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Miles High
20 Feb 19
Drum And Bass
Miles High - (3:34) 174 BPM
Teddy Killerz - "Person" - (4:46) 174 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Gydra - "No Kidding" - (4:11) 174 BPM
from $1.49
Review: Massive new label launch! The phenomenal Russian Neuropunk podcast (which regularly clocks up over a milli views per show) has elevated into label mode with Teddy Killerz' Garud and Gydra's Bes at the helm. This massive three tracker launches this significant moment in Russian drum & bass with one collaboration and two solo workouts; the Gydra/Teddy Killerz collab "Miles High" takes the lead with its screaming turbine energy and rocket blasting riffs, it's followed by a heads down roller from the furry fire handlers before Gydra close the set with the subverted rave hammer "No Kidding" where a punctuated bassline does some serious pounding before a dreamy breakdown unfolds... Just like the bright future of this label. Go ahead Neuropunks, make our day!
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