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Tales From The Outer Rim
Palantir - (5:51) 121 BPM
Hyperdrive - (5:24) 122 BPM
Dub Conjurer - (6:17) 116 BPM
Tales From The Outer Rim - (5:26) 120 BPM Hot
Review: SND & RTN brings it home on this new EP for Lempuyang that explores their signature techno depths. 'Palantir' opens with fathoms-deep dub and ice-cold synths that snake their way over the face of the track, while 'Hyperdrive' has rumbling chords and smeared pads that keep you on the ocean floor and 'Dub Conjurer' allows in a little more light from the surface with delicate shards piercing the murk. 'Tales From The Outer Rim' shuts down with a nice gentle rhythm that undulates beneath rippling pad work and works well as perfect early evening warm up.
 from $1.89
LPY 16
31 May 24
Rulers Of This World
Scapegoat (feat Milly James - original mix) - (6:03) 122 BPM
Scapegoat (Pole rework) - (5:15) 122 BPM
Deceivers (original mix) - (6:20) 126 BPM
Believers (original mix) - (5:16) 122 BPM Hot
Review: Lempuyang makes it to release number 15 with a devastatingly deep new EP from Deepchord Records co-founder Mike Schommer. He kicks off with 'Scapegoat' featuring the alluring vocals of Milly James which echo out over super slow-motion dub rhythms and icy pads. The Pole rework brings more crisp hits and distant eerie drones over a more pronounced rhythm but one that remains devilishly sparse. 'Deceivers' has more hypotonic drive, a fleshy dub stepper to lock in any 'floor and then 'Believers' slows it down to a crawl once more. An essential dub EP that promises no represses.
 from $1.89
LPY 15
08 Mar 24
Pura Lempuyang Dua
Dib - "Cieloterra" - (6:13) 120 BPM
Federsen - "Random Motion" - (6:33) 129 BPM
Grad_u - "From The Shadows" - (7:13) 128 BPM
Altone - "Emergent Structure" - (6:46) 124 BPM
Fletcher - "It's A Virtue" - (6:58) 160 BPM
Mike Schommer - "Kingmaker" - (6:20) 126 BPM
Nicolas Barnes - "Sonic Dial" - (7:10) 125 BPM Hot
Redrop - "Genesis" - (6:34) 129 BPM
Review: Coming in hot after last year's Pura Lempuyang compilation is this new collection of deep dub and techno. Dib kicks off with 'Cieloterra' which is a devilishly deep and dubby techno cut with fizzing synths running across its face. Federsen is much more smooth and silky with liquid pads and a sublime sense of frictionless groove to his 'Random Motion' while Grad U offers more heavy and stumbling dub quakes on 'From The Shadows.' Altone's 'Emergent Structure' is a lush minimal excursion with deft hits and feathery pads over sublime drums. Fletcher's 'It's A Virtue' features taught, twanging bass and grubby basslines, then Mike Schommer's 'Kingmaker' offers liquid dub funk with watery pads and hissing static. Nicolas Barnes picks it up a little with a darker but still warm dub techno roller in 'Sonic Dial' and Redrop's 'Genesis' is the more driving of the lot but again exists right on the ocean floor.
 from $1.89
19 Jan 24
Theories Of Time
{ } Distortion - (5:20) 138 BPM
{ } Travelling - (9:17) 114 BPM
{ } Shift - (3:55) 152 BPM
{ } Delay - (7:36) 90 BPM
{ } Sequence - (6:36) 128 BPM Hot
{ } Reversal - (4:19) 152 BPM
Review: Hidden Sequence have appeared on legendary dub techno label Mosaic in fine form of late and now they land on the Lempuyang imprint with more serene fusions. Their Theories of Time EP opens up with the swaggering dub rhythms and bottomless depths of 'Distortion', a cut as heady as they come. 'Travelling,' as the title suggests, has a deeper rolling groove and more movement to it as it snakes through underwater dub caverns. There are more widescreen and serene are mxplorations of the ocean floor with 'Shift' and the mysterious leads of 'Delay' which is a frictionless dub dream. The digital version of the EP include two further bonus tracks in 'Sequence' and 'Reversal'.
 from $1.89
19 Jan 24
Northwest Passage
Northern Exposure - (7:33) 125 BPM
Frumbyggjar - (5:41) 124 BPM
Erebus - (6:45) 128 BPM
Nykur - (6:30) 124 BPM Hot
Photokeratitis - (5:52) 126 BPM
Anguta - (8:21) 122 BPM
Stratospheric Clouds - (6:33) 124 BPM
Bara - (5:52) 113 BPM
Review: Ohm and Octal Industries debuted on this label to great acclaim back in 2022 and now they're back on Lempuyang with Northwest Passage, a first album-length collaboration. This release continues with their themes of failed arctic explorations and mythological creatures and, after 12 previous outings together, might be their best work yet: the sounds are mature and powerful, bleak yet deep. Dubbed-out chords roll to infinite horizons, frozen tundras are detailed with wispy melodies and pulsing, supple techno both soothes the soul and gets the head nodding. This is more stylish, subversive and superbly executed electronic music.
 from $1.89
LPY 12
20 Oct 23
Komodo Dubs
Rotation - (6:21) 125 BPM
Noir - (6:35) 129 BPM Hot
Expiravit - (6:16) 133 BPM
Aeon - (6:25) 129 BPM
Review: San Francisco is most often associated with the cartoon sounds of DirtyBird when it comes to electronic music but Federsen offers up some deliciously deep dub techno here. He joins the Lempuyang stable and brings with him plenty of fine Maurizio influences from the off: 'Rotation' is all grainy pads and lo-fi drum loops, 'Noir' has a more silky and minimal tech house feel and 'Expiravit' brings a classic dub sound. The closing track 'Aeon' is perfect for late night smoking sessions.
 from $1.89
LPY 11
09 Jun 23
Day Drama / Night Drama
Gradient - "Day Drama" (original mix) - (7:55) 125 BPM
Gradient - "Day Drama" (Altone reshape) - (6:40) 126 BPM
Altone - "Night Drama" (original mix) - (6:19) 124 BPM
Altone - "Night Drama" (Gradient reshape) - (7:10) 120 BPM Hot
Review: There's a beautifully symmetrical aesthetic to the latest Lempuyang release that totally mirrors the impeccably positioned and delicately balanced sounds going on in the grooves. Two of the most consistent producers of the last few years - Altone and Gradient - produce creatively-related tracks, the former named 'Day Drama' and the latter taking on 'Night Drama'. Then they hand their respective tracks over to each other for remixing duties and bingo, a pretty vital EP is created, a gorgeous set of shimmering dubs for daytime, and some heavyweight business for dark rainy nights. Both producers employ a modern day dub flavour to their minimal, moody techno, with it probably being fair to say that the influence of Maurizio and the Basic Channel label is fairly significant in the worlds of both. Altone's sound is a little grittier and seemingly fizzing with radioactivity, decaying and disintegrating as each offering proceeds, where there's something a bit more spartan and linear about Gradient's grooves, that seem to undulate and reverberate almost invisibly, propelling these exceptionally mixable, enjoyable DJ tools along almost under their own momentum. Nice work all round.
 from $1.89
LPY 10
31 Mar 23
Minimal/Tech House
Pura Lempuyang
Sa Pa - "Randomer" - (4:52) 164 BPM
J.S. Zeiter - "Pulsar" - (7:22) 120 BPM
Deadbeat - "Planterwald" - (5:33) 132 BPM Hot
Bluetrain aka Steve O'Sullivan - "Growing Pains" - (6:40) 128 BPM
El Choop - "Dreamcode" - (5:58) 127 BPM
Gradient - "Dopamine Rain" - (6:39) 125 BPM
Ohm & Octal Industries - "Chile" - (6:20) 126 BPM
The Open Circle - "Intention" - (7:08) 100 BPM
Review: To celebrate its first anniversary Lempuyang firmly stakes its claim amongst the forefront of deep techno labels with an outrageous line-up consisting of eight of the most respected heads in the business all doing their stuff. Among the highlights are the growling menace of Sa Pa's 'Randomer', Gradient's fizzy, dubbed-up 'Dopamine Rain' wearing its Basic Channel influence on its sleeve, the ghostly rave stabs of Deadbeat's 'Planterwald' among a sea of radioactive white noise and the clear, sculpted linear grooves of 'Growing Pains' by Bluetrain. That said, there's no weak link among the eight cuts and put together into one coherent package it's more than the sum of its parts.
 from $1.89
LPY 09
20 Jan 23
Steady Pulse
Downtown (exclusive digital edit) - (2:22) 88 BPM
Timeshifter - (5:35) 127 BPM
Cherry Dub - (6:27) 124 BPM
Chant Down (exclusive digital edit) - (8:18) 126 BPM Hot
Perfect Circle - (6:50) 127 BPM
Bare Grills - (6:38) 129 BPM
Headspace - (5:04) 127 BPM
Ramstrad Vibing - (4:42) 127 BPM
Step It Up (exclusive digital edit) - (4:44) 141 BPM
Review: Hard to believe, but it's 25 years since the emergence of Steve O'Sullivan's dub moniker, and now Lempuyang has the honour of presenting the first full length album of all new material. Over the span of nine tracks, Steve takes us on a version excursion, exploring a mixture of dub rhythms alongside a healthy dose of wizardry to work the floor. Featuring collaborations from Hidden Sequence, Another Channel, and vocals from Prince Morella. Strictly for connoisseurs - and yet utterly essential!
 from $1.89
LPY 07
06 Jan 23
Vortex (original mix) - (6:29) 163 BPM
Vortex (Yagya remix) - (6:41) 118 BPM Hot
Customization (original mix) - (6:51) 119 BPM
Customization (Bluetrain Special Edition dub) - (7:48) 126 BPM
Review: After two utterly essential releases on ae Recordings and Primary Colours in 2021, Altone once more delivers the goods for Lempuyang. The label's eighth release brings together two of the most respected heads in the business on remix duties. Altone's deep & pulsing title track 'Vortex' gets Yagya's glacial treatment, while 'Customization' gets a Bluetrain rework with Steve's trademark Special Edition Dub giving the track a dancefloor edge.
 from $1.89
LPY 08
17 Oct 22
Venezuela - (6:08) 120 BPM Hot
Mexico Tripping - (7:20) 122 BPM
Argentina (original mix) - (6:51) 126 BPM
Argentina (Anton Kubikov remix) - (7:26) 125 BPM
Review: Iceland's top export and collaborators Ohm & Octal Industries come together for another fine release once more here on the Lempuyang label. This time they turn up the heat with a trio of fresh, super-deep yet driving cuts. Each one brings its own sense of dance floor magic with 'Venezuela' layering up the dub chords, 'Mexico Tripping' having a more shimmering house vibe and 'Argentina' getting more raw and heavy in its onward march. Anton Kubikov provides a remix then smooths out the edges and sinks you into a zoned out deep and dubby roller.
 from $1.89
LPY 06
18 Jul 22
Universe EP
Refracted - (8:40) 124 BPM Hot
Cyclic - (5:30) 120 BPM
Gravity Waves - (6:43) 120 BPM
Blueshift - (7:34) 115 BPM
Review: 25 years ago, one of the most essential deep & dubby techno projects put forth its roots in the form of the 'JS' and 'MCMLXV' labels. Two decades later the consistency & quality of James' output is as solid as ever. The aptly titled Universe EP showcases the breadth of his talent; from the atmosphere-skimming feel of 'Refracted', to the melodic vibes of 'Cyclic'. Elsewhere sees more familiar territory in the abrasive 'Gravity Waves', and the expansive & soaring 'Blueshift' has future classic written all over it. Timeless material.
 from $1.89
LPY 05
25 Apr 22
Feel No Hate
Feel No Hate - (6:50) 118 BPM
Don't Think - (7:39) 118 BPM Hot
Here In My World - (6:32) 118 BPM
No Hassle - (5:44) 124 BPM
Review: Fans of Jean F. Cochois (Elias/Jeremy/Drain Pipe) & the Driftwood label, sit up and take note. Catalan producer Adria came to our attention after his sublime contribution to Chikyu-u's digital sideline. Here, he delivers four ultra deep & dubby house tracks, in a similar vein to Driftwood but without the hefty price tag usually associated with the label. Adria is a producer to watch in 2022!
 from $1.89
LPY 04
04 Apr 22
Deep House
Untitled (Lempuyang 03)
Bluetrain aka Steve O'Sullivan - "Binary Riddim" - (13:29) 128 BPM Hot
Hydergine - "Mystic Light" - (6:09) 122 BPM
Hydergine - "Lunar Eclipse" - (7:33) 100 BPM
Review: Lempuyang's third offering is an outstanding split release between Steve O'Sullivan & Hydergine, label bosses for Mosaic/Bluetrain & Ranges. In 'Binary Riddim' Steve delivers a two-part dub track spanning >13 minutes, seriously heavy in the low end; melancholy strings in the first half, progressing to outright menacing chord stabs in the latter. A versatile track offering something for both warm-up and the dancefloor. Elsewhere we have 'Mystic Light' and 'Lunar Eclipse' from Hydergine. Deep, dubby atmospherics meander over a weighty 909 kick on the first, subtle minimalism a la Terrence Dixon pitched down on the latter. Essential release!
 from $1.89
LPY 03
07 Mar 22
Giro EP
I.S.W.I.S. #3 - (6:55) 101 BPM Hot
I.S.W.I.S. #2 - (6:55) 130 BPM
Swim In The Universe - (7:28) 111 BPM
Love Is In The Air - (7:09) 120 BPM
Review: The second release on Lempuyang comes courtesy of Tomoki Tsukamoto. In the late 90s Tomoki put out releases on Gez Varley's G Records, i220, and of course ran his own Metrojuice Records imprint; putting out some of the most sought-after deep & dubby techno records under his alias W-Moon. After a hiatus of over 20 years he now returns with four new tracks under his own name, still retaining that deep signature sound.
 from $1.89
LPY 02
10 Jan 22
Homegrown Dubs
Bubble Up - (5:19) 123 BPM Hot
Go With The Flow - (7:04) 130 BPM
Two Foot Terrorist - (7:22) 128 BPM
Straight To The Back - (6:16) 129 BPM
Review: The Lempuyang label gets off to a strong start by inviting one of the dons of dubby minimal techno to lay down some peerless material. Steve O'Sullivan's Bluetrain moniker is revered by anyone who knows their onions in the annals of UK techno, and he's on imperious form as the Homegrown Dubs EP fires up with the gaseous chord drops of 'Bubble Up'. 'Go With The Flow' is a sleeker, more uptempo affair with a snappy beat to appeal to the DJs out there, while 'Two Foot Terrorist' maintains the pace with some deeper metallic ink bursts for variation. 'Straight To The Back' channels the billowing tones of the A1 into a more groove-oriented form in case you want the tick of the hi-hat to steady your sea legs.
 from $1.89
LPY 01
15 Nov 21
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