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Fury - (5:21) 128 BPM
The Model - (5:02) 128 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Red Dot - (4:38) 127 BPM
The Start - (5:19) 127 BPM
Review: Rising Welsh DJ/producer Jay Robinson has made himself right at home with the Night Bass label, here presenting his third EP for the imprint. If ain't broke and all that. There are four turbo charged bass pounders packed on to this release, starting with the bad man bounce of opener "Fury". Next is the creepy, bleepy shuffle of "The Model", before he gets his wobble out on the skippy "Red Dot". Lastly he wraps things up with the UKG-informed "The Start", which is actually the end, but Robinson never plays by the rules.
NBD 025
05 Aug 16
UK Garage
from $1.49
Dogfight - (5:22) 127 BPM
Kombat Dub - (6:05) 128 BPM
Choker - (4:12) 130 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Played by: In:flux Audio, Lucent
Review: There we were, thoroughly enjoying Welsh DJ Jay Robinson's brand of doomy bass heavy house, when he disappears for ages! Now he's back with all fists flying on the Fight Music EP. There are three ferociously pissed off tunes here for the harder dancefloors out there. Opener "Dogfight" ducks and weaves with instrumental breaks, big breaks and some seriously growling bass. Elsewhere "Kombat Dub" is a taught and techy affair littered with video game samples and finally "Choker" is a straight out thumper with a bassline that's more likely to chew your leg off than ever fetch your paper!
NBD 018
29 Apr 16
UK Garage
from $1.49
The Return - (5:00) 124 BPM
The Ripper - (5:15) 124 BPM
Falling Upwards - (5:29) 124 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
The Melodic Weapon - (5:58) 124 BPM
Played by: Mr Brainz, Kastle
Review: The Nightbass domination continues as long term bass revolutionary Jay Robinson puts together 'The Return' EP. In typical Jay fashion, the EP is outstanding and serves as a real lesson in rhythmic prowess. The title track A darkened demon, focused on lofi drum work and crunchy bass synths. This is followed by the funky grooves of 'Falling Upwards' and the monstrous lead synth design of 'The Ripper'. The EP is then finalized in style as the horn-like synths of 'The Melodic Weapon' take the reigns, driving this roller forward. This is a top project as ever from Jay Robinson and Night Bass look set to continue this incredible run of releases well into 2018 and beyond.
NBD 062
04 May 18
UK Garage
from $1.49
Gettuh - (5:11) 124 BPM
Right Back - (5:24) 127 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Oblivious - (4:44) 124 BPM
For The Night - (6:44) 124 BPM
Review: One of the most prolific and consistent basssmiths in the house/tech/broken beat axis, Robinson continues to raise the profile with four more mischief-making collaborations; Pelikann joins in for a little Python rattling on the twisted bass throw-down "Gettuh", NIQW and Ami Carmine collide with Jay for a little dirty soul shaking on "Right Back" while GAWP is onside for the a sweet strutting house groove that's tickled with a riff that's reminiscent of mid 2000s Get Physical material. Finally we have the epic stripped back jacker "Oblivious" with Vanilla Ace that drops into an immense hood-heaving mid-section and cowbell popping groove. Jay: 1 / World: 0 It's a knockout.
NBD 051
17 Nov 17
UK Garage
from $1.49
Hussle - (4:23) 126 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Heiss - (5:58) 124 BPM
SWYMGY - (5:49) 123 BPM
Review: Night Bass is very protective of Welsh wonder kid Jay Robinson, whom they have helped nurture from the get go. So, it's no wonder that they're thrilled to announce this latest three track EP from the guy (his forth in total for the label). "Hussle" sees producer JM help contribute to this thumpin' big room gritty house monster. Next up "Heiss" is bouncy tech house with extra bottom end and finally the best of the lot is sleazy growler "SWYMGY", which also features labelmate Dillon Nathaniel on extra production duties.
NBD 039
24 Feb 17
UK Garage
from $1.49
Pushing (feat Ina Bravo) - (5:36) 124 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Wrong About You - (6:00) 124 BPM
Played by: BURNIE, Silverfox
Review: A.C. Slater's Night Bass is a wildly successful, internationally renowned institution for ground breaking, forward-thinking dance music that's spearheading an underground movement across the U.S.A. The Los Angeles based imprint now serves up another one by label staple Jay Robinson: the ascendant Welshman who has previously appeared on Bingo Bass, Cr2 and Mau5trap. His new effort is "Pushing" featuring the captivating vocals of Ina Bravo - this bass driven tech house jam is so infectious. This is supported by second original offering "Wrong About You" - another vocal track which explores classic U.S. house aesthetic with a modern, and yes bass driven, twist!
NBD 097
06 Sep 19
Minimal/Tech House
from $1.49
Carnage - (6:06) 128 BPM
Gutteral - (5:29) 128 BPM
Throwback - (6:52) 132 BPM
Shutdown - (4:43) 123 BPM
The End - (4:02) 128 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Review: For those in the know on the bassline scene, Welsh DJ Jay Robinson has been a hot name to watch for a while now. Always fine-tuning his brand of doomy bass heavy house, his latest single, 1987 has already picked up support from the likes of My Nu Leng, Shadow Child, Toddla T and Herve. "Carnage" and "Guttural" kick things off with vintage samples and bouncy bass, "Throwback" is all about the epic breakdowns, the deep and nasty "Shutdown" is an EP highlight and "The End" fuses dubstep and hip-hop to devastating effect
NBD 003
14 Aug 15
UK Garage
from $1.49
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