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All Cracked Up
KD 089
16 Oct 17
from $1.98
Played by: S-File, Miss Electric
Review: Like his own 6 foot 6 inches demeanour, this release from DJ Rush is an imposing affair. It moves from the high-paced, clap-heavy ghetto techno of "In the Bag" into the grimy acid and deranged vocal narrative on the title track about a female acquaintance who is on 'crack cocaine' and 'looks like a lollipop". "Droppin' Things" sees Rush deliver a tribal roller that sounds more inspired by UK techno than his hometown, while "Slide on By" is a synapse-melting acid affair, pitched at a high tempo. "Bits & Pieces" sees the Chicago producer take the intensity level down again, albeit with a steely rhythm, while "Pay Attention to the Bass" is classic Rush, a rolling visceral groove featuring freaked out vocals.

Dance To The Drums
KD 086
23 Feb 17
from $1.98
Review: He's back! The Chicago techno and hard house legend returns on his notorious Kne Deep imprint with a new full length effort. The man who brought such legendary titles over the last couple decades such as "Motherucking Bass", "Freaks On Hubbard" and "Look'n Like A Woman" still pulls off his jackin' and relentless style as good as ever here and takes no prisoners! Getting straight down to business on the gusty and stompin' "That's What I'm Talkin' About" featuring his hilarious trademark vocals, there's two versions of the sick "Round Midnight" but we were more concerned with the "Rush Acid dub"(after all, he is from the Windy City!), while tracks like "Dirty Boy" and "Feeling Sexy" showcase his ever enduring knack for charming track titles; not mention a singular techno sound that influenced a generation of dancers and producers. He once famously said "Take more for what I am, or don't take me at all!" and we're certainly with the former. Isaiah Major: respect for doing it your way.?
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