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Vita Tropicale
Bamenda - (5:42) 118 BPM
Mangala - (5:59) 83 BPM
Tropicalissimo - (5:58) 118 BPM Hot
Ibaye - (5:18) 115 BPM
Review: Following much loved releases on Riot, Tropical Disco and Italy's Full Time Production, Musta delivers us four new irresistible workouts that blend disco sensibilities and a sharp dancefloor aesthetic with an original dose of African rhythms. 'Bamenda' starts proceedings with a laid back, wonderfully wonky vibe, before 'Mangala' ups the ante subtly, being more lively but also lighter and nimbler. 'Tropicalissimo' is the one for the percussion heads, its tumbling timbales paving the way for a bleepy acid house head nodder blessed with Cuban-style vocals and carnival sonics. 'Ibaye' completes the package, surfing a hefty groove but seasoning its beats with the most exotic trimmings. All four are standouts in their own way and the kind of weapons a DJ will be simply itching to drop. A Musta-have release, you might even say.
 from $1.89
SW 006
10 Nov 23
Kick Back To The World
Kick Back To The World - (7:24) 121 BPM Hot
Les Jeux Sont Faits - (6:40) 125 BPM
Next Day - (5:43) 123 BPM
Our Love - (6:09) 125 BPM
Review: Following a largely overlooked - but rather good - single-track debut on Moiss Music (last year's 'Little Big Love'), rising star Sourires delivers a first full EP, this time for Saint Wax. The publicity-shy artist opts for a shuffling samba-house meets deep house flex on warming and head-soothing opener 'Kick Back To The World' - all sustained electric piano chords, eyes-closed vocal snippets, groovy bassy and jazzy riffs - before opting for a more rolling groove, but no fewer toasty electric piano motifs, on 'Les Jeux Sont Faits'. Sample-heavy, loop-based, soul-flecked deep house is the order of the day on 'Next Day', while 'Our Love' is a gorgeous and celebratory chunk of carnival-ready disco-house loop funk.
 from $1.89
SW 005
14 Apr 23
Deep House
Soul Of House EP
D'Arabia - "To The Queen" (original mix) - (5:25) 124 BPM
Tiptoes - "Give Thanks" (original mix) - (6:24) 123 BPM Hot
Siggatunez & Jan Ketel - "What If" (original mix) - (5:51) 121 BPM
Will Buck - "Party Time" (original mix) - (6:25) 125 BPM
Tiptoes - "Give Thanks" (instrumental (Digital-only Bonus Track)) - (6:24) 123 BPM
Review: For the fourth release on the label, the crew behind Saint Wax have decided to showcase cuts from a quintet of artists. They first turn to D'Arabia, who adds luscious and sun-splashed disco samples (both vocals and instrumentation) to a dusty, chunky and bass-heavy house groove ('To The Queen'), before Tiptoes adds a dash of Lolleatta Holloway to a classic-sounding US deep house workout on 'Give Thanks' (an instrumental of which is tagged onto the EP as a digital-only bonus). Elsewhere, Siggatunez and Jan Ketel join forces on the jazzy, warm and sample-rich deep disco-house loveliness of 'What If', while Will Buck reaches for low-slung bass, bustling beats, dreamy chords and sparkling piano riffs on the aptly titled 'Party Time'.
 from $1.89
SW 004
07 Apr 23
Funky/Club House
Shake Hands EP
Soulcheeba - "I Made One Myself" (original mix) - (5:53) 115 BPM
Soulcheeba - "I Made One Myself" (Never Dull remix) - (5:33) 123 BPM Hot
Rob Castillo - "Sounney" (feat Pocz - original mix) - (5:31) 120 BPM
Rob Castillo - "Sounney" (feat Pocz - Jive Talk remix) - (7:13) 116 BPM
Review: Roberto Castillo, a Venezuelan producer who's now based in Mexico City, teams up with his UK counterpart Harry Brown AKA Soulcheeba for a split EP on Saint Wax. The latter steps up first with 'I Made One Myself', a shufflin', jazzy funk/soul cut sporting a fine female vocal that's then given a beefier, more dancefloor-oriented Never Dull Remix. Castillo's contribution is 'Sounney' feat Pocz, a laidback, mid-paced groove whose Balearic side is brought to the fore on the accompanying Jive Talk remix. It's just a shame they missed the summer BBQ season - these tracks would've been perfect!
 from $1.89
SW 003
05 Nov 21
Aguardiente Y Mezcal
The Funk District - "Gogo Mama" - (7:06) 123 BPM Hot
The Funk District - "Easy Easy" - (6:56) 126 BPM
Vagabundo Club Social - "Cumbi" - (5:47) 122 BPM
Vagabundo Club Social - "Ki-kongo" - (5:38) 120 BPM
Review: Saint Wax bring us an EP featuring four disco/funk cuts that are heavily infused with influences from global music. The Funk District AKA Fernando Mendoza is up first with two Afro-leaning cuts: 'Gogo Mama', with its rolling, interlocking percussion and sing-song chanted vocal, and the stop-start 'Easy Easy'. Then it's over to Vagabundo Club Social, who blend funk, jazz, disco, acid and Latin vibes to splendid effect on 'Cumbi' before bringing the EP to a close with 'Ki-kongo', which as the name suggests is another Afro-inspired affair, this time featuring much brass parpery.
 from $1.89
SW 002
03 Sep 21
Behind A Cloud
Behind A Cloud - (6:31) 120 BPM
Want Somebody - (5:55) 120 BPM
Sweet Love - (6:06) 119 BPM Hot
I Hold You - (5:06) 120 BPM
Review: Italy's Edoardo Barbi, aka Gledd, who's previously racked up releases on Masterworks Music, Whiskey Disco and other labels, comes to Saint Wax with a funk/disco four-tracker. As far as we can tell the four cuts are all original productions rather than re-edits - albeit extensive use has doubtless been made of the sampler - with 'Behind A Cloud' a laidback, looping summer shuffler with snips of male soul vocal, 'Want Somebody' and 'Sweet Love' more uptempo, disco-oriented affairs, while 'I Hold You' brings the authentically 70s-sounding, Blaxploitation-esque funk vibes. Any/all of the four should keep funk n' disco floors moving nicely.
 from $1.89
SW 001
30 Nov 20
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