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Left Hand Lucy Recordings

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Champion Eagle
Champion Eagle (discObeta remix) - (5:42) 98 BPM
Space Trippin (Temponauts remix) - (6:49) 98 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
More FiYa (dOb &LGJ) - (5:22) 83 BPM
Review: We don't know much about Bougee Bandolini, and this party-starting three-tracker appears to be the producer's debut single. It's an intriguing, action-packed and unashamedly floor-focused affair, with Bandolini combining his own beats with borrowed vocals and extensive samples from well-known classics. Lead cut 'Champion Eagle (Disc0beta Mix)' sees the producer deliver a mash-up style revision of Steve Miller Band's 'Fly Like an Eagle', which he's looped, tooled-up percussively (it now features chunky hip-hop beats) and combined with a rough-voiced ragga vocal. 'Space Trippin (Temponauts Remix)' is effectively a chunky, updated re-edit of 'Like an Eagle', while 'More FiYa (d0b & LGJ) a druggy, slow-motion chugger in which a dancehall acapella stretches out across familiar-sounding, pitched-down synth riffs and a head-nodding funk rock groove.
18 Jan 22
from $1.89
Did It Like That
Get It On - (5:27) 154 BPM
Bring It To Me - (4:04) 105 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
In My World - (3:20) 140 BPM
Jive Hill - (4:02) 149 BPM
Hit The Dex - (3:39) 155 BPM
Worthwhile - (5:44) 150 BPM
Honey Bee - (4:20) 144 BPM
Blaque Ghost - (4:14) 147 BPM
Who Da Phunk (instrumental) - (4:42) 55 BPM
Booty Whomp - (4:20) 51 BPM
Who Da Phunk - (4:41) 55 BPM
Booty Whomp (instrumental) - (4:20) 51 BPM
Review: We have to send a massive shout out to Left Hand Lucy Recordings on this next selection as they unveil a wicked new feature length project from the one and only discObeta, delivering twelve tracks of funk-inspired breakbeat goodness. There really aren't any moments of quality dip, with the high standards starting on bulbous drum bangs and smooth rap vocals of 'Who Da Phunk', continuing through to the big room synth smashes and dubwise chord progression of 'Jive Hill' and all the way through to the glittering disco textures of 'Bring It To Me'. We would definitely recommend taking in the full project as a long play experience, but for our highlights, we would have to single out super sample work of 'Booty Whomp', next to the super creative synthetic jitters of 'Worthwhile' and of course the again dub-influenced chord structures of 'Blaque Ghost', giving an extra level of versatility to a very solid tracklisting.
09 Nov 21
from $1.89
Did It Like This
NASty Anthem - (5:44) 117 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Come Correct - (4:45) 115 BPM
Love In The Sun - (6:32) 60 BPM
Good Foot - (4:18) 117 BPM
No Doubt - (4:09) 115 BPM
Yo Hit It - (4:14) 147 BPM
Everlastin Boogie - (4:22) 120 BPM
Chinese Robots - (5:06) 119 BPM
Magnet - (4:12) 56 BPM
REgliTch My Face - (4:22) 108 BPM
Cant Stop The Rockit - (4:54) 114 BPM
12 May 20
from $1.89
Breakin The Rulz
Yoobie Doo - (3:56) 99 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Yoobie Doo (BadboE remix) - (3:47) 105 BPM
Dope Noize - (5:01) 101 BPM
Banana Cream Pie DJ Tool - (2:02) 94 BPM
Yoobie Doo (instrumental) - (3:57) 99 BPM
Yoobie Doo (BadboE remix instrumental) - (3:48) 105 BPM
Dope Noize (Ol Skool Flava) - (5:08) 101 BPM
19 Nov 19
Hip Hop/R&B
from $1.89
Sparks EP
Who Got The Spark - (4:38) 102 BPM
All My People - (3:33) 100 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
All My People (Mined & Forrest remix) - (3:10) 105 BPM
16 Apr 19
Hip Hop/R&B
from $1.89
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