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The Chirp - (5:08) 63 BPM
Skywalker OG - (4:39) 126 BPM
Waterverb - (4:38) 64 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Not No Love Song - (4:40) 126 BPM
Review: Flinging double negatives like a clown hurls custard pies, AC Slater builds on Night Bass's generous debut release with his second full-fat EP of the year. With a sound and attitude that's been cemented into the bass scene psyche for a decade, you know what to expect from him: BS-free floor-fire with added humour... And that's exactly what we get. "The Chirp" is a Dirtybird-level jacker, "Skywalker OG" taps deeper into the classic house roots with an air of late 90s Van Helden, "Waterverb" flips the trap bird before dropping into some seriously silky 4/4 wobble while "Not No Love Song" vibes with classic rave synths and a speed garage style drop that's not, not, amazing.
NBD 002
14 Jul 15
from $1.49
Heavyweight Sound - (5:06) 126 BPM
NBD 046
18 Aug 17
Funky/Club House
from $1.49
AC Slater - "Dope Slinger" - (3:16) 128 BPM
Sinden - "Lose Control" - (4:47) 127 BPM
Phlegmatic Dogs - "Steppin" - (3:58) 132 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
LOa99 - "Cabin Flex" - (4:29) 122 BPM
Petey Clicks - "I Canat Hold It In" - (5:42) 130 BPM
Sage Armstrong - "Drippindasawce" - (4:43) 122 BPM
Review: ooohhh - the calculating Night Bass imprint returns to some quick fire action thanks to this naughty VA comp - and the results are as impressive as they are, well, booty-shaking. There's a whole line of stars in the making here, with peeps like AC Slater, Phlegmatic Dogs and Petey Clicks all offering their various new strains of high-grade bass mutations. In fact, much like the label's wider catalogue, these future-minded bangers are a mixed race fo sorts; from speedy garage to teched-out house and dubstep, there's something in here for all lovers of the UK ting. Yes, yes!
13 Oct 17
UK Garage
from $1.49
Crystal Maze - (5:21) 126 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Southend Rhythm (feat Bobby Brackins) - (4:56) 124 BPM
To The Ground (feat TT The Artist) - (5:26) 126 BPM
Phantom Force - (4:37) 126 BPM
Review: Originally a pioneer of fidget house with Herve and Switch, Graeme Sinden recently relocated to Los Angeles to regain his mojo. However, despite the ubiquitous EDM that surrounds him there, his sound still stays true to the good old UK. Here on the Crystal Maze EP he presents four sizzling new cuts - the dubby garage of the title track, the bouncey hip-house of "Southern Rhythm", the trippy bleeps of booty joint "To The Ground" and the badass wobble attack "To The Ground".
NBD 012
05 Feb 16
UK Garage
from $1.49
Bigger Than Jaws - (5:08) 126 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
The Original - (5:26) 126 BPM
Review: Sinden and DJ Q touch down on Night Bass which, unsurprisingly, means a barrel-full of dread-out low frequencies and crafty dance moves. The two-tracker kicks off with "Bigger Than Jaws", unleashing a sidewinder of a bass, all wobbly and grime-friendly, filtered through a bumpy garage riddim for maximum floor damage. "The Original" is even nuttier in its apparoach and harmonic mannerisms, unloading some pure mutant bass over chilly rave stabs and another magnetic drum rhythm that's utterly club-friendly. Badass!
NBD 050
03 Nov 17
UK Garage
from $1.49
Natural High - (2:38) 128 BPM
Natural High (extended) - (3:37) 128 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Natural High (dub) - (3:37) 128 BPM
Natural High (BIJOU remix) - (4:32) 126 BPM
Natural High (Proxy remix) - (4:34) 128 BPM
Review: The Nightbass rampage continues to roam into new territory here as they get busy with a super experimental collaboration. Primarily known for his catchy 140 grime flows, Capo Lee joins the party with a potent vocal appearance alongside messers Sinden and Lo'99 on 'Natural High'. This one is set to cause major damage in the dances as Capo's smooth vocal presence sits perfectly atop stripped back drum designs and potent sub pressure. This one comes complete with two remixes, with Proxy sending the original to the distortion choppin block and Bijou reworking the track into a super techy roller. Great stuff again from the Nightbass camp.
NBD 074
23 Nov 18
UK Garage
from $1.49
Hardwood Flooring - (5:36) 126 BPM
Heartbeat - (5:36) 126 BPM
Hardwood Flooring (AC Slater remix) - (4:06) 127 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Heartbeat (Hotfire remix) - (4:05) 126 BPM
Review: Two of the most prominent faces on the Night Bass roster, Petey Clicks and former fidget house man, Sinden, have teamed up to deliver two punishing (in a good way) bangers. The title track gives a little UK 4x4 twist to a classic underground US house sound, whilst "Heartbeat" goes all out for the retro approach, with old skool organ stabs and wailing pitched-up diva vocals. Label boss AC Slater then delivers an utterly mesmerising electro-bass rejig of the title track and Hotfire injects some serious bottom end into their version of "Heartbeat". Ace sounds!
NBD 017
15 Apr 16
UK Garage
from $1.49
Taiki Nulight & Hadean - "No Attention" - (3:05) 130 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Bijou - "On Read" (feat Davonyea Marcel) - (4:12) 126 BPM
Sinden - "Swervin In A Lex" (feat Young Lyxx) - (4:26) 126 BPM
Dillon Nathaniel - "Can't See Me" - (6:46) 125 BPM
219 Boys - "Hooked Up" - (4:36) 126 BPM
Codes - "Brand New Drop" - (3:11) 125 BPM
Review: The rampage of the Night Bass collective shows no sign of slowing any time soon as they roll out another top draw compilation, this one consisting of six heaters under the name of 'Summer Phrases 2018'. Taiki Nulight and Hadean kick off proceedings with their tearout roller in 'No Attention', with 219 Boys following up on some sublow flavours in 'Hooked Up'. Codes then provides some techy tastings on 'Brand New Drop' before Bijou teams up with Davonyea Marcel for the experimental stylings of 'On Read'. Sinden & Dillon Nathaniel finish up the EP in style with their explosive outings on 'Swervin In A Lex' and 'Can't See Me'. Another top draw outing for the Night Bass camp.
21 Sep 18
UK Garage
from $1.49
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