPM
Bad Thinking - (6:04) 118 BPM
Parissior & Jandro Sanchez - "Don't Worry About It" (Fingerman's Horny rework) - (7:46) 122 BPM
Review: We'd rather not quibble with Parissior about the definition of "house", but to us the majority of the tracks on his "Not Quite House Cutz" EP sound like house. Disco, boogie and nu-disco influenced house, but still house. Regardless, there's much to enjoy throughout, from the swirling deep house chords, gentle acid lines and chunky grooves of "Don't Worry About It" and the acid-fired, disco-tech bustle of "Acid Shape", to the bass-heavy disco-house loop jam "Bad Thinking". Complimenting these three layered and ear-pleasing original cuts is a remix of "Don't Worry About It" by Fingerman. The Hot Digits supremo drags the track further towards filter-sporting disco-house territory by emphasizing some sharp horn samples and turning the bass up to eleven.
14 Oct 19
from $1.89
The Prospect EP
Right Time - (7:21) 118 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
AJ - (6:42) 96 BPM
Get Over - (6:00) 118 BPM
Rio Scandal - (6:02) 118 BPM
Review: Within the nu-disco scene there's been plenty of hype around Hot Digits' latest EP, a quietly impressive four-tracker from previously unheard producer Curtis Scott. If you listen to the clips, it's easy to work out why. Opener "Right Time" is a vibrant chunk of disco-boogie business rich in effects-laden liquid bass, glistening Chic style guitars and chant-along male vocals, while "AJ" is the kind of bass-heavy, pitched-down slow disco jam more associated with Mark E and Italian producer LTJ Xperience. Scott heads peak-time bound with the wonderfully tactile and groovy "Get Over" (a dub disco/deep house fusion affair built around samples from a France Joli classic) before reaching for the synths, sunglasses and glistening guitars on fine '80s revision "Rio Scandal".
16 Sep 19
from $1.89
Giallo D'Autore
Why Don't You? - (8:49) 124 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Sexy Tortellino - (6:22) 114 BPM
The Dude - (8:31) 102 BPM
Coliandro - (7:36) 125 BPM
Review: Earlier in the year, Italian-Australian producer Dave Mathmos sent many hearts fluttering via a killer EP of mid-tempo reworks on DJ Supermarket's Too Slow To Disco edits series. This time round he's in a more up-tempo mood, with opener "Why Don't You" offering a peak-time ready, house-friendly rework of disco classic "Spread Love" that allows the original vocals, horns and orchestration plenty of room to breathe. "Colinandro" is similarly weighty and upbeat, with Mathmos sprinkling a little contemporary dancefloor magic over a downlow disco-funk workout. Elsewhere, "The Dude" is an excellent pitched-down revision of another heady slab of disco-funk, while "Sexy Tortellino" is a mid-tempo bubbler that layers dubbed-out snippets from a familiar disco-funk favourite over a chunky, locked-in groove.
26 Aug 19
from $1.89
Boogie Airlines EP
Somebody - (5:56) 105 BPM
Show My Love - (5:20) 120 BPM
Feeling - (6:06) 118 BPM
Alright - (5:55) 120 BPM
Alright (Fingerman Boogie Beatdown) - (7:32) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: Strap yourself in and prepare for take-off: "Boogie Airlines" is ready to take flight with captain JB Boogie at the controls. There's a party going on aboard, with the label-hopping producer-turned-pilot delivering a scintillating soundtrack of disco-fired dancefloor treats. The cabin crew is dancing in the aisles to the rolling disco-funk heaviness of "Sometimes", while the slap-bass propelled hustle of "Show My Love" - a pitched up peak-time take on a Goldie Alexander classic - is tastier than the in-flight food and twice as salty. The jazzy disco sweetness of "Feeling" and the horn-fired synth boogie business of "Alright" follow, before co-pilot Fingerman takes the controls to deliver a pumped-up "Boogie Beatdown" take on the latter jam
12 Aug 19
from $1.89
Pickles In Orbit EP
Apollo's Groove - (6:26) 110 BPM
Cosmic Odyssey - (7:21) 110 BPM
Canaveral - (5:52) 115 BPM
Apollo's Groove (Fingerman version Excursion) - (8:11) 110 BPM
Cosmic Odyssey (Smashed Atoms remix) - (6:50) 110 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: If you like your nu-disco on the laidback and Balearic side then you'll find much to enjoy on this three-track, five-mix EP from Leeds-based Picklejam. 'Apollo's Groove' has shimmering Italo synths and just a hint of mournful, Latin-sounding brass, and is followed by 'Cosmic Odyssey', a very classy small-hours excursion for the disco floors, before 'Canaveral' then flips the script and looks to 80s electro and hip-hop for inspiration. On the remix front, Fingerman provides an alternative (but not radically different) take on 'Apollo's Groove' while Smashed Atoms add some killer Italo-house pianos to 'Cosmic Odyssey'.
29 Jul 19
from $1.89
Slide EP
Slide - (6:20) 117 BPM
Can't Get Enough - (5:45) 114 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Gonna Get You - (6:20) 120 BPM
Can't Get Enough (Fingerman's Fist Bumpin' Beatdown) - (7:32) 119 BPM
Slide (Chewy Rubs Slips It In dub) - (6:57) 118 BPM
Review: On his latest EP for Fingerman's Hot Digits label, Athens hero C Da Afro is in full-on synth-boogie mode. Raiding his collection of '80s soul records for inspiration, the prolific producer offers up a trio of reworks rich in bold synth-bass, dewy-eyed vocals and colourful melodies. Choose between the aptly titled "Slick", the elastic, P-funk-tinged bounce of "Can't Get Enough" and the fliter-and-saxophone-sporting haziness of "Gonna Get You", another '80s soul revision that's been subtly tooled up for contemporary dancefloors. Remix wise, the killer contribution comes from Chewy Rubs, whose Dub mix of "Slide" is an on-point study in hard synth bass, ricocheting guitars, chunky guitars, echoing vocal samples and delay-laden synthesizer flashes.
08 Jul 19
from $1.89
Head In The Clouds EP
Coastal Groove - (7:35) 112 BPM
Coastal Groove (Kiu D remix) - (6:42) 117 BPM
Groundwave - (7:44) 120 BPM
Groundwave (Fingerman's Boogie Beatdown) - (8:03) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Rare Pleasure - (8:31) 109 BPM
Rare Pleasure (Get Down Edits remix) - (5:59) 114 BPM
Review: Following a string of rock solid EPs for the likes of Thunder Jam, Masterworks Music and Spa In Disco, Stephen Richards returns to Hot Digits for the first time since January 2018. He hits the ground running with a slap bass, electric piano and P-funk fuelled chunk of nu-disco/deep house fusion (the addictive "Coastal Groove"), before opting for tighter beats, fuzzier bass guitar and skewed, turn-of-the-90s house stabs on the similarly impressive "Groundwork". He offers up some spacey, synth-laden disco positivity, too, in the shape of "Rare Pleasure". That gets a smooth and groovy disco-house makeover at the hands of pals Get Down Edits, while Fingerman delivers a loopy "Boogie Beatdown" flip of "Groundwork" and Kiu D re-imagines "Coastal Groove" as a dreamy chunk of fizzing disco-boogie.
17 Jun 19
from $1.89
Hot Digits: Year Five
Old Chap - "Hey Mister" - (4:37) 98 BPM
Peza - "I Gotta Little Love" - (6:18) 103 BPM
Shit Hot Soundsystem - "Sweetest Feeling" - (7:26) 104 BPM
Ruff Diamond - "Get Higher Baby" - (6:10) 107 BPM
Cuz Electric - "Corner Pocket" - (6:08) 112 BPM
Limpodisco - "Rush Hour" - (6:57) 114 BPM
Picklejam - "The Effect Of Cosmic Rays" - (6:26) 112 BPM
Smashed Atoms - "Say It Again" - (8:32) 114 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Stephen Richards - "GoGo" - (7:44) 110 BPM
Andy Kidd - "The Dope Cube" - (5:16) 118 BPM
Thoma Cher - "I Got What You Need" - (6:20) 113 BPM
JB Dizzy - "Everybody Dancin'" - (7:39) 112 BPM
SR Edits - "Feelings" - (6:25) 112 BPM
Tomas Malo & Rafa Navajas - "The Chosen One" - (6:15) 115 BPM
That Needs An Edit - "Luv Won't Wait" - (7:29) 116 BPM
LUP INO - "You Stop Fooling" - (5:39) 116 BPM
Ross Fitz - "Found Dub" - (7:37) 120 BPM
Dr Packer - "Win Your Love" - (6:20) 120 BPM
Chewy Rubs & North Laine - "Let Your Body Go" - (5:35) 120 BPM
Labor Of Love - "Stargazer" - (6:22) 116 BPM
Fingerman - "Family Ties" - (7:02) 117 BPM
Lego Edit - "Dance Girl" - (5:27) 119 BPM
Chuggin Edits - "Fly Robin Fly" - (6:37) 117 BPM
Rayko - "Tribaldome" - (6:02) 120 BPM
Vincenzo De Bull - "The Bruce Line" - (8:05) 120 BPM
Frank Virgilio - "B. Blood" - (6:17) 121 BPM
Down Under Disco - "Reach Out" - (7:23) 117 BPM
Andy Buchan - "Ignition" - (6:44) 117 BPM
Manuel Costela - "Feelings Of Guilt" - (7:21) 115 BPM
Lasso D'Amore - "Island Life" - (5:56) 120 BPM
Massey & Reeta - "Feel The Rush" - (5:53) 125 BPM
Doctorsoul - "Spirit Of The Night" - (6:54) 120 BPM
Review: Every 12 months, Fingerman's prolific Hot Digits imprint serves up an epic compilation entirely made up of exclusive, previously unheard re-edits, reworks and original productions. They're invariably excellent and this year's edition - the fifth in total - is even more epic than usual. There's naturally plenty to set the pulse racing amongst the dancefloor focused 32-track selection, from the throbbing Italo-disco style electronic sleaziness of Peza's "I Gotta Little Love" and the bouncy, acid-flecked cheeriness of Limpdisco's "Rush Hour", to the angular nu-disco heaviness of Andy Kidd's "The Dope Cube", the sparkling 80s boogie goodness of LUP INO's "Don't Stop Fooling" and and disco-funk-goes-house pump of Fingerman's "Family Ties". Keep an eye out too for rock solid rubs by Dr Packer, Chuggin Edits, Rayko and Andy Buchan.
27 May 19
from $1.89
Hair EP
It Came Fast - (6:09) 120 BPM
Where Is It? - (4:50) 120 BPM
Gravitate - (6:07) 120 BPM
Gravitate (JB Dizzy remix) - (7:20) 117 BPM
Where Is It? (Fingerman's Acid Beatdown) - (7:30) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: Producer Rich Hall and singer/instrumentalist Megan Jones, AKA Cuz Electric, have previously released on labels such as Midnight Riot, Paper Recordings and Katakana Edits, so it's little surprise that housed-up nu-disco and discofied deep house are the order of the day on this five-tracker for Fingerman's Belfast-based Hot Digits Music. 'It Came Fast' features sprightly pianos and a very 80s-sounding bassline, 'Where Is It?' veers into electro/boogie pastures, 'Gravitate' is a Nang-esque nu-disco gem before being remixed into an Italo-tinged throbber by JB Dizzy while the label boss's Acid Beatdown remix of 'Where Is It?' brings the Ha?ienda '87 vibes.
27 May 19
from $1.89
Delicious Disco
Delicious Disco - (6:40) 115 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Disco Spring - (8:11) 120 BPM
Feel So Good - (7:19) 115 BPM
Nite Talk - (7:02) 115 BPM
Review: Having previously appeared on a handful of Hot Digits compilations, SR Edits has finally been handed the chance to release a full EP on Fingerman's prolific imprint. It's an action packed four-track affair rich in giddy, floor-friendly workouts that sit somewhere in between traditional tooled-up re-edits and the house style boogie loop jams of Italian twosome Tiger & Woods. Title track "Delicious Disco" - a bouncy and loopy boogie-house cut built around sections lifted from Brenda Taylor's "You Can't Have Your Cake & Eat It Too" - is our pick of the bunch, though the glossy big studio, mid-80s electrofunk flex of "Disco Spring" and deeper "Nite Talk" arse also pretty darn good.
15 Apr 19
from $1.89
My Special Way EP
Let's Go (The Re-Think) - (7:05) 112 BPM
It's Really True - (6:07) 120 BPM
Marco's Groove - (7:16) 97 BPM
Let's Go (The Re-Think - Fingerman Re-Do) - (7:30) 111 BPM
Review: 10 months after his last outing for Hot Digits, self-proclaimed "visionary remixer" Frank Virgilio returns to Fingerman's label with an EP packed to the rafters with floor-friendly fare. The Neopolitan producer is renowned for blurring the lines between remixes, re-edits and original productions, so it's little surprise to find that much of the music here treads a similar path. Check, for example, "Marco's Groove", a head-nodding, toe-tapping slo-mo loop jam that combines samples from an old Claudja Barry jam with heavy new drums and fuzzy electronic bass. Elsewhere, "It's Really True" is a bumping chunk of dub disco/deep house fusion, "Let's Go (The Rethink)" is a bouncy disco-house treat and "Special 79" a pleasingly low-slung chunk of warming deep house rich in boogie bass and sparkling electrofunk synths.
18 Mar 19
from $1.89
Lovin' Me
Rendezvous - (8:34) 114 BPM
Lovin' Me - (6:42) 118 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Slow Cookin' - (7:18) 106 BPM
Rendezvous (Fingerman remix) - (7:45) 116 BPM
Lovin' Me (Get Down Edits Deep Lovin' remix) - (5:54) 120 BPM
Review: Some three years after releasing his debut EP on Disco Fruit, David "JB Dizzy" Backes is back in action, this time on Fingerman's Hot Digits Music imprint. He starts a wonderfully warm and groovy EP with the sweeping synth-strings, darting P-funk synth flashes, rich electric piano stabs and mid-tempo disco grooves of "Rendezvous", before upping the tempo on the filter boasting disco/deep house fusion of hazy title track "Lovin' Me". For those seeking something with a little more head-nodding chug, the breezy, sun-kissed "Slow Cooking" should tick a lot boxes thanks to an alluring combination of dubbed-out vocal snippets and toasty disco instrumentation. Fingerman delivers a slightly more peak-time-ready revision of "Rendezvous", while Get Down Edits do a similar job on their loopy, tooled-up disco-house take on "Lovin' Me".
25 Feb 19
from $1.89
Harvard Psychedelic Club
Gazza's Music Gang - (6:16) 120 BPM
Dig It - (5:06) 115 BPM
Way Down - (5:41) 120 BPM
DCi 2Ci - (5:40) 120 BPM
Gazza's Music Gang (Kiu D remix) - (6:27) 121 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
DCi 2Ci (Fingerman's Wobbly Disco rework) - (7:39) 119 BPM
Review: Emirates-based DJ/producer Don Dayglow has giddily flit between labels of late, serving up EPs on ISM, Particle Zoo, Hottwerk and Thunder Jam. Here the British ex-pat adds another label to his discography via a quietly impressive collection of cuts on Fingerman's Hot Digits imprint. The real standout is probably opener "Gazza's Music Gang", a tidy rework of the flipside Dub of "Making Music" by Gary's Gang which makes great use of the original's chugging groove and fluttering, life-affirming synth solos. That said, there's plenty to set the pulse racing elsewhere, from the acid-fired funk-goes-Italo-disco throb of "Dig It" and the jaunty nu-disco melodiousness of "DCi 2i". The latter comes accompanied by a tidy Fingerman re-rub in which the South Coast producer goes all wonky, bass-heavy and trippy.
29 Oct 18
from $1.89
Alejarse - (7:19) 101 BPM
Antton & Dimitry Soul - "El Dolor Mas Dulce" - (8:20) 102 BPM
Milagro - (5:02) 111 BPM
Ve Mas Despacio - (9:01) 90 BPM
Antton - "Milagro" (Fingerman's extended re-edit) - (7:03) 112 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: Antton is the latest addition to the Ibiza club scene, as resident DJ at several hotspots such as Ushuaia Tower, Cafe Del Mar, Es Vive Hotels Experience Bar and The Beach Star Hotel - where he is also the music director. He comes to Hot Digits armed with a plethora of sultry poolside reworks and classic vibes, which the label themselves perfectly described as' perfect for warming up or firing off!' From the lo-slung soul power of "Alejarse", classic slo-mo disco on the rather sultry "El Dolor Mas Dulce" (with Dimitry Soul) or "Ve Mas Despacio" respectively. Lastly, label head honcho Fingerman gets on board with an extended re-edit of "Milagro".
17 Sep 18
from $1.89
Remote Lover EP
Remote Lover - (6:25) 105 BPM
One Thing - (6:42) 107 BPM
Keep Running - (5:07) 115 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Indy Thinking - (5:06) 116 BPM
Indy Thinking (Fingerman rework) - (8:25) 115 BPM
Review: Ali "Ooft" Herron usually operates out of his own FOTO Recordings label, so it's a pleasant surprise to see the Scottish producer pop up on Hot Digits. Naturally, there's no dip in quality, with Herron expertly exploring slo-mo deep house/ disco fusion (bubbly opener "Remote Lover" and the swirling Barry White style purr of "One Thing", before pushing up the tempo in pursuit of peak-time glory. In this category you'll find the layered hand percussion and spacey bass of glassy-eyed '80s soul rework "Keep Running" and the snappy, riff-heavy bounce of turn-of-the-'90s NY house workout "Indy Thinking". The latter is also given a bonus going over by label chief Fingerman, who adds swirling effects and trippy synths to make it sound like an alternate take on Lil' Louis's "French Kiss".
20 Aug 18
from $1.89
Can I Borrow An Edit?
Can I Borrow A Feeling? - (5:34) 112 BPM
Turn U On - (6:29) 117 BPM
URD1 - (6:26) 118 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Y'LNK - (5:38) 100 BPM
Can I Borrow A Feeling? (Don Dayglow remix) - (5:49) 112 BPM
30 Jul 18
from $1.89
Gettin' Loose EP
Gettin' Loose - (7:56) 118 BPM
Soul Disco - (7:01) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Horn Bag - (7:30) 120 BPM
Last Night Changed - (6:17) 121 BPM
Gettin' Loose (Saskin S Smoothie & Soft remix) - (5:09) 100 BPM
Gettin' Loose (Saskin S Club mix) - (5:21) 120 BPM
Review: Since making his debut a couple of years back, Downunder Disco producer Steve Cooper has become one of Thunder Jam's most reliable artists. Here the Aussie nu-disco don transfers to Fingerman's Hot Digits label to release what could well be his strongest EP. Of the four original tracks on offer, we're rather enjoying the lolloping beats, dreamy Rhodes chords and fluttering Balearic flourishes of "Gettin' Loose", the off0kilter Latino piano house bustle of "Horn Bag" and the wavy acid-funk of "Last Night Changed". Saskin S handles remix duties, first serving up a languid, head-nodding take on "Gettin' Loose" (the sun-kiised "Smoothie and Soft" mix), before heading towards peak-time dancers via an analogue bass-propelled deep house Club Mix of the same track.
16 Jul 18
from $1.89
Secret Sounds EP
Disco Girls - (5:59) 115 BPM
Kissing - (6:04) 112 BPM
Secret Sounds - (6:18) 118 BPM
Secret Sounds (Natasha Kitty Katt remix) - (6:01) 118 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Kissing (Fingerman's Disco Strutt re-edit) - (7:23) 113 BPM
18 Jun 18
from $1.89
TechnoSoul EP
Seven Swords - (6:49) 110 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Stone Groove - (7:14) 108 BPM
Too Hot To Touch - (6:06) 119 BPM
Too Hot To Touch (Chewy Rubs Re-Shuffle) - (6:11) 120 BPM
28 May 18
from $1.89
Hot Digits: Year Four
80's Child - "All She Needs" - (8:13) 85 BPM
Chuggin' Edits - "Let It Go" - (5:40) 88 BPM
Frank Virgilio - "It's Your Boogie Baby" - (7:46) 97 BPM
Antton - "Back 4 More" - (7:07) 100 BPM
Sould Out - "Fun Kit" - (5:53) 101 BPM
JB Dizzy - "Find A Way" - (6:21) 106 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Tony Disco - "Rolling Paper" - (5:13) 108 BPM
IO - "Midnight On The Bay" - (6:42) 105 BPM
SR Edits - "Just Us" - (8:03) 105 BPM
Andy Buchan - "Life's So Ordinary" - (6:00) 110 BPM
Le Visiteur - "No Stoppin' Us" - (7:17) 113 BPM
Stephen Richards - "When It Comes To Funk" - (7:51) 111 BPM
Ash Reynolds - "Cold Girl" - (7:27) 119 BPM
Hotmood - "Montuno" - (6:38) 120 BPM
Ed Mahon - "Monty's Nemesis" - (7:38) 116 BPM
Chewy Rubs - "Wick-A-Dee-Wack" - (7:20) 116 BPM
DJ Moar - "Love Situation" - (6:10) 118 BPM
ThatNeedsAnEdit - "Norwegian Friend" - (7:26) 116 BPM
Fingerman - "Ace Values" - (7:04) 113 BPM
Don Dayglow - "Many Things" - (6:14) 114 BPM
Cuz Electric - "Dan Tada Riddem" - (6:44) 120 BPM
Jarle Brathen - "Ai Ai Cabron" - (6:26) 117 BPM
EditR & Dimitry Soul - "On My Mind" - (7:39) 119 BPM
Parissior - "Corrupted" - (6:06) 117 BPM
Bizcutz - "She Don't Want" - (7:54) 120 BPM
Kellini - "Earthship" - (5:52) 121 BPM
Down Under Disco - "Say More?" - (7:24) 122 BPM
Kiu D - "Twenty One Eight" - (8:28) 122 BPM
Review: To kick-start a fourth year of disco-fuelled madness, Hot Digits chief Fingerman has put together this sizeable compilation of previously unheard exclusives. As you'd expect, there's far more killers than fillers to be found amongst the 28-track deep selection or re-edits and original productions. Highlights include the clarinet-laden electrofunk-meets-disco bounce of Frank Virgilio's "It's Your Boogie Baby", the disco-goes-hip-hop flex of Tony Disco's delicious "Rolling Paper", the sparkling nu-disco goodness of "When It Comes To Funk" by Stephen Richards, the driving disco-house bump of Ash Reynolds' "Cold Girl" and the fuzzy electrofunk wobble of Don Dayglow's "Many Things". Throw in fine contributions from Chewy Rubs, Le Visiteur, norse man Jarle Brathen and, of course, Fingerman, and you have a must-buy collection of cuts.
28 May 18
from $1.89
Out All Nite
Spectral - (7:20) 115 BPM
Out All Nite - (6:11) 119 BPM
Mind Blown - (6:08) 121 BPM
Your Promise - (6:45) 109 BPM
Spectral (Dr Packer's Acid Disco mix) - (6:47) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Out All Nite (Rubberlips remix) - (6:31) 110 BPM
Review: It's fair to say that Andy Buchanan is on a roll. He enjoyed a hugely successful debut year in 2017 and has since kept up the pressure via EPs on Spa in Disco and Masterworks Music. His Hot Digits debut is a typically cheery and positive affair, with rolling, Italo-disco inspired opener "Spectral" - all restless arpeggio lines, dreamy chords and rising melodies - setting the tone. Of the four original tracks on show, the throbbing and attractive "Mind Blown" is probably the pick, though the Balearic boogie/laidback piano house flex of "Your Promise" is almost as inspired. Aussie adventurer Dr Packer heads up the remix package with a simply scorching, TB-303 heavy "Acid Disco" remake of opener "Spectral".
15 Apr 18
from $1.89
The Kyng
Uptown Fynk (original mix) - (5:18) 110 BPM
Uptown Fynk (Andy Buchan remix) - (6:20) 118 BPM
The Kyng (original mix) - (5:30) 117 BPM
The Kyng (Fingerman Rework) - (6:42) 117 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Gemysis (original mix) - (5:33) 118 BPM
Gemysis (Aure Zwins remix) - (5:08) 103 BPM
19 Mar 18
from $1.89
Danke Schoen
Love Me No More - (6:45) 112 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Pay The Price - (6:03) 116 BPM
31 Flavours - (6:12) 120 BPM
Windy - (6:18) 118 BPM
My Drifting Mind - (6:41) 88 BPM
Review: With a whole string of tasty releases on a variety of top labels, Gary 'Chuggin Edits' Poulter has been a busy fellow this past six months. The Essex based DJ held a residency at the last Days of Shoreditch Summer 2017. He finally comes to Hot Digits Music with a hot five tracker full of quality cut and paste joints! From the pumping and hypnotic loops of "Pay The Price" (nailing that early French Touch vibe) via some soul-funk sources, there's also "31 Flavours" which goes for that Salsoul feel. Finally, he saves the best for last on two sultry and slo-mo resplices on the low slung tip, such as "Windy" and "My Drifting Mind" respectively.
26 Feb 18
from $1.89
Making Music EP
Stephen Richards - "Making Music" (original mix) - (8:13) 110 BPM
Get Down Edits - "Our Turn" (original mix) - (5:46) 115 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Stephen Richards - "Making Music" (Get Down Edits remix) - (6:02) 113 BPM
Get Down Edits - "Our Turn" (Stephen Richards remix) - (7:02) 115 BPM
Don't Be Shy (original mix) - (8:09) 118 BPM
Review: Rising stars of the 21st century disco scene, Get Down Edits, join forces with Waterford pal Stephen Richards for a fine crew EP on Fingerman's still smoking Hot Digits label. As you might expect, there's much fun to be had throughout, from the lolloping, mid-tempo, soul-fired disco house loveliness of Richards' "Making Music (Original Mix)" and 6th Borough Style compressed deep house-disco bounce of Get Down Edits' "Our Turn" (a brilliant track for the sample spotters), to the organ-boasting, early '90s New Jersey deep house revivalism of the collaborative "Don't Be Shy". Get Down Edits' heavier, faster and more thrusting rework of Richards' "Making Music" is also rather impressive.

29 Jan 18
from $1.89
Special Logic EP
Hither & Thither - (7:17) 116 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Hither & Thither (dub mix) - (7:18) 116 BPM
Something Special - (6:34) 115 BPM
Expanse Of Sea - (5:18) 111 BPM
Expanse Of Sea (Fingerman's Blue Lagoon rework) - (8:06) 111 BPM
Review: Gradient Logic continues their admirable attempt to put out an EP on each of the world's most popular re-edit imprints. Having previously put out material on Editorial, Masterworks Music, DiscoDat, Disco Fruit and ChopShop, the St Petersburg producers now pop up on Fingerman's Hot Digits imprint. They begin by serving up two versions of fluid, delay-laden, reggae-tinged electrofunk roller "Hither and Thither", with the rolling Dub being our pick of the pair. "Something Special" sees the Russian combo make merry with a cosmic rock/disco-rock cut - with predictably fine results - while "Expanse of Sea" is warm, woozy, soulful, gently jazzy and underpinned by some seriously locked-in drums. Fingerman's Balearic-minded "Blue Lagoon Rework" is arguably even better.
18 Dec 17
from $1.89
Cut This Way EP
Cut This Way - (7:10) 113 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Wonderlust (extended version) - (8:15) 113 BPM
Lost Someone - (7:29) 117 BPM
Wonderlust (Get Down Edits & Micko Roche remix) - (6:12) 116 BPM
Cut This Way (Dave Gerrard re-cut) - (6:02) 113 BPM
Review: Headed up by Brighton's Fingerman, Hot Digits Music return with London's Steve Gladdis aka Smashed Atoms - who after some spectacular releases on his own Magic Circles imprint and Paper Music, explodes onto the label with "Cut This Way". Sounding like it takes it cues from NYC disco legends Blondie as much as it does from American rapper Dimples D. "Wonderlust" (extended version) goes for more of a lo-slung deep house vibe which we found pretty sweet, while the bleepy "Lost Someone" gets back to the program with some sunny party vibes. Also featuring some superb remix action from Get Down Edits featuring Micko Roche and the Chopshop regular from Montreal: Dave Gerrard.
13 Nov 17
from $1.89
Break A Leg - (5:31) 118 BPM
The Funk - (6:16) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
In Doubt - (6:07) 116 BPM
Resaca - (6:18) 113 BPM
In Doubt (Stephen Richards remix) - (7:14) 116 BPM
Resaca (Chewy Rubs From The Deep dub) - (7:03) 118 BPM
Review: Hot Digits enjoyed Kellini's last EP so much that they asked him to come back and this time he's brought fellow Norwegian Saskin S: who follows his The Game EP from last year. The two bring some serious heat with this bunch of energetic nu-disco cuts. Starting off with the neon-lit boogie of "Break A Leg" followed by the low slung groove of "In Doubt" which really takes things deep. It comes alongside remixes from rising Irish producer Stephen Richards, whose rendition of "In Doubt" gets some groovy summertime vibes happening (to get any decent Disco Stu in the mood) while Chewy Rubs' From The Deep dub of "Resaca" takes things down a darker and headier route: which would be perfect for late night mood lighting on the dancefloor.

11 Sep 17
from $1.89
Picture Off Delight
Do To Me - (6:28) 105 BPM
Varighet - (5:53) 115 BPM
I Forgars - (7:08) 118 BPM
Picture Off Delight - (6:24) 111 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Landomrader - (6:37) 120 BPM
Varighet (Fingerman's Boogie Beatdown) - (8:12) 114 BPM
Review: Norway's Kellini has been tentatively branching out from his safe enclave at the Walking Disco label, dipping his toe of late in the waters of new and different labels like Thunder Jam and now, Hot Digits. Its been good for him to stretch his creative legs, with this new five track EP a case in point. Displaying a newfound maturity, highlights of the release include the West End Records-style warm boogie of "Varighet", the title track's raunchy arpeggiated knees up and the moody electro-funk of "Landomrader". Quality retro dancefloor vibes.
03 Jul 17
from $1.89
Funk Rockin' Beats
Get Up! Get Back! - (7:28) 111 BPM
Close To The Ground - (7:00) 108 BPM
Shacked! - (9:15) 116 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Rock On - (7:52) 123 BPM
Review: Mexican party-starter Fernando Mendoza AKA The Funk District has been in a rich vein of form since making his debut on Hotbox Boogie back in 2015. Two years and umpteen releases later, he pops up on the Fingerman-helmed Hot Digits Music for the very first time. He kicks things off with the bumping, hip-hop style funk breakbeats, wild harmonica and guttural male vocals of swamp funk rework "Get Up! Get Back!", before underpinning a sleazy disco-funk gem with bustling house beats on "Close to the Ground". 'Shacked", meanwhile, is a stomping, filter-heavy rearrangement of one of the best-loved, break-driven disco-funk slammers (later covered by A Certain Ratio, fact fans) and "Rock On" is a no nonsense, tooled-up disco-rock banger.

12 Jun 17
from $1.89
Hot Digits: Year Three
Andy Kidd - "Mellow Choice" - (6:09) 100 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Rare Cuts - "That's What You Say" - (4:35) 87 BPM
Twinzz - "On Broadway" - (7:03) 100 BPM
Bad Barbie vs Evil Smarty - "Come On" - (8:02) 104 BPM
Rabo & Snob - "Vero Dance" - (4:44) 100 BPM
DJ Steef - "Lust Of Dust" - (5:54) 100 BPM
Dr Packer - "Gonna Make It Right" - (6:03) 102 BPM
Mosaik - "New York" - (6:04) 111 BPM
Down Under Disco - "If I Was" - (7:07) 110 BPM
Woodhead & Bikes - "The Shuffle" (edit) - (6:10) 114 BPM
Get Down Edits - "Melt Your Heart" - (6:32) 104 BPM
Stephen Richards - "Work It Just A Little" - (7:01) 110 BPM
Dawn Again & Franco Lobo - "Ex Bikie" - (5:45) 111 BPM
Beatboy - "Yes Child" - (5:53) 110 BPM
Hotmood - "Juicy Groove" - (6:52) 108 BPM
Tomas Malo & Rafa Navajas - "Mezcalero" - (6:39) 107 BPM
Joseph Terruel - "Turca" - (5:15) 111 BPM
SR Edits - "What You Say?" - (8:24) 110 BPM
Cordycep - "Let's Go Back" - (6:15) 118 BPM
James Rod - "Every Time I See" - (6:02) 114 BPM
Touchsoul - "Foreign Love" - (6:28) 115 BPM
That Needs An Edit - "Take Yo' Acid" - (7:32) 105 BPM
Shit Hot Soundsystem - "Slow Down (Do It Tonight)" - (6:53) 118 BPM
Fingerman - "Embrace U Give" - (7:45) 117 BPM
The Starkiller - "Acid Baby" - (6:12) 116 BPM
Appo - "Shante's Vibes" - (8:41) 120 BPM
Chewy Rubs - "Memory" - (6:48) 120 BPM
Andy Buchan - "This Love" - (6:11) 116 BPM
Ooft! - "Burnin' Love" - (6:37) 116 BPM
Tripmann - "Julian In London" - (6:22) 121 BPM
Chris Shennan - "Can't Shake" - (5:47) 119 BPM
Twisted Soul Collective & Natasha Kitty Katt - "Paradise" - (8:31) 120 BPM
2 Billion Beats - "Tomorrow, Today" - (6:58) 121 BPM
Various Artists - "Hot Digits: Year Three Retrospective Mix" (Fingerman mix) - (1:09:41) 112 BPM
29 May 17
from $1.89
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