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Mac 2 Digital

Mac 2 Digital

Mac 2 Digital is a London-based drum and bass and jungle label owned by D&B legend DJ Randall and Coolhand Flex. The label came into fruition in 2012, following on from parent label Mac 2 Recordings which burst onto the jungle scene in 1996. The Mac 2 Recordings project was triggered by the closure of the infamous record shop De-Underground Records where many of the drum and bass heads used to pass through at the time. Mac 2 Digital has so far rolled out rough and raw D&B weapons from the likes of: Serum, Benny L, Trex, DLR, Shimon, Madcap, DJ Randall and Coolhand Flex.
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II WORLDS (feat Benny L) - (9:29) 172 BPM Hot
TOTAL BLACKOUT (feat Heist) - (5:26) 174 BPM
C.A.B.L.E. - "TIME FOR THE SWITCH" - (4:49) 174 BPM
ONLY ONE - (3:21) 175 BPM
Review: The one and only Randall is back in business once again, this time hosting one heck of a compilation for Mac 2 Digital, featuring Drum & Bass heavyweights across the park. Firstly, a drum heavy thumper in 'II Worlds', which sees Benny L join the fray for an immediate heavy hitter, followed by the grizzly reese synths and fiery bass notation from Heist on 'Total Blackout'. Next, C.A.B.L.E drops a real weapon with the gnarly synthetic drives and growling subs of 'Time For The Switch', before Randall rolls out solo on 'Only One', a killer closer that rounds off this hard hitting selection in style.
 from $1.88
26 Feb 24
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Project 23 - (5:53) 175 BPM
'Signal - (4:28) 175 BPM
Smash - (4:37) 175 BPM
Underworld - (3:50) 175 BPM Hot
Review: If you're in need of some post-workweek madness, this EP delivers the perfect sonic escapade. Filled to the brim with breaks, bass, and liquid rhythms, it's a wild ride that hits all the right spots. Cool Hand Flex does exactly what the name says in opener "Project 23" with its lush and high altitude rhythms, whereas "Signal' gets a little heavier hitting and industrial. "Smash" delivers some rapid fire jungle with a percussion melody to boot, while some proper knees up flex comes from "Underworld" - check that groove and dynamo bassline.
 from $1.88
11 Sep 23
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Heavy Dose EP
Heavy Dose - (5:14) 58 BPM
Dawn Patrol - (4:53) 57 BPM
Bionic Ran - (5:24) 174 BPM Hot
Darkness - (6:48) 170 BPM
Review: The daddy is back! Having released his debut EP at the age of 50, D&B king Randall returns to our collections once again, this time rolling with original De Underground wingman Cool Hand Flex. Every bit as timeless, dark and uncompromising as you'd expect, 'Heavy Dose' eases us into the vibe on an atmospheric, cosmic tip before 'Dawn Patrol' gets all tense and steppy on our souls. Elsewhere 'Bionic Rain' nods at the hardcore roots with its extended choral pads and stripped back swaggering beats while 'Darkness' lives up to its name in a stern and iced-out savage type of way. Too hot to handle, this is a 'Heavy Dose' you do want to double drop.
 from $1.88
10 Apr 23
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Fifteen Doors (feat Medic MC) - (2:22) 140 BPM
Lightning Strikes - (4:36) 174 BPM Hot
Isolation (feat Trimer & Pastry Maker) - (3:46) 175 BPM
Dreamy Dayz (feat Ella Jones) - (5:14) 175 BPM
Truth Hurts - (4:42) 65 BPM
R U Rollin (feat Gardna) - (4:59) 173 BPM
Hold On (feat Nina Provencal) - (3:30) 174 BPM
Togo - (4:33) 174 BPM
Space Race (feat Jaybee) - (6:03) 174 BPM
Ghetto Yout (feat Buggsy) - (3:04) 140 BPM
Mend (feat Mortimer Jackson) - (4:15) 174 BPM
This Feeling - (5:37) 174 BPM
Actionz - (5:16) 174 BPM
Artistic Playa (feat Bailey & MC Fats) - (5:49) 57 BPM
In A Weird Way - (4:54) 175 BPM
Review: Following massive EPs on the likes of Sofa Sound and Dispatch, man of the moment Trex returns with his highly anticipated second album 'Fifteen Doors'. Building on the range and style of his 2018 debut High Life, once again we're thrown into the Londoner's lion den where influences come fast and thick; the hip-hop vibes of the title track, his knack for crucial bone-melting riffs ('Lighting Strikes'), his love for stripped-back soulful bubblers ('Dreamy Dayz'), his love for other styles beyond dnb such as the breakbeat rave bomb 'Truth Hurts' and the lush neo-soul jam 'Hold On' or out-and-out club punishers like the Renegade-style 'Space Race'. Loaded with a great range of voices and coded with something new on every lesson, it's a shame Fifteen Doors doesn't come free with an actual door... Because it's about to blow yours right in.
 from $1.88
04 Dec 20
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Fifteen Doors - Sampler
Isolation (feat Trimer & Pastry Maker) - (3:46) 175 BPM
Dreamy Dayz (feat Ella Jones) - (5:14) 175 BPM Hot
 from $1.88
27 Nov 20
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Time 4 Da Switch EP
Time 4 Da Switch - (4:58) 174 BPM
Dr No (Randall remix) - (5:01) 175 BPM Hot
Lighthouse Connect - (5:02) 174 BPM
Something Going On - (4:58) 172 BPM
Spacebug - (4:59) 174 BPM
 from $1.88
20 Nov 20
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Time Of Day
Knowmans & Zere & Gabriel Habit - "Time Of Day" - (5:46) 174 BPM
Knowmans & Zere & Gabriel Habit - "Tuxedo T-Shirt" - (4:57) 172 BPM
Knowmans & Zere & Gabriel Habit - "Cold Moon" - (5:32) 174 BPM
Knowmans & Zere & Gabriel Habit - "Looking 4" - (5:10) 174 BPM
Zere - "Round Here" - (5:39) 58 BPM Hot
Gabriel Habit - "Revue" - (4:24) 174 BPM
Played by: Covert Garden
 from $1.88
14 Sep 20
Drum & Bass / Jungle
High Time Remix
What I Say (feat Fox - Jaybee remix) - (5:56) 174 BPM
Hellfire (feat Doc Brown - Traumatize remix) - (4:35) 174 BPM
What I Say (feat Fox - Jaybee remix instrumental) - (5:55) 174 BPM
Heallfire (feat Doc Brown - Traumatize remix Instumental) - (4:35) 174 BPM Hot
 from $1.88
27 Jul 20
Drum & Bass / Jungle
The Alliegiance Project
Madcap - "Moroccan Sun" - (5:25) 57 BPM Hot
Ricky Force - "Whats Up" - (6:02) 168 BPM
Madcap - "Original Strut" - (5:26) 172 BPM
Ricky Force - "Morality" - (6:04) 168 BPM
Review: Mac 3 2 Digital is the online only wing of Randall's famous imprint, and his ineffable taste is stamped all over this slick collaborative release from Madcap and Ricky Force, who have come together to produce four slices of barebones jungle and drum & bass. The vibe on this one is strictly heads and 'Original Strut' by Madcap manages to sound both nostalgic and relentlessly fresh, with a wave-like sine bass that swoops in to grab your attention with pure finesse. The dark and dusty vibes of 'Morality' by Ricky Force are also deserving of attention, with rusty drums and eerie, retro ambience. Wicked.
 from $1.88
20 Apr 20
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Society - (5:12) 176 BPM Hot
Sugar Riddim (feat MC Fats) - (4:48) 174 BPM
Rude Awakening - (4:29) 174 BPM
Heatwave - (4:26) 58 BPM
Trex & Hijak - "Self Medicate" - (4:56) 174 BPM
Review: Trex is one of the most talented artists to emerge in the past couple of years and Mac 2 is where it all began for him, with the release of his sensational debut album High Time on Randall's label. He's back with his next full-length outing on the imprint and it's more rough, gritty D&B that's grounded in the bare necessities: tough drums, rollicking basslines and subtle energies. Title tune 'Society' sums this up excellently, with a sample laden intro that nonchalantly rolls out into a minimalist yet still full-on rendition of dancefloor wizardry. Watch out for the second drop - the other tunes aren't far behind.
 from $1.88
05 Aug 19
Drum & Bass / Jungle
City Dawn
Cool Hand Flex - "City Dawn" - (6:36) 175 BPM
Cool Hand Flex - "Judgement Song" - (5:51) 175 BPM
T.I - "All I Do" (Cool Hand Flex Remix) - (5:52) 174 BPM Hot
Cool Hand Flex - "The Return" (feat MC Singing Fats) - (5:51) 175 BPM
Cool Hand Flex - "Killer" - (6:02) 175 BPM
Review: Mac 2 Digital is Randall's label. Yeah, Randall's label. The don of all dons obviously has a knack for D&B curation and it's why the releases from his imprint - although relatively few and far between - are so sought after by both DJs and fans. We've never heard of Cool Hand Flex before, but this five-tracker is certainly ideal for Mac 2, with its punchy but rough drums and mid 2000s feel. It's not especially futuristic or cutting edge, but that's what makes it sick and Randall knows that. Solid beats, all the time.
 from $1.88
15 Apr 19
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Scorpion - (6:25) 174 BPM
Magic - (5:54) 174 BPM Hot
Denial - (5:51) 175 BPM
Submersed - (6:16) 174 BPM
Review: Randall doesn't mess around, so you already know LJHigh is making the right noises just by the very virtue of being on Mac 2. But then you press play and realise this Coventry newcomer doesn't mess around either; the title track "Magic" is an insanely obese roller with a sub so wobbly you consider calling it an ambulance and it's back by three other crucial buzzes; "Scorpion" rattles and stings like an old Bingo Beats record, "Denial" has more of a twisted techy edge with a sultry vocal purring over the top while "Submersed" closes the EP on a creepy note. All waspy in the bassline, subtle in the uplift and percussively perky, it leaves us hanging for more. Don't get high... Get LJHigh.
 from $1.88
07 Feb 19
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Deep Fade
Deep Fade - (5:12) 174 BPM
Ez Funk - (6:00) 175 BPM
Herbs & Spice - (5:08) 175 BPM
Love & Dreams - (5:12) 58 BPM Hot
Review: A release on the label of the one and only Randall is always one to watch. If it's a fairly unknown artist then that's even more applicable, as taste-makers don't get more impeccable than Randall. Hoppa is that artist this time around and believe us, he's brought the goods. 'Deep Fade' is the title track and it's simple but excellent, one of those tunes which is repetitive in a good way - a real head-nodder. 'EZ Funk' is more stripped-back, rolling goodness with a bassline that'll make other producers jealous, something equally true for 'Herbs & Spice', which perfectly balances jovial reggae sampling with low-frequency pressure. Finishing with a skittering riot of basses and drums on 'Love & Dreams', Hoppa has launched himself into his D&B career.
 from $1.88
12 Nov 18
Drum & Bass / Jungle
High Time LP
High Time - (3:37) 68 BPM
One & All - (5:55) 174 BPM Hot
Real World - (5:33) 174 BPM
What I Say (feat Fox) - (5:37) 174 BPM
Up In The Air - (5:14) 174 BPM
Try - (5:26) 174 BPM
Thinking About Ya (feat Nina Provencal) - (3:08) 190 BPM
Father - (5:38) 174 BPM
You'll Never Be (feat Paul T & Ella Jones) - (6:28) 173 BPM
Hellfire (feat Doc Brown) - (4:24) 175 BPM
Dirty Greens - (5:12) 174 BPM
Trex & Jaybee - "Untitled Dub" - (5:53) 175 BPM
Stowaway - (5:33) 58 BPM
Review: Another successful album graduate of Randall's Mac II academy, Trex levels up into LP mode with this superb debut long'un. The title track "High Times" gives nothing away as its dubby sways ripple and weave in the intro before Trex throws us to the mercy of his rolling gold. The hurricane grit of "One & All", the slinky trouser-dropping subs of "Real World", the introverted vocal soul and woozy horns of "Try", the haunted Commixian staccato and poignancy of "Father" are among many other highlights on this highly accomplished debut.
 from $1.88
24 Aug 18
Drum & Bass / Jungle
The Gatts
The Gatts (feat MC Singing Fats) - (5:04) 175 BPM
The Box - (5:33) 175 BPM Hot
Come In Selector - (5:53) 174 BPM
Dark Side - (5:07) 175 BPM
Review: There might be the odd couple of year gaps in his discography but damn is Coolhand Flex consistent. It's been this way since 91: the Mac 2 co-founder slipping us raw rolling length with no fanfare or apology. Take this EP. His first on the label since the "Connected" EP four years ago. Fats singing on a particularly blistering title track, darked out Blue Note business on "Come In Selector", evilled out End vibes on "Dark Side" and a whole load more. Gatt fingers at the ready.
 from $1.88
30 Jul 18
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Grimey Shit - (4:46) 175 BPM Hot
Sacrifice - (5:22) 175 BPM
F--K Off (Vice Principles remix) - (5:59) 175 BPM
Review: Randall knows what time it is. Not just in the UK but stateside too as he continues to rep and support some of the US's most authentic and clued-up junglists Jaybee and Dave Owen. Here they hit hard with some of their gulliest flavours to date: "Grimey Shit" nods at the KOTR/Benny L style of foghorn bass, "Sacrifice" gets even more twisted with a cyclical bass drone and some impeccable amen work while the rather sweary cockney free-for-all "F**k Off" mops up the mess with a heads-down techy edge. Perfectly on-point.
 from $1.88
26 Mar 18
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Depth Charge
Screw Loose - (5:14) 58 BPM
Sorry - (4:57) 175 BPM Hot
Flames In The Sky (feat Jesse Writes) - (4:36) 58 BPM
Flames In The Sky (VIP) (feat Jesse Writes) - (5:09) 174 BPM
Review: After a great run of form on Shiftin Beatz, Martyn Nytram hooks up with Randall's Mac 2 with three dark destroyers. "Screw Loose" is a rattling roller that gradually builds into a quite dissonant jazzy affair with its emotive minor keys and cold pads on the breakdown. "Sorry" is all about the purring vocals that weave and linger across a high voltage bassline and rips and shreds with venom. "Flames In The Sky" flexes classic detuned rave pads, stark steppy drums and precision bars from Jesse Writes. Complete with a darker VIP, this EP covers more than enough bass bases.
 from $1.88
27 Nov 17
Drum & Bass / Jungle
MACII Presents: PIECES Session 2
Jaybee & Trex - "Poison Dart" - (6:18) 175 BPM
Zere & Gabriel Habit, Dave Owen - "Rollin" (feat MC Fats) - (5:12) 174 BPM
Benny L - "Dr No" - (4:32) 175 BPM
Madcap - "Rain" - (5:55) 174 BPM
Randall, Dave Antony & LisaMillet - "Broken Plates" (Voltage Rollers remix) - (5:40) 175 BPM
Flat T - "The Warmth" - (6:17) 58 BPM
Jaybee & XTC Notts - "Charlie" - (5:10) 173 BPM
T.I - "All I Do" - (5:57) 174 BPM Hot
Shimon & Randall - "Get Twang" (feat Fatman D) - (5:54) 172 BPM
Trex - "Soul For Sale" (feat Ella Jones - Paul T & Edward Orberon remix) - (5:35) 176 BPM
Margaman & CoolHand Flex - "Warn Dem" - (5:40) 175 BPM
DJ Vapour - "Looking Back" - (8:15) 172 BPM
Benny L - "Just Swing" - (4:33) 175 BPM
Trex - "Short Story" - (5:45) 174 BPM
DLR & Hoppa - "Who Let You In (What You Doin Round Here)" (feat Gusto) - (5:24) 172 BPM
Randall, Goldie & Dego - "The R" (Seba rework) - (6:05) 175 BPM
Review: The don Randall continues to smash things to "Pieces".... 16 tracks of serious rolled-out dark groove soul, it's nothing but heads down grit and uncompromised creativity with every track playing the consummate role of lead player; T>I's soul-shaking hip-twister "All I Do", Benny L's epic groaning yes-fest "Dr No", Vapour's sci-fi drama stepper "Looking Back", Trex's cosmic alien lullaby "Short Story" are just some of the highlights as we roll deep to the very end as Seba blesses the collection with a superlative re-touch on Randall, Goldie and Dego's seminal, scene-shaping bomb from 93 "The R". Randall... Still doin' it after all these years. Essential for all drum & bass heads.

 from $1.88
18 Sep 17
Drum & Bass / Jungle
MACII Presents PIECES Session 2: SAMPLER 2
Shimon & Randall - "Get Twang" (feat Fatman D) - (5:54) 172 BPM Hot
DJ Vapour - "Looking Back" - (8:15) 172 BPM
Review: FACT: Randall loves to smash things up so you can pick up the Pieces. All jokes aside, Randall really does smash it both as a DJ, label owner and on the co-controls with another OG Shimon. "Get Twang" is a murk hurricane that rolls and grunts with restrained menace before sheet metal bass whips in from behind with such gusto it removes your shoes for you and throws them itself. Vapour brings up the rear with a classical stepper that's shrouded in swooning pads. Pieces, love and unity all the way.
 from $1.88
04 Sep 17
Drum & Bass / Jungle
MACII Presents PIECES Session 2: SAMPLER 1
Jaybee & XTC Notts - "Charlie" - (5:10) 173 BPM
Benny L - "Dr No" - (4:32) 175 BPM Hot
Review: Jaybee & XTC's 'Charlie' is a ride inside a paranoid vortex. Childish whispers hide amongst melodic shadows, worrying 'I don't feel good about this', surrounded by icy drips, metallic stabs and tumbling bass. The classic breaks surround you like net dragging you further still into this long dark tunnel. Benny L is on fine form right now producing one dancefloor destroyer after another, this is a fast paced, forward moving shuffler with a devastating sub. From the strength of this sampler, and the smasher that was Session 1 we're looking forward to hearing the full LP.

 from $1.88
21 Aug 17
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Raptor - (5:58) 172 BPM Hot
Treatment - (5:36) 174 BPM
Romany's Song - (5:40) 172 BPM
Orison - (6:25) 172 BPM
Review: One of the dirtiest jewels in Mac 2's crown, Trex returns after adventures on Lockdown and Director's Cut with four absolutely stinking slabs of underground rawness; "Raptor" growls just as its name suggests while "Treatment" rolls out with a rough, dangerous edge that's highly reminiscent of Grooverider's Prototype output back in the day. Next up we charge head-first into "Romany's Song", a twisted piece of croaky jungle where the breaks switch and flicker like power plant and the bass squelches like a sewage plant while "Orison" brings us to a poignant close with more cosmic, dreamy layers majestically coating the precision rolling groove. Seriously masterful: Trex needs full attention now more than ever.
 from $1.88
20 Feb 17
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Streets Is Dirty
Jaybee - "Who Want Some" - (5:52) 175 BPM
Blow - (5:29) 175 BPM
Streets Is Dirty - (5:52) 175 BPM Hot
You Want None - (5:55) 173 BPM
Played by: Calculon, DJ Rachael EC
Review: With previous collaborations punching massive holes through the walls at the HQ of Bryan Gee's Chronic and Liquid V, US D&B soldiers Dave Owen and Jaybee now set their sights on Bristol: home of junglist daddy Randall. Long time supporter of US D&B talent, Randall's roped the two in for a heavyweight collection: "Blow" is an all-out gully roller that seems tailor made for Mac II, "Streets Is Dirty" is all about the rattling snare and Krust-style twostep while "You Want None" is a straight-up grade-A 3am dark-out that shudders and shakes with the same grunting restraint as Jaybee's solo groaner "Who Want Some". It's a rhetorical question - we all want some.
 from $1.88
21 Nov 16
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Make Me Move
Make Me Move - (5:54) 58 BPM Hot
The Bartender - (6:03) 175 BPM
Light The Beacons - (5:52) 58 BPM
Review: More northern powerhouse bangers from the consistently heavyweight Dawn Raid outfit. This time we see them return to Randall's Mac 2 with three more ageless joints; "Make Me Move" is the classic jungle roller of the pack with a hefty sub presence and light dustings of rave elements, "The Bartender" applies a more soulful tactic with a great dusty vocal sample and a barbed contemporary twist on the early 2000s liquid sound while "Light The Beacons" brings us back to Randall's raison d'etre - proper, uncompromised jungle. Serious skills.
 from $1.88
26 Sep 16
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Atlantic Boss
Alice - (5:18) 172 BPM
Atlantic Boss - (5:59) 172 BPM
Kira - (5:21) 172 BPM
Unruly - (5:58) 172 BPM Hot
Review: Teased by Randall over a year ago, Manchester's Shoto finally lets rip with his Mac 2 debut; a four-track fire session with its eyes directly on the 3am bullseye. "Alice" is fuelled off a moaning drone that's carefully kept in-check with chilling ambient textures, "Atlantic Boss" is the type of a needle-funk shredder you'd expect to hear in a Bladerunner set while "Kira" punches elbow deep into hardcore jungle territory. In a nice twist of fate, "Unruly" is actually the deepest, smoothest cut of the bunch. Leaning casually on breezy detuned pads, it's a fitting way to bid adieu and leave us wanting more.
 from $1.88
18 Jul 16
Drum & Bass / Jungle
The Anger Management
Attack Stance - (4:54) 172 BPM
Punch Drunk - (5:15) 172 BPM
Rockit - (5:39) 172 BPM Hot
Crank - (5:33) 176 BPM
 from $1.88
04 Jul 16
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Takers - (5:07) 175 BPM
Will Miles - "Family Man" (feat ILL Omen & Mixed Media) - (6:11) 175 BPM Hot
Randall - "Broken Plate" (Will Miles remix) - (5:31) 175 BPM
Review: Unfettered jump-up jungle styles cooked the American way: Will Miles's release rate seems to be upping by the month since emerging at the start of the decade. His Mac II debut follows support from labels such as LD, Rubik, Faction and Intrigue and it's a bit special... Firstly we have the Tyke style grunts of "Takers", then we have the darker, DLR style rumbles of "Family Man" but it's his remix of Randall's classic "Broken Plate" that closes the show with the biggest statement thanks to its near-overwhelming amen batterage. Genuinely monstrous.
 from $1.88
11 Apr 16
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Soul For Sale
Soul For Sale (feat Ella Jones) - (5:46) 173 BPM Hot
Easton - (4:56) 173 BPM
Never See - (5:36) 173 BPM
Harlem Nights - (5:35) 58 BPM
Review: Premium strength D&B from long-time London bubbler Trex. Last spotted on Randall's ever-reliant Mac 2 just over a year ago, he makes up for lost time with four rugged, chiselled jaw rollers. "Soul For Sale" balances vocal harmonic textures, twinkling arpeggios and a short sweet vocal sample with a simple-but-effective depth charge bassline, "Easton" is all about the jazzy jump-up, "Never See" ploughs with a Moving Fusion-style bounce while "Harlem Nights" strips the elements back for us to properly zoom into every nuance of the bulbous elastic bass he's gradually made his signature. Five star fire.
 from $1.88
25 Jan 16
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Texas - (4:33) 172 BPM
Queens - (4:34) 175 BPM
Do It (Jam Thieves remix) - (4:52) 174 BPM Hot
Dry Bones - (5:35) 162 BPM
Played by: Euphonique
Review: Sticky fingered Brazilian duo Jam Thieves are having a monster year. While some artists leave upwards of six months between releases, they've been bashing it out in every sense throughout 2015. Stepping up to Randall's Mac 2 here they deliver four more toxic funk grooves. Both "Texas" and "Queens" swing on a triplet-informed drum arrangement, the former taking a haunted house arpeggio as the lead while the latter leans heavily on elephantine sub for the main hook. Further in we find a stripped-back, rolling twist on Jaybee's "Do It" while "Dry Bones" closes the EP on a classic jungle groove. Amen to that.
 from $1.88
28 Sep 15
Drum & Bass / Jungle
ShoNuf - (5:25) 174 BPM
Warning - (5:21) 58 BPM
Ruff N Tuff - (6:12) 174 BPM
Don't Even Try It (with Jaybee) - (5:45) 174 BPM Hot
Review: "ShoNuf" begins strong with a tactical assault of vintage style breaks and a whole load of thick, dubby bass. "Warning" follows up with the vast emptiness of an industrial roller, the US producer showing how minimal fuss can create the heaviest of sounds. "Ruff N Tuff" packs deep bass with the top-end rattle of rapid fire snares, while Jaybee's elastic bass pulls tight and digs deep in "Don't Even Try It".
 from $1.88
20 Jul 15
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Randall & DJ Vapour - "Angels Warning" (CA BLE remix) - (5:12) 58 BPM
Trex - "Sudden Impact" - (6:00) 58 BPM
Cool Hand Flex & Effeckttz - "The Book" (Invaderz remix) - (4:49) 59 BPM
Dawn Raid - "Red Sonja" - (5:41) 58 BPM
Jaybee - "Dirt Magirt" (Shimon remix) - (4:42) 175 BPM
Paul T - "Never Nowhere" - (5:11) 174 BPM
Defcon One - "Time Is The Fire" (Total Science remix) - (5:23) 174 BPM
BladeRunner - "Constance" - (4:54) 175 BPM
Physics & Mr Joseph - "Higher Than Before" (feat Jere Garcia) - (5:58) 174 BPM
Uncle22 & Navigator - "Choose One" (Serum refix) - (4:59) 174 BPM Hot
Madcap - "F-Theme" - (6:18) 175 BPM
Digital & FlapJack - "Psycho Dancer" - (5:38) 58 BPM
Randall - "Broken Plates" - (6:18) 175 BPM
Lenni Dee Ice - "We Are IE" (DRamatic remix) - (6:57) 175 BPM
DJ Vapour - "Magic Roundabout" - (5:36) 58 BPM
Cool Hand Flex - "Juice" - (5:07) 175 BPM
Jaybee - "The Long Walk Back" - (6:11) 58 BPM
Randall & The Insiders - "Keep On" - (6:03) 174 BPM
Review: Hot off Randall's Mac 2 label, Pieces is a ludicrous collection of behemoth tunes found, remixed or simply well-placed in no particular order. Why? Because he's good to us like that. Featuring a stellar line-up of OGs and freshly hooked-up newcomers, this is 18 tracks of pure drum and bass energy ready to make a mess of your cochlea. Special mentions for the DRamatic remix of Lenni Dee Ice's "We Are IE" and Trex's massive stomper "Sudden Impact" which should currently be tearing up the dancefloor in your nearest darkened warehouse with a soundsystem. Instant purchase.
 from $1.88
13 Apr 15
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Pieces Sampler Part 2
Defcon One/Total Science - "Time Is The Fire" (Total Science remix) - (5:23) 174 BPM Hot
Jaybee - "The Long Walk Back" - (6:11) 58 BPM
Review: The Total Science crew know that whatever they'll be applauded, so it's exciting to see them still pushing the limits so far into their careers. Constantly innovating, forever shapeshifting, this sampler from Mac 2 Digital also features input from Mancunian producer Defcon One and hugely sought-after Cali-based producer Jaybee, and it takes techy, old school and electro-based drum and bass to another level. If you're interested in letting your mind work as hard as your feet, you've got yourself a golden release. Keep it handy - you'll be pulling it out of the bag most nights for now until the apocalypse.
 from $1.88
06 Apr 15
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Pieces Sampler Part 1
Randall & DJ Vapour - "Angels Warning" (CA BLE remix) - (5:12) 58 BPM
Dawn Raid - "Red Sonja" - (5:41) 58 BPM Hot
Played by: DJ Vapour
Review: Massive. One word is all you need to describe first track on this tantalising little sampler from Randall, DJ Vapour and Dawn Raid. But for some more; "Angels Warning" is big and ballsy, full of bass and the most amount of fun you can have with your headphones on. "Red Sonja" takes things back to the old school with tripped out junglist breaks, euphoric atmos and diva vocals stretching on out into the small hours. A total blast in a sea of metronomic drum and bass. Get yourselves acquainted.
 from $1.88
30 Mar 15
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Serum & Paul T - "Want You Back" (Trex remix) - (6:03) 175 BPM Hot
When I Go (feat Ella Jones) - (6:52) 173 BPM
Sodium (feat Quest) - (4:51) 173 BPM
Saharan Dust - (5:59) 172 BPM
 from $1.88
MAC 2DIG 008
29 Dec 14
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Dirt Magirt
Dirt Magirt - (6:13) 175 BPM
Do It - (5:20) 175 BPM
Jaybee, Dave Owen, Zere - "Come Down" - (5:54) 174 BPM
Jaybee & Dave Owen - "Gangster Shit" - (5:52) 175 BPM Hot
Review: The legendary Jaybee returns with an EP so sick it's about to go pandemic. Darker than the encroaching wintery nights and deeper than deep, "Dirt Magirt" is a track that starts out mean and just gets meaner, a theme continuing into "Do It", where sharp claps and frosty atmospherics cover hard stepping beats with a layer of tension. "Come Down" is a straight-up horrorshow of tense pads and old school vibes and finally "Gangster Shit" warms up the place with '90s pads and the tasty glow only a Jaybee roller can accomplish. Deep and dark with a molten centre of pure classics, you can't afford to miss this.
 from $1.88
22 Sep 14
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Melody Madness (MixMaster Doc Stateside remix) - (5:40) 170 BPM
Melody Madness (Cool Hand Flex 2014 remix) - (6:09) 170 BPM Hot
Warning Signs - (6:33) 175 BPM
Set It Off (Randall rework) - (7:21) 175 BPM
Played by: 6Blocc
Review: If you're after some insanity to help you wind down after a hard week at work, look no further. This royal flush of breaks, bass and asymmetrical riddims hits the spot like nothing else. From Mixmaster Doc Stateside's hard-hitting remix of "Melody madness", the trend is continued by Cool Hand's own remix, mashing in dirty bass for good measure. "Warning Signs" hits us up next with more of that down and dutty bass built for shaking asses and rumbling rafters and finally the legendary Randall refixes "Set it Off" to the tune of vintage horns and tenacious old-skool vibes. Keeping it rolling out hard, it rounds off the game nicely. Tasty stuff.
 from $1.88
09 Jun 14
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Crossfire Session 2
Lj High & Wags - "I Know" - (6:57) 174 BPM
Serum & Paul T - "Want You Back" - (5:15) 175 BPM Hot
Nc17 & Fade - "No One Knows" - (4:31)
Jaybee & NCamargo - "Your Nightmares" - (6:36) 175 BPM
Played by: Rich Raw, S Man
Review: The Mac 2 label continues to plough its own distinct path through the world of drum and bass with the release of the second in their Crossfire Sessions EPs, which sees a number of talented names vying for attention. LJ High & Wags team up for "I Know" first, a frantic roller with symphonic touches that elevate it above the competition, while Serum & Paul T balance their tough subs with plaintive vocals that hark back to the days of classic jungle. NC-17 and Fade waste no time in tearing up the floor with the intense wobble and hoover synths of "No One Knows", while JB & NCamargo go for a darkside steppers vibe on "Your Nightmares", which features the kind of twisted bassline you'd be advised not to listen to before bedtime. In a word: essential.
 from $1.88
MAC 2DIG 005
27 Jan 14
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Sub Con
The Book (feat Effekttz) - (4:27) Hot
You Know Say - (6:39)
Different Style - (7:12) 174 BPM
Recycled (feat Effekttz) - (5:58) 174 BPM
Played by: Randall
 from $1.88
18 Nov 13
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Shadow Era
Trex - "Shadow Era" - (5:19) 173 BPM
Trex - "Get Yours" - (6:07) 175 BPM
Jaybee & Trex - "Gotta Be Something" - (4:52) 175 BPM
Trex - "To The Stars" - (6:11) 173 BPM Hot
 from $1.88
07 Oct 13
Drum & Bass / Jungle
The Crossfire EP
LJ High & Seathasky - "Hibernation" - (5:37) 175 BPM
Physics - "Feel Me Gone" - (6:45) 175 BPM
Jem One - "Day After" - (6:14) 175 BPM
Jaybee - "Truth" - (6:24) 175 BPM Hot
Played by: PLATFORM, Satin
 from $1.88
MAC 2 DIG 002
04 Jun 12
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Against The Wall
Against The Wall - (5:29)
Make Me - (5:24) 173 BPM Hot
 from $1.88
20 Feb 12
Drum & Bass / Jungle
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