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REMIXES (Explicit)
Big Bamboo (feat Sidmar Vieira - Trotter remix) - (6:10) 122 BPM Hot
So Classy, So Nasty (Shantisan Boogie remix) - (5:58) 120 BPM
Time To Go Back (Adam Polo remix) - (5:48) 123 BPM
Time To Go Back (Cupcake Project remix) - (5:28) 114 BPM
Big Bamboo (Cupcake Project remix) - (5:22) 110 BPM
Review: Royal Soul bring us an EP featuring five remixes of three tracks from two French producers. 'Big Bamboo' gets two re-rubs: Cupcake Project's mix sits somewhere between Zapp-esque electrofunk and shimmering Nang-style nu-disco, while the Trotter Remix is a more uptempo funk-breaks pass. There's a dark, wonky nu-disco/Italo nouveau flavour to Cupcake Project's take on 'Time To Go Back', too, while Adam Polo's remix of the same track is a more straight-up disco-house affair. The EP's then completed by a Boogie Remix of 'So Classy, So Nasty' from Austrian producer Shantisan that does exactly what it says on the label...
 from $1.89
RSR 083
28 May 20
So Quero A Vida Assim
Se Quero A Vida Assim (feat Ricardo Arantes/Janies/Sidmar Vieira) - (4:04) 110 BPM
Se Quero A Vida Assim (instrumental mix feat Ricardo Arantes/Janies/Sidmar Vieira) - (4:02) 110 BPM
Played by: Trotter
 from $1.89
RSR 082
25 Dec 19
Deep House
Criola - (6:18) 90 BPM
 from $1.89
RSR 081
10 Oct 19
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Excursions Vol 3
Running Out Of Time - (7:00) 102 BPM Hot
Fire Quiet - (3:45) 96 BPM
Break An Egg - (6:30) 114 BPM
Outside My Love - (5:38) 108 BPM
Played by: FINGERMAN, Trotter
Review: Eleven months have passed since the release of Patrick "P-Sol" Sullivan's last collection of "Excursions", so this return to Royal Soul is well overdue. He eases us in gently via "Running Out of Time", a string-drenched shuffle through sun-kissed slo-mo disco territory that underpins swirling orchestral loops and summery grooves with the most subtle of house style drums. "Fire Quiet" is even deeper and more loved-up, offering up a chugging, head-nodding take on a trumpet-laden groover rich in hazy guitars and toasty bass guitar, while "Break An Egg" is an all-action version of a busy disco-funk track full of insanely heavy bass, clipped funk guitars and jangling piano motifs. Arguably best of all is the soulful smoothness of lolloping closing cut "Outside My Love", where cute guitar licks and sun-soaked pianos catch the ear above another locked in, filter sporting groove.
 from $1.89
RSR 080
17 Jul 19
All The Thrills
All The Thrills - (5:03) 119 BPM Hot
Body Move for You - (6:43) 124 BPM
Played by: Trotter
Review: Canada's Darren Woodhead, who's released previously on labels including Body Language, Masterworks and MSLX, comes to Royal Soul with two contrasting cuts. 'All The Thrills' is an authentic-sounding homage to first-generation disco and funk of the 70s, complete with parping brass fanfares and a vocal that's reminiscent of Ohio Players or early Cameo. The accompanying 'Body Dance For You' operates at a higher tempo and rides a more straight-up 4/4 beat, placing it more in the nu-disco category, and sports an 80s boogie-style treated vocal. Both cuts come highly recommended for funkateers and disco dollies of all persuasions.
 from $1.89
RSR 079
20 Jun 19
Hashbury - (6:00) 117 BPM
Played by: Trotter
Review: When it comes to serving up cheery, funk-fuelled dancefloor workouts, Trotter has an exemplary track record. The prolific producer is at it again here, joining forces with San Francisco-based DJ/producer Duserock for a single-track missive that's worth its weight in gold. Underpinned by warm bass and rolling mid-tempo beats, "Hashbury" grooves along on waves of cosmic synthesizer chords, hazy male vocal samples ("this is disco punk...this is disco rock and roll") and the kind of crunchy funk guitar riffs that were once a staple of San Francisco's bustling 1970s music scene. The whole thing is beautifully imagined and executed, delivering a near perfect balance between glassy-eyed goodness and club-ready heaviness.
 from $1.89
RSR 078
08 May 19
Funky/Club House
So Classy, So Nasty
Prosper & Adam Polo - "So Classy, So Nasty" - (4:20) 120 BPM
Prosper & Stabfinger - "Big Bamboo" - (4:28) 120 BPM Hot
Prosper & Stabfinger - "Time To Go Back" - (4:41) 122 BPM
Review: Self-proclaimed "funkmaster" Prosper is a keen collaborator, with each of his previous releases being made in cahoots with another producer. Given this history, it's little surprise to find that his latest outing is collaborative affair, too. Lead cut "So Classy, So Nasty" sees him join forces with Adam Polo for the very first time, with the duo wrapping choice rap vocal samples around rubbery synth-bass, Chic style disco-funk guitars, swirly synths and mid-tempo nu-disco beats. Elsewhere on the EP, Propsper is in collaboration with regular studio buddy Stabfinger. They offer up "Big Bamboo", a bouncy, Kraak & Smaak style fusion of fuzzy funk horns, fizzing P-funk electronics, talkbox vocals, big builds and slap-bass-happy grooves, and the cheery, bongo-driven trip into dancefloor funk territory that is "Time To Go Back".
 from $1.89
RSR 077
29 Mar 19
Believe - (5:17) 115 BPM
Played by: Trotter
 from $1.89
RSR 076
24 Dec 18
Luiza Manequim
Luiza Manequim - (3:50) 93 BPM
Played by: Trotter
 from $1.89
RSR 075
20 Nov 18
Hip Hop/R&B
Happy Feeling
Happy Feeling - (4:05) 121 BPM
Corrupt - (4:56) 110 BPM Hot
You Choose - (4:42) 117 BPM
Arab Money - (4:35) 120 BPM
Heartbeat - (5:45) 116 BPM
Review: If you're a lover of hip-house vocals then the Sweet Tee-esque title track here will definitely give you a 'Happy Feeling'! Elsewhere on the EP, 'Corrupt' is a looping, Latin-tinged affair with chorused female vox, there are more Latino flavas on 'You Choose', 'Arab Money' is an uptempo, brassy joint atop which another rapped vocal (a male one this time) and some Middle Eastern chanting go head-to-head, while 'Heartbeat' is essentially a rework of Jimmy 'Bo' Horne's 'Is It In?' from 1980. Five sample-tastic cuts that'll keep disco floors moving for sure.
 from $1.89
RSR 074
01 Nov 18
Funkyland - (5:33) 108 BPM Hot
Funkyland (Rory Hoy remix) - (5:06) 109 BPM
Played by: Trotter, Rory Hoy
 from $1.89
RSR 073
23 Aug 18
Funky/Club House
Excursions (Part 2)
Windy - (4:08) 95 BPM
Hands Of Mink - (5:10) 115 BPM Hot
Go Far - (5:54) 51 BPM
Hudson Park Vibes - (4:54) 112 BPM
Review: New Yorker Patrick Sullivan aka P-Sol strikes back on Sao Paulo's Royal Soul - the first 100% Brazilian based nu-jazz/Nufunk/downbeat label since 2006. P-Sol runs the imprint Wall Of Fame, which has seen many of his own releases and has put out music on various labels such as Editorial, Hot Digits, Groove Democracy, Masterworks Music, Discodat and Los Grandes. Dealing with Viennese downbeat influences crossing his typical disco way - this dude goes straight to the point with these classy leftfield beats. From the soulful urban blues of "And You Say", the lo-slung deep disco jam "East New York" or "Wonderfool" with its evocative and sun-kissed groove which perfectly soundtracks this fabulous summer in The Big Apple at present.
 from $1.89
RSR 072
15 Aug 18
Funky/Club House
This Ain't No Boogie
This Ain't No Boogie (Prosper & Adam Polo remix) - (5:44) 120 BPM
Played by: Prosper, Trotter
 from $1.89
RSR 071
10 Jul 18
Funky/Club House
Aquarela - (7:26) 118 BPM
Played by: Trotter
Review: Rodrigo Ulson "a.k.a. Trotter", one of the leading name on the Brazilian groove scene is joining force with compatriot Marcelo V.O.R to celebrate Royal Soul's 70th release. They dug their crates and came up with this fresh, tropical, yet nostalgic groove to keep your summer on
 from $1.50
RSR 070
01 Jun 18
Funky/Club House
Ainiwe - (6:20) 120 BPM
Itankale - (6:23) 118 BPM
Played by: Trotter
 from $1.89
RSR 069
29 Mar 18
Deep House
My Path (Remixes)
My Path (All Good Funk Alliance remix) - (4:37) 90 BPM
My Path (Jayl Funk remix) - (3:57) 110 BPM Hot
Played by: Trotter, Jayl Funk
 from $1.89
RSR 068
18 Jan 18
Hip Hop/R&B
GOL (remixes)
GOL - (4:28) 120 BPM
GOL (Izzy Wise remix) - (3:54) 120 BPM Hot
GOL (Tahira remix) - (5:42) 60 BPM
GOL (Shantisan Futebol No Mar remix) - (5:58) 50 BPM
GOL (Shantisan club mix) - (5:24) 60 BPM
Played by: Trotter
Review: Royal Soul Records is the First 100% Brazilian based nu-jazz/funk and downbeat label since 2006. Pioneer NYC DJ Soul Slinger and legendary drum player from Trio Mocoto Joao Parahyba meets Trotter in the studio in Sao Paulo Brazil and the soulful bossa breaks of "SOL" is the result. Featuring remixes by the North American Izzy Wizzy Wise - whose rendition gets deep and jazzy, the Austrian Shantisan gives it a sexy deep house makeover on his club mix and the Brazilian Tahira takes the track down a traditional route.
 from $1.89
RSR 067
02 Nov 17
Feeling Fine
Feeling Fine - (4:04) 113 BPM Hot
Need Ya - (4:30) 116 BPM
Played by: Trotter
 from $1.89
RSR 066
28 Sep 17
Ripa Na Chulipa
Ripa Na Chulipa - (4:14) 118 BPM Hot
Farther Imagination - (4:16) 117 BPM
It Should Have Been You - (5:00) 116 BPM
Try My Lovin - (5:04) 108 BPM
Review: This time last year, breakbeat maverick Morlack was banging out some Rick James business, a sweet reinterpretation of the legend's most infamous moments, but right now he's up on Royal Soul with some sweet-ass, electro-swinging gear of the highest calibre. "Ripa Na Chulipa" takes the boogie beats on a Brazilian tip, before the sounds of "Farther Imagination" blast it all down to classic US levels - what a master-blaster of a tune! "It Should Have Been You" is a sweeter, more soulful West-Coast sort of number, perfect for kicking back and smokin' a number, whereas "Try My Lovin" takes the groove way down below, somewhere closer to traditional hip-hop levels. Don't mess with dat bass doe!
 from $1.89
RSR 065
05 Aug 17
My Path
My Path - (6:24) 90 BPM
My Path (radio mix) - (4:00) 90 BPM
Played by: Trotter, Jayl Funk, Morlack
Review: It is over to Trotter & Zel from Sao Paulo, Brazil. This dynamite duo have been performing at every Burning Man for the last seven years and have released on Timewarp, Tru:Funk and Fort Knox Recordings to name but a few. Returning on Royal Soul with the sweet and sultry G-funk influenced R&B of "My Path" featuring some sexy skills on the microphone by the one and only Awoke & Smoothie. This one is going to we well received during the festival season: just like everything else they do so keep your ears peeled!
 from $2.51
RSR 064
06 Jul 17
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Bootie Call
P-SOL - "Shape Up's" - (6:16) 120 BPM Hot
Trotter vs Shantisan & Foo - "We Got The Bootie" - (5:34) 120 BPM
Zel - "Disco Speech" - (5:01) 110 BPM
Cupcake Project - "Hey Baby" - (4:00) 118 BPM
Review: Given the EP's title, you'd expect this latest split EP from the Royal Soul camp to be full of the kind of fun-time fare that makes you want to shake your ample assets. Happily, that's exactly what's on offer. P-Sol gets things rolling via the bouncy disco-funk-goes-house shenanigans of "Shape Up's", before fellow experienced producer Trotter expertly throws together samples from all manner of familiar tunes on the party-starting funk breaks explosion of "Trotter vs Sahntisan & Foo". Zel's tasty midtempo shuffler "Disco Speech" - all undulating disco bass, punchy ska horns and lolloping drums - offers a pleasingly groovy alternative to the full-throttle fare elsewhere on the EP, while Cupcake Project steals the show via the rubbery P-funk re-edit action of "Hey Baby". In summary: rock solid party jams.
 from $1.89
RSR 063
31 May 17
Squared - (5:37) 99 BPM Hot
Brandy - (5:25) 121 BPM
Remember - (6:14) 85 BPM
Horizon - (6:14) 117 BPM
 from $1.89
RSR 062
16 Mar 17
One (Remixes Vol 2)
One (Mumbaata remix) - (7:06) 118 BPM
One (Sons Of Satin Re-Twerk remix) - (2:56) 150 BPM
One (Phunk dub remix) - (5:09) 110 BPM Hot
Played by: Trotter
 from $1.89
RSR 061
20 Jan 17
Knock Knock
Knock Knock - (3:25) 104 BPM
Knock Knock (Zel remix) - (4:53) 50 BPM
Knock Knock (Spin Kringle remix) - (3:29) 108 BPM Hot
Knock Knock (feat JediCheek - Barefoot Millionaires remix) - (5:18) 131 BPM
Played by: Trotter
 from $1.89
RSR 060
29 Dec 16
One - (5:17) 110 BPM Hot
One (Pilots On Dope remix) - (4:46) 110 BPM
One (Badboe's Trippy remix) - (5:03) 55 BPM
Played by: Badboe, Trotter
Review: Brazil's premier re-edit guy Trotter hasn't been as prolific of late as he used to be. However he's treated us here to a stop gap one-track, suitably-tilted "One". The track is classic Trotter, being over five minutes of party breaks, rolling basslines, cheery brass and hippy-era voice samples. Remix-wise Pilots On Dope deliver a super chilled out Latin-tinged dubby incarnation of the tune, whilst Badboe ups the vibes for a party-friendly go-go style romp with added lashings of electro-funk fun.
 from $1.89
RSR 059
23 Nov 16
Jameson - (5:17) 105 BPM
 from $1.89
RSR 058
03 Oct 16
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Let It Rock
Let It Rock - (5:40) 110 BPM Hot
Let It Rock (E1sbar remix) - (4:57) 110 BPM
Let It Rock (Ursula 1000 remix) - (5:36) 110 BPM
Let It Rock (P-SOL remix) - (6:07) 112 BPM
Review: Brazil's favourite purveyor of re-edits that fell off the back of a lorry, Trotter, is back after a long hiatus with another example of the kind of light hearted party fodder that he's best known for. Yes "Let it Rock" features feet shuffling rolling beats with a poolside aura and tropical lilting guitar. E1sabr delivers a more contemporary mix with melodic electronic disco melodies and emotion, Ursula 1000 also provides some dream-like sun kissed electrohouse vibes and finally P-Sol gets nice and deep, with a Balearic-style smoochy wonder that's teased out over the duration of six minutes. Pure summer sounds.
 from $1.89
RSR 057
18 Jul 16
One Of A Kind - (6:53) 111 BPM
All Wrong - (5:29) 113 BPM
Relax Your Mind - (6:28) 115 BPM Hot
Marshal - (6:26) 120 BPM
Straight Like This - (6:19) 120 BPM
Review: For the first time in just over six months, Brooklyn's premier disco fiddler returns to Royal Soul. This time round, his swag bag is full to bursting with a quintet of tidy, soul-flecked revisions. While it's all of a high standard - we'd expect nothing less - there are three tracks that are really floating our metaphorical boat. There's the sweet, rolling, delay-laden disco-soul shuffle of "One Of A Kind", the metronomic, house-flavoured twinkle of "All Wrong" (think swirling strings, hazy trumpets and party atmosphere), and the bongo-laden bounce of "Relax Your Mind". This latter scorcher boasts a bassline not too dissimilar to "Ain't No Stopping Us Now", handclap-heavy house beats, baggy piano riffs and urgent vocal samples.
 from $1.89
RSR 056
27 May 16
Trotter/Remix Session Vol 1
All Good Funk Alliance - "Ain't True" (Trotter remix) - (6:20) 125 BPM
Leon - "Da Gypsy Groovy" (Trotter remix) - (5:11) 125 BPM
Afrolicious - "Never Let No One" (feat Fresh Is Life - Trotter remix) - (5:02) 123 BPM
Umbo - "Pump It" (feat Bella Wagner - Trotter remix) - (4:36) 120 BPM Hot
Review: Latin Del Boy, Trotter, is an expert in producing tracks that fell off the back of a lorry. Yes, cheeky disco edit confections are his forte and there are four of them here and going fast. All Good Funk Alliance's tune "Ain't It True" is transformed into a seven-minute electro house epic, whilst he goes all-out crowd pleaser on the tight, live disco-funk jam "Da Gypsy Groovy" by Leon. "Never Let No One" by Afrolicious is a mid-paced Afro/Latin funk workout and finally "Pump It Up" sees Umbo's tune rewired into a slinky late night soul sizzler.
 from $1.89
RSR 055
17 Mar 16
Call My Own
Call My Own (feat Dios-Cozsmic-Astro) - (6:05) 117 BPM Hot
Call My Own - (6:05) 117 BPM
Express Yourself - (5:16) 112 BPM
Start The Show - (5:26) 119 BPM
Too High - (6:47) 119 BPM
Want To Know - (6:14) 116 BPM
Review: A former punk who had a disco epiphany, Darren Woodhead hasn't looked back since. Here on Call My Own we get two versions of the deep and soulful title track, all mellow chords and warm bounce, one featuring a retro rap by Dios Cozsmic Astro and one without. "Express Yourself" is more abrasive with a boogie sample given a lo-fi makeover, "Start The Show" is a fun venture into early hiNRG territory and "Too High" is perfect for afterhours parties. Finally "Want To Know" is a killer boogie-house slam down with enough thump to get everybody on the dancefloor.
 from $1.89
RSR 054
12 Feb 16
Funky/Club House
Tremendo Funk
Soulful Christmas - (3:24) 115 BPM Hot
Superphunk - (3:30) 54 BPM
The Best Shot - (3:37) 131 BPM
Let's Get Funk - (5:37) 132 BPM
 from $1.89
RSR 053
24 Dec 15
My Time
My Time - (3:28) 113 BPM Hot
Soul Train - (3:03) 116 BPM
Review: Those who enjoy horn-heavy funk breaks/P-funk fusions should already be familiar with Warson, who has been releasing high quality material - mainly on Tru Funk - for the best part of half a decade. Here he makes his first appearance on the similarly vintage Royal Soul imprint with the fun-time blast that is "My Time". It's a typically cheery, floor-friendly affair, with thickset funk breaks, heavy horns, vocoder vocals and tactile blasts of synthesizer combining to create something enormously playable. He ups the tempo a little on "Soul Train", with punchy saxophone lines catching the ear alongside rubbery boogie bass, tasty vocal samples and more swinging, loose-limbed breakbeats.
 from $1.89
RSR 052
11 Dec 15
Excursions EP
And You Say - (5:29) 100 BPM Hot
East New York - (6:24) 100 BPM
Moving Along - (5:05) 103 BPM
Wonderfool - (5:53) 99 BPM
 from $1.89
RSR 051
16 Nov 15
Celebrating 50th Solid Grooves (Compiled By Trotter)
Woodhead - "Love Is The Message" - (5:22) 110 BPM Hot
KWICK - "Dance With You" (Trotter remix) - (7:06) 125 BPM
DJ Kid Strech - "Disco Party" - (5:05) 121 BPM
DisObeta - "Everlastin' Boogie" - (4:22) 120 BPM
Motion Potion - "Funky Hits Wrecked" (feat Lyrics Born) - (5:04) 120 BPM
Telephunken - "Easy One" - (4:27) 126 BPM
Timewarp Inc - "To The Bone" - (6:35) 125 BPM
Gabriel Rocca & Simple Jack - "Out Of That Dress" - (7:28) 122 BPM
Shantisan - "Que Nego E Esse" (Shantisan & MonteLaa Dampfzentrale remix) - (5:16) 126 BPM
Zamali - "The Short Way" - (4:22) 104 BPM
Quincy Jointz - "Cosmic Funk" - (4:16) 118 BPM
Toffa - "Say What" (Spiltmilk remix) - (7:09) 118 BPM
DJ Clairvo - "Eternal Sunshine" - (3:54) 116 BPM
Nico Nive - "Funky Holliday" - (4:40) 123 BPM
Zel - "Sunset Flavor" - (3:36) 100 BPM
Review: "Since launching five years ago, Brazil's Royal Soul Records has provided party-minded DJs with a wealth of good grooves with which to entertain their crowds. Here, boss man Trotter marks a half-century of releases by gathering together some of his favourite musical moments from the imprint's bulging back catalogue. As the label has done from the beginning, Celebrating 50th Solid Grooves flits between shuffling breaks, nu-funk, disco-fuelled house and P-funk inclined nu-disco. Along the way, there's a chance to revisit Lyrics Born's heavyweight hook-up with Motion Potion ("Funky Hits Wrecked"), the spiraling dancefloor badness of Timewarp Inc's "To The Bone", and the revivalist P-funk-meets-breaks goodness of Quincy Jointz's "Cosmic Funk". Oh, and loads more besides."
 from $1.89
RSR 050
27 Aug 15
Lets All Get Down
Il A Ait Allo - (4:48) 122 BPM
Keystation Groove - (4:35) 60 BPM
Play With Me (Get It Right) - (4:36) 60 BPM
Save Yo Ass - (4:40) 117 BPM Hot
 from $1.89
31 Mar 15
Rally In Rio
Do You Wanna Be Cool - (3:48) 58 BPM
Funk Is - (3:47) 112 BPM Hot
No No No - (4:14) 117 BPM
Rally In Rio - (4:28) 58 BPM
Review: Budapest man DJ Clairvo touches down on Royal Soul with his first non-collaborative EP, and as you'd expect, it's pure break-driven fire. "Do You Wanna Be Cool" is choc-a-bloc with samples and slap-up beats, while "Funk Is" goes in harder on the melodies and brings forth that Brazilian carnival swagger. "No No No" takes focus on utterly screwing the vocal chops into a stop-start dancefloor pulveriser; but it's the title track "Rally In Rio" which truly brings out the samba funk among half-step kicks and bodytonic breaks. Class.
 from $1.89
16 Feb 15
Trotter & Friends Vol 3
Its Only Disco (feat Senor Oz -) - (3:15) 118 BPM
Its Only Disco (feat Senor Oz - DJ Smash Get Funky mix) - (5:25) 118 BPM Hot
Eclipse (feat Spilt Milk) - (5:20) 120 BPM
Eclipse (feat Spilt Milk - Audit remix) - (3:53) 94 BPM
Review: Roll up, roll up! Get your cheeky re-edits here! Yep Brazil's answer to Del Boy has set up stall to shift his latest retweaks. "It's Only Disco" is a raucous funky jam with Senor Oz doing his best to channel those live celebratory vibes a la Marvin Gaye's "Got To Give It Up". DJ Smash also provides a remix that is all about the percussive breaks, while "Eclipse" on the other hand is more your 4/4 melodic electro-house with an extra sprinkling of funk, which is turned into some half time synthy off-kilter funk by Audit.
 from $1.89
15 Dec 14
Beat Bacana
Mundo Livre SA & Dj Bruno Pedrosa - "Meu Esquema" (Rio Doce Piedade mix) - (5:12) 82 BPM
Trotter & Basement Freaks - "Hang Out & Hustle With My Friends" (Brazilian version) - (4:38) 50 BPM Hot
Liquidus Ambiento - "Feel The Bass" (feat Andre Edipo) - (5:04) 96 BPM
Francisco Fattoruso - "I Was Born In Vegas" - (5:40) 129 BPM
Uyuni Project - "Jazz Night In SantaTereza" - (5:25) 80 BPM
Otis Trio - "Azuma" (live in Sao Paulo) - (15:03) 138 BPM
Review: Brazilian DJ Trotter runs his Royal Soul label with a total passion for Latin sounds - often looking as far afield as Austria to find those perfect red blooded vibes. Here he combs South America for the freshest sounds around, which here can range from the reggae-tinged to the jazzier side of things. Highlights include the loungey guitar and drum machine jam "Meu Esquema" by Mundo Livre SA & DJ Bruno, Trotter's laser dubby funk collab with Greek producer Basement Freaks, "Hang Out & Hustle With My Friends" and Otis Tiro's "Azuma", a live, meandering 15-minute laconic wander through jazzy late night clubsville.
 from $1.89
01 Dec 14
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Shantisan - "Avenida Atlantica" (feat Micheline Cardoso/Luiz Antonio Gomes/Roland Schwarz - radio mix) - (3:40) 77 BPM
Carlos Reisch - "Control Of Your Mind" (Shantisan remix) - (4:22) 108 BPM
Shantisan - "Favela Funk" (feat Micheline Cardoso & Stefan Obermaier - album version 2014) - (5:21) 58 BPM
Shantisan - "Que Nego E Esse" (feat Micheline Cardoso) - (4:47) 96 BPM
Shantisan - "Shuffle" (feat Lilith - album version) - (3:36) 56 BPM
Trotter - "Manero" (Shantisan Disco Boogie remix - album version) - (4:51) 62 BPM
Shantisan - "Meninas & Meninos" (feat Micheline Cardoso/Stefan Obermaier/Roland Schwarz - radio mix) - (3:27) 60 BPM
Morlack - "In Brasilia" (Shantisan re treat radio edit) - (3:57) 60 BPM
Quincy Jointz - "Flashing The Thief" (feat Micheline Cardoso - Shantisan's Brazilian remix) - (3:44) 100 BPM Hot
Shantisan - "ConexAoo" (feat Roland Schwarz/Luiz Antonio Gomes/Vinicius Terra - radio mix) - (2:59) 120 BPM
Shantisan & Roland Schwarz - "Efecto Latino" - (5:44) 113 BPM
Shantisan/Stefan Obermaier/Chacho - "Usted Abuso" - (4:37) 56 BPM
Shantisan - "Ritmo Bailar" - (5:38) 60 BPM
DJ Farrapo & Yanez - "Mojito Com CachaA§a" (Shantisan remix LP instrumental version) - (4:26) 76 BPM
Shantisan - "Meninas & Meninos" (Makala remix) - (3:43) 120 BPM
Shantisan - "Meninas & Meninos" (feat Micheline Cardoso & Stefan Obermaier) - (4:09) 60 BPM
Shantisan - "Meninas E Meninos" (instrumental version) - (4:10) 60 BPM
Shantisan - "Favela Funk" (feat Micheline Cardoso - album instrumental version 2014) - (5:21) 58 BPM
Shantisan - "Favela Funk" (feat Micheline Cardoso - radio edit 2014) - (3:28) 58 BPM
Review: Latin-obsessed Viennese radio DJ Herbert Bachofer, aka Shantisan, presented us with his single Avenida Atlantica back in March. Now he's back with full-length debut LP, Conexao, boasting 19 tracks to sink your teeth into. It covers a wide breadth of global styles and influences - including Bachofer's own bossa nova horn-fest remix of "Control Of Your Mind" by Carlos Reisch, his Chic-esque rework of "Favela Funk" and the summery party vibes of "Meninas & Meninos" which boasts the additional talents of Micheline Cardoso, Luiz Antonio Gomes and Stefan Obermaier. An impressive debut.
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18 Aug 14
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Push It Up
Its The Inside That Counts - (4:38) 99 BPM Hot
Push It Up - (4:19) 123 BPM
Push It Up (Thomaz Krauze remix) - (6:55) 117 BPM
Played by: Trotter
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02 Jul 14
Roller Disco
Audit - "Era" - (5:26) 101 BPM
CPCK - "Morning Lights" - (4:14) 108 BPM
Angel Funke - "20 France" - (5:02) 119 BPM Hot
Flashback Guy & Delatorre - "So Good" - (5:09) 118 BPM
Gabriel Rocca - "Hit It" - (7:22) 122 BPM
Chudy - "Im Gonna Get You" - (4:16) 116 BPM
Trotter & Marcello VOR - "Get Down" - (6:39) 122 BPM
Spiltmilk - "Funktion" - (6:21) 124 BPM
Trotter - "Cliche" - (4:35) 120 BPM
Paradizzle - "Class" - (4:06) 105 BPM
Kojake - "Radar" - (6:12) 116 BPM
Daniel Costa - "Party Groove" - (9:14) 120 BPM
The Funky Factory - "Hand Made" (Wonderklubb remix) - (6:29) 120 BPM
Played by: Trotter
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28 Apr 14
Avenida Atlantica
Avenida Atlantica (feat Micheline Cardoso, Luiz Antonio Gomes & Roland Schwarz - radio edit) - (3:40)
Conexao (feat Vinicius Terra, Luiz Antonio Gomes & Roland Schwarz) - (5:14)
Avenida Atlantica (DJ Farrapo remix) - (5:11)
Conexao (Trotter remix) - (6:15) Hot
Avenida Atlantica (Empresarios remix) - (5:27)
Conexao (Stefan Obermaier tranquilo remix) - (4:58)
Avenida Atlantica (feat Micheline Cardoso, Luiz Antonio Gomes & Roland Schwarz) - (7:33)
Conexao (feat Vinicius Terra, Luiz Antonio Gomes & Roland Schwarz - radio edit) - (2:59)
Conexao (Frohlocker remix) - (5:28)
Review: Shantisan - real name Herbert Bachhofer - may live in Vienna (where he also hosts a weekly radio show), but his heart seems to be in Rio. Both of the original tracks here - the wonderfully breezy, samba-meets-broken beat jam "Avienda Atlantica" and chunkier (but no less jaunty) "Conexao" - have a strong Brazilian flavour, with live chords, guitars and electric pianos complimenting Bachhofer's summery production. There's a similar Latin feel to the remixes, which range from samba-house (DJ Farappo's version of the title track) and glassy-eyed deep house (Stefan Obermaier's rework of "Connexao") to straight-up, early noughties style bruk (Frolocker's brilliant, electric-piano heavy revision of "Connexao").
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03 Mar 14
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
Hand Made
Push - (5:44) 117 BPM
Funk It Up - (6:46) 118 BPM Hot
Disco Ship - (7:08) 116 BPM
Hand Made - (6:14) 118 BPM
Played by: Trotter, DIONIGI
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27 Jan 14
Night Flight
Night Flight - (5:20) 120 BPM
Night Flight (Trotter remix) - (5:26) 120 BPM Hot
Played by: Trotter
Review: We get two sides of the disco coin here: traditional string-laden retro euphoria and 21st century disco-tech - both on the same track! Pako & Loko's "Night Flight" is a sublime ocean of deep, techy soulful house, that beautifully seques into a vintage Philly soul sample. Flawless. If you want something a bit tougher though, Trotter's stomping mix will be the one for you.
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28 Oct 13
Notorious Salsa
Notorious Salsa - (5:01) 120 BPM
Funky Thing - (3:36) 120 BPM
Hit Directly - (5:54)
In Brasilia (Shantisan Re-Treat remix) - (5:41) 120 BPM Hot
In Brasilia (Shantisan Re-Treat radio edit) - (3:57) 120 BPM
Review: Could Morlack be the funkiest man to ever have come out of France? Quite possibly. Listen to the Troutman-meets-Biggie EP title track and you'll see where we're coming from. A juicy jacking throwback to the '80s and '90s it's a one-way-ticket to Party Central. And there's no turning back. "Funky Thing" meanwhile takes a Meters-esque refrain from The Unemployed and throws in a bunch of chicken noises and series of soaking wet basses to great effect. Elsewhere we're bombarded by synth swoonery and old school hip-hop on "Hit Directly" while "In Brasilia" showcases Morlack's penchant for disco.
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07 Oct 13
Trotter & Friends Vol 2
Trotter & Telephunken - "Same Place Same Time" - (4:02) Hot
Trotter & Zel - "Shake Shake Shake" - (4:04)
Trotter & Basement Freaks - "Hangout & Huntle With My Friends" - (5:00)
Review: Although it can't be confirmed that he tours his native Brazil in a battered yellow Reliant three-wheeler, this Trotter also specialises in shifting slightly dodgy second hand goods. Although rather than peddle stuff off the back of a lorry, this guy peddles retweaked old classics. Here KC & The Sunshine Band's Get Down Tonight gets a honky tonk breakbeat work over, Will Smith's Boom Shake The Room is turned into a chunky funkster and a lean, instrumental rework of a Sweet Charles' classic wraps things up nicely.
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26 Aug 13
White Noise Lover
White Noise Lover (vocal version) - (6:39) 120 BPM
White Noise Lover (dub version) - (6:24) 120 BPM Hot
Shes A Keeper - (5:47) 117 BPM
Shes A Keeper (instrumental version) - (5:47) 117 BPM
FM Tools - (5:30) 123 BPM
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RSR 036
22 Jul 13
Disco Bologna
Disco Bologna - (5:22) 118 BPM
Disco Bologna (The Funky Factory remix) - (5:57) 118 BPM Hot
Disco Bologna (Cupcake Project remix) - (4:49) 116 BPM
Disco Bologna (Struboskop remix) - (5:28) 118 BPM
Played by: Trotter, Struboskop
Review: For his latest release, Spain's Angel Funke dips his toes in the still waters of collaboration, teaming up with the less flamboyantly monikered Alex Brinken. It's all about the party for these producers, they don't really do the chin stroking stuff. Instead they prefer to make music to have fun to. "Disco Bologna" combines 'Ring My Bell'-style musical motifs and Speak & Spell vocals, two retro sounds that you would never had heard at the same time (unless you brought your kids out clubbing. If so, bad parent!). Elsewhere the best remix the most intense one, supplied by The Funky Factory.
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10 Jun 13
Last Night
Last Night - (8:32) 125 BPM
Sick Of This - (7:46) 124 BPM Hot
Get Down With The Groove (Timewarp Inc remix) - (5:54) 120 BPM
Played by: Trotter
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27 May 13
Killer Tits
Soul Slinger, Drumagik feat TC Izlan, Afrika Baby, Julia - "I Told You" (Neighbour & Trotter remix) - (6:34) 129 BPM Hot
Trotter,Neighbour - "Together Always" - (5:11) 130 BPM
Review: "Killer Tits" eh? One shudders at the thought. Luckily there's not a brutal bosom in sight as Neighbour and Trotter remix "I Told You" with breakbeat class. Adding just a touch of UKG sophistication, and oodles of reverb on the insistent snare drum, it's the perfect fit for Julia's breathy vocal work. "Together Always", meanwhile, sees the pair taking the refrain from Oakey's "Electric Dreams" and giving it a cheeky electro filter treatment.
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20 May 13
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