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Strizzy - (5:06) 126 BPM
The Baddest - (5:55) 125 BPM
Back Down - (5:24) 125 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Review: Bass music heavyweights Night Bass make another fantastic addition to this years release listings with a heated three tracker from San Francisco's own 219 Boys. The title track for this EP is an animated bass adventure, full of swerving bass synths and intricate rhythmic ideas. Following his we have "Back Down" which takes a more techy approach, focussing on low end moogy oscillations and a stream of choppy vocal samples. Finally we move into the jukey drums and fidgety synths movement of 'Strizzy'. This one is a certified roller and a great way to round up a quality EP.
NBD 057
23 Feb 18
UK Garage
from $1.49
FYOF - (5:28) 124 BPM
Unmake - (5:40) 125 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Risk - (5:08) 125 BPM
Review: Having already gained interest from some compilation appearances, the Unmade EP is actually the first release proper from this San Francisco outfit. Night Bass have to really trust an artist to put out their records and thankfully 219 Boys don't let them down. There are three spacey and imaginative takes on bass music here, starting with the cheeky Les Grossman-sampling melodic house opener "FYOF". Next is "Unmake" which is a slinky slice of sauntering tech-funk, before "Risk" drives things harder bringing some heavy underground vibes into the mix.
NBD 034
16 Dec 16
UK Garage
from $1.49
Laid Off (explicit) - (4:21) 128 BPM
NBD 096S2
13 Sep 19
Funky/Club House
from $1.49
I Wanna Show You - (4:21) 128 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Amen Tribe - (4:38) 126 BPM
Can't Come Down (feat Young Lyxx) - (5:06) 128 BPM
Played by: Mr Brainz
Review: Aaron Clevenger aka AC Slater returns to Californian low-end specialists Night Bass, with a brand new three track EP ahead of his performance at the legendary Coachella festival in the Colorado Valley in April. This also follows up his debut album Outsiders for the label last year. "I Wanna Show You" sees the Party Like Us boss push his bass driven tech-sound sound forward. On "Amen Tribe" and "Can't Come Down" (featuring YoungLyxx) we see the Los Angeles native thrown down yet more sleazy deep tech bounce that's sure to cause some heat on the dancefloor.
NBD 060
06 Apr 18
UK Garage
from $1.49
Another You (feat Kaleena Zanders - Jack Beats remix) - (5:47) 125 BPM
All About Paper (feat Bassboy - Taiki Nulight remix) - (4:10) 129 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Jaws (feat Acid Mouth - Phlegmatic Dogs remix) - (4:09) 125 BPM
Come Back (Kastle remix) - (4:25) 132 BPM
Played by: Mr Brainz, Kastle
Review: The first edition of AC Slater's 'Outsiders Remixed' release was met with a fantastic response from fans and DJ's across the globe. We were super excited therefore to see the second edition hit the shelves in such quick pursuit. This time we see Phlegmatic Dogs get their teeth stuck into 'Jaws' for a punchy rework, Kastle pull together a futuristic garage recreation of 'Come Back' and JackBeats step up for a fidgety overhaul of 'Another You'. The EP is then rounded off in style with Taiki Nulight's gritty 4x4 redesign of 'All About Paper'. Night Bass have done it yet again it seems!
NBD 061
20 Apr 18
UK Garage
from $1.49
AC Slater & Wax Motif - "Legit" - (4:45) 130 BPM
AC Slater & Chris Lorenzo - "Giant Mouse" - (4:36) 127 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
AC Slater & Redlight - "Ultra Hype" - (4:49) 127 BPM
Played by: Kastle
NBD 070
22 Sep 18
UK Garage
from $1.49
Ring The Alarm - (4:49) 127 BPM
Dealer - (5:08) 126 BPM
Another You - (5:15) 125 BPM
Misfits - (5:15) 125 BPM
Taking Off - (3:18) 128 BPM
Dope Slinger - (3:16) 128 BPM
Come Back - (5:08) 125 BPM
Jaws - (4:31) 124 BPM
All About Paper - (5:05) 133 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Grime House - (4:33) 128 BPM
Big Riddim - (4:05) 128 BPM
Review: What a crazy trip it's been for AC Slater. Having bubbled away in all kinds of genres from hardcore to electro in the 2000s, having set up Night Bass just two years ago, he's created a distinctive and hugely successful sound that's so distinctive it's often described as the Night Bass sound. With his debut album Outsiders he galvanises and develops the sound even more as he ranges from the classic bass burping UK influenced jackers we know and love him for ("Ring The Alarm", All About The Paper", "Dope Slinger") to a much more soulful, sensual palette and flexes his deeper side ("Take Off", "Come Back") With splashes of UK garage ("Another You") and total alien grit ("Jaws"), this is the Night Bass bossman really digging into his own sound, his own crew and his movement.

29 Sep 17
UK Garage
from $1.49
Free Your Soul (feat Young Lyxx) - (4:42) 124 BPM
IFU - (4:38) 128 BPM
AC Slater & TS7 - "Step Back" (feat Armanni Reign) - (4:47) 129 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Review: The Night Bass rampage marches forward again as founder and front runner of the American bass scene: AC Slater touches down across three tracks of fire. For the title track 'Free Your Soul', we hear AC join forces with Young Lyxx for a vibrant 4x4 stomper, encapsulating the exact sound Night Bass represents. It all gets a bit more techy next as we are introducing to the jittery lead synthesis alongside the gloopy LFOs and sharp drum designs of 'IFU'. On the final recording, we are very excited to see Armanni Reign and TS7 join the party with some vibrant contributions towards 'Step Back', an acidic roller, perfect for the dance
NBD 080
08 Mar 19
UK Garage
from $1.49
Misfits (feat Herve & Purple Velvet Curtains - Sinden remix) - (4:56) 125 BPM
Taking Off (feat Shoffy - Jay Robinson remix) - (5:18) 124 BPM
Big Riddim (feat Jamakabi - Riddim Commission remix) - (3:43) 124 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Dealer (feat Tchami - Petey Clicks remix) - (5:32) 128 BPM
Review: It's safe to say that AC Slater has become one of the most influential names in worldwide bass music, both as a producer and as the driving force behind the infamous 'Night Bass' imprint. He makes his return to the homeworld with this brand new four tracker entitled 'Outsiders Remixed Pt 1', where we see the Night Bass collective rework classic tracks from AC's 'Outsiders' album.
To start off Sinden gets to work with a vibrant fidgety refurbishment of 'Misfit', originally featuring PVC and Herve. Next up Jay Robinson gets to work shuffling up 'Taking Off' and Riddim Commision gets busy with Jamakabi's intense vocal performance on 'Big Riddim'. Finally we are treated to Petey Clicks putting together his emotive recreation of 'Dealer' featuring credits from Tchami and Rome Fortune.
NBD 058
09 Mar 18
UK Garage
from $1.49
Final Fantasy (original mix) - (2:55) 128 BPM
Final Fantasy (Jay Robinson remix) - (4:42) 124 BPM
Final Fantasy (Steady Rock remix) - (6:07) 126 BPM
Final Fantasy (Turno remix) - (4:47) 128 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Final Fantasy (Club mix) - (4:01) 128 BPM
Review: Next up, the Night Bass reign continues to pour, dispersing wavy music left right and centre as the founder himself returns home for a fantastic new garage single by the name of 'Final Fantasy'. This one is an instant hit, as Kaleena Zanders gets busy with some incredibly catchy vocal lines over some smooth, silky 4x4 flavours from AC Slater, making for the perfect combo. This single also comes complete with a bag of fantastic remixes, with Jay Robinson turning the original into a bouncy party piece, Steady Rock providing some nostalgic house flavours and Turno bringing forward a wicked drums interpretation, packed with catchy synth leads and lively rhythms!
NBD 096S1E
31 May 19
UK Garage
from $1.49
Come Back - (5:08) 125 BPM
Review: On the other side of the great, giant pond, the cause of bass music has never pushed more so than by LA's AC Slater and his Night Bass label. Sometimes its output can be raucous and underground, but sometimes the label can be commercial too. Either way the output is always totally lit. "Come Back" is strictly in the latter camp, a hook up with Shift K3Y, it has resulted in a super infectious and uplifting banger, with rolling bass, skippy beats and more build ups and break downs than you can shake a stick at!
NBD 042
16 Jun 17
Funky/Club House
from $1.49
The Chirp - (5:08) 63 BPM
Skywalker OG - (4:39) 126 BPM
Waterverb - (4:38) 64 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Not No Love Song - (4:40) 126 BPM
Review: Flinging double negatives like a clown hurls custard pies, AC Slater builds on Night Bass's generous debut release with his second full-fat EP of the year. With a sound and attitude that's been cemented into the bass scene psyche for a decade, you know what to expect from him: BS-free floor-fire with added humour... And that's exactly what we get. "The Chirp" is a Dirtybird-level jacker, "Skywalker OG" taps deeper into the classic house roots with an air of late 90s Van Helden, "Waterverb" flips the trap bird before dropping into some seriously silky 4/4 wobble while "Not No Love Song" vibes with classic rave synths and a speed garage style drop that's not, not, amazing.
NBD 002
14 Jul 15
from $1.49
Heavyweight Sound - (5:06) 126 BPM
NBD 046
18 Aug 17
Funky/Club House
from $1.49
AC Slater - "Dope Slinger" - (3:16) 128 BPM
Sinden - "Lose Control" - (4:47) 127 BPM
Phlegmatic Dogs - "Steppin" - (3:58) 132 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
LOa99 - "Cabin Flex" - (4:29) 122 BPM
Petey Clicks - "I Canat Hold It In" - (5:42) 130 BPM
Sage Armstrong - "Drippindasawce" - (4:43) 122 BPM
Review: ooohhh - the calculating Night Bass imprint returns to some quick fire action thanks to this naughty VA comp - and the results are as impressive as they are, well, booty-shaking. There's a whole line of stars in the making here, with peeps like AC Slater, Phlegmatic Dogs and Petey Clicks all offering their various new strains of high-grade bass mutations. In fact, much like the label's wider catalogue, these future-minded bangers are a mixed race fo sorts; from speedy garage to teched-out house and dubstep, there's something in here for all lovers of the UK ting. Yes, yes!
13 Oct 17
UK Garage
from $1.49
My Peoples - (5:07) 126 BPM
Psycho - (4:35) 126 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Review: In the 90s AC Slater was the totally ripped jock in Saved By the Bell, but now however, it's the name of an LA bass maniac. Arriving on his own mighty Night Bass Label, My Peoples is a two track EP that continues to bring the sub-heavy heat to the USA. The title track is a storming 4 x 4 thumper with hip-hop samples and a stop-start dynamic that'll stop you resting on your laurels. Next up "Psycho" is a throwback to the deep and jazzy garage/house of the 90s - imagine vintage Van Helden with a firecracker in his tracksuit!
NBD 030
14 Oct 16
UK Garage
from $1.49
AC Slater - "Head Knockin" - (4:18) 128 BPM
Taiki Nulight - "Super Doopah Legend" - (5:02) 128 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Played by: Mr Brainz
Review: American bass music is always produced big and tough. Hailing from LA, AC Slater's Night Bass label excels at this particular breed of shizzle. Here Slater shares a release with Taiki Nulight who presents "Super Doopah Legend" - a sizzling anthem with ascending/descending bass riffs, comedy vocal samples, build-ups and a general ghetto bounce. Slater himself also provides "Head Knockin", a strong 4 x 4 vehicle, featuring weird low squelches and dubbed-out lasers. Another quality joint from Night Bass then.
NBD 040
10 Mar 17
UK Garage
from $1.49
Hollywood - (4:17) 128 BPM
So Good - (4:29) 130 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
Sweet 'n' Sour - (4:34) 128 BPM
Vibesy - (5:00) 130 BPM
Played by: Mr Brainz, BURNIE
Review: It's quite difficult in today's bass scene to see Bassboy's name and not get excited, whether it be for one of his super entertaining Instagram track builds or a new EP such as this. He teams up with the legendary Night Bass imprint for a sizzling four track selection, kicking off with the gritty LFO rolls of the title track 'Hollywood', which is chased up the super colourful UKG struts of 'So Good'. Following this, 'Sweet 'n' Sour' switches the EP back onto a more gritty pass with his hardened bass synths running riot, before the moogy plucks of 'Vibesy' finish everything up with a serious dash of spice.
NBD 095
30 Aug 19
UK Garage
from $1.49
Super Phat (feat Ushi Qute) - (4:00) 124 BPM
Do Not Disturb - (4:39) 126 BPM
BIJOU & Blossom - "Expert" - (4:11) 126 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
BIJOU & ATLAST - "Better Than That" - (3:23) 126 BPM
Review: The Night Bass rampage continues to rage as they bring in Bijou for this exciting four track selection, packing a serious punch. The title track 'Super Phat' is a heavyweight collaboration with Ushi Qute, working her impactful vocals into a high pressure build up, landing on a synth driven madness of a breakdown. To follow we have the super punchy drum work of 'Do Not Disturb' alongside the distorted devisings of 'Expert'. The EP is rounded off with some major flare as the shuffling synths and hard hitting drum designs of 'Better Than That' run riot.
NBD 071
14 Sep 18
UK Garage
from $1.49
G Code - (4:41) 125 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
1000 Bitches - (4:25) 124 BPM
Get Up - (5:16) 124 BPM
Afterparty - (4:30) 124 BPM
Review: Previously spotted on Night Bass compilations, Bijou makes his EP debut on the label with the dark and dank "G-Code", a firing quartet of big boy bass antics. The title track digs deep into our inner gangster with its pushed jacking groove and catchy sample, "1000 Bitches" lets the dogs out with a barking mad groaner that's laced with some really trippy FX and twisted trap vox, "Get Up" takes more of a house route that switches up with a classic breakbeat breakdown. Finally we hit the "Afterparty" where Bijou condones some seriously mischievous behaviour over a mean snake-like riddim. This hits the g-spot alright.
NBD 048
15 Sep 17
UK Garage
from $1.49
Big Shot (feat TT The Artist) - (4:28) 124 BPMBiggest-selling track on this release
DYTAM - (3:53) 125 BPM
Anime (feat Outlaw The Artist) - (3:49) 127 BPM
Review: Phoenix-based DJ Blossom has been performing at the Night Bass Arizona shows for years, so A.C. Slater & Co. are beyond excited to introduce her first release on the Los Angeles-based label. The EP blasts off with the title track, featuring high energy vocals from TT The Artist. "DYTAM" keeps the vibe rolling along with a darker U.K. funky/bassline vibe, then leading into "Anime" 'a fidgety bass banger' with a grimy low end and featuring guest bars by Outlaw.
NBD 079
22 Feb 19
Minimal/Tech House
from $1.49
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