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Alluvial Sketches
Trip - (7:42) 123 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Mellow Madness - (5:44) 114 BPM
Glow - (8:20) 127 BPM
Siren - (7:15) 122 BPM
Review: Fresh from a fine EP on Razor N Tape Reserve, Voyeurism founder and Delusions of Grandeur regular Ben Sun pops up on Phonica's in-house label for the very first time. The 'Alluvial Sketches' on offer showcase four differing tweaks of the house music template from the talented, London-based Australian. There's 'The Trip', a slowly building, sun-splashed, glassy-eyed disco-house loop jam; a chugging, dream house-influenced shuffle through hybrid analogue deep house/nu-disco territory ('Mellow Madness'); a drift through ultra-deep, ultra-dreamy, tribal-tinged sunrise house ('Glow'); and a bleeping slab of Sir James-sampling proto-house-goes-early UK house excellence ('Siren').
25 Nov 22
Funky/Club House
from $1.89
Pink Television
Pink Television - (5:07) 126 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Ninety High - (4:09) 125 BPM
Don't Forgive Me - (5:57) 85 BPM
Glances - (6:13) 120 BPM
Review: Nuage has taken an unusual shift towards broader horizons, after making his initial name in drum n' bass. 'Pink Television' is definitely an EP that shows off this change in direction; they are meticulous exercises in ambient techno, house and breaks, humanized to Nuagey nuance. 'Don't Forgive Me' is the highlight: filtered out soul vocals and monotone FMs provice a Bicep-like sense of urgency, before flourishing arps build to faux-elysia that never quite peak.
21 Oct 22
Funky/Club House
from $1.89
Love To The End EP
Love To The End (Manchester Club Mix) - (12:00) 124 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Love To The End (Sunset Mix) - (12:00) 124 BPM
Love To The End (Sunset Short Mix) (Digital Bonus) - (7:00) 124 BPM
02 Sep 22
Funky/Club House
from $1.89
Find A Way EP
FindAWay2Day - (6:44) 129 BPM
Something Inside Of Me - (3:56) 124 BPM
Down All Day - (5:19) 118 BPM
Daywun - (4:19) 114 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Review: Eli Escobar's previous release was a dusty mixtape full of J Dilla-inspired hip-hop head-nodders, so it's nice to see him return to the dancefloor via a first EP for Phonica. Opener 'FindAWay2Day' is sunny and life-affirming, with the NYC producer adding smile-inducing chords, loved-up pads, sampled vocal snippets, disco guitar licks and eyes-closed sax sounds to a solid bass of shuffling house drums and boogie bass. 'Something Inside of Me is a tech-tinged chunk of hazy late-night deep house hypnotism, while 'Down All Day' is a rushing, ultra-bright chunk of piano-house retro-futurism and 'Daywun' is a contemporary deep house take on hip-house. Luscious stuff all told.
25 Mar 22
Deep House
from $1.89
Energy Breakthrough EP
Energy Breakthrough - (7:53) 132 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Energy Breakthrough (Adam Pits' Lightspeed mix) - (6:14) 145 BPM
The Dream We All Share - (7:56) 131 BPM
Breathing Room - (5:03) 144 BPM
10 Dec 21
from $1.89
Easy Tiger EP
Easy Tiger - (7:21) 132 BPM
RIP Ralph - (5:17) 128 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
One For The Club - (7:55) 130 BPM
Snake In The Grass - (8:25) 130 BPM
Review: Welsh deep house hero Harrison BDP is back on London's Phonica with this nifty new four tracker. The Easy Tiger EP is yet another impressively crafted release, as the label best described themselves, packed full of his idiosyncratic take on several styles. Serving up some emotive late night mood music on the title track, which is in that classic Stateside '90s style, to the undeniable UK flavour of "RIP Ralph" with its snappy broken beats and garage motifs. He switches gears on "One For The Club" up next, a glacial and cavernous expression in dub-infused tech house, before delving deep into the afterhours on the heady minimal house groove of "Snake In The Grass".
23 Apr 21
Deep House
from $1.89
House Organ For The Lonely
House Organ For The Lonely - (8:35) 125 BPM
Fumana Prophecy - (6:51) 128 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Rhythm Paint - (6:03) 135 BPM
Review: Alexander Berg has put out records on Northern Electronics and Hivern Discs under his Dorisburg project, and now he lands on Phonica. The title track is a wonderfully dreamy affair, based on tight, stripped back drums and featuring warm melodies and traditional pipe playing. The overall result is like a more mystical version of producers like Lawrence or Efdemin. "Fumana Prophecy" sees Berg venture into a different direction: the drums are stripped back and when combined with the track's layered, rasping percussion, make for a mesmerising sound. Similarly, on "Rhythm Paint", Berg uses complex percussion and rolling drums to create a tripped out dance floor track.
23 Oct 20
from $1.89
Gerudo EP
Zip - (5:16) 122 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Guevenne Groove - (5:48) 133 BPM
Fret - (5:32) 128 BPM
Gerudo - (5:07) 125 BPM
Review: To date, John "Yak" Randall has released a string of superb singles for the likes of Version, 3024 and R&S that giddily blur the boundaries between techno, bass music and densely layered tribal drum workouts. Somewhat predictably, the Sheffield-based producer is at it again on the "Gerudo EP". Opener "Zip" peppers African style tribal drums and raw Motor City techno bass with the kind of ear-catching bleeps that were once a Steel City staple, before the jumpy and upbeat "Guevenne Groove" wraps positive, glassy-eyed synthesizer motifs around sweaty, loose-limbed live drumming. "Fret" is a spaced out, bass-heavy two-step number laden with intergalactic electronics and undulating bass, while closing cut "Gerudo" brilliantly joins the dots between tribal rhythms and shimmering deep house.
18 Oct 19
Deep House
from $1.89
Truth EP
Truth (Main Street mix) - (5:48) 125 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Truth (Back Alley mix) - (6:18) 127 BPM
Old Way, New Way - (7:14) 124 BPM
And Then - (6:21) 124 BPM
Played by: Chrissy
Review: Over the last few years, Polish Pair Earth Trax and Newborn Jr have crafted exquisite singles on Rhythm Section International, Echovolt, Dopeness Galore and Shall Not Fade. Here they add another label to their impressive CV via a typically retro-futurist EP for Phonica. As you'd expect, it contains a couple of fine examples of their breezy, Balearic and hugely melodious sunrise deep house sound (see the deliciously tactile "Old Way, New Way" and "And Then", which sounds like a long lost Keys & Tronics Ensemble track). More surprisingly, the EP also boasts two versions of the sleazy, strobe-lit throb that is "Truth" - a turn of the '90s inspired foray into warehouse-ready peak-time pastures rich in foreboding riffs, old school female vocal samples and ragged, mind-mangling acid lines.
05 Jul 19
Deep House
from $1.89
Lakeside EP
For Joanie - (5:29) 119 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Drama - (6:34) 125 BPM
Never Enough - (6:10) 80 BPM
Played by: Kraak & Smaak
Review: Over the last few years, it's become increasingly difficult to second-guess what Will Saul will put out next. While his work remains undeniably dancefloor focused, recent releases have drawn inspiration from a wide variety of retro-futurist, turn-of-the-'980s sounds. He's at it again on the "Lakeside EP", which makes the scene stalwart's first appearance on Phonica. He opens with the tactile, string-laden retro-futurism of "For JOannie", where delay-laden vocal snippets and sunrise-ready electronic flourishes ride a suitably rubbery groove. "Drama" sounds like a long lost relic of the rave era - all elastic Italo-house bottom end, sweeping strings and yelped vocal samples - while "Never Enough" sees Saul put his twist on the mid-80s NYC freestyle sound with typically melodious results.
01 Mar 19
Deep House
from $1.89
Hearing Voices
Hearing Voices - (6:11) 118 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Vibing To Your Vibe - (5:08) 125 BPM
Magic Ride - (5:27) 123 BPM
Teenage Heartbreak - (5:56) 122 BPM
Played by: Catz 'N Dogz
Review: Isaac Delongchamp's last North Lake outing on Phonica five years was rather good, so hopes are naturally high for this belated follow-up. He begins in suitably subdued mode on the deep and dreamy "Hearing Voices", where twinkling music box style melodies relax over dusty drums and a chunky bassline reminiscent of the early Chicago house greats. Having shaken out his limbs, Delongchamp opts for more rubbery drums and elastic boogie bass on the similarly deep and picturesque "Vibing To Your Ride", before doffing a cap to the restless electronic hypnotism of German deep house on "Magic Ride". Perhaps best of all, though, is closing cut "Teenage Heartbreak", whose lilting, alien-sounding synth lines attractively wrap around a shuffling but energy-packed deep house rhythm.
07 Dec 18
Deep House
from $1.89
Life Unlimited
Life Unlimited - (7:44) 126 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Fish In The Tank - (7:23) 130 BPM
Itas All Good - (6:22) 128 BPM
12 Oct 18
Funky/Club House
from $1.89
XME/One Night Stand
XME - (6:34) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
XME (A Quiet Ceremony mix) - (6:07) 106 BPM
One Night Stand - (6:18) 123 BPM
One Night Stand (Slow Drumapella mix) - (5:29) 108 BPM
Review: Spanish producer Pional has an incredible track record to date, delivering must-have releases for the likes of Hivern Discs, Young Turks, Permanent Vacation and Ninja Tune offshoot Counter Records. Here he continues this rich vein of form with an EP for Phonica that simply sparkles from start to finish. Check, for example, the darting, chiming synthesizer melodies, toaster-warm chords and bubby beats of "XME", which is subsequently turned into a psychedelic disco chugger on the similarly wonderful "A Quiet Ceremony mix". Heavier dancefloor thrills arrive in the form of "One Night Stand", where spine-ingling, manipulated vocal samples and stretched out chords come underpinned by heavyweight drums. The latter can be admired on the brilliantly throbbing "Slow Drumapella Version".
13 Jul 18
Deep House
from $1.89
Still Hope feat Anthony Anaxagorou
Still Hope (original mix) - (6:31) 124 BPM
Still Hope (Secretsundazeas Poems In The Heart Floor version) - (6:55) 126 BPM
Still Hope (Waajeedas Detroit Hardcore dub) - (5:40) 126 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Still Hope (Waajeedas Searching dub) - (6:17) 124 BPM
Review: Having tickled our fancy last year with their first Secretsundaze production, "Motorway Jam", Gilles Smith and James Priestley return with their debut single proper. In its original form, "Still Hope", featuring distinctive spoken word vocals from Anthony Anaxagorou, is a sweeping deep house treat, with atmospheric orchestration rising above a chunky but shuffling rhythm track. Smith and Priestley deliver their own driving, bassline-driven peak-time revision (the "Poems In The Heart Floor Version") before handing over the parts to Detroit veteran Wajeed. Surprisingly, he revisits the tail end of the '80s on his warehouse-bothering, riff-dominated Hardcore Dub, before utilizing the duo's electronic orchestration to the full of the more musically intricate Motor City deep house vibes of the Searching Dub.
15 Jun 18
Deep House
from $1.89
Casino EP
Black Jack - (7:59) 132 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Hot Slot - (4:45) 131 BPM
Royal Flash - (7:26) 130 BPM
Pokerface - (5:04) 130 BPM
Review: As Stereofuse, Martin Worner and Thorsten Diegel released a handful of well-regarded EPs during the early to mid 2000s before splitting to concentrate on solo work. Undoubtedly the most sought-after of these is 2003's Casino EP, a Teutonic tech-house classic that has recently been changing hands for large sums of money online. Here is gets a new lease of life via a Phonica reissue. Opener "Black Jack" remains a near perfect exercise in bouncy, hypnotic deep house/tech-house fusion - all trippy looped riffs, breakbeat-house beats (very popular back in '03), spacey flourishes and booming bass - while "Hot Slot" and "Royal Flash" sound like they may have inspired the recent Parisian tech-house movement. We could go on. Suffice to say, you need this in your life.
25 May 18
Deep House
from $1.89
There Is Rhythm
There Is Rhythm - (6:49) 123 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Song About A Dream - (6:43) 125 BPM
Review: Sheffield selector Al Zanders stamped his authority all over 2016, delivering acclaimed EPs for Wolf Music and his own A-Z Records stable. Here his seemingly unstoppable rise continues via a fine two-tracker for Soho store Phonica's in-house label. First up is the magical "There is Rhythm", a warm, trippy and pleasingly bass-heavy deep house cut rich in saucer-eyed synthesizer arpeggio lines, layered hand percussion, sparkling pianos and astonishingly loved-up breakdowns. The glassy-eyed feel continues on the virtual flipside, where he underpins psychedelic-era dream-pop samples - drenched in copious amounts of reverb - with a crunchy drum machine beat. By rights, it shouldn't work, but it most definitely does (thanks, in no small part, to the righteousness of his mind-altering analogue bassline and sweaty percussion hits).
27 Oct 17
Deep House
from $1.89
L'Avventura EP
L'Avventura (dub) - (7:03) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
L'Avventura (Main) - (7:36) 120 BPM
Nokturn - (6:15) 80 BPM
HG - (6:57) 120 BPM
Review: Since making his debut on Rhythm Section International in 2016, Polish producer Earth Trax has proved to be one of the major players in the revivalist dream house movement. He's at it again here, delivering another swathe of tactile, ear-pleasing and mood-enhancing cuts. "L'Aventura" is available in two tasty variations, both of which are underpinned by snappy drum hits and thickset synth bass. The "Main" mix makes great use of fluttering synthesizer flute lines and cascading pianos, while the "Dub" is a little more stripped back and percussive despite the presence of plenty of humid synth sounds. Elsewhere, "Nokturn" is a masterful exercise in eyes-closed sunrise nostalgia, while closer "HG" massages your ears with all the sensuality of a forgotten Morenas production.
09 Jun 17
Deep House
from $1.89
Black Acid EP
Too Hot To Sleep - (4:34) 128 BPM
Troubled Mind - (7:22) 120 BPM
Black Acid - (5:08) 120 BPM
Work & TV - (5:45) 123 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Played by: Domshe
Review: Roman Flugel has been making electronic music for about a quarter of a century, but as Black Acid demonstrates, his productions show no sign of getting stale. "Too Hot To Sleep" is the big dance floor cut here; centring on a jittery, shaky minimal house groove and a sub-bass that's inspired by 2-step's darkest excesses, it's an unforgettable, individualistic track. "Troubled Mind" is slower and more abstract, but provides a neat segue into the title track. There, Flugel brings together many of his influences, including electro drums, minimal house and the melodies of IDM. "Work & TV" features one further surprise, with Flugel reverting to the minimal sounds of "Sleep", this time without the foreboding London bass.
10 Mar 17
from $1.89
Phantom EP
Phantom - (6:09) 114 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
After The Light - (4:04) 121 BPM
Agency - (4:10) 128 BPM
Review: The sixteenth release from Phonica Records' offshoot label comes from occasional shop worker Will Lister. As debuts go, the Phantom EP is very impressive. Packed with fluid, rising and falling synth lines, rich deepness, jazz-flecked drums and rush-inducing electronics, all three tracks sound like they were inspired - in part, at least - by Floating Points' early house records on Eglo. This is particularly noticeable on the slowly building closer, "Agency", where jammed-out synth lines are smartly used to increase energy levels throughout. The EP's best moment, though, is undoubtedly the title track, which ranks among the most gleefully positive and well-produced debut tracks we've heard all year.
24 Jun 16
Deep House
from $1.89
Social Music
Social Music - (9:25) 122 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Change - (10:48) 126 BPM
16 Oct 15
from $1.89
Obsession EP
Obsession - (5:52) 122 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Show Interest - (5:09) 126 BPM
Eye Contact - (6:03) 123 BPM
Rise Fall Run - (7:08) 120 BPM
Review: Previously responsible for an excellent release on Willie Burns' WT label last year, Art Crime's Obsession proves that his 2014 debut was no fluke. The title track kick-starts the release with a classic deep house sound as a warm, fluid bass provides the backing for melancholic pads and dreamy keys. It's like Chris Gray in serene form. "Rise Fall Run" is tougher and involves harder beats, steely drums and razor sharp percussion, but clearly he can't resist himself and similarly dreamy keys work their way into the arrangement. The only exception to Art Crime's musical house approach is "Show Interest", where tough drums and a murky bass see him pursue a more malevolent sound.
25 May 15
from $1.89
Through The Rings Of Saturn EP
Communication Breakdown (original mix) - (6:47) 124 BPM
Through The Rings Of Saturn - (6:49) 124 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Orbiting Around - (6:54) 84 BPM
Communication Breakdown (Moreira's Spacedub) - (6:28) 120 BPM
Review: Although the phrase 'rings of Saturn' will be forever associated with Jeff Mills' benchmark album of that name, S Moreira & Xinner do a good job of providing an alternative view of the cosmos on Phonica's latest release. The pair favours a less dramatic approach than the Detroit artist, but their release is still reflective and esoteric. The title track sees a stripped, metallic rhythm evolve from dreamy textures, while jazzy keys noodle their way over the sparse drums of "Orbiting Around". Best of all though is "Communication Breakdown", where hypnotic electronic sequences seep through a robust framework of doubled-up claps and staccato drums.
02 Mar 15
from $1.89
Greane - (10:37) 125 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Gigha - (8:04) 115 BPM
Review: It's been almost two years since we last spotted LOTI on Phonica. Since then he's made some awesome documents on the likes of Permanent Vacation, Firecracker and Catune, constantly whittling his sharp, timeless techno stick with the perfect amount of subtle drama. "Greane" leads the charge with a majestic 10 minute production; lolloping with equal amounts of comic soul and techno attitude, he conjures a powerful sense of atmosphere before dropping into a moment of guitar-shimmered bliss (in a way that's not too far from his fellow countrymen Silicone Soul) Meanwhile on "Gigha" we're treated to a softer palette of sounds as a tubular riff slowly evolves into a string-drenched serenade. As the original riff morphs into a sinewy acid lick, the strings take hold with classical theatrics. Drop at the right time and there won't be a dry eye in the house.
21 Jul 14
Deep House
from $1.89
Ten Years Of Phonica
Joe Claussell presents Teenage Music - "Them Days Are Gone" (original mix) - (5:38) 123 BPM
Henrik Schwarz - "Synthphonica" (original mix) - (7:55) 124 BPM
John Morales - "Sitting In The Dark" (original mix) - (7:28) 120 BPM
In Flagranti - "Outsider House" (original mix) - (6:58) 123 BPM
Raudive - "Health" (original mix) - (6:10) 110 BPM
Trevor Jackson - "RGBPM 3" (original mix) - (8:17) 120 BPM
Medlar & Red Rackem - "Morning Light" (original mix) - (6:05) 120 BPM
Lo Shea - "Home" (original mix) - (6:50) 122 BPM
Moire - "Solar Signs" (original mix) - (5:14) 120 BPM
STL - "Freaky Fingers" (original mix) - (9:01) 123 BPM
Roman Flugel - "Giant Talking Vegetable" (original mix) - (5:59) 114 BPM
I:Cube - "Chemise Africaine" (original mix) - (4:29) 128 BPM
Juju & Jordash - "Quneitra" (original mix) - (7:44) 101 BPM
Joakim - "EAHR" (original mix) - (8:41) 119 BPM
Massimiliano Pagliara - "It's A Lately Thing" (original mix) - (7:02) 120 BPM
Legowelt - "Lovecraftiannature" (original mix) - (5:54) 120 BPM
Discodromo - "Boi" (original mix) - (5:55) 120 BPM
DJ Kaos & Loudtone - "Buffalo Dub" (original mix) - (6:27) 119 BPM
Mr G - "My Thursdayz" (original mix) - (6:14) 126 BPM
Ol - "AMC Edit" (original mix) - (5:06) 126 BPM
Lady Blacktronika - "Gods & Planets" (original mix) - (6:07) 124 BPM
Panoram - "Alpha Marmara" (original mix) - (4:38)
Psychemagik - "Triumph Of The Gods" (original mix) - (5:36) 101 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Iori - "Moon" (Steve Moore remix) - (7:18)
Sad City - "Polymath" (original mix) - (5:59) 110 BPM
North Lake - "Marlborol Noir" (original mix) - (7:23) 113 BPM
Midland - "Play The Game" (original mix) - (6:10)
Special Request - "Deflowered" (Kassem Mosse & Mix Mup remix) - (7:50) 115 BPM
Bob Holroyd - "African Drug" (Four Tet remix) - (11:48) 126 BPM
Iori - "Grit" (Skudge remix) - (6:32) 126 BPM
Lord Of The Isles - "Forkx" (original mix) - (7:25) 120 BPM
The Draughtsman - "Fade To Green" (original mix) - (6:10) 115 BPM
Sandro Perri - "Love & Light" (Tom Croose remix) - (9:17)
24 Feb 14
Deep House
from $1.89
Play The Game
Play The Game (original mix) - (6:10) 138 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Leitmotif (feat Furiku - Midland remix) - (6:52)
Play The Game (Dexter remix) - (8:10)
Head Down (original mix) - (6:21)
13 Jan 14
from $1.89
Marlborol Noir - (7:23) 113 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Suomi Kutsuu - (5:54) 116 BPM
Moonwalker - (6:23) 128 BPM
Review: In line with the ever present allure of coldwave synths and soundtrack sensibilities in house music, Phonica serve up this colourful trio of jams from emergent Michigan producer North Lake. Following on from appearances on Sweatshop and Resista, here Isaac Delongchamp gets to further demonstrate his gift for warm synths and intricate melodies over the simplest of grooves. "Marlborol Noir" is all fuzzy basslines and haunting leads, while "Suomi Kutsusu" is of a much sunnier disposition with its open-topped chords and nagging open hats. "Moonwalker" veers towards electro territory with its illustrious arpeggios and uptempo strut rounding off a rich and varied EP of up-to-the-minute synth house.
11 Nov 13
from $1.89
Year Of The City EP
Year Of The City - (7:30) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
FS01 - (2:36) 124 BPM
Forkx - (7:23) 120 BPM
Lost Empire - (2:25) 157 BPM
Review: Since surfacing with prime fromage-free edit material for Cole Medina's American Standard label, Scottish producer Lord Of The Isles has graduated to fully fledged original productions with some great releases on quality imprints like Cocktail D'Amour, Ene and the lesser spotted Unthank label. A freshly announced debut on Shevchenko adds to his growing cache, as does Year Of The City, this excellent four track induction on the newly relaunched Phonica label. A hallmark of any release from Lord Of The Isles is a nice balance of styles and this EP is no different. The title track sets the tone, as the producer invites us on a journey into the dark heavily arpeggiated future, one driven by some brilliantly loose rhythms. Following this, "FS01" eschews the need for drums, instead implementing all manner of atmospheric drama via some brilliant synth play, while "Forkx" is a full on Motor City Soul epic. "Lost Empire" is an ambient outro whose brief duration has you begging for more.
12 Nov 12
Deep House
from $1.89
Can't Do Without
Can't Do Without - (8:52) 123 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
Bareback - (9:16) 127 BPM
Played by: OST & KJEX
11 Apr 11
Funky/Club House
from $1.89
African Drug
African Drug (Four Tet remix) - (11:48) 126 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
African Drug (T Williams remix) - (8:42) 126 BPM
African Drug (T Williams Keye mix) - (5:54) 126 BPM
African Drug (original mix) - (7:55)
29 Oct 10
Minimal/Tech House
from $1.89
Play The Game
Midland - "Play The Game" (original mix) - (6:10) 138 BPM
Midland & Furiku - "Leitmotif" (Midland remix) - (6:52) Biggest-selling track on this release
Midland - "Play The Game" (Dexter remix) - (8:10)
Midland - "Head Down" (original mix) - (6:21)
02 Aug 10
from $1.89
African Drug
African Drug (Four Tet remix) - (11:48) 126 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
African Drug (T Williams remix) - (5:54) 126 BPM
African Drug (T Williams Keye mix) - (8:42) 126 BPM
African Drug (original mix) - (7:55)
26 Jul 10
Minimal/Tech House
from $1.89
Orale (original mix) - (6:49) 120 BPM
Orale (Alex Picone remix) - (7:06) 123 BPM
Orale (Sis remix) - (14:34) 123 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
17 May 10
Minimal/Tech House
from $1.89
Bounce To Me
Bounce To Me (original mix) - (7:39) 126 BPM
Bounce To Me (Lauhaus remix) - (7:24) 126 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
12 Oct 09
Minimal/Tech House
from $1.89
Dub Praise
Dub Praise (original mix) - (7:44) 126 BPM
Dub Praise (The Revenge remix) - (6:42) 120 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
20 Jul 09
Minimal/Tech House
from $1.89
Tension (original mix) - (9:06) 122 BPM
Tension (Appleblim & Al Tourettes remix) - (8:30) 131 BPM Biggest-selling track on this release
13 Apr 09
Minimal/Tech House
from $1.89
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