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Blast Your Ghetto CMC & Silenta Remixes
28 Jan 13
from $1.98
Review: Hailing from Germany with strong links to the east, live funk act Al Jawala are renowned for their sizzling gypsy jazz messiness. Last year they gave us their fourth album Blast Your Ghetto, needless to say it rocked. As do these lovely remixes. CMC & Silenta's rubs are nu-funk gold; with a tight-knit bass, organ and percussion groove, there's ample room for the strong (not to mention catchy) vocal hook. Sumakari & Pellectronica's accordion-wheezing take on "Narodna International" is equally as satisfying. Perfect material to blast your street, blast your avenue AND blast your ghetto!
The Night Is Mine: Feature Breaks Vol 3
25 Sep 12
from $1.98
Review: Sometimes, you don't need bowel-bothering basslines of pulverising breaks to kickstart a party. That's certainly the view of the Feature Breaks crew. Here, they deliver a shuffling, funk-fuelled disco-breaks belter with an absurdly catchy vocal and dancefloor-bating female raps. The original is arguably the standout, but it's joined by averitable skipload of remixes. There's a loose wobbler from DJ AKA, a tough funk workout from Funkanomics and a more organic-sounding roller from Zamali. As if that wasn't enough, there's also an acapella, various instrumentals and two versions of bonus cut "Big Up Booty", a ragga-breaks cut that comes complete with hectic vocals and just the right amount of funk flavour.
Feature Breaks Vol 2
28 Nov 11
from $1.98
Review: Producers and Manmade label bosses CMC and Silenta drop a new feast of electro breaks on Feature Breaks Vol 2, led by the funky force of "Is It True". The digital funk flows nicely thanks to the heavyweight bass and pounding breaks, drawn out nicely by The Funk Hunters on their remix. Another newie, "Get It On Now" also gets a nice range of remixes on this release - with MC Fava's vocals layered over nu-funk breaks by Basement Freaks and given a tech-skank on Tom Drummonds dubbed-out mix.
Feature Breaks Vol 4 Remixed 2
15 Jul 13
from $1.98
Review: A trio of party teasers taken from CMC & Silenta's 2012 album Get It On Now, Roca invite three of the nu-funk scene's coolest characters for a re-rub showdown. The Phunk Junkies emphasise the drama of "Yeah That's Right" with added organ power, The Funk Ferret gets all grizzly and glitchy on "Big Up Booty" while William Breakspear gives the Ragga Twins-featured "This Is How We Rollin'" a savage overhaul with tight synth-horns and pelvis-busting beats. The result: essential summer funk.
Get It On Now
26 Nov 12
from $1.98
Review: Feel good breakbeat vibes are the order of the day as German duo CMC & Silenta serve up their first collaborative album. Loaded with cameo mic moments from the likes of Vanessa Iraci, MC Fava, Kawele, Linda Friedel, The Root Sellers and the legendary Ragga Twins, there's a true sense of party as we're led through all styles of party vibe. An ideal winter warmer that will grow and grow as you gear towards another summer, highlights include the Kraak & Smaak style disco boogie ("Where We Started From"), the sexy-smooth organ work and heavenly horn toots on "Love Is Drawn" and Madness-meets-Monkey Mafia musicianship of the album's title track. A very accomplished, not to mention funky, debut album.

Feature Breaks Vol 1
08 Aug 11
from $1.98
Review: This German breakbeat pairing lead off their latest EP with a previously unreleased mix of Rodney P and Dub Pistols' "Ganja", which fills out nicely thanks to some heavy swung bass and crunchy drums. Elsewhere, "Summertime" comes in on a funtime hip-hop vibe, as does the soulful "Get It On Now", while "Is It True" fuses funk and blues with a D&B drum set for some paced-up thrills.
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