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Odd Even

Pulsation - (6:11) 127 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Pulsation (ROD remix) - (5:00) 128 BPM
Perception - (6:37) 128 BPM
Current 101 - (5:17) 128 BPM
Review: Alexander Kowalski, a fixture in European techno during the early part of the millennium, continues his comeback with this killer four-track release on Andr? Kronert's Odd Even. The title track is a driving, dubbed out techno track that resounds to rich chords and niggling percussion. On "Perception", the German producer uses a similar approach with dubbed out chords, but on this occasion ups the tempo and makes the percussion sharper. "Current 101" meanwhile is more stripped back, with a warbling acid line unfolding over a stripped back rhythm and dramatic stabs. Demonstrating that he is indeed back with a bang, the release also features a tough, tribal take on the title track by ROD.
05 Jun 19
from $1.49
Ain't No Funny Dirty Old Man Music (Jeroen Search Rework) - (7:00) 128 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Ain't No Funny Music (Bluetrain Stripped Down dub) - (6:10) 125 BPM
Ain't No Funny Music (Nima Khak Second edit) - (7:07) 128 BPM
Ain't No Funny Music (Jesse Jakob remix) - (6:08) 125 BPM
Ain't No Funny Music (Nima Khak remix) - (7:00) 130 BPM
Review: Despite managing a number of other labels, Andre Kronert has found the time to also focus on Odd Even - and the latest release is one of its best yet. The German DJ /producer has commissioned an impressive group of remixers to rework him; Jeroen Search steps up first with an acid-soaked take on "Ain't No Funny Dirty Old Man Music", while Steve O'Sullivan works under his Bluetrain guise to deliver a stepping, dubby take on "Ain't No Funny Music". Ever the astute A&R, Kronert has also tapped Swedish producer Nima Khak for a stripped back, hiccuping vocal Robotman-style version of "Ain't No Funny Music" while Jesse Jakob's dense, booming version of the same track is redolent of classic Aubrey.
07 Oct 16
from $1.49
When Rain Falls - (7:30) 128 BPM
The Gate - (7:37) 130 BPM
Lake Tahoe - (6:07) 128 BPM
Until We Find - (7:11) 127 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
05 Mar 18
from $1.49
On My Own - (4:24) 128 BPM
Call For Pain - (5:22) 129 BPM
Marathon Valley - (4:51) 129 BPM
Black Bloc - (4:37) 130 BPM
Of Pressures - (4:55) 131 BPM
Everything Zen - (4:00) 128 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
27 Dec 19
from $1.49
Morb - (6:26) 131 BPM
Skarn - (5:53) 132 BPM
Alpha - (6:56) 130 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Walker - (6:53) 130 BPM
25 Oct 19
from $1.49
Dirty Old Man (Markus Suckut remix) - (6:33) 128 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Dirty Old Man (Regal remix) - (7:55) 130 BPM
Ain't No Funny Music (Simon Haydo's Ms20 Imitation) - (7:02) 128 BPM
Dirty Old Man (Blind Observatory's Old Man Rising dub) - (6:37) 129 BPM
Ain't No Funny Music (Regal's Warehouse remix) - (6:34) 127 BPM
Played by: DJ Emerson
16 Jun 16
from $1.49
Nightcall - (6:59) 125 BPM
Oblivion - (6:21) 126 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Seven Heads - (6:08) 125 BPM
Split String - (6:02) 128 BPM
Nightcall (instrumental) - (6:51) 125 BPM
Review: This duo is not from Massachusetts, rather Turin, Italy and focus on psychedelic / acid / techno vibes according to their Soundcloud profile; quite an apt description. They have appeared on labels like Involve and Enemy previously and now Germany's Odd Even for the Oblivion EP. "Nightcall" has a taste for the acid life that pushes that 303 to it's full limit like an Acid Test record over a tough beat, but it's the title track which really nails it: this is droning and hypnotic techno further fuelled by a well-executed acid snarl and a ferocious and shuffling rhythm. On the flip "Split String" sounds like a fierce Jeff Mills 909 live drum solo but then that chiming synth melody comes through with those claps on the kick, sounding more like a Rodhad cut. Great stuff!
17 Mar 16
from $1.49
Phenomena - (6:16) 125 BPM
Until The End - (6:31) 128 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Transmission - (7:07) 128 BPM
Vera - (6:00) 125 BPM
02 Jan 18
from $1.49
Contactor - (5:54) 128 BPM
Vacuum - (5:44) 125 BPM
Cybernetics - (6:40) 125 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Futuretro - (7:05) 123 BPM
Played by: Ellen Allien
Review: This is Boston 168's third outing on Odd Even, and it sees them building on the "psychedelic acid" style that previous EPs hinted at. "Contactor" is an atmospheric, spaced out affair, with nimble 303s building and building over a skeletal rhythm. By contrast, "Vacuum" is a heavier track; the drums and percussion reverberate with great force, the acid line builds in tandem with eerie synths, and there is an underlying, menacing sensibility. "Cybernetics" sees them go a few steps farther down the rabbit hole, as lead-weight kicks combine with gurgling 303s, while the Italian pair continue on their journey into the depths of tripped out techno with the pumping, pulsing "Futuretro".
06 Feb 18
from $1.49
Contras I - (8:07) 127 BPM
Contras II - (7:12) 125 BPM
Contras III - (7:34) 125 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Contras IIII - (5:45) 127 BPM
Contras IIIII - (8:25) 124 BPM
Played by: Paridesaraceni
06 Jul 18
from $1.49
Tanya - (5:09) 125 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Kie - (7:03) 128 BPM
A3A33 - (6:23) 126 BPM
QWN - (6:45) 125 BPM
Review: Dubspeeka follows up 2018's Contras release on Odd Even with this expansive EP. The title track resounds to billowing chords underpinned by a lean, metallic rhythm, looped to infinity. On "Kie", there's a similar rhythmic approach, but on this occasion the stepping beats provide the backdrop for acid gurgles and dubbed out chords. "A3A33" sees the UK producer raise the tempo and add some trance sparkle thanks to the addition of frosty melody lines - it's no wonder that he has released on Get Physical and Sasha's Last Night on Earth. "QWN" sees him opt for a stripped back approach, with seductive electronic tweaks underpinned by lithe percussion.
03 Apr 20
from $1.49
Dormancy (original mix) - (5:58) 130 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Impulses (original mix) - (5:15) 128 BPM
Variant 1 (original mix) - (4:38) 135 BPM
Ju 6 (original mix) - (6:30) 130 BPM
Dormancy (Jon Hester remix) - (6:47) 133 BPM
27 Nov 20
from $1.49
Unconscious Mind - (7:16) 134 BPM
Segreto - (6:32) 130 BPM
Nel Vuoto - (2:18) 130 BPM
Furore - (5:31) 130 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
I Play The - (5:45) 130 BPM
Lacuna - (4:37) 128 BPM
Mistero - (6:20) 130 BPM
La Danza - (5:30) 130 BPM
Out Of Body - (4:14) 130 BPM
La Sera - (5:50) 128 BPM
Magma - (5:10) 128 BPM
La Rovina - (5:00) 128 BPM
03 Jan 19
from $1.49
La Notte - (2:13) 130 BPM
L'Isola - (6:53) 130 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
L'Estate - (6:48) 130 BPM
Vulcano - (6:00) 130 BPM
Lo Scoglio - (1:14) 87 BPM
Lontano - (5:43) 130 BPM
Review: Fabrizio Rat is a pianist and composer, who last year released his debut album on Arnaud Rebotini's Blackstrobe label. As this EP for techno label Odd Even demonstrates, he is also capable of crafting dance floor-primed arrangements. "La Notte" starts with the kind of moody piano tones that he is associated with, before the title track sees him veering into a hypnotic, tranced out techno workout that's not a million miles from Donato Dozzy. On "L'Estate", he dispenses with his esoteric approach in favour of a bubbling acidic groove, while "Vulcano" sees him move into droning rhythms, guided by the tolling of an eerie lighthouse bell. Clearly Mr Rat is a man of many talents, and "Lontano" closes the release with the kind of tripped out techno that Speedy J used to specialise in.
25 May 18
from $1.49
Parallel Consciousness - (6:05) 132 BPM
A Mechanical Life - (6:24) 130 BPM
Logic Gates - (7:07) 131 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Berlin - (6:15) 128 BPM
27 Dec 18
from $1.49
Confusion - (6:15) 128 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Lead Me - (5:48) 129 BPM
Speaking Of Witch - (5:56) 130 BPM
Where To Find - (5:24) 126 BPM
Review: Over the past decade, Rushin has released music on some of the most respected underground labels - including Mote Evolver and Arts Collective - and now steps up for Odd Even. As the streamlined tribal groove that constitutes the title track and "Confusion" both demonstrate, it's not hard to understand Rushin's appeal. However, there is also a deeper side to his sound, audible on the frazzled chords of "Lead Me", while the Dutch producer also delivers a hypnotic groove in the shape of "Where to Find". Based on a rolling groove, detuned riffs and crisp, doubled-up claps, it rounds off this expertly executed release in style.
28 Feb 19
from $1.49
Explain Variation 2 - (2:59) 142 BPM
Without Abrupt Changes - (6:07) 124 BPM
Quantitative Transitions - (4:27) 130 BPM
Contiuum - (4:51) 133 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Explain Variation 1 - (3:51) 138 BPM
Continuous Or Discrete - (5:58) 124 BPM
Review: ODD / EVEN is the label project of Andre Kronert. Created by the German as a wide open space and blank canvas for friends and peers to release music that Andre himself will include is his DJ sets. ODD / EVEN is a playground for both music and art, with each release receiving a full vinyl press and exclusive cover artwork. It welcomes one of the most authentic techno producers and veterans: Jeroen Search. Known for his hard hitting Millsian influenced DJ tools, usually made in conjunction with fellow Dutchman Dimi Angelis. Featured are four reliable and straight up expressions in cyclical techno, with as much tension and suspense as you'd always expect from him. "Without Abrupt Changes" starting off with restraint, featuring that chiming Axis style melody while "Contiuum" is the most heads down and straight ahead affair on offer, good for the peak time. There's also two mesmerising drone pieces "Explain Variation 1 & 2".
28 Sep 17
from $1.49
By Night (Part One) - (6:59) 126 BPM
By Night (Part Two) - (7:11) 127 BPM
By Night (Part Three) - (6:47) 129 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
By Night (Part Four) - (6:30) 129 BPM
21 Jul 16
from $1.49
Gospel One - (4:55) 152 BPM
Gospel Two - (8:04) 128 BPM
Gospel Three - (6:19) 132 BPM
Gospel Four - (6:14) 130 BPM
Gospel Five - (4:05) 130 BPM
Gospel Six - (7:32) 130 BPM
Gospel Seven - (7:16) 133 BPM
Gospel Eight - (6:02) 129 BPM
Gospel Nine - (5:36) 129 BPM
Gospel Ten - (6:11) 130 BPM
Johannes Heil & Markus Suckut - "Gospel Eleven" - (6:30) 129 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Johannes Heil & Markus Suckut - "Gospel Twelve" - (7:57) 129 BPM
Gospel Thirteen - (8:16) 129 BPM
Gosple Fourteen - (12:00) 103 BPM
Gosple Fifteen - (4:40) 112 BPM
Played by: S-File, OPTICIAN
Review: For his eleventh(!) studio album, techno veteran Johannes Heil does what he knows best and focuses on the dance floor. Gospel starts the soundscapes of "Gospel One" before giving way to the epic synths and heavy kicks of "Gospel Two", which come across like Slam and early Ron Trent on steroids. "Gospel Three" sees the German producer delve into deeper, dub techno, while on the fourth instalment, he drops a bleep-heavy break beat track. Heil has always been a versatile producer, but no matter what direction he veers into, each track on Gospel has a crisp, precise sound. From the chord-heavy builds of "Gospel Six" to the rolling tribal groove of "Gospel Nine", this approach prevails on Heil's latest album.
16 Oct 17
from $1.49
Structure One - (6:49) 133 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Structure Two - (6:09) 132 BPM
Structure Three - (6:59) 135 BPM
Structure Four - (6:50) 131 BPM
Structure Five - (7:04) 131 BPM
06 Mar 20
from $1.49
Antioquia I - (5:26) 130 BPM
Antioquia II - (5:59) 130 BPM
Antioquia III - (5:33) 130 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Antioquia IIII - (6:26) 130 BPM
Review: Joton is known primarily for releases on his own New Rhythmic label, so this outing on Odd Even is sure to win him more attention. It moves in style from the hypnotic dub techno of "Antioquia 1", before the second version sees him opt for a more percussive rhythm, albeit still underpinned by ghostly sounds. "Antioquia 3" is different again, with the Spanish producer upping the tempo slightly more and dropping yelping vocals and insistent claps over a prowling bass. On the fourth and final instalment, Joton opts for a somewhat more visceral approach, with clanging metallic drums underpinning a series of acid squelches.
29 Jun 18
from $1.49
Terminus - (7:08) 127 BPM
Terminus (Jonas Kopp Torture mix) - (6:08) 132 BPM
Terminus (Pfirter remix) - (5:21) 129 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Isolation - (7:10) 127 BPM
Terminus (Jonas Kopp remix digital only version) - (6:16) 132 BPM
Played by: Chris Liebing
01 Dec 14
from $1.49
Your Legs - (6:17) 126 BPM
Your Head - (6:29) 129 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Your Arms - (5:43) 130 BPM
Your Body - (6:42) 124 BPM
Review: Following on from his excellent long player, Resist, Suckut now drops this killer four-tracker. While the German producer's second artist album saw him explore a range of styles and moods, this release is all about the dance floor. "Your Legs" is a murky, percussive affair that resounds to distant sirens and dense, shuffling drums. On "Your Head", Suckut goes for an all-out acid assault, featuring a central 303 line so virulent and claps so militant that the combination will flatten anything that gets in its way. On "Your Arms", he offers a more loose approach, with a raw bass underpinning a shuffling, percussive rhythm, while on "Your Body", Suckut opts for a minimal, stripped back house workout that takes influence from Dan Bell.
27 Apr 17
from $1.49
Promises - (5:59) 130 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Prism (Part One) - (8:53) 131 BPM
Backyard - (5:08) 132 BPM
Prism (Part Two) - (7:53) 130 BPM
Played by: Joris Voorn
Review: Suckut returns to Andre Kronet's label with a killer dance floor EP. The title track is an irresistible, rolling affair, halfway between house and techno, and featuring a hypnotic vocal loop. On "Prism Part One", Suckut ups the tempo and drops a searing acid line that burns its way over doubled up claps. The second iteration of "Prism" is even more dance floor focused: based on a heavy 303 line, pitch bent hats and rolling snare drums, these elements veer into Emanuel Top-style pandemonium. Changing tact again, "Backyard" inhabits a similar territory as "Promises", albeit with tougher drums, rasping percussion and a indistinguishable vocal loop.
22 Nov 19
from $1.49
Taste - (5:53) 88 BPM
Whisper - (5:53) 132 BPM
Touch - (5:24) 132 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Smell - (5:52) 132 BPM
Review: Michael Klein has enjoyed a productive year, and rounds it off with this slamming release on Andr? Kronert's label. "Taste" has a juggernaut rhythm at its heart, which is supported by dense, thundering bass and rickety percussion. On "Whisper", he ups the tempo and intensity levels to deliver a scuffled rhythm peppered with discordant bleeps, sounding like a malfunctioning robot. Klein changes tact on "Touch", a rolling affair that resounds to crispy hi hats and deep space synth lines, while he signs off with a more forceful track, as "Smell" unravels to the sound of insistent tones and a dramatic, filtered groove.
25 Dec 20
from $1.49
Und3rjord - (6:05) 127 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Und3rjord (Gnesta edit) - (6:04) 127 BPM
Timber - (6:06) 127 BPM
Swedish Massage - (4:05) 156 BPM
Review: Odd Even is already home to respected producers like NX1 and Johannes Heil, and now the German label welcomes two more veteran artists, Alex Bau and Mikael Jonasson to the fold. The title track strikes a balance between big room minimal and classic techno, as the pair deliver a pulsating tonal groove and looped vocal samples. Underpinned by firing percussion, it makes for a hypnotic and effective combination. "Timber" is less conventional and sees the pair lay down dense, filtered percussion and a teased out but equally bruising rhythm, while on "Swedish "Massage", a softer side to their sound with some soft-focus ambience.
27 Apr 18
from $1.49
Kyoto Protocol Breakers - (6:34) 130 BPM
King Of Snake - (5:39) 130 BPM
Reality Surpasses Fiction (Cari Lekebusch remix) - (7:25) 130 BPM
Reality Surpasses Fiction - (6:37) 130 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
23 Mar 18
from $1.49
Nima Khak - "Ebb Och Flod" - (5:41) 128 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Anders Hellberg - "Over The Hills" - (6:27) 129 BPM
Electric Rescue - "Beldip" (TT 144) - (6:11) 130 BPM
Observer - "Density Wave" - (5:07) 128 BPM
Review: Andre Kronert's label continues on its mission to showcase underground techno on this second installment of Diffused Light. This time, the emphasis is on emerging and under-the-radar artists. Observer's "Density Wave" caters to a big room audience as it resounds to a muddy bass and rough kicks. Meanwhile, Anders Hellberg's "Over the Hill" will resonate with a similar audience, even though it revolves around tranced out synths and doubled-up claps. Following a more understated approach is Electric Rescue's "Beldip (tt 144)", which revolves around a bubbling bass and rasping percussion. Best of all is Nima Khak's "Ebb Och Flod", where brittle, stepping rhythms merge with mysterious static hiss and hum for a heady combination.
02 Dec 16
from $1.49
OE02 - (6:32) 130 BPM
OE03 - (6:37) 130 BPM
OE04 - (6:55) 132 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
OE05 - (7:49) 131 BPM
23 Nov 15
from $1.49
Through My Window - (5:50) 133 BPM
Last Breath - (6:00) 136 BPM
Endless - (5:08) 135 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Certain - (4:51) 134 BPM
Release - (5:17) 136 BPM
Review: The twentieth release on Andre Kronert's label sees MindTrip boss Pfirter deliver a high-impact EP. "Through My Window" is a lean roller that resounds to swirling synths, while on "Last Breath", he strips out any semblance of melody to deliver a fuzzy, tribal affair. "Endless" has an accurate title, with churning chords looped to the back drop of a dense, rolling groove, the kind of hypnotic arrangement that sounds like it goes on forever. "Certain" meanwhile, sees Pfirter go deeper with its high-paced, steely rhythm shot through with atmospheric chords, while on "Release" he ups the ante to deliver an insistent, buzzing track.
16 Oct 20
from $1.49
Amorpha - (7:13) 128 BPM
Field - (6:41) 127 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Hetre - (7:07) 126 BPM
Echoes - (5:44) 115 BPM
Review: The mysterious Ruhbarb is up next on Germany's Odd Even who have previously brought us great work by Boston 168, dub techno man Andre Kronert and the legendary Johannes Heil. Starting off with the brooding and atmospheric title track which is reminiscent of classic Mathew Jonson, there's the Millsian minimalism of "Field" which is rather hypnotic indeed. Elsewhere "Hetre" is where the producer really finds his own sound on this slow burning yet tough enough stomper, that's guided by a mesmerising arpeggio. Finally "Echoes" closes the EP out in great style, by veering away from techno and more into Life & Death style tech house on this oddly bittersweet dark journey track.
24 Feb 17
from $1.49
Exponent - (6:15) 130 BPM
The Rooter - (5:28) 130 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Forum - (6:09) 124 BPM
Amox - (5:26) 126 BPM
Check One Two - (2:18) 150 BPM
Review: The latest release on Odd Even features a change of direction from Shlomi Aber. The Be As One boss is usually associated with hypnotic, dubbed out techno, but he navigates his way through tougher territory here. "Exponent" is a wild acid workout, while on the title track, Aber puts his head down to hammer out a dark minimal techno banger. Although he drops the tempo on "Forum", the arrangement still teems with eerie riffs, while a similar aesthetic applies on "Amox". Led by ghostly synth sweeps and underpinned by bug eyed acid spirals, it is as frosty as a winter's night in Reykjavik.
08 Jan 18
from $1.49
Playing To The People - (6:16) 130 BPM
Blue Hour - (6:46) 130 BPM
Into Our Amplifiers - (6:38) 130 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Sendero - (6:48) 127 BPM
30 May 19
from $1.49
Acid Machine - (7:00) 130 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Planet E - (6:37) 128 BPM
The Prophet - (6:46) 130 BPM
Horns Of Jupiter - (5:11) 128 BPM
Singular Dimension - (4:09) 103 BPM
Review: The latest release on Odd Even mines the rich heritage of 90s techno. The work of Steve Parker, who has featured on household labels like Ovum and Synewave, it moves from the layered 303 builds of "Acid Machine" and "The Prophet" into the rolling, tribal drums of "Planet E" - which doesn't resemble material on Carl Craig's label. The brilliantly-named "Horns of Jupiter" sees the Portuguese artist deliver a tranced out jam, with echoes of early Music Man, while closing track "Singular Dimension" is the most impressive. Layered, droning soundscapes unravel in a majestic fashion, like the stellar ambience of Richie Hawtin's F.U.S.E project.
24 Aug 18
from $1.49
Grandmaster Acid - (7:28) 128 BPM
Blockhead Deuce - (5:54) 133 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
4th - (5:42) 135 BPM
18 Sep 20
from $1.49
Imagination, Kiddo - (6:33) 127 BPM
Konnektin Dots - (5:48) 127 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Med17 - (6:19) 127 BPM
Murakami_ - (7:01) 128 BPM
28 Mar 19
from $1.49
Johannes Heil - "Gospel One" - (4:55) 152 BPM
Andre Kronert - "Ain't No Funny Dirty Old Man Music" (Jeroen Search rework) - (7:00) 128 BPM
Par Grindvik - "Eden" (The Persuader remix) - (5:49) 127 BPM
Andre Kronert - "Isolation" (original mix) - (7:10) 127 BPM
Boston 168 - "Oblivion" - (6:21) 126 BPM
Markus Suckut - "Your Legs" - (6:17) 126 BPM
Ruhbarb - "Amorpha" - (7:13) 128 BPM
Anders Hellberg - "Over The Hills" - (6:27) 129 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Johannes Heil - "Gospel Seven" - (7:16) 133 BPM
NX1 - "OE05" - (7:49) 131 BPM
Andre Kronert - "Dirty Old Man" (Markus Suckut remix) - (6:33) 128 BPM
Andre Kronert - "Ain't No Funny Music" (Nima Khak Second edit) - (7:07) 128 BPM
Johannes Heil & Markus Suckut - "Gospel Eleven" - (6:30) 129 BPM
Dimi Angelis & Jeroen Search - "The World" - (6:13) 130 BPM
Johannes Heil - "By Night Part Three" - (6:47) 129 BPM
Electric Rescue - "BELDIP" (TT 144) - (6:11) 130 BPM
Andre Kronert - "Terminus" (Jonas Kopp Torture mix) - (6:08) 132 BPM
Johannes Heil - "By Night Part One" - (6:59) 126 BPM
NX1 - "OE03" - (6:37) 130 BPM
Johannes Heil - "Gospel Thirteen" - (8:16) 129 BPM
Markus Suckut - "Your Arms" - (5:43) 130 BPM
Ruhbarb - "Hetre" - (7:07) 126 BPM
Boston 168 - "Nightcall" (instrumental) - (6:51) 125 BPM
Andre Kronert - "Dirty Old Man" (Blind Observatory's Old Man Rising dub) - (6:37) 129 BPM
Review: A journey through waveforms, transmission and light with label boss Andre Kronert on Odd Even Volume One, where he carefully curates an intoxicating mix comprised of some of the label's finest moments. Highlights not limited to: boss man Kronert on the dirty acid jack of "Ain't No Funny Dirty Old Man Music (Jeroen Search Remix) and the tunnelling techno of "Isolation", German veteran Johannes Heil who is fine form as always on the trance-indicing "Gospel Seven" and the barrelling peak time thriller "By Night Part Three" through to label staple Markus Suckut who delivers his typically contorted style of techno on "Your Legs", plus ever impressive Italian duo Boston 168 doing their usual mentalist thing on the acidic "Oblivion" and "Nightcall" respectively.
01 Aug 19
from $1.49
Par Grindvik - "Eden" (The Persuader remix) - (5:49) 126 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Dimi Angelis & Jeroen Search - "The World" - (6:13) 130 BPM
Andre Kronert - "DONT" - (2:05) 127 BPM
NX1 - "OE1" - (6:44) 131 BPM
Andre Kronert - "The 7th Stranger" - (7:18) 149 BPM
25 May 15
from $1.49
Death In Goa - (7:01) 129 BPM
Death In Goa (Flight Mode) - (3:42) 122 BPM
Oriental Jazz - (6:48) 130 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Death In Goa (Markus Suckut remix) - (7:12) 127 BPM
Review: The latest release on Andre Kronert's Odd Even label has an unusual name, and it finds Avni covering a range of different styles. The macabre-titled "Death in Goa (Flight Mode)" is a serene ambient affair, while on an alternate version, simply called "Death in Goa", a chugging groove underpins Avni's hypnotic textures. Despite Goa begin the destination of choice for those who have finished their Israeli military service, this release eschews making an overt political statement and its strongest repercussions can be felt on the dance floor. Accordingly, "Oriental Jazz" is a robust stepper populated by repetitive vocal snatches, while Markus Suckut's take on "Death In Goa" is a deep but effective roller.
29 Nov 18
from $1.49


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