Until The Music Dies (DMarc Cantu remix) - (5:10) 73 BPM
Played by: Tom Demac
Review: Last year M>O>S boss Aroy Dee released his debut album Sketches, an album of classic drum machine heavy house and techno. Now come the remixes, or re-sketches, with Dee searching out Bio Rhythm chief Paul du Lac, label affiliate D'Marc Cantu, Skudge White debutant Cliff Lothar and Dee's own R-A-G trio for creative interpretation. All four reworks stay true to the original, Chicago and Detroit influenced sound of the album, and R-A-G's bass mix, although heavy in low end, soars into cosmic fields. Cantu, deftly rides the faders and distortion units in his remix of "Until The Music Dies" while du Lac's submission is reminiscent of Tobias Freund's classic "Street Knowledge". And for something a little dubbier check out Lothar's mix of "City Of Others".
MOS 021
02 Feb 15
Deep House
from $1.49


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